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    1. They hugged sensuously and his hands lingered on her chest and ass while she played them over him and straddled his leg

    2. “Hey! I’m always ready to wail ass on the drums!”

    3. tremendous fat ass on the way out

    4. She does have a fat ass, doesn’t

    5. A dog wanders out one of the open front doors and one of students kicks at it, misses, nearly falls on his ass while other students laugh and point

    6. He goes reeling across the room, ending up on his ass near the chalkboard

    7. The first workman yawns, scratches his ass

    8. The second workman yawns, scratches his ass

    9. in terms of whose ass you’re

    10. Another soldier kicks him in the ass, pushes him down on his stomach

    11. Bolt, covered in dust and fresh goat gore, sits on his ass in the mine field

    12. "The guy's an ass," Ava said when he cut the connection

    13. 'Move, you lazy slob! Get off your ass and drive around', and then she remembered she had root control of the You

    14. “I oughta go over there, tear off that fancy fur collar and shove it up yer ass security guard

    15. "Audacity, your ass is a fifty-meter target in that thing

    16. With his skills as a technician he removed that feature and would not even allow even these animated drawings of women to endure more than a slap on the ass

    17. He tried to imagine her wired up on the breaching ship’s bridge and what it feels like to have a 375m-wide ass

    18. As he leaned back, his chair disappeared and he was dumped onto his ass on the cold, hard stone of the stage of the amphitheater at Susa, deep in evening with a terrible lighting storm approaching from right behind Moamar's wide turban

    19. She had on a blue shirt that draped over her ample breasts, and white Capri pants that framed a firm good-looking ass

    20. "It's a damn good thing we found it's ass in a tube and didn't have to deal with it's beak," was the last thing Desa wheezed

    21. "Yeah," she giggled, but squeezed his ass one more time as he turned, "but hold that thought for later

    22. "But I'm not your mother!" Desa yelled, "and I shouldn't have to change your diapers! Now get your sorry little slut ass up and stand your shift like the adult you pretend you are!" Desa yanked the covers off her

    23. “He…he should’ve said something”, stammered her husband, as around him one judge after another jeered and called him every sort of stupid ass that their imaginations could conjure up

    24. His hands found themselves on a strong, smooth and shapely ass

    25. Matai found Lord Boras to be a pretentious, arrogant ass who thought himself above anyone else on the planet

    26. "He's also been wiping his ass longer in the Afterlife than he did as a mortal

    27. "I can't believe this comes down to an issue of wiping Alan's ass," Heymon groaned

    28. It was incredibly difficult to keep his hands from sliding down to her ass

    29. Her hands cupped his ass

    30. They each said something in return, one of them patted her ass

    31. It was the guy who patted her ass who brought it

    32. His ass hit the bull’s rump as he descended, causing both man and bull to bellow and the crowd to roar once again

    33. of stupid ass that their imaginations could conjure up

    34. Brent ran over and gently picked her up and received a large jolt of electricity for his effort, which knocked him on his ass

    35. “I can’t blame them, you do have a nice ass,” Yellelle said and caressed it

    36. Glayet was going to have to get involved and Ava knew she would be a pain in the ass about it

    37. “Oh, I truly hate that sometimes! Love to fling him into the next block and forget had proud warrior ass!”

    38. Your ass is mine and the revolution has started

    39. I should have left your ass there with the freaking jade bear

    40. ” He felt like such and ass and her importance in the institution was not lost on him

    41. “Are you jealous because I’m getting some ass?” Meaning it more about Ava than Bethai, but a little testy that he would bad-mouth someone he had been with, especially if he dragged him eleven miles thru the heart of the city to do it

    42. ass up and down that hallway and use your head for a mop

    43. Most important though my piece of ass was still

    44. I do care for him even though he is an ass a lot of the time

    45. She had planned for alternatives with this meeting ending with shouting about what an ass he was for costing her the partnership with Jorma and even some slamming of doors

    46. “I think you should kick the son of a bitch’s ass, “I said, regretting it as

    47. think there was a tennis racket poking me in the ass

    48. you the ass whippin’ I’d be happy with, the teachers and your janitor buddies

    49. The crowd roared with approval, “Kill him, kick his ass Johnny, do it for

    50. better practice bitch, no man would waste a dime for your whore ass,” Ed said and

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    Synonyms for "ass"

    ass fuck fucking nookie nooky piece of ass piece of tail roll in the hay screw screwing shag shtup arse backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat stern tail tail end tooshie tush donkey dickey jennet mule jackass

    "ass" definitions

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    a pompous fool

    hardy and sure-footed animal smaller and with longer ears than the horse

    slang for sexual intercourse