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    nuclear weapon

    1. nuclear weapons were a power to be

    2. Had the Cold War erupted, it would have been catastrophic as the use of nuclear weapons would certainly have eliminated most, if not all of Earth’s population

    3. The Department of Energy later found that many of the declassified documents contained nuclear weapons secrets

    4. It seems crazy to unleash nuclear weapons

    5. The existence of nuclear weapons had for over a century not been a part of any conflict, and then only ever used as miniature targeting devices

    6. However, it must be remembered that South Africa had nuclear weapons as last resort

    7. A story to Judith Miller from the New York Times about a source codenamed Curveball claimed Iraq was building nuclear weapons

    8. When Ike's election opponent, Adlai Stevenson, called for an end to nuclear weapons testing, Ike called that “a moratorium on common sense

    9. Carter was far less successful in trying to prevent Pakistan from building nuclear weapons

    10. In Libya, fearing that what happened to Saddam might happen to him, Kadaffi has renounced terrorism and nuclear weapons as well as those of mass destruction

    11. The UN succeeded in barring nuclear weapons from Antarctica, the ocean beds, and in space

    12. The greatest successes the UN can point to is its ban on chemical weapons agreed to by 190 out of 196 nations in the world and its Non Proliferation Treaty, in which all but nine countries in the world agreed to never develop nuclear weapons

    13. The nine nations with nuclear weapons, in order from most to least are: US, USSR, France, UK, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea

    14. Nine US presidents deserve limited credit for trying to limit nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction

    15. Both the US and USSR hoped the test ban would pressure China to not develop its nuclear weapons

    16. By 2003, North Korea admitted to nuclear weapons

    17. At the start of his presidency, Obama proposed an end to all nuclear weapons worldwide

    18. By the end of this treaty, the number of nuclear weapons will be down to less than 2,000 each for the US and USSR

    19. It is the latest in a number of huge steps from when the arms race was at its worst in Reagan's time, with over 60,000 nuclear weapons between the two nations

    20. Obama proposed in 2013 even further cuts, yet one third more of all long range nuclear weapons

    21. For nuclear weapons, one needs at least 95% purity

    22. One of the lesser known facts is that MacArthur actually had requested the right to use nuclear weapons without needing the President's approval

    23. Subsequent accounts, including that of a MacArthur meeting with Richard Nixon, claimed MacArthur opposed using nuclear weapons

    24. Thus there is little doubt he would have authorized nuclear weapons against China, likely in December 1950 as he proposed

    25. But that assumes the war ends with US nuclear weapon use

    26. As noted before, there is no clear evidence of Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons, just the opposite

    27. William was telling me that the meteor was going to hit the Earth, and we were all going to die, and there was no way that they could build a big enough nuclear weapon to, ‘vaporize it,’ in his words, and that’s when I put on my little thinking cap

    28. nuclear weapons would have been developed by another country since nuclear physics

    29. All he wanted to watch was science shows about nuclear weapons

    30. I develop a ballistic missile; you develop a nuclear weapon

    31. would be far less expensive without the nuclear weaponry, and the

    32. But midway through the migration back north, hardly a fifth of the people had come back when the rest left behind in the southern or equatorial regions were destroyed by nuclear weapons, neutron bombs, and nerve gas

    33. But it was the other duty that consumed most of his waking hours---arming his nation with nuclear weapons

    34. Having renounced war, the possession of war potential, the right of belligerency and the possession of nuclear weaponry, Japan held the view that it should possess only the minimum defense necessary to face external threats

    35. “But his most controversial position involves nuclear weapons

    36. At least openly, the majority of the population doesn’t support rearming our forces beyond what they already have and that clearly rules out nuclear weapons

    37. Nuclear weapons are considered to be great equalizers when it comes to war with countries that have overwhelming numbers of troops and conventional armaments; not to mention nuclear ones as well

    38. “As you’re probably well aware, Japan has the resources, know-how and technology to produce nuclear weapons in large quantities

    39. Kodama and his followers support nuclear weapons for Japan?”

    40. Dick, my country would never develop nuclear weapons given its history and repeated assertions it would never do so under any circumstances

    41. However, the militarists had to bide their time and timing for a military build-up until public sentiment changed regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons

    42. No, Japan would hold its head high among those who’d initially belittled its consumer products, but now military armaments made in Japan would no longer be sneered at once it became known she possessed enough nuclear weapons to level half of the developed world

    43. He was still betting he could beat the system and, at some point, continue to carry on his mission to arm his country---Japan---with nuclear weapons

    44. It became apparent to many of us that only Japan could adequately protect Japan and that required the acquisition of nuclear weapons

    45. However, by that standard, the United States, in its extermination of the Native Americans in the conquest of its Western Frontier and by virtue of its use of nuclear weapons in Japan, would have qualified as deserving of overthrow

    46. Why do you think our government has been so distrustful of Iraq to gain power of nuclear weapons? Why were we distrustful of Nazi Germany gaining that power? These countries have not been trusted with that responsibility

    47. numerous nuclear weapons strikes, what they had seen up to now had surpassed their worst nightmares

    48. ‘’As Mike said earlier, the American forces seemed to be preparing for war when this base and others were hit by nuclear weapons

    49. However, the crew of the station knew from the last few radio messages received after the nuclear war that the horrors of both biological and chemical weapons had been added to those of nuclear weapons

    50. The fears some have about us planning to produce nuclear bombs are unjustified and, if I may say so, quite hypocritical, considering that Israel already has plenty of nuclear weapons and has not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, contrary to Iran

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