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    1. Remember, build on a solid foundation so you are

    2. Eph: 1:4: According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and

    3. God has chosen us before the foundation of the world to

    4. Repenting is the foundation of our walk with

    5. Penitence is the foundation of our

    6. The word of God is the foundation of our faith and

    7. Our faith is the substance, essence, foundation, and the

    8. foundation where we build our relationship and begin

    9. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    10. This spray is available from the Bio-Dynamic foundation

    11. Low foundation walls that allow close to the earth to wood contact are the main areas to look out for as these are prime conditions for the termites to enter the house

    12. The foundation should be raised or the earth lowered at least 6 inches preferably 12-18 inches

    13. Repair all cracks in the foundation that provide access to the wood inside

    14. ” Growing up in Puerto Rico/Miami, Lopez was heavily influenced by the fact that his mother grew her own fruits and vegetables and always used animal manure as fertilizer This organically based philosophy toward gardening techniques laid the foundation of Lopez beliefs and in 1972 he founded Astra’s Garden, based on something of a religion that subscribes to living in harmony with the environment: not polluting; treating all living plant life with respect; and, basically just listening to what the earth is telling us

    15. We defeat the devil when we are rooted in the foundation of the Word of

    16. It is His foundation

    17. We have discussed the creation and the fall because of the foundation they provide upon

    18. critical piece really is the foundation for manifesting all

    19. He had what are called Herodian stones cut out, and then brought them into Jerusalem, and he rebuilt the foundation of the Temple with these stones

    20. Almost everything that has been written up to this point (with exception of the last chapter) has been foundation work

    21. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry

    22. These topics along with the assignments give us a good foundation to move into the next sector -- ‘the creative sector’

    23. A leading question and lacking in foundation

    24. not necessarily the foundation of the doing

    25. The foundation of the entire camp was built on love and trust

    26. Waste is the foundation of all disease

    27. Come the evening of the party, and even with a substantial layer of foundation on her face, the guests could still see red rings under her eyes from all of her screaming, bawling and crying

    28. ’ Berndt said when I comment on it, ‘It’s only a small foundation, nothing like Prinnish, but there will be beds and food

    29. Without a mortgage to worry about, the funds that they had received from the sale of their previous, modest abode provided them with a solid foundation on which to base their daily activities

    30. Think about it! With modern technology and a few million Euros this place could knock every other playground into a black hole and my dear little Kaliantikos Foundation will provide the bungs

    31. She would control the village and she'd run her foundation from Faria

    32. Simple! Everything, and I mean every single disposable piece, passes through the Kaliantikos Foundation

    33. No, the foundation of our building, or for that matter

    34. ’ He flushes at this reference to the fact that we’ve been talking about him, ‘That’s a firm foundation for anything, Jake

    35. a substantial layer of foundation on her face, the guests could still

    36. I've been asked by some members of the Foundation to research Bunty Danvers' life and the formation of the Foundation

    37. ’ I put in, making a note to look into the finances of the Foundation … what did Bunty live on … surely her parents didn’t leave that much money?

    38. I think she would have sold her body if it would have raised money for the Foundation

    39. ” That foundation is its support

    40. ‘She’s secretary to the Foundation and would be able to give you a better idea than I can of what you should do

    41. My name’s Sarah Grey and I’m calling in connection with the research I am doing in connection with the Danvers Foundation

    42. I understand you were in on the early days of the Foundation

    43. ‘I’m instructed by the Danvers House Foundation

    44. Mr Blake will be taking early retirement from the practice as a result of his injuries but he emphasised that he would be continuing to act for the charities which are so close to his heart - including the Danvers House Foundation and various schools in the area

    45. A spokesman for the Danvers House Foundation said how much they appreciate Mr Blake's continuing support

    46. It’s just too much of a coincidence that the name of someone Bunty knew years ago and kept in touch with by letter, should turn out to be the same name as the solicitor acting for the Foundation

    47. Wolfgang added that, “It is the foundation for any interaction we can have with the physical world

    48. ‘Can I ask a few things about the Foundation first of all?’ I asked, maybe she is just bothered about the personal side of her links with Danvers House

    49. Bunty transferred all her property into the Foundation when it was set up in 1978, that includes some property in Bristol which is let out

    50. The income from that goes directly into the Foundation funds

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    Synonyms for "foundation"

    creation foundation founding initiation innovation instauration institution introduction origination base foot fundament groundwork substructure understructure foundation garment basis cornerstone grounding endowment organisation organization settlement institute society company basement footing bed ground corset

    "foundation" definitions

    the basis on which something is grounded

    an institution supported by an endowment

    lowest support of a structure

    education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

    the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

    a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body

    the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new