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Shag in a sentence

1. They shag each other.
2. Tell me you want to shag me.
3. The green shag carpet had old stains.
4. Doesn’t mean I wanted to shag them.
5. Hugh! Can I shag you when you’re.
6. So did he shag you? Andy asked Steven.
7. You look fit for your an I bet ya a good shag.

8. I can’t remember the last time I had a shag.
9. If he could rescue them and they would shag him.
10. He used to shag the prioress, but she had to.
11. And who’s the best shag you’ve ever had?
12. Earlier I wrote about a poor bastard that would shag.
13. Shag my wife? Maiorescu’s face was a mask of hatred.
14. He has less interest in you than me and I have shag all interest in you.
15. So, said George pausing to puff on his vanil a shag that permeated a.
16. I had an old truck I used for the Shag & Golf, but that was not proper for society.
17. Our new house had blue shag carpet upstairs in the living room, dining room, and hall.
18. Gulab walked past the brothel just as the punters were leaving the shag fest building.
19. In a week’s time the Shag & Golf had become defunct; no longer a living, thriving entity.
20. Did he want this again? Would take their relationship several notches up from a one-off shag.
21. Either way, the question is not to pong or not to pong the question is to shag or not to.
22. Grimes, Akhim and their band of collaborators thoughts had been a long way from getting a shag.
23. He figured that he deserved a last shag and she was the only one whom he reckoned was a definite.
24. The two shag rugs on the floor were neatly aligned, separated by the same amount of space all around.
25. Have we time for shag first said Stu and received a clip around his head from an embarrassed Dao.
26. The book came out at Christmas time, 2002, with a cover photo of me sporting an unfortunate shag haircut.
27. I had concentrated on building The Shag & Golf over the summer and had lucked out with five new contracts.
28. So this girl I want to shag said I was shallow because I wasn’t passionate about any political causes.
29. The grass was thick and shag cut, and the dark cobblestone walkways and concrete sidewalks were edged tight.
30. Moo had a gleam in her eye but it wasn’t the same gleam as Dao’s post shag gleam, this was a mischievous grin.
31. They, and those like them, are why I started The Shag & Golf — to earn the ticket out of this cesspool as soon as possible.
32. This was her friend, with whom she had grown up, gone clubbing with, and on more than one occasion had been close to giving a sympathy shag.
33. By the time that he was twenty, however, his urgent desire for a shag, for any shag, was growing and maturing into a desire to find a partner.
34. I’m going in for an aqua shag, he proudly boasted, followed by Spock and Moo who was soon up to her shoulders in the water, which had only covered Spock’s waist.
35. With these he constructed a sort of Eastern divan, upon which he perched himself cross-legged, with an ounce of shag tobacco and a box of matches laid out in front of him.
36. To the left the women, with red silk 'kerchiefs on their heads, shag caftans with bright red sleeves, and blue, green, red, striped and dotted skirts and iron-heeled shoes.
37. The pipe was still between his lips, the smoke still curled upward, and the room was full of a dense tobacco haze, but nothing remained of the heap of shag which I had seen upon the previous night.
38. In the old days it was perfectly acceptable, replied Brian, The chap that ran the EA before Jane Martindale had a saying, ‘if you can eat it, drink it or shag it in an afternoon, it’s okay’.
39. The house was relatively small, even with four bedrooms in it, and was decorated in the style of the 1970’s with shag rug carpets, wooden paneling, lava lamps, and an old-fashioned swamp cooler with the washer and dryer out back.
40. THAT SUNDAY, WHEN, when Ramona Weisbarger stuck her head into the basement, she would find Charlie lying back on the dandelion shag with clamshell headphones clamped to his ears and his eyes closed and his hands folded over his chest like a pharaoh’s.
41. The coachman, Terenty, fastened the horses, who kept whisking away the flies, to a tree, and, treading down the grass, lay down in the shade of a birch and smoked his shag, while the never-ceasing shrieks of delight of the children floated across to him from the bathing-place.
42. The new Ops Officer of the 531st, Bob Derham, had gotten Court out of bed at 5 in the morning saying there was an ops emergency involving the Mike Force up in War Zone C and as their contact he'd better shag ass to the squadron and set up Contingency Plan War Zone Charley Three.
1. ANNIE - This is obviously a build-up to shagging her.
2. I bet I’d have got over Jilly much faster with all the shagging.
3. He can’t command anyone and is only interested in shagging the next-door neighbour.
4. He and Leila had spent countless precious moments shagging on the carpet, screwing on the table, and fooling around in the den.
5. Can‘t imagine what on earth I was doing shagging that slut when I could have been enjoying glorious sex with a handsome man.
6. A prefect’s been shagging me twice a week since I turned fourteen, and the guy I was caught with in the cupboard was in the same position you're in now.
7. Strat, whose real name was Steve, was an ancient sixty year old rock legend in his own teatime, a small rotund man who resembled Grandpa Smurf and whose stories always revolved around shagging, usually the first words out of his mouth, being.
1. She had shagged the man with the weird machine-mind.
2. You should have thought of that before you shagged her.
3. I just nearly shagged you in front of my mother!.
4. I said, ‘So, which one shagged the other one’s missus?’.
5. The local lads, so I understood, shagged her because they could.
6. When we were back at his flat we shagged without much enthusiasm; more.
7. Daniel stood up Well there you have it, I shagged the love of your life.
8. She hasn’t shagged on premises that don’t have central heating for 10 years.
9. When I told Kate this on the phone she leered (honest, I could see it) and said, Not till after he’d shagged.
10. He’d never had so much fun in public before and by the time that dawn’s hopeful head rose above the far horizon of the duvet he was thoroughly and utterly shagged out.
1. That means just five more shags when I’m on top.
2. Phil - Immaculately? Probably means they were two excellent shags.
3. Another season and I would be able to start a reputable real estate business and leave the shags and golfs behind.
4. We perched on purple plastic chairs and peered through the spaces in the flooring at the shags and ravens flying through the air below us.

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