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    1. Experience has taught me that there is a thin line

    2. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    3. working in about an hour with no technical experience whatsoever AND they have a video tutorial and complete manual online to help you really maximize the sales features of your system

    4. Still, from Johnny’s experience he knew that nothing usually went that smoothly

    5. You should experience everything with love

    6. had a different experience with God

    7. heard about in history, to have outstanding experience

    8. Prayer raises our level to experience pure spiritual currents

    9. experience that you will never trade for anything in this

    10. That they have much more experience than the rest of the population makes them senior

    11. The Operator had mentioned that he got nervous because of a traumatic experience he had as a child when he claimed a computer had tried to kill him by electrocuting him

    12. That's an awesome gift to live to see and experience

    13. You should experience joy while giving help, just like the joy a mother feels while making her child sleep in her lap

    14. The very act of giving something away that supposedly belongs to you causes you to experience happiness

    15. Audience has to be interested in listening to your views on the chosen subject because of your experience, knowledge and the clarity of presentation

    16. Wilderness camping is not one of the parts of the native experience that she liked the best

    17. This experience was invaluable to him

    18. Yoga, Meditation, community singing of songs in the praise of one lord or the other, and spiritual discussions etc are not identified with one religion but are adopted by individuals based on their experience with regard to its good effect on physical and emotional health and in search of true happiness

    19. Who we seek to be? How much we are willing to share? We experience the balance of our thoughts on this physical plane because everything we perceive to be is hardwired to a power that is eager to please, without judgement

    20. It is our purpose to observe the contrasting values, and to decide for ourselves what is wanted in our physical experience

    21. Sad to say most have been trained to guard against what is not wanted and thereby attracting more of that to their life experience

    22. This achievement enables one to experience bliss that one can never imagine

    23. While the newly born child can experience only love, he has no fear, he is free to decide anything and considers capable of doing whatever he wants

    24. Once you have completed the experience you were seeking in this body

    25. He earned that tattoo and it represented his profession and his experience and his time

    26. He had a lot of experience with the press and knew many of the correspondents personally, but he had rarely given press conferences

    27. You have yet to walk this path, experience the process of getting to

    28. tried to haul towards the bright inner sanctum of the modern retail experience was, of

    29. “That’s what it’s about, really, changing the shopping experience

    30. "You seem to have experience with this kind of case Melinda

    31. Russ smiles at Khalid, who is still shaking from the experience

    32. ‘I feel it will use the skills and experience I have acquired over the years

    33. I relate in scathing detail how the interview went, letting rip and quite enjoying the experience

    34. can experience the real presence of God and stay alive

    35. "It's all we have," Ava said, "and you have to admit that provided a different experience than you were used to

    36. that we as conscious beings experience everything through a beginning and an end

    37. square root of our own experience or by accepting that there is an absolute version of

    38. Next day, a colleague at work tells me she has had such an experience in England

    39. " Not every man who is a Christian is qualified either by age, experience or meeting those things set forth in the New Testament

    40. This is how I suddenly got the Key to Awareness – which allows me to experience the interrelation between time and space, to experience death and birth every moment, always expecting the unforeseeable

    41. For example, when an infant has an accident and is paralyzed for the rest of his life, I can never swallow the tale that “this event serves an invisible but good purpose” or “his soul chose this because he needs this experience”, or “he is punished for something bad he did in his past life” and all that paranoiac piffle

    42. In a rather aggressive manner, he starts interrogating me about my experience in love

    43. When I lie to him that I have some previous experience but not much, he spits out scornfully: “When I was in junior high school, all my classmates, boys and girls, had sexual relationships! And we sniffed at those girls who were still virgins at the age of 13!”

    44. So you see, I had to allow you experience loss, to feel what it's like to lose what you love the most

    45. I can picture Apollo holding it, experience it's texture, rubbing the strands between his thumb and index finger, "How could you do any of this? I was at the orphanage by then

    46. It was a unique experience, that underground river which splits up into numerous passageways and underground cavities full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that glitter in shading-off tints

    47. I find myself watching the youngest of the babies to see what they do – I haven’t had any experience of babies

    48. My experience of life might seem deplorably meagre to many, but still had those moments to cherish, and I believed, sitting in the back of that van with Robbie, that I would have a life full of such joys

    49. My experience of reality in this captive state did not allow for the fact of another body on this isolated shore

    50. Everything was a wonderful new experience

    1. His hands were the best she had ever experienced, and he could spend two days going no farther than that

    2. that, Jesus experienced the power of resurrection in three

    3. I wouldn't put it past Venna to completely deny that she has ever laid eyes on me before even though she was the most tempestuous four Earth years my bed has ever experienced

