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Hurtle in a sentence

1. Morel, if he didn't hurtle himself up as if he was trying to get in the smallest space he could.
2. I don't know, there is a side of me that says until I can no longer see Narrulla hurtle by in the dark.
3. I hear metal sliding against metal and feel wind so intense it forces tears into my eyes as I hurtle toward the ground.
4. A nation losing its social cohesion does not necessarily hurtle through the gates of a fascist paradise all at once.
5. Forty-five years ago it seemed busy and dangerous to cross, but compared to the multi-lane motorways that now hurtle across the Riviera, it was a mere country lane.
6. Cosmic rays hitting the outer atmosphere of earth are mainly fast-moving, high-energy protons, and as they hurtle towards the Earth they collide with atoms in the air.
7. But his ship’s momentum continued to hurtle it forward, toward the Disrupter, and on my HUD, his ship began to flash red, indicating that its reactor core had been set to overload.

8. If he could find that stairway, could he find the door he knew at the bottom? Where did that stairway go below? Down into solid rock? Or would the flight snap off and hurtle down thirty feet into an abandoned cesspool? First he had to find the stairway.
1. Holly was hurtling faster now.
2. Hurtling into them before Aetes could.
3. Hurtling down the road was the Mercedes.
4. It sent her hurtling backwards out of control.
5. Small pieces of jagged stone had come hurtling.
6. From above an object was hurtling out of the sky.
7. It was interval and bodies were hurtling everywhere.
8. You are the one of the hurtling world, he said.
9. The rogue asteroid was hurtling its way towards Earth.
10. The afternoon was spent hurtling through pouring rain.
11. Green Band was hurtling along without an apparent hitch.
12. Into what exciting times it seemed we were all hurtling.
13. Responsibility, guilt, and freedom, hurtling back together.
14. Scott hadn’t noticed Josh hurtling towards the exuberant man.
15. Then back to the hurtling dance-rhythm of the second refrain:.
16. The washed-over anger of so many years was hurtling back at me.
17. The boat was hurtling headlong into a narrow and cluttered channel.
18. At that moment a heavy shining thing came hurtling down from above.
19. A blast from his fingers sent Mother Yagga hurtling into a brick wall.
20. The Apollo Gorn slapped her down and sent her hurtling across the room.
21. This time it was the two of us, on fire, hurtling down a bottomless shaft.
22. He picked up few pebbles and started hurtling to the zooming truck a far distance.
23. Bhagirath had lost control of his speeding horse and was hurtling towards the cliff.
24. More barrels were hurtling through the crowd, aimed at the Forest Council’s army.
25. As the doors swished open, there was a rush of air and a blur of trees hurtling past.
26. She could hardly see, but there was no mistaking the running steps hurtling towards her.
27. The raven screamed and threw itself straight up, sending the Major hurtling to the ground.
28. A silver vehicle had jumped the barrier between the two lanes and was hurtling toward them.
29. Too astonished for words or movement, she could only stare at the group hurtling towards her.
30. Claire felt a singular moment of absolute elation before she came hurtling back down to earth.
31. He grabbed the joysticks and sent the Cloud hurtling in pursuit of the fleeing insect vehicle.
32. Before any time at all there was a cloud of nuts hurtling through the air above the table top.
33. And hurtling along this track were monsters that could only have come out of her worst dreams.
34. Large pieces of the ship including the turret and main mast were seen hurtling through the air.
35. The momentum of the wind and the waves was picking up, hurtling the raft toward the deadly reefs.
36. But Chaos had such strength, the rock looked more like a rocket as it came hurtling towards her.
37. He cut his way in, then jerked back just in time as the building’s elevator came hurtling down.
38. Yet, contrary to all her expectations, the past had come hurtling forward to confront the present.
39. I imagined myself hurtling through space, even felt bones cracking as I splashed onto the concrete.
40. With an inhuman cry Conan caught up his fallen sword and leaped into the path of the hurtling horror.
41. He could send Robbie hurtling across the island to unblock it, but it was far, far too late for that.
42. Once it reached the top of the tower, the lift was shot back down, hurtling everyone up to the ceiling.
43. Tyler placed his hands on Ethan’s and pushed as hard as he could, then found himself hurtling backwards.
44. The mercenaries stopped and stared at this strange but courageous band of horsemen hurtling towards them.
45. He kicked at another one in the path and catching it in the side he sent it hurtling into the underbrush.
46. It must have been a great gust of wind that had sent them hurtling into the rocks jutting out of the sea.
47. Quartermain came hurtling along the rough path, his wheelchair almost flying, and nearly crashed into the table.
48. We could be in a tin shed in some New England tribal zone if we can’t see the universe we’re hurtling thru.
49. What if I said that time isn’t passing us by? What if I said that it is us that is hurtling through time?
50. Meanwhile, Jack was busy hurtling off the edge of the cliff hoping against hopes that he would survive his fall.
51. Half an hour later Yaf and Shap were crammed into the Bullet’s tiny cabin with Elfi at the controls, hurtling.
52. The driver of the car hurtling towards me had a horrified look on his face, as if he knew what was going to happen.
53. Thomas came hurtling out of the tunnel, then stopped when he saw everyone standing here, and turned to go back in.
54. It was a noticeable egg pointed toward the equator of the planet, hurtling around from west to east twice every week.
55. I opened fire and just kept shooting as the snatch party came hurtling back through us making their way back to our lines.
56. Truth be told, it took Schnottblower some amount of time to unfreeze his locked knees as he saw the van hurtling toward him.
57. The mysterious shadows caused by the lantern-light went hurtling madly over the graveyard like a dance of demons or witches.
58. The problem was: we were hurtling toward the Underworld at ninety-five miles an hour, betting that Hades had the master bolt.
59. The median, those other cars that were just a moment ago hurtling at me at the same speed I was flying towards them, in a spin.
60. The new Amazon slave – Takarta, was it? – came hurtling out of a tent, and scissor-kicked one of the soldiers in the face.
61. Cascading down the middle of this awesome sight was foaming and churning water hurtling violently and powerfully to a lake below.
62. Even as he spoke, a crackling barrage of shots struck the Alliford Bay, sending showers of wood splinters hurtling in all directions.
63. Amonas was barely able to see a giant ball of fire hurtling itself with blinding speed towards them, towards this particular bullhorn.
64. I dressed him as best I possibly could, when, bang, a shell seemed to drop right on us and something came hurtling into our hole with a splash.
65. There was a look of complete astonishment on his face as he suddenly saw his wife hurtling through the air towards him in a diving rugby tackle.
66. Hey, batta, batta, batta, Sullivan heard, and it brought him hurtling back to the present—to the ballfield near where he lived in Maryland.
67. Such were the sounds that now came hurtling from out the old man's tormented sleep, as if Starbuck's voice had caused the long dumb dream to speak.
68. The twins turned ten going on twenty once June came and went; their brother was hurtling toward his fifteenth year---his last winter in Tahoe City.
69. But the serpent was moving so fast that by the time bodies floated clear, momentum was already hurtling them through the water toward the black cloud.
70. He lay there watching the hurtling glow dwindling and dwindling until it vanished into a dark shining surface that seemed to surge upward to meet it.
71. He felt that he was running away from himself—that by hurtling through the forest like a frightened squirrel he was escaping from his own thoughts.
72. But even as his sword went up, the forefeet of the black beast smote him like a thunderbolt and sent him hurtling a score feet away, dazed and bruised.
73. He did not want to think about what would have happened if Theakston had been in the house when the petrol bombs had come hurtling through the windows.
74. The three watched as the gunman hit the wall, and then flew off the edge of the wall, hurtling towards the cobblestones below, where he landed violently.
75. Hurtling down the steep mountain pass, Scott felt that rush of adrenaline, the knowledge that if he fell off the edge the bruising would be considerable.
76. The sensitive control and the vessel hurtling through the turbulent water at 30 knots would cause it to deviate wildly, at the slightest overcompensation.
