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Occur in a sentence

Is to occur.
South do occur.
is about to occur.
to occur that day.
can and does occur.
Division may occur.
didn't occur to them.

occur in both realms.
allowed this to occur.
occur within ten days.
would occur with days.
such an event to occur.
They can occur almost.
"When did this occur?".
could occur at any time.
OA may occur secondary.
It did not occur to him.
have the chance to occur.
brains can and does occur.
Transitions do not occur.
occur to me to chat him up.
worried would occur, have.
This will occur naturally.
Problems do occur in life.
the cases, death may occur.
The issue might occur in.
occur, only a handful were.
imposed should a leak occur.
Giants never occur normally.
occur that solve the problem.
His disgrace did not occur.
when a rape is occurring.
where the crime is occurring.
what was occurring around her.
Why is this occurring?.
A Second Coming is occurring.
Unless events are occurring.
in whose mind they are occurring.
voluntary responses were occurring.
What’s occurring? Rod asked.
things occurring beyond the curtain.
occurring more frequently these days.
something new occurring to the writer.
Something unnatural is occurring.
wars were occurring from different eras.
of her thoughts were occurring in rhyme.
But while these things were occurring,.
is occurring in the body during overload.
throughout the day it had been occurring.
contrived rather than naturally occurring.
was what was occurring at that very moment.
Not occurring to him before, but the one.
the blowing snow that was occurring outside.
One is common, occurring at every price bar.
have being occurring for the past six months.
that something was on the point of occurring.
This checking is occurring within our array.
least 10 of those hours occurring on weekends.
Most of the partying was occurring on the lawn.
It occurred to.
occurred to her.
(It occurred to.
had occurred to me.
When it occurred,.
It occurred to me.
It had occurred to.
The latter occurred.
never occurred to me.
It occurred to him.
occurred at the feet.
The crime occurred.
That occurred to me.
Never occurred to me.
occurred at this time.
It hadn’t occurred.
What occurred was this.
Then it occurred to me.
05 (occurred 67 times).
We know that occurred.
The BLEVE occurred at 9.
It occurred four times.
very odd thing occurred.
idea had occurred to me.
It had never occurred.
It occurred as rapidly.
It occurred to me that.
This is occurs.
This occurs in.
If this occurs,.
Assuming it occurs.
This occurs at an.
Then a split occurs.
If this occurs, the.
occurs over 800 times.
It occurs around the.
killing of life occurs.
Hijacking occurs when.
This occurs at point 4.
Something occurs to him.
This frequently occurs.
lost in all that occurs.
Love occurs in the mind.
Nothing occurs at random.
One occurs when calcium.
In some, it never occurs.
It occurs when Shri Ram.
which normally occurs on.
when this situation occurs.
Wagering occurs when the.
see why the parting occurs.
When the inevitable occurs.
) where the conduct occurs.
This also occurs on grass.
When the awakening occurs.
A thought occurs to her.

Synonyms for occur

hap happen occur pass come