    4. It does not mean sympathy or identification of his problem as something that we may have experienced

    5. ‘No, but there is no denying that a lot of employers dislike taking on staff who are older and more experienced than they are

    6. parked up and run his experienced eye over the place he felt more than a little

    7. Later, during the hard times I experienced everything: pain,

    8. She had experienced the bind and had rejected it after a time

    9. They were childhood sweethearts and had an ‘understanding’ by the time they were in the mid-teens – she told me stories of some of her friends who lost their men or, got them back seriously disabled and mentally disturbed by the events they had experienced

    10. We’ve sold you to another group, more experienced with this sort of thing

    11. He lived only a single instant at the impact, but it was an instant of pain beyond anything he had ever experienced before, even as he lay gut-shot and dying as a mortal

    12. I feel wonderful as I respond spontaneously to this mutual love attraction; it's something I've never experienced before

    13. It was pain that he feared, but now he knew he had never even experienced pain before, not real pain

    14. Normally if anyone had this happen to them it would be reported and the Council would make everyone produce a backup and go over those backups looking for control of the scene Bahkmar had experienced

    15. It was the first real human warmth that I had experienced in weeks, in months

    16. He'd experienced hotter as a mortal on pilgrimage to the holy land

    17. It seemed that I was the only person to have experienced life underground

    18. Then, there was no sound, no motion; for a few moments I experienced a paradox emptiness

    19. The only ones that can truly apprehend that mystery of the resurrection at the end of the age are those that have experienced resurrection now in this age

    20. Though our flesh has not experienced such glory, our spirits are reborn

    21. Can you imagine an entire nation of Pauls going to and fro throughout the earth to proclaim the freedom that they have now experienced in Christ? It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that Israel will fulfill her ultimate purposes of being the priestly nation to the nations (Exodus 19:6)

    22. He experienced silence

    23. But without having experienced that antithesis, I would

    24. I have to say that she was horrified when she heard that you’d been attacked – she’s been seriously scared, Karalintze … not that I’d want to excuse her action or in any way minimise the awful attack you experienced, but she never intended you any harm

    25. Despair taking me, I plunge deep into the pointless misery I have not experienced since I came across

    26. She has experienced childbirth

    27. How will we survive something as gruesome and terrible as the Tribulation without falling away? It is only by the empowering of the Spirit in a way that we have not yet experienced, nor began to fathom

    28. As you experienced when you retrieved your tawstones, the memories were locked away safely

    29. He too suddenly felt the rising tide and it surprised him with its intensity; he realized that he had never experienced anything as strong as this

    30. On the other hand, if I stayed where I was I might look more experienced

    31. Inside the trailer the students were busy comparing notes and feelings about what they just experienced

    32. Alan was probably a bit older and more mature in most ways, but Nuran was much more sexually experienced and aggressive than he, much raunchier and probably more energetic

    33. "She said that now that you had experienced what a real cunt was like, you weren't as interested as you were before in an old bookworm like me

    34. Everyone else was as an Angel, there was nothing that he had experienced directly was there? "Vic told me about the constables and the judges

    35. Of all the dreadful shocks experienced that day, nothing compared to the sudden and degrading catastrophe that he had just suffered as he’d bent down to pick up the soap in the prison shower

    36. Clearly the wasteg is the preferred mode of transport for those who live near it - having experienced the trackways, I can understand why

    37. Like many young men Tom felt the excitement inherent in the imminent promise of resting his head in the arms and on the bosom of an older and more experienced woman

    38. “So, you’ve experienced the true reality of life as a Craig at last, my girl

    39. It can be frustrating to newbies and so I can only recommend it to experienced practitioners

    40. They have experienced trauma in their lives

    41. I have experienced trauma in my life, and although I don't suffer because of it, it still affects my life in some ways

    42. He had to project the air of a confident and experienced battle captain ready to identify threats and respond to them decisively

    43. This fly is very popular among experienced fly fishers

    44. Rayne was overwhelmed by her emotions; always in tight control, she was now faced with something she had never experienced before

    45. every sensation you have ever experienced has been

    46. death toll rising inexorably and with the losses experienced by

    47. being, by now, quite experienced in the use of retail therapy as a

    48. She smiled at him and he noticed the same aroma he had experienced with Altera, only more intense, and wondered if it was common with all Ogatu females

