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    1. Red brought up her grenade, ready to activate it

    2. Vinnie was almost at Johnny now, who had his attention on Red and her dangerous grenade

    3. grenade from my vest

    4. The grenade blew in mid air, knocking

    5. So he removed a neutron grenade from his utility belt, primed its remote detonator; threw it towards the main building, then ran towards the B'tari craft

    6. Just as Roidon was about to send a detonation thought pattern to the grenade, he noticed there was someone standing before the craft

    7. Zardino held aloft the grenade as though it were a baseball he had just caught

    8. “It was here that Snowy bought it though he saved my life and few more in the process this Turk threw a grenade and it headed straight for us and we had nowhere to go so Snowy just threw himself down on top of it

    9. They collided at belt buckle height and the grenade exploded ripping and shredding his entrails and flesh and erupting all over the men beside him

    10. Even when a soldier in combat throws himself on a grenade, thus committing suicide, he is doing so because he made a rational decision to protect the right of his fellow soldiers over his own

    11. Beans began his investigation by picking up the burned out canister of the smoke grenade with a pencil and said he was going to get fingerprints and would know who did this trick

    12. I can tell you, shooting a rifle grenade off your shoulder is not possible for everyone

    13. And forgetting to load a ballistic round and firing the rifle grenade with a full metal jacket was inviting disaster and a severe fatherly talk

    14. For interest sake that Army post mortem crocodile had the remains of a dead terrorist inside him and we all ran away when a rusted hand grenade fell out

    15. I was about ten years old and recollect an Army Sergeant-Major grabbing me by the arm whilst overtaking me to make sure I stayed far enough away for I truly wanted to collect the hand grenade as a trophy

    16. A lot of fire was directed at the terrorists to keep the RPG men from shooting the car for a RPG and rifle grenade could certainly penetrate the armour

    17. Bush was on a state visit to the Georgian capital when Arutyunian tossed a live grenade wrapped in cloth

    18. The cloth prevented the striker on the grenade from releasing

    19. The grenade landed about 60 feet from where Bush was speaking, near the Georgian president and First Lady Laura Bush

    20. Grenade fragments are deadliest within 50 feet, but can travel up to 600 feet

    21. “It must have been a grenade, sir,” he said helplessly

    22. A few minutes later both Hussein and Ahmed were able to lift up a Russian shoulder launched anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launcher

    23. With the grenade, having exploded some people began crying in the basement

    24. One of the troopers in the rear immediately threw a small hand grenade up the stairs forcing Akbar back into cover

    25. Entering the room a smoke grenade was hurled into the room quickly followed by the four troopers

    26. Simon reacted faster by jumping on the grenade when it landed at the base of the stairs

    27. “Her name is Beth Tierney,” he called back, “and you’d better watch your head: she can throw that monkey fist like a grenade!” They were in the protected bay of El Bluff, Nicaragua, at the quiet northern end, where Carlos – Truman’s Bluefield contact – had built his company’s pier

    28. His first try resulted in the grenade bouncing across the patrol boat’s forward deck and into the sea

    29. The second grenade also bounced, but did not go over the side

    30. Colling pulled the last grenade from under his slicker, waiting to pull the pin when the cutter came closer

    31. When only five meters again separated the hulls of the two vessels, he stood and tossed the grenade onto its deck

    32. He watched as it bounced across the deck and thought it would go on into the sea, but then the cutter lifted suddenly, and the grenade bounced back and disappeared

    33. Grains within the pomegranate are part of the grenade but not the grenade

    34. chest, he yanked a hand grenade from his pocket, pulling out the

    35. They parted ways, with Norm going off to be an Army Ranger, while Tom was given an honourable discharge, after an incident involving a hand grenade and another soldier

    36. "The vehicle that he was in was hit by an RPG - that's a rocket-propelled grenade

    37. the crewmen carried the big guns, and even two grenade launchers

    38. A hand grenade was thrown through the door into the

    39. second grenade exploded, taking out half the wall where

    40. grenade inside the apartment

    41. But the heavy fire kept Charlie's head down and made rising up to fire a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) a chancy thing

    42. 75-inch rockets while a Chunker mounted an M-75 grenade launcher

    43. A potato masher grenade arced through the open spot between the men in the door and lodged in the rear bulkhead seat webbing in front of Haskell's eyes as he lay on the floor

    44. They were staring straight into each other's eyes as the grenade exploded

    45. The homemade cast iron grenade fragmented into thirteen pieces as the low order explosive detonated

    46. He had a small skin puncture from a grenade fragment in his left thigh from which he had yet to feel the pain

    47. An electrical circuit touched off an explosive charge under a plunger at the bottom of the drum instantly expelling the phougas which was then ignited by a phosphorous grenade

    48. Each team was composed of four cells; a four-man penetration cell with Bangalore torpedoes, two five-man assault cells with satchel charges, and a two-man fire support team with B-40 grenade launchers and AK-47 rifles

    49. A chromed fake hand grenade housing a cigarette lighter stood on his desk next to a two-foot carved teak affair that embossed his name and rank over a giant pair of carved command pilot wings

    50. The Colonel took a cigarette from a pack in his desk and lit it with the chromed grenade

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    Synonyms for "grenade"

    grenade mine nuclear weapon booby trap bomb

    "grenade" definitions

    a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile