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Screw in a sentence | screw example sentences

  1. Faces screw up in pain.
  2. A screw up in our favor.
  3. Where did I screw up?
  4. They have a screw loose!.
  5. Don’t screw with my family.

  6. Screw it, he’d still leave.
  7. Don’t try to screw with us.
  8. I screw up my nose in distate.
  9. I hope I didn’t screw it up.
  10. And then screw out the other.
  11. Screw you, I spat at her.
  12. Most of all, don’t screw up.
  13. I never want to screw that up.
  14. Screw this waiting around crap.
  15. Maybe he could screw it all up.

  16. Screw Miss Zinn and screw Anya.
  17. Angered now by the pesky screw.
  18. Do you have a screw loose?
  19. Probably an accounting screw up.
  20. Screw the fire! They need me!.
  21. I'm not a triple screw propeller.
  22. The output washer and screw head.
  23. We can’t screw around with her.
  24. I don’t want to screw things up.
  25. I like to screw beside the chimney.

  26. Screw her and her smelly house: I.
  27. They screw into holes and seal them.
  28. Does that screw up the mission?
  29. Stocks were not created to screw them.
  30. No, Linda, I didn't screw that woman.
  31. Next, screw the cabinets to the wall.
  32. Molly said, He could screw us all up.
  33. One screw up and he’d be voted off.
  34. There was no more room for screw ups.
  35. Step 5: Use snap to screw the battery.
  36. Screw Walt and his stupid prejudices.
  37. Don't screw it up this time, Sebastian.
  38. Wilks proceeded to screw it into a ball.
  39. Screw him; he is lucky I even showed up.
  40. Nobody was attempting to screw with my.
  41. So I said, screw it, let's hit some balls.
  42. Can you hand me that screw driver?
  43. He closed the box and tightened the screw.
  44. Screw brackets in place flush with top of.
  45. As a matter of fact that screw was NOT used.
  46. This screw should have a large pitch thread.
  47. U-shaped bend onto the drain hose and screw.
  48. Damn, screw your head back on straight, girl.
  49. You screw with me, you get a whole lot more.
  50. What about the shoes, man? Screw the shoes.
  51. As a matter of fact, that screw was not used.
  52. I’m going to screw up, he said softly.
  53. Its first appearance is that of a solid screw.
  54. Screw him…are you serious? He's a liability.
  55. Then screw the anchor in place and holding the.
  56. I know you ain’t going to screw me Bridges.
  57. The last thing that we want to do is to screw.
  58. That's gotta screw with your head after a while.
  59. When you cast this out, it will cork screw and.
  60. You got a screw loose? He had two or three loose.
  61. All he wants is to get home and screw his missus.
  62. Screw doing it slowly, she wanted it now!.
  63. I see Jason’s face screw into a mass of hatred.
  64. Why does he call me a screw? You all heard it.
  65. Harold popped the last screw and unhinged the door.
  66. Screw that bitch, I’m done with this gang stuff!.
  67. Now, look here; you screw up your lips too harshly.
  68. If you screw up, you're in big trouble and may in.
  69. I just wanted to screw Minnie till her mouse ears.
  70. Under no circumstances whatsoever could I screw up.
  71. Then why did I screw up with five banks yesterday?
  72. Screw off, Diane said, getting in front of him.
  73. That meant metal behind the screw could be cut away.
  74. He knew the screw would need pressed out with a jack.
  75. He said sliding a screw driver into the door knob and.
  76. Adjusting screw 5 is used to adjust to the correct time.
  77. There was no need to screw on any of the extra links to.
  78. The judge tried once more and was finally able to screw.
  79. Slowly, screw by screw, this house was becoming my home.
  80. He’s obviously looking for something to screw us with.
  81. Because she’s a really great screw, he said with.
  82. It only dawned on me then that I was just a casual screw.
  83. Use always insulated pliers & screw drivers (only on LT).
  84. You being here could screw that up for me, Jaycee said.
  85. Of course, he wasn’t here to screw Annette Bucci, either.
  86. French’s heart began thumping like the screw of his yacht.
  87. On the other hand, it was equally possible she could screw.
