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Ass in a sentence

What an ass.
Ig my ass.
What an ass!.
a piece of ass.
And up my ass.
Woman ass fat.
was my ass now.

Your sweet ass.
pain in the ass.
your ass with it.
That cheap ass.
Flat on her ass.
going to his ass.
Bet your ass.
He cupped my ass.
Hormones, my ass.
and bit me in ass.
fry my ass though.
He rubbed his ass.
A pain in the ass.
Then under my ass.
to capping his ass.
so obviously an ass.
Pinprick in the ass.
Honest Abe, my ass.
his ass to the curb.
hand on Aiden's ass.
I sweat my ass off.
wiggled his bare ass.
haul ass out of here.
Card signup, my ass.

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