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    1. My mother assured me that I wasn't as she was grounding up more Atavin to put in my orange soda, the only thing I chose to ingest at this point for some reason

    2. Besides that, getting in touch with a loved one is very grounding and uplifting at the same time

    3. Releasing Charged Emotions Through Grounding

    4. of grounding self-love as one’s reality

    5. In this new age, we have become “headier” than ever, losing touch with the wisdom of our hearts and the grounding of our stomachs

    6. The sailors and Fusiliers on the oars pulled like mad and we came up grounding on the sand farther back those that were left jumped into the sea and we started wading ashore as the bullets continued to churn the sea in frenzy

    7. A Guide on Grounding and Protection

    8. Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process

    9. But now – with a strong shoulder, that passed the grounding

    10. He was quoted by two sources as telling them the recruit would probably forget about a grounding wire and that when Carson made the same mistake and tried moving it, be sure to stand clear

    11. endeavour to put a foundation, or grounding to our faith in respect of biblical knowledge

    12. ” It is part of the Civil War against America that has succeeded in shifting the moral grounding of the nation considerably to the left of where it lay before the student uprisings of the nineteen sixties

    13. interpretation, memories are fixed objects that we may always turn to for grounding; they are

    14. knowledge of this truth for grounding

    15. transition account for this grounding

    16. difference explicitly through a grounding of the subject space and its possible occupants

    17. With respect to information, it is not clear that effort, at least in the sense above, plays a great role in grounding the newly informative

    18. primary role in grounding this sense of information, and belief functions mostly to explain the place of this newness

    19. out of it and look at it has been tremendously grounding

    20. We will just have to hope that the tide is right and hasn’t stranded everything! It will probably be best if you concentrate all your strength on the barges, one at a time, to be sure that you can overcome any grounding problems

    21. Moshe, incredulous at seeing that they, having been the last in line, had now somehow become first, called out, “Naaman, signal the others to stop! Yigal, look for a place to tie up without grounding! We need to see what we have left

    22. As he completed the circle, the solar orb had just broken loose from its grounding on the eastern horizon

    23. that you can overcome any grounding problems

    24. without grounding! We need to see what we have left

    25. But by the stars Simon would find another grounding or die a second time in the attempt

    26. As he completed the circle, the solar orb had just broken loose from its grounding on the

    27. Groaning with the knowledge of loss, Simon felt Johan’s handgrip tighten, grounding him

    28. Defenders of the officers and crew of the Mesquite believe that limited resources and long hours contributed to the grounding and sinking of the vessel

    29. These locations increased the probability of grounding and vessel collisions

    30. The Coast Guard and several federal, state and local agencies responded to the Mesquite grounding, Capt

    31. John Lynch was relieved of command of the USCGC Mesquite after the grounding, refused to resign his commission, and faced a military court in August 1990

    32. When all were up and starting off, we were forced to head almost directly into the wind so as to gain offing, not willing to risk grounding on any bars the river outflows might have created

    33. He did conclude however, that his grounding in the bank had stood to him

    34. They live within hailing distance of the safe waters of rest, but they refuse to enter because the noble craft of the good Buddha met the misfortune of grounding just outside the harbor

    35. do you have any grounding at all in the science of

    36. This is a wonderful tool for grounding yourself and relaxing

    37. tations and grounding exercises to tap into the Universal energy that

    38. He probably never knew how grounding that simple statement was

    39. To his amazement, the water level was slowly dropping, and the subs were grounding on a coarse shingle bottom

    40. his grounding before the details of Louk’s death were revealed to him?

    41. Then, heavy rain started to fall, cutting visibility and grounding further transport flights to Lae

    42. we’ve been instructed to use as a grounding post prior to using any

    43. Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies,

    44. Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative

    45. Only by grounding that pain, can the person become integrated

    46. The Soul Infused Personality This personality only starts to appear when there has been a period of grounding of negative energies

    47. First by grounding all the pain caused energy filling and powering

    48. and on into the Karma Clearing Process and the Grounding of


    50. grounding of the negative energies within me and as we rotated

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    earthing grounding foundation background preparation teaching schooling learning experience grooming

    "grounding" definitions

    education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

    fastening electrical equipment to earth