  88. Public markets can actually conspire to screw companies up.
  89. Maybe I just wanted to say screw it in the face of authority.
  90. With a flat bar or screw driver you need to knock these out.
  91. This isn’t going to screw up graduating with us is it?
  92. This asshole just doesn’t get it; you don’t screw with me.
  93. No, they'll somehow manage to notoriously screw everything up.
  94. But it was too late! The dreaded screw soon groaned to a halt.
  95. Because of the complete and unwarranted screw jobs that I had.
  96. Screw you, John told him and eased the mask off the girl.
  97. Let me come up with something that’ll screw with the divorce.
  98. Hell, maybe everything had worked out in spite of the screw up.
  99. The panel had a screw down, submarine-type fitting and with a.
  100. The problem is with the fact that screw rotation is not uniform.
  1. He was screwing with me.
  2. He was screwing with my head.
  3. He was just screwing with us.
  4. Was he screwing with me now?
  5. She must be screwing with him.
  6. Is he still screwing you?’.
  7. He was screwing you, wasn’t he?
  8. You’re screwing the rest of us up.
  9. I had no intentions of screwing with him.
  10. Within minutes he and Esther were screwing.
  11. So why was he screwing up so badly lately?
  12. There was much less worry about you screwing.
  13. I’m not screwing this up, Sebastian!.
  14. They are screwing us over, and I want to know why.
  15. The screwing up! Aach! But what did it matter, now.
  16. He was pacing and a frowning, screwing his face up.
  17. He really didn’t have any time for screwing around.
  18. The last by a cute little Czech woman he was screwing.
  19. Gee, mon, he said, screwing up his brow in thought.
  20. Max didn’t press, figuring Mitch was screwing with him.
  21. Lordy Momma! Here I was screwing Minnie Mouse and falling.
  22. She’s probably screwing some guy from one of these bars.
  23. That brought all screwing to a complete halt and led to an.
  24. Now stop screwing around with these plates and let me help.
  25. Doctors repeatedly screwing him up… That sort of thing.
  26. The Baroness went on screwing up her mouth and shaking her head.
  27. You were screwing her - right Ted? Thats what Terry told me.
  28. Me neither, Terrie answers, screwing up her face in thought.
  29. Then I’m up and through an open exit, screwing on the old face.
  30. She’d had to earn her daily bowl of gruel by screwing a never.
  31. These aliens were screwing themselves up because they preferred to.
  32. Mother stands still, her pale face screwing up as she glares at John.
  33. First of all, you should probably stop screwing watermelons and sheep.
  34. The parents obviously had no idea their son was screwing his teacher.
  35. Screwing around with which is what got this friend of mine in trouble.
  36. That liquid is vile! she said, wheezing and screwing up her face.
  37. He was still screwing his waitresses and still running his restaurants.
  38. Hey Daisuke! He said enthusiastically while screwing another panel.
  39. This is screwing ma mind! Is this never going to end?, Alcor cried.
  40. When these genius types run out of work they start screwing with each.
  41. He tested the point with his fingertip, screwing up his face in mock pain.
  42. Sam Peterman hit his sixteen against the dealers six and busted, screwing.
  43. I told the managers that did the actual writing that they were screwing up.
  44. I could hear them screwing each other through the wall on the night they.
  45. Those words ‘he’s screwing your flatmate’ were like a smack in the face.
  46. Now we know it for what it is: just a random brain misfire, screwing with you.
  47. Not again, she thought, can't that idiot even send a text without screwing up.
  48. And you know what Derrick, if you were just screwing with me, I'm done with you.
  49. You’re screwing with the lives of mortals, not to mention the lives of gods.
  50. He’ll be screwing your brains out within a week, Elfi replied emphatically.
  51. That’s the greed of a few screwing with the planet and the economy of all people.
  52. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly.
  53. No gentleman need to have any difficulty in screwing his courage up to this assertion.
  54. You get it by screwing someone up the ass, which was not meant for that and can cause.
  55. Thomas moaned, screwing up his eyes and grimacing as the water dribbled into his mouth.
  56. Had he taken us on another flier into his twisted mind? Was he screwing with me again?
  57. Trevain, I… She shook her head, screwing up her face before she burst into tears.
  58. Rogojin stood and looked on, with an incredulous smile, screwing up one side of his mouth.
  59. He was holding his nose and screwing up one eye so he could only half see where he was going.
  60. What are you trying to start with me, asshole? Who the hell are you? She screwing you?
  61. I stared straight ahead of me, screwing my eyes tightly shut, as if this would soften the blow.
  62. He was holding his nose and screwing ! up one eye so he could only half see where he was going.
  63. Were you screwing her while she was working here? While she was looking after our child?
  64. What about who he has in the lab? They could be screwing around with the research, halting it.
  65. Petrovitch looked with obvious irony at him, screwing up his eyes and, as it were, winking at him.
  66. He saw a bug as big as his head with large mandibles walking by, and reconsidered screwing with it.
  67. It was a painful admission, but that was why he needed those zombies with him when screwing Janice.
  68. I've covered for you as much as I can and I have limited choices left without screwing myself also.
  69. Those people have no idea who they are screwing with, he said out loud with a new sense of power.
  70. Oh, I would never beat you very often, he replied, screwing up his face to look stern and serious.
  71. As he climbed the front stairs, he could hear the pleasing sounds of their screwing drifting down to him.
  72. He ain’t worth thinking about you when he’s screwing around all over Europe,’ Nathalie said sharply.
  73. I laughed at his chutzpah because he was screwing Uncle Sam while getting-off with Bambi, Tami, or whoever.
  74. She felt as though her nerves were strings being strained tighter and tighter on some sort of screwing peg.
  75. She looked at him and, screwing up her eyes sternly, continued to upbraid the general who had won from her.
  76. She told me how paranoid he was about her screwing around, that he used to read her emails, check up on her.
  77. Len has been cagey about them and my party, and Sabrina is up in Scotland screwing Phil,’ she said calmly.
  78. There was a screwing and complaining sound down below, and their bent figures were strained, as if by a weight.
  79. Then he took a hook from the tube screwing it to the end of the antenna, making a safe way to collect his prize.
  80. Screwing out the knurled knobs holding the covers in place, he wrenched the sides off and located the hard drive.
  81. But for now – the question at hand was, did he really want to let Phillip off the hook after majorly screwing up.
  82. Not bothering with apologies, Frank announced, That’s what I think of Victor screwing up our national anthem.
  83. I had intended to go further, but Levi’s face was screwing up the way it did when his blood was staring to simmer.
  84. Neither of them noticed the time passing until they discovered that they were screwing their eyes up in order to see.
  85. He put his horse to a trot with which the others were unable to keep pace, and screwing up his eyes kept looking ahead.
  86. The SupShip Contracts department was aghast at the screwing I took and confirmed what had happened after I was in Groton.
  87. Still, he took the sketch, laid it on his table, and, moving a little away, screwing up his eyes, he fell to gazing at it.
  88. He stiffened, pressed himself against the chimney, and peered down into the shadows, screwing his eyes to pierce the gloom.
  89. For my part I shuffled backwards until I lay with my back against the wall, screwing myself into the smallest space possible.
  90. The scrunch that was when they were screwing the screws into the coffin: and the bumps when they were bringing it downstairs.
  91. He and Leila had spent countless precious moments shagging on the carpet, screwing on the table, and fooling around in the den.
  92. Yes, we saw from the hill how you took to your heels through the puddles! said the esaul, screwing up his glittering eyes.
  93. Lovejoy, and shoves her left heel into Lovejoy's crotch, "You won't be screwing with her anymore, you cock-biting transvestite!".
  94. After screwing his secretary, and walking away from me and Nathan, he now wanted to share custody after nine years? Was he drunk?
  95. Lena had the great idea of not screwing around with fires and warm jackets, but just jumping in the car and finding a warm restaurant.
  96. Result! Screwing her eyes shut she tried to wipe away the sleepiness, the palms of her hand drawing residues of her once fresh eye shadow.
  97. LP did as he was asked, but was of the opinion that they had smoked too much pot around the campfire and it was screwing with their heads.
  98. They’d been separated for the last couple of years because of his sporadic temper tantrums, along with his inability to stop screwing other women.
  99. There is a stool in the alcove from where Shaun can watch the night unfold without being deafened by the soundtrack of people screwing up their lives.
  100. Her folks picked up the entire tab for both Pressly’s college and law school diplomas, but this never stopped Bill from screwing every woman in sight.
  1. Max screwed up his face.
  2. I had really screwed up.
  3. Vinnie knew he was screwed.
  4. Who cares? They screwed us.
  5. Sampson screwed up his face.
  6. Granddad screwed up his face.
  7. Then they screwed me anyway.
  8. She screwed on the silencer.
  9. Life says you screwed Death.
  10. If she screwed this up would.
  11. And she screwed up big-time.
  12. Andre's face screwed up confusion.
  13. Screwed refusing to pay his fare.
  14. On 31 March 2012, he screwed a 3.
  15. Gun…? He screwed his brow.
  16. Her face was screwed up with anger.
  17. His face was screwed in disbelief.
  18. She screwed up her face in thought.
  19. The only question was how screwed.
  20. His eyes are screwed shut against.
  21. Gary was beyond screwed and knew it.
  22. That the SFPD screwed up, of course.
  23. Something was screwed in his kingdom.
  24. Rodney had his head screwed on right.
  25. Barker screwed up his face in thought.
  26. You weren't there when he screwed up.
  27. YOU SCREWED ME AGAIN! He screamed.
  28. Diggory screwed up his face in disgust.
  29. He screwed a silencer onto the barrel.
  30. Otherwise, both of us would be screwed.
  31. Her people could die if she screwed up.
  32. Tom screwed up his eyes to look at Zach.
  33. He popped the case, and screwed the cue.
  34. It was the feeling of having screwed up.
  35. She screwed up her face in concentration.
  36. But things got screwed up by the ash.
  37. Clara had screwed another man after all.
  38. Jock has really screwed it up this time.
  39. He screwed it up and dropped it on the.
  40. In other words, I was screwed once again.
  41. Nice guy, Adrian, got his head screwed on.
  42. Walden screwed his mouth and nodded slowly.
  43. It's screwed up, but not insurmountable.
  44. I thought I had screwed things up for good.
  45. The alcohol had screwed up his brain, and.
  46. Mutant flying monsters with screwed up DNA.
  47. He screwed it tightly to the adapter plate.
  49. My guts were really screwed up last night.
  50. It's a crazy, screwed up world, she thinks.
  51. I bet she would have even screwed your old.
  52. He was sure the alcohol had screwed up his.
  53. His internal clock was seriously screwed up.
  54. His face screwed up with concentration, the.
  55. I have royally screwed up the coffee morning.
  56. Conklin smiled, said, Only they screwed up.
  57. Pictures of the man are screwed to the walls.
  58. If the valves are broken, we’re screwed.
  59. The goal frames would have to be screwed down.
  60. Now, I was really sure that I had screwed up.
  61. Willie screwed up his eyes and peered upwards.
  62. If he could read minds I was totally screwed.
  63. He looked about distractedly and screwed up.
  64. You could have screwed up all sorts of things.
  65. If you’re downstream, you’re just screwed.
  66. Selma watched, her face screwed in a look of.
  67. But let‘s just say they both screwed up.
  68. You screwed my wife but it didn’t stop there.
  69. Ben heard the shot and his eyes screwed together.
  70. Sure we're screwed up, but we're still a family.
  71. Ashen and then his face screwed up in revulsion.
  72. John had closed his eyes and screwed up his face.
  73. Prince Andrew screwed up his eyes and turned away.
  74. And what I know is that it’s all screwed up.
  75. That meant someone had screwed with the software.
  76. I screwed a girl when I was only eleven years old.
  77. Well; you fuckers screwed up the only job I had.
  78. Kimberly screwed it up and she threw it into the.
  79. He screwed up his mouth and handed it back to her.
  80. The abortion day had screwed his mind up completely.
  81. Libby screwed up her nose and gave a pained grimace.
  82. Then he screwed the sniper’s sight onto the stock.
  83. They would accept MPC at a rate that screwed the G.
  84. There was a lull and I screwed my eyes tightly shut.
  85. I let them out for one purpose and they screwed it.
  86. Ben screwed his face into a distant, thoughtful pose.
  87. We did it and then we got screwed in the process.
  88. But the loyalty training had screwed with her logic.
  89. Ughhh, commented Jordon and screwed up his face.
  90. How he was turned … It was really screwed up, Alex.
  91. Bradshaw frowned and screwed up his face, apparently.
  92. He screwed up his eyes showing that he was listening.
  93. Don’t worry about her! She has her head screwed on.
  94. It was the Army investigators who had screwed up.
  95. But she screwed up, I just didn’t see it until later.
  96. The fact that you admit you have a screwed up head is.
  97. He would feel better if Ras had admitted he screwed up.
  98. Paul walked with something screwed up tight inside him.
  99. It’s the Russians who have screwed things up, not you.
  100. The man turned off the hose and screwed on the cap again.
  1. The screws used a six point star bit.
  2. A few screws were missing on this one.
  3. If he screws himself up to go, he'll.
  4. His face screws up in tortured thought.
  5. John screws up his face after he drinks.
  6. Within seconds, she had three screws out.
  7. Your headmaster has several screws undone.
  8. She screws her eyes shut and starts to sob.
  9. Ensure all screws are tightened before use.
  10. The panel was held in place by four screws.
  11. There are only screws holding this grate.
  12. I sighed and dug into the box of screws again.
  13. William shows up, screws up his plans and then.
  14. The device had thumb screws that lengthened the.
  15. Steel components such as handles, screws, hinges etc.
  16. I will have to put some screws and a plate in there.
  17. If that screws up, the whole crew will be in deep shit.
  18. But even after this was done the two screws still held.
  19. He turned to the screws and told them who was after him!.
  20. Remove outlet covers/switch plates (put the screws back).
  21. Too late, she realised she should have used longer screws.
  22. She screws her eyes tightly shut and tries not to remember.
  23. Jefferies walked into the office and joined the other screws.
  24. When the advantage of his screws was added to that equation.
  25. Found a screw-driver and some screws on the wash-hand stand.
  26. Besides that, when given a chance to put the screws to that.
  27. The screws that held down the lid had been covered over with.
  28. Then he selected the necessary screws and nails from the bag.
  29. He adjusted the thumb screws until it snugly pulled on his worm.
  30. With screws and pins in my ankles, that poses a fair challenge.
  31. Smiling, he inserts the thing into my turret and screws it in.
  32. He ripped it off the desk and quickly zipped the four screws out.
  33. Hacker (Chief Torturer, and Purveyor of Novelty Thumb Screws).
  34. Greg removed three of the screws with a battery powered screw gun.
  35. Three of the four screws were the six point star that Greg expected.
  36. The screws check them as they go through the gate but not thoroughly.
  37. Here is one of the many areas where the government really screws you.
  38. There were several leaves and loose screws on the inside of the vent.
  39. The same with the screws, springs, and plates that held them in place.
  40. I pulled a screwdriver out and undid the screws on the side of the CPU.
  41. Mac quickly turned out the screws and laid them in a line on the ground.
  42. Whenever I did a project, I would have extra screws and nails left over.
  43. Any other kind of distraction is unnatural, and screws up our awareness.
  44. He pushes the muzzle more tightly against her, and Amy screws her eyes shut.
  45. The shorter of the two men screws up his eyes and closes in on the intruder.
  46. Fritz was messed with; a latch on the back of him – the screws were loosened.
  47. The front wheel of the bike snapped apart, the screws rebounding off the asphalt.
  48. From the back, players can access the screws that hold the front plate in place.
  49. And if she hadn’t been rescued … She screws her eyes shut and starts to sob.
  50. This spot here is where a standard plastic bottle screws in, it will take any size.
  51. It was fixed onto the chassis by two small screws and he didn’t have a screwdriver.
  52. He drives to the main gate and the gate screws check the bins but it is just routine.
  53. Usually he thinks there’s a shark in the water and screws up the rest of the exercise.
  54. Here stood Rafetto’s Hardware, with its million little drawers of differential screws.
  55. A quartet of shallow screws was already threatening to detach on either side of the handle.
  56. Poly could sit happily and count pegs or screws, or bolts and nuts until drowsy with sleep.
  57. He brought out a tool and began removing the screws from the back panel of the refrigerator.
  58. Anyone who finds civilization interesting needs their fucking head examined for loose screws.
  59. The icebreaker is propelled by two protected rear screws, called apizods, designed in Finland.
  60. What this boils down to is, if he screws up I can disappear real easy and you'll still be dead.
  61. Just to add to my troubles, an accident 3 years ago left me with 2 ankles with screws and pins.
  62. Terry stared at the screws as they were known and saw the anger and cruelty etched on their faces.
  63. If she runs out, hit her with that bucket full of screws there and I’ll put her in and gas her.
  64. Beside the door and next to the access panel was raised anodized oblong with screws at each corner.
  65. Susan had just replaced the screws on yet another access panel when a call came over the intercom.
  66. He will take you to Grant and then join the other screws for their morning tea and a game of cards.
  68. It was very easy to attach the little metal things to the underneath of the poker table with screws.
  69. His beloved would wait for him until her eyes bored holes in the river itself like screws into wood.
  70. For that matter, they’ll have the dies to cut new replacement screws of their own, if they have to.
  71. If that is not the case, don’t worry, this is where those “H” and “L” screws come into play.
  72. Of course there are metal plates and screws if the person had operations to reattach broken bones etc.
  73. The best Fultyn had been able to do was send the field armorers breech screws, taps, and cutting heads.
  74. I guess for once the screws were right it did create the odd bit of violence but it helps pass the time.
  75. They may all be compared to screws which secure the board laid on the work-people which presses them down.
  76. Once he hit the car park he immediately stole one of the screws cars and headed off as quickly as he could.
  77. It had a mother of pearl handle and gold fittings, which included the trigger, hammer, catches and screws.
  78. From then in there was about a minute of fury until screws came from everywhere and locked us all in our cells.
  79. Straightway he began taking out the screws, and finally lifted off the lid, showing the casing of lead beneath.
  80. Yeah, I remember that and so many other instances, Amy, when you put me to the screws with your religion stuff.
  81. A closed glass jar, half full of needles, fragments of glass, screws, bolts and similar rusty metal objects.
  82. Since I didn‘t have a screw driver on me or anything else to take the screws out or off I was still in a fix.
  83. Government only redistributes it, and when it does, it screws up the economy! It’s that Law of Paradox again.
  84. When it looked like the guys had found him out he had just ran to the screws and had himself put into protection.
  85. Always use longer screws than those usually supplied with these devices, or they give a false sense of security.
  86. Dave responds immediately and looks at the catch; �One of the screws is missing and the other one in it is bent.
  87. In one beat, Dog was at work on removing the grating using his knife to remove the screws and pry loose the cover.
  88. She looked at the lower part of the carriages, at the screws and chains and the tall cast-iron wheel of the first.
  89. Since Henri had no money, it sometimes took him months to find a plank or a piece of iron or a dozen brass screws.
  90. No-one messed with Terry, not even the screws as they knew he would lash out and injure anyone who got in his way.
  91. Her face screws tight with emotions, and with trembling lips, she whispers, Flight A7 Pannonia, eleven forty-five.
  92. The screws had some health department guys coming through to check things out and they were on us to be well behaved.
  93. The E connector used for cable TV connections screws into the jack, while BNC connectors use a bayonet lock coupling.
  94. I have a nice collection of nails, screws, and miscellaneous hardware in my garage as well as some lumber and plywood.
  95. But the flap wouldn’t budge; it was screwed shut! Someone had replaced the screws! The noise wasn’t the wind at all.
  96. So if it’s necessary to replace one of the screws, the Bishop Militant’s armorers should find it a fairly simple task.
  97. Occasionally we would get a little battle going but mainly the diss went out to the screws or the guys that hated hip hop.
  98. All receivers, breech screws, trigger groups, and caplocks produced by those three manufactories were fully interchangeable.
  99. The scrunch that was when they were screwing the screws into the coffin: and the bumps when they were bringing it downstairs.
  100. I’m really glad we’ll be raisin’ a family in the country, away from all this city crap that screws up kids these days.

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