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Guidebook in a sentence | guidebook example sentences

  1. I had a new guidebook now.
  2. No guidebook for the persecuted.
  3. Or at least that’s what the guidebook says.
  4. I studied my guidebook as I ate my breakfast the next morning.
  5. I finished writing my workaholics’ guidebook in August 2001.

  6. I’d read about Packer Lake Lodge in my guidebook days before.
  7. My guidebook had been correct: my first sight of it was one of disbelief.
  8. I paged through my guidebook instead, trying yet again to hatch a new plan.
  9. I returned to Christine’s car and studied my guidebook to get my bearings.
  10. This became a guidebook for a lot of African-American leaders, including Rev.
  11. I reached for my pack, got my guidebook, and found the address for Castle Crags.
  12. I pulled the ripped-out guidebook pages from my shorts pocket and read them again.
  13. My guidebook explained that, as usual, I wouldn’t exactly be arriving at a town.
  14. Lives on the coast, was in town updating a guidebook he had written a few years ago.
  15. There is a great book on this cal ed Are You Poisoning Your Pets? A Guidebook to Pet.

  16. After days of constant vigilance, I was tired of checking the guidebook and checking again.
  17. After reading about it online, she asked me to give her a meditation guidebook for Christmas.
  18. Others prefer a paper they can carry with them, make notes on, and use as a valuable guidebook.
  19. My guidebook told me that it was the youngest, tallest, and most symmetrical of the Three Sisters.
  20. I scanned the maps in my guidebook for the hundredth time that day, feeling frustrated and uncertain.
  21. As we know, any machine has a guidebook (manual) which contains the instructions and the perfect way of using it.
  22. You will learn things that you wouldn't get out of your guidebook as well as where these activities are cheaper.
  23. Besides, there is a guidebook (a way-map) in his other hand that leads him in order not to mistake the right path.
  24. Instead, I took a short detour off the trail to Cassel, where my guidebook promised there would be a general store.
  25. Not one of them had ever entertained an original idea or come to a conclusion without the aid of a stupid guidebook.

  26. Stewart Underwood recalls the massive effort and complexity of dismantling the guidebook program by Procter & Gamble.
  27. The authors of my guidebook had warned me about the snow I might encounter in the High Sierras, and I’d come prepared.
  28. Greg paged through his guidebook at the end of the table near me, where I stood beside my pack, still marveling at its transformation.
  29. Grist for the Mill (with Steven Levine); The only Dance There Is; Remember Be Here Now; and Journey of Awakening: a Mediator’s Guidebook.
  30. The guidebook assured me that in a regular year most of the snow would be melted by the time I hiked the High Sierras in late June and July.
  31. Afterwards, Rex went for a swim and Stacy and I walked without our packs down the steep trail toward a jeep road our guidebook said was there.
  32. Perhaps the impulse to purchase the PCT guidebook months before had been a primal grab for a cure, for the thread of my life that had been severed.
  33. Besides this, there is a guidebook (or a map) in their other hand that they follow so that they do not make a mistake and stray from the right path.
  34. I unfolded the guidebook pages and read what the authors of The Pacific Crest Trail, Volume 1: California had to say about this portion of the trail.
  35. I read the fresh pages that I’d ripped from my guidebook as I walked the paved loops of the campground, straining to see the words in the dying light.
  36. Sometimes I feel like I am collecting the lessons each faction has to teach me, and storing them in my mind like a guidebook for moving through the world.
  37. My guidebook explained that the campground was another three miles farther on and I assumed that’s where I’d find them, along with Doug and Tom eventually.
  38. There was much done to it to change it from its original format which was intended to be a symbolic guidebook and positive reference for the people of the time.
  39. A couple of days after I’d said goodbye to the Three Young Bucks, I took a detour a mile off the trail to the Elk Lake Resort, a place mentioned in my guidebook.
  40. On my trailside breaks that day, in the hundred-plus-degree heat, I flipped through the pages of my guidebook to see if it said anything about how to use an ice ax.
  41. So mostly I relied on the narrative descriptions in my guidebook, reading them over and over, matching them up with my maps, attempting to divine the intent and nuance of every word and phrase.
  42. I dug inside my raincoat, pulled out the pages of my guidebook, and read about a place to camp nearby—a site beyond the ranger station that overlooked Head Lake, Olallie’s much smaller neighbor.
  43. My first night out of Ashland, I paged through the book before falling asleep, reading bits here and there, the same as I had with the California guidebook in the desert on my first night on the PCT.
  44. I wrote Lisa a letter, asking her to purchase and send me a PCT guidebook for the Oregon section of the trail using the bit of money I’d left with her, and reordering the boxes she’d be mailing me for the rest of California.
  45. So I almost fell out of my chair in joy and relief when Trina returned from the post office with the news that southbound hikers had written in the trail register that the tank mentioned in the guidebook was there and that it had water in it.
  46. Thus my college experience did not include exposure to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which told the next few generations of students of finance that there was no use for Security Analysis: a guidebook to the impossible task of beating an inefficient market.
  47. Unlike many of the places my guidebook listed that had falsely promising names that included the word creek, Spanish Needle Creek truly was one, or at least it was good enough for me—a few inches of water shimmered over the rocks on the creek’s shaded bed.
  48. I pushed from ridge to ridge, feeling relieved when I spotted bare ground in the patches where the sun had melted the snow clean away; quivering with joy when I identified a body of water or a particular rock formation that matched what the map reflected or the guidebook described.
  49. A blonde Swede brushed her teeth while studying the notices tacked to a decaying corkboard; a black backpacker with bright red braids kicked back reading a Lonely Planet guidebook; and a waif of a girl who looked like she couldn’t have been more than sixteen pecked out an e-mail at an aging computer terminal.
  50. I let Portland roll around in my mind through the days, as I passed out of the Sky Lakes Wilderness into the Oregon Desert—a high dusty flat plain of lodgepole pines that my guidebook explained had been smattered with lakes and streams before they were buried beneath the tons of pumice and ash that had fallen on them when Mount Mazama erupted.
  51. My feet on fire, my flesh rubbed raw, my muscles and joints aching, the finger that had been denuded of its skin when the bull charged me throbbing with a mild infection, my head broiling and abuzz with random bits of music, at the end of the blistering tenth day of my hike I practically crawled into a shady grove of cottonwoods and willows that my guidebook identified as Spanish Needle Creek.
  52. I’d read the section in my guidebook about the trail’s history the winter before, but it wasn’t until now—a couple of miles out of Burney Falls, as I walked in my flimsy sandals in the early evening heat—that the realization of what that story meant picked up force and hit me squarely in the chest: preposterous as it was, when Catherine Montgomery and Clinton Clarke and Warren Rogers and the hundreds of others who’d created the PCT had imagined the people who would walk that high trail that wound down the heights of our western mountains, they’d been imagining me.

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