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Higher in a sentence

The odds would be higher.
She lifts her head higher.
Higher, yes at the roots.
The sun has risen higher.
Eat a higher protein diet.
Higher and higher you go.
It is much higher there.

It's only the higher end.
Calling On A Higher Power.
Higher is the YIELD more.
Some sort of higher level.
Those who trade at higher.
A higher rate of discount.
The blisters higher up the.
The higher the PageRank of.
Carbide takes a lot higher.
Higher than the highest man.
It’s a higher end product.
A higher being calling to me.
For the higher pitched sound.
Everyone is a level higher.
I'd rate it higher if I could.
The higher number of Muslims.
The waves were getting higher.
The royalties would be higher.
There were higher numbers of.
To him, the higher the better.
One lives on a higher standard.
I push and sit up higher in bed.
Personal property is a higher.
In this model, a higher stock.
You are higher than the heavens.
To enter a higher rank, one is.
There is a Higher Power which.
Higher up in the sky are some.
It represents your higher Self.
It should be higher they claim.
Borka climbed higher and higher.
Those servants who had higher.
I raise my brow a little higher.

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