    49. He thought back remembering when he had first arrived at the camp; scared and confused, traumatized by what he had just experienced and seen on a battlefield not of his choosing

    50. You don’t have to be a talented or experienced

    1. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    2. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    3. Some grandparents are concerned that they are missing out on their grandchildren's everyday lives and special experiences

    4. The practitioner of laid down Dharma experiences peace, joy, strength and tranquility within himself

    5. There is nothing hidden in your experiences with

    6. It was one of those experiences, like a car crash or a divorce; bizarre, unreal

    7. Somehow, after my experiences of the previous day, this sort of behavior was almost beginning to feel normal

    8. ‘I just think that your experiences lately have knocked your confidence rather a lot

    9. For about two years now I have entered a very interesting phase of my life, since I have more and more psychic experiences; yet, I have also perceived certain paradox incidents which appear more and more frequently, surrounding me like a Sonic War: At daybreak, when I do the most important meditation exercise of the day, there is incredible mobility in the block of flats next to my house: A number of cars come and go continuously in and out of their outdoor garage, which happens to be right next to my bedroom window! Even earlier, from 4:00 to 6:00 am (no exaggeration) they race engines incessantly and/or slam car doors uncountable times! Why, indeed? Only God -or Satan- knows! The fact is that more often than not I can hardly sleep, I feel exasperated and I can't meditate properly

    10. He wondered if all the Qbytes they copied from a brain didn't really amount to little more than a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some response databases and a few gig of life experiences? He wondered if being in silicon took something from a soul? He bore the remainder of the evening stoically

    11. After the ragged stresses of our transfer and our previous solitary confinement, compounded by a myriad of sour and wonderful new experiences and the discoveries of the afternoon, both Menachem and I were starving

    12. Once the euphoria of the meeting subsided a little, we four settled into the habitual comparisons that dominate male conversation, sharing our stories of capture, and gabbling away ten to the dozen in a mixture of Arabic and English about our shared experiences in the hostage hotels

    13. Our conversations turned by degrees from the immediate shared experiences of this captive life to the telling of our histories

    14. ‘The truth – that you’re exhausted by your recent experiences

    15. The other women riders, hearing what had occurred, came over and spoke to her relating their own experiences

    16. My experiences with the bathroom at Wiesse’s house couldn’t have prepared me for this

    17. After his experiences in the dust and heat of war, the soldier looked at the steaming city and saw that it was beautiful

    18. Once he experiences the same success

    19. experiences in your past

    20. Gratitude is a fantastic way to not only ease turbulent emotions like fear, but it can actually help you to better appreciate your life as it is right now (problems and all), as well as continuously keep attracting better experiences

    21. Simply grab your journal and a pen and start writing your thoughts about the experience(s), how they made you feel when they happened, and how they still affect you now

    22. You can also journal to process fear regarding upcoming events or experiences

    23. One of my early experiences with

    24. Many of the near-death experiences that have been

    25. com) all, she found the Ogatu females were sympathetic to her cause; they were friendly, and shared with her experiences of their own lives

    26. noticed that in their near-death experiences, these

    27. One of the most amazing healing experiences I have

    28. As I relate her experiences in Italy, his expression grows decidedly grim

    29. experiences in the dust and heat of war, the soldier looked at the

    30. One of the most touching experiences I had with

    31. I wanted to share my experiences with Heart-Walls

    32. had one of those near-death experiences that 10

    33. As an example: I had some of my most magical experiences in

    34. Sometimes the experiences that are the

    35. ‘I cried when I read your account of her experiences in Italy Sarah

    36. And I hope that you have learned from my experiences with my website

    37. experience, as all experiences I have are what I am here for and

    38. As all experiences available in this

    39. past experiences, which are often created out of reaction to perceived

    40. truth in al experiences you have

    41. the experiences that you have

    42. All experiences you have are a direct result of your internal vibration; you

    43. presenting to you the experiences

    44. The experiences we have are always a validation from the universe of

    45. experiences); this should be valued and honoured

    46. Because we, and al of our experiences, are a part of a Divine Plan that

    47. negative experiences imprint somewhere in the body)

    48. and its experiences from unfolding in the perfect way and perfect

    49. vital to create positive experiences and ultimate contentment within all

    50. reflected and/or validated in al of my external experiences

    1. comes as the result of experiencing unconditional love of

    2. Tell your older relative about the changes you observe and ask what he/she may be experiencing

    3. ’ I assured him, hoping the wooziness I’m experiencing will pass off … I’m not in the habit of fainting and don’t want to start now

