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Shine in a sentence

It is I who shine.
Rain or shine, I am.
At last, a way to shine.
Our nature is to shine.
It was my time to shine.
That took the shine off.
I will shine on the earth.

That shine with fire power.
Stein was lost in the shine.
The sun won't always shine.
Just think in a way to shine.
Today was his time to shine.
Where we could simply shine.
They shine so very brightly.
Stars appear to shine with a.
Then only can the Self shine.
In your eyes there is a shine.
Shine of candles of universe.
Does it still know to shine?
I knew he went out with Shine.
His eyes began to shine again.
Yes, it doth shine that night.
He could in disputation shine.
I shine my light over the room.
If only the sun would shine.
For that I shine with it unison.
I try hard to shine, but those.
You shine brighter than the sun.
They are the kingdom's shine.
Did the sun shine in your eyes.
Moments of truth shine through.
The stars don’t shine anymore.
Our beauty could then shine anew.
One of them took a shine to Jane.
Does everybody shine to you?
Instead, a light begins to shine.
That can't help but shine through.
However, in a Shine of Energy God.
That do shine inside of themselves.
The sun is not shining.
And the sun is shining.
The sun is shining and.
MY shining stars on earth.
The fire is more shining.
He rose with his shining.
A spring sun was shining.
The sun is shining for a.
A new sun was shining on.
The Shining City on a Hill.
That we are shining in beat.
His pale eyes were shining.
All the shining lights in.
Silence, in her, was shining.
Shining with all his might;.
The stars were shining here.
They were shining with tears.
She remarked his shining eyes.
He was shining, but not in a.
They are all shining examples.
They were subdued and shining.
New colors shining with pride.
Even the sun was shining today.
A shining example to the world.
The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.
Shame shining in his dull eyes.
When the sun is shining through.
In shining beds of tulip leaves.
Cause there’s a light shining.
His eyes were shining with fire.
Her eyes were alive and shining.
Looking over at the sun shining.
And so shining were his scruples.
As swiftly as thy shining Flivver.
Barely any wind, the sun shining.
The sun was shining on what ap-.
There was a glorious moon shining.
Yes! she said with shining eyes.
The shining river clothed in ice;.
The Creature of the Shining Beams.
No light shone from it.
After the sun has shone.
Dew shone on their mail.
His dark blue eyes shone.
He shone it into the van.
Stars shone brightly in a.
Yellow eyes shone upon Sam.
The sun shone on her face.
It shone now as if verily.
His eyes shone clearly and.
She had always shone for him.
He smiled and shone with joy.
As his small eyes shone with.
The Light shone in their eyes.
He shone his torch in her face.
His muzzle shone bright black.
He shone his torch on the wall.
His eyes shone, and he smiled.
In his eyes shone moon and sun.
He shone his light into the pit.
Perspiration shone on her lips.
Their necklaces no longer shone.
Lanterns shone brightly, and a.
The candle only shone over Katsu.
The stone shone faintly in the.
Her neck shone with perspiration.
The true moon shone down on the.
Jim’s eyes shone with excitement.
His eyes shone with a white Light.
The moon shone on as she gazed up.
The last of the setting sun shone.
The ball in all its splendour shone.
A powerful light shone down on her.
Walt’s eyes shone with excitement.
Her skin shone in the candle light.
His hair shone like burnished gold.
He looked to the moon as it shone.
They shone far off in the moonlight.
The sun shone on al of us that day.
He shone his light in her direction.
It shines from within me.
Shines deep within the night.
As the moon shines with glee.
The sun shines in her smile.
Look! Look how it shines!.
Shines that soft, solemn joy;.
Compassion shines from his eyes.
Shines in the female firmament.
God shines upon the world like.
The cross alone shines rosy-gilt.
A treasure,that glows and shines.
The yarrow really shines when it.
The Blade that was Broken shines.
If the sun shines, start training.
A tint of red shines through the.
Or is he a silver moon that shines.
Truly, the moon shines with a good.
The time that always shines bright!.
That shines and smiles as eternal Sun.
It is Prana that shines in your eyes.
It shines gold in the dying sunlight.
The sun shines most days on the High.
To flesh run… whither shines the sun.
The moon shines down in shades of gold.
The sun shines and it's all just peachy.
The morning star which shines brightly.
The light of it shines far over the land.
What light shines at night! He never knew.
See how the brass shines where it is cut.
A nearness in the far, the sun as shines.
The sun just shines on her old white head.
And who shines now but Henry's enemies?
There is no nighttime when He shines less.
You fall in love with what shines in the.
It shines brightest when you and me are.
The Sun shines its rays, Sparrows fly high.
Shines golden, and the brimming water warms.
He shines his light on the spot above and.
It always shines with sparkle of her eyes:.

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