77. Ravena pressed the panels at her station that sent the half dozen specially designed sentinels hurtling out into the far reaches of the cluster around them.
78. Some of these shards would continue hurtling through space for the remainder of infinity, others had a very short trip to the surface of the Planetglomerate.
79. With a snapping and rending of bushes and saplings the monster came hurtling through the thickets, and they fled up the rock before him like leaves blown before a wind.
80. The Pilgrim started chanting, his clear voice challenging the howls of the rising wind, cutting a clean path through the hurtling sands towards the heart of the storm.
81. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample.
82. As millions of cubic meters of sea water flooded the hole, the sea level dropped around it, only to be replaced with a massive tsunami hurtling outwards at 800Km per hour.
83. I was stretched out on the seafloor directly beneath some bushes of algae, when I raised my head and spied two enormous masses hurtling by, throwing off phosphorescent glimmers.
84. But his surge of gritty determination refused to let him even contemplate reversing his hard won decision and so, with a muttered prayer, he stepped forward into the hurtling roar.
85. And so it went, day in, day out—our ship hurtling through space, each of us with his assigned task, measuring, scanning, calculating, plotting a safe course among the broken stars.
86. Rodriguez turned in his saddle and looked proudly at the hurtling troop behind him, following his orders as though they were the multimembers of one great body governed by his brain.
87. No, he was watching through the SNARCs as their bombs came hurtling down all across Esthyr’s Abbey, and unlike Corporal Portyr, he could see down into the town’s squares and alleys.
88. Other eyewitnesses depose that they observed an incandescent object of enormous proportions hurtling through the atmosphere at a terrifying velocity in a trajectory directed southwest by west.
89. The nearer moon, hurtling suddenly above the horizon and lighting up the Barsoomian scene, showed me that my preserver was Woola, but from whence he had come, or how found me, I was at a loss to know.
90. There seemed bonds of mutual interest between us as powerful as though we had been born under the same roof rather than upon different planets, hurtling through space some forty-eight million miles apart.
91. The sight of the intact sphere lasted for only a few seconds (most people missed it entirely) before it shattered, sending millions of shards of formerly unbreakable Jardian mega-glass hurtling into the cosmos.
92. A towing cable hitched to the safety rail and the tow bar of the van had successfully removed a section of the balustrade which was then replaced requiring the gentlest of nudges to send it hurtling into the gorge.
93. They had barely time to fly back to the tunnel, pulling and dragging in their bundles, when Smaug came hurtling from the North, licking the mountain-sides with flame, beating his great wings with a noise like a roaring wind.
94. But the only thought that filled his brain was of the woman lying dazed and helpless almost in the path of the hurtling fiend, and before the breath came whistling back into his gullet he was standing over her with his sword in his hand.
95. The yellow beast that had been following in the shadow of the larger red creature had sprung past Titus hurtling towards Athene’s pony, her mount twisted in its panic to get away, throwing Athene from her saddle onto the snow filled ground.
96. Soon after, two cries in quick succession on each side of us denoted that the other boats had got fast; but hardly were they overheard, when with a lightning-like hurtling whisper Starbuck said: "Stand up!" and Queequeg, harpoon in hand, sprang to his feet.
97. In a spark of silver, the gauntlet was hurtling through the air, and shortly after so was the wolf helm, with Galimoto included -- the little fiend still intent on driving his teeth through the layer of steel even while gravity drove him and the helm to the earth.
98. Borne under a mass of hurtling bodies the canoe rolled sidewise, but before he went under with it, something cracked against Balthus' head and the night was briefly illuminated by a blinding burst of fire before it gave way to a blackness where not even stars shone.
99. Her power of repulsion for the planet was so great that it had carried her far into space, where she can be seen today, by the aid of powerful telescopes, hurtling through the heavens ten thousand miles from Mars; a tiny satellite that will thus encircle Barsoom to the end of time.
100. She had completely forgotten to abstract the medical expert's deposition! Like a marathon runner on speed, crack and adrenaline she ran around her room, grabbing car keys, a hair tie and shoes in record time before hauling ass down the stairs and hurtling herself at the front door.
1. Ruthie’s body hurtled across the car.
2. Disloyal beast! And a rock hurtled down.
3. The trucks finally hurtled up Tenth Avenue.
4. He hurtled backwards and fell to the floor.
5. Her father hurtled backwards towards the house.
6. Its rider hurtled forward into a spray of bullets.
7. A wall of whitewater hurtled toward the Daiichi plant.
8. A line of Militsia squad cars hurtled down the highway.
9. The Buccaneer hurtled along perilously narrow waterways.
10. They hurtled toward the solid wall at the end of the cavern.
11. The wind roared around him and the rocks hurtled to meet him.
12. She had to stop this outrage, before it hurtled into tragedy.
13. Cloud hurtled around the corner next, swinging his sword with.
14. Hundreds of energy projectiles hurtled toward the Kierdan ships.
15. A dark form hurtled out of the sky toward Lord Robert and Evelyn.
16. She stared at Maria in confusion as Maria hurtled toward the porch.
17. Thesa looked about as the stones and rocks hurtled down all around him.
18. As if called by his words, the first squad car hurtled round the corner.
19. An SE-5a hurtled past the nose of my plane, tightly followed by another.
20. It hurtled through the air and Dom watched it with breathless anticipation.
21. The doors at the top of the tower opened and a scent was hurtled into space.
22. Yet from this mysterious thicket had hurtled that boulder, swift and deadly.
23. I struggled to keep up with Stacey who, as usual, hurtled off around the rink.
24. A frightened Tuong was hurtled into the middle and bounced off Mophi’s chest.
25. They hurtled down a side road as the tanker and Mercedes sped down the Freeway.
26. Not only had she worked out who had hurtled in to save the boy on Sveavägen.
27. Mars began to loom a lot larger as they hurtled on and the first seeds of doubt.
28. Lord Robert buried his face in his hands as the train hurtled uncaringly down the tracks.
29. As I did so a second report followed, and a big projectile hurtled overhead towards Hounslow.
30. But Hunter remained in stony silence, paying full attention to the roads as they hurtled down them.
31. Edwin ducked to one side as the dog hurtled past, but Bryony couldn’t move out of the way in time.
32. As the galloping horse hurtled straight towards him, a look of horror crossed the inspector’s face.
33. She did, just in time, as a bee’s nest hurtled through the air, past where her head had been a moment before.
34. ANOTHER TURBO ELEVATOR hurtled us downward at an unsettling speed, then slowed to a stop just a few seconds later.
35. Roqford had to grasp with his paws around the base of the Galaef’s chair to keep from being hurtled across the room.
36. The hissing stopped; there was a moment of absolute stillness then the strike as the plastic missile hurtled towards him.
37. That was the last thing I heard before we hurtled upward through the tunnel of light much faster than we had ever moved yet.
38. The instant the gate was pushed open, Neo hurtled out of the pen, like a rocket shot out of a cannon, toppling his owner over.
39. With a roar of naked fury a metal beast loomed out the manic blur and hurtled towards him, baring in its snarling radiator grille.
40. He had some trouble keeping up – the journalist was in too much of a hurry to wait for the lift and instead hurtled down the stairs.
41. From the long dry grass behind her, a huge shadow emerged and Sally was lifted from her feet as she hurtled through the air towards Siri.
42. There was a crash as a whole section of wall fell and soon after bullets began to ping off the spiral stairway that Talaric hurtled upward.
43. His view was fixed on the transport portal ahead which was still open and crackled and hissed as Patch hurtled towards it, unbothered by the noise.
44. The reins lay loose on the stallion's flowing mane, and every thew and fiber of the great beast strained as he hurtled along the boulder-strewn trail.
45. The ship hurtled itself away from the surface of Klete as Toyne clung to his seat for dear life and Grobut struggled to control its violent movements.
46. She heard running footsteps and a dark haired boy hurtled around the side of the cabin and came to a screeching halt, his shoes skidding on the rocks.
47. Suddenly, out of the darkness hurtled a powerful motor launch, engine racing in reverse to stop the boat inches away from destruction against the jetty.
48. Fire leaped from thatched roofs and wooden beam-ends as he hurtled down and past and round again, though all had been drenched with water before he came.
49. The two jumped off small staircases and ramps and hurtled towards unsuspecting pigeons, which were not used to fleeing from longboarding American teenagers.
50. Diverse machinery, crates, and large rocks slowly lifted off the ground, gathered speed, and then hurtled toward the point where the dust clouds had disappeared.
51. He hurtled towards her without looking where he was going, for he was too busy looking over his shoulder at his parents, who were in hot pursuit of their truant son.
52. Recklessly he hurtled down the slopes, through the ranks of the Gundermen, who sent up a deep-throated roar and clashed their spears and shields like thunder in the hills.
53. Without a moment’s reflection he hurtled straight through the glass doors and fired with what he thought was great precision, but he never found out whether he hit his target.
54. They followed Farzdbuk silently through the lounge, then with a surprising turn of speed hurtled out to the pool and dragged the young men to their feet, pinning their arms behind their backs.
55. Tears coursed down her cheeks, as her long hair streamed out behind her, but no matter how fast she hurtled over the ground she couldn’t get away from the monster that they had made her into.
56. A Ship slowly lifted off the ground, hovered for a moment, then accelerated and hurtled towards the centre of the black hole where it suddenly disappeared as the gravitational forces crushed it.
57. At his summons, wheeling with a rending cry, in a last desperate race there flew, faster than the winds, the Nazgyl the Ringwraiths, and with a storm of wings they hurtled southwards to Mount Doom.
58. He must have run upstairs, scrabbled about, and hurtled down again, for suddenly as the two boys out-thrashed out-gripped, outraged each other, there was a rain of tinkling, rattling glitter on the lawn.
59. There could not have been a greater surprise the very moment that D’ata hurtled from the rooftop, striking the gently sloping hillside, than the shock that confronted him as he stepped onto the beach just now.
60. After several minutes four police cars, sirens screaming, followed by three black stretch limos with darkened glass and another two police cars hurtled towards us at well over a hundred and fifty kilometres an hour.
61. She began to scream uncontrollably, the monster tugged at her as if to tear her from the ring by sheer brutality; then something crashed above their heads, and a form hurtled down through the air to strike the stone floor.
62. Before any of them could shout a warning she could hear, a little boy hurtled towards Kathy, and crashed into her with such force, that they both went crashing to the ground, and the eight men immediately sprang into action.
63. As our capsule hurtled through the darkened tunnel, we could hear Milo and Shin shouting a mix of insults and words of encouragement at each other over our QComms as the two of them continued to hold the Spider Fighters at bay.
64. There they were: an impossibly vast swarm of Glaive Fighters, arrayed in a protective grid-like shield around the massive Dreadnaught Sphere gleaming in their midst, the warped reflection of the starfield streaking across its chromed surface as they hurtled toward us.
65. Down here, below the ominous asperatus, you and I are dancing the laughter of love, the joy and thanks of this apparently accidentally fortuitous intersection; but from above, I think that great whatever engulfing us sees it more as two photons of light being hurtled west and east towards each other down a small tubular intention to ensure high impact enlightenment and new imagination formation.
66. They created Schmold via a large vat of all the evacuated disgustingness they’d collected from being hurtled through time so many times on our exploits to collect more Greegs! It was also likely a factor that the remaining ship they had all been crammed into was increasingly being overcrowded with all of the Greegs we had collected from around the many Universes… so perhaps there is something to be said for the ability of other Greegs to have an affect on non-Greegs become Greegs? We’ll have to wager on that sometime.
1. Ace hurtles forward and begins dropping megatons of force.
2. Hours later, he wakes to see the silhouette of an airplane blot stars as it hurtles east.
3. After all, we don't feel the slightest movement as the spinning Earth hurtles around the.
4. As they journeyed towards the field of battle, the Allies knew their enemy was growing desperate; attempting to throw more hurtles in their path and test the strength and power of the Silver Fleet.

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