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Immediate in a sentence

The book was an immediate.
As such, I took immediate.
I went into immediate shock.
No immediate risk, he thought.
This is with immediate effect.
He needs immediate ER care.
The play was an immediate hit.

Larger than his immediate pain.
Food was an immediate priority.
Music immediate begins to play.
One avenue that held immediate.
That was his immediate reaction.
The law was an immediate disaster.
Again, he got an immediate reply.
This called for immediate action.
This is an immediate consequence.
He voiced his immediate reaction.
His smile was wide and immediate.
Simple, immediate, and stress free.
The others' response was immediate.
This trade-off of more immediate.
The dean's reaction was immediate.
The Galaef's response was immediate.
My immediate defeat did not happen.
The king’s reaction was immediate.
Here are the next immediate steps:.
That must be his immediate priority.
In the immediate neighbourhood, yes.
The reaction was immediate and swift.
Truth would become immediate to you.
Mia’s total and immediate rejection.
She had two immediate aims before her.
And now that I was out of immediate.
Her immediate response was: ― I can.
Fred had an immediate craving for her.
Estes registered no immediate surprise.
He wondered daily what the immediate.
Maclin desired his immediate presence.
His immediate thought was about Raiya.
As the name suggests Immediate Action.

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