    4. But the flight was over in no time and it wasn't long before I was experiencing the space and light of Bristol airport for the first time

    5. able to remain with your head down without experiencing the

    6. ask that you do this exercise very gently and without experiencing

    7. It was hard to say if she would be experiencing anything, but it was unlikely her thoughts could proceed

    8. What you are experiencing is a natural thing; our women are very passionate

    9. actually be experiencing that emotional vibration

    10. experiencing the emotion and leaving it behind, the

    11. third trimester of pregnancy, and is experiencing the

    12. an effort to protect her heart from experiencing that

    13. underlying cause of the pain she was experiencing in

    14. currently experiencing in life (including negative imprinting) is there

    15. Belatedly, he realised that he was experiencing that phenomenon

    16. She couldn't recall experiencing such silence before

    17. The confusion, only added to the dizziness she was experiencing

    18. She wanted to jump but then noticed she was experiencing greater bliss than she had yet known in her life

    19. – had the privilege of experiencing such joy

    20. Although Seth had assured him that the humans were experiencing some sort of meltdown in their civilisation it was obvious from the mage’s other stories of Earth’s history that the humans had, at one stage, been unbelievably powerful

    21. The interesting thing he discovered is that when someone is seeing the Mothman, his neighbor will be experiencing a poltergeist, while across town there are Yeti and UFO sightings going down

    22. To dream that you are in a cage indicates that you are experiencing inhibitions and powerlessness in some areas of your life

    23. Dreams of experiencing your own death usually mean that big changes are ahead for you

    24. You are experiencing some momentary anxiety or pain, but you will be a better and stronger person for it in the long run

    25. Lately he’s been experiencing this turmoil within him; a fight between good and bad

    26. To dream that you are cutting your hair suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength

    27. If you are having problems with the ignition, then it indicates that you are experiencing problems with how to get started with some project or goal

    28. To dream that you are imitating others suggests that you are experiencing doubts in your own decisions and actions

    29. You are experiencing difficulties in your progress

    30. If the name on the badge is not your name, then it means that you are experiencing an identity crisis

    31. To dream that you are inflicting pain to yourself indicates that you are experiencing some overwhelming turmoil or problems in your waking life

    32. To dream that you dial the wrong number means that you are experiencing difficulties in relating to others

    33. To dream that you are in traffic signifies the frustrations that you are experiencing in your life

    34. You are experiencing some anxiety over changes and uncertainties happening in your life

    35. You are experiencing difficulties in coping with your feelings

    36. You are experiencing a void in your life

    37. Deep within his inner self Zarko was experiencing a kind of hurt he had never had to contend with before

    38. Given the way in which you perceive the world, how much can you really know about it? I hope you can conclude that there is a lot more you could know, right now, if only you open yourself to looking, listening, and experiencing the world as it is

    39. Focusing on those beliefs rather than the experience can prevent you from experiencing that Source

    40. [84] When you are mindful you are intensely aware of what you are experiencing, and you are not absorbed in the self-criticizing, self-congratulatory, “narational” part of the mind

    41. The more time you can spend experiencing self-created happiness, the closer you are to finding lasting happiness

    42. This was in the planet he’d visited for an architecture project, which was really only a publicity thing since the same results could have been achieved simply by doing the work from home, experiencing a simulation of Eludi-4 based on a probe’s detailed scanning

    43. He realized he had to act like he knew nothing, but he was experiencing a combination of excitement, anxiety and a bit of fear

    44. I just don"t know!” My voice must have held the fright I was suddenly experiencing

    45. ? She slashed again and again, trying to be sure it was she who was feeling this; that it was really she who was experiencing this

    46. after experiencing the teaching of the Holy Spirit to any

    47. My son, however, was experiencing something far different

    48. Instead of piling on a thick foundation to your skin that is still experiencing hormonal changes after pregnancy use a color tinted moisturizer instead and let your skin breathe

    49. His anxiety wouldn’t let up, even though the process had already begun and he was experiencing time travel itself

    50. You see because REM-sleep had been constantly manipulated to overcome the natural random tendencies of dreaming, and the TIAR computer would stimulate a memory engram, the experience of TIAR can be as real as everything you are experiencing now

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    Synonyms for "experience"

    experience have know live feel get receive go through see training skill seasoning sagacity maturity practice wisdom occurrence feeling brave encounter sense endure apperceive

    "experience" definitions

    the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities

    the content of direct observation or participation in an event

    an event as apprehended

    undergo or live through a difficult experience

    have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations

    go through (mental or physical states or experiences)

    undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind