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Immediate in a sentence

1. The book was an immediate.
2. As such, I took immediate.
3. I went into immediate shock.
4. No immediate risk, he thought.
5. He needs immediate ER care.
6. This is with immediate effect.
7. The play was an immediate hit.

8. Music immediate begins to play.
9. Food was an immediate priority.
10. Larger than his immediate pain.
11. That was his immediate reaction.
12. One avenue that held immediate.
13. This is an immediate consequence.
14. The law was an immediate disaster.
15. His smile was wide and immediate.
16. This called for immediate action.
17. Again, he got an immediate reply.
18. He voiced his immediate reaction.
19. This trade-off of more immediate.
20. Simple, immediate, and stress free.
21. The others' response was immediate.
22. The dean's reaction was immediate.
23. My immediate defeat did not happen.
24. The Galaef's response was immediate.
25. The king’s reaction was immediate.
26. Here are the next immediate steps:.
27. That must be his immediate priority.
28. Truth would become immediate to you.
29. The reaction was immediate and swift.
30. In the immediate neighbourhood, yes.
31. Mia’s total and immediate rejection.
32. And now that I was out of immediate.
33. She had two immediate aims before her.
34. Fred had an immediate craving for her.
35. Maclin desired his immediate presence.
36. As the name suggests Immediate Action.
37. His immediate thought was about Raiya.
38. Her immediate response was: ― I can.
39. He wondered daily what the immediate.
40. Not in the immediate future, at least.
41. All the immediate questions had been.
42. Estes registered no immediate surprise.
43. This was a much more immediate problem.
44. Without immediate surgery I was doomed.
45. This invited immediate, crude ridicule.
46. The costs are up front and immediate.
47. I should be very glad of your immediate.
48. You will feel an almost immediate relief.
49. I ran out the door, to immediate regrets.
50. There was an immediate ceasing of sound.
51. The answer was immediate, swift and sure.
52. My immediate impulse was to run after it.
53. The reply produced an immediate response.
54. With immediate effect and without bonus.
55. His response was visceral and immediate.
56. Immediate Access to the Meditative State.
57. He isn’t in immediate danger of death.
58. Rykus had to fight his immediate reaction.
59. Her immediate response was Come stay.
60. But he felt no fear, no immediate threat.
61. However, Pam soon accepted the immediate.
62. But there was no immediate reply from Joey.
63. Its action obtains immediate results and.
64. This time the reply was immediate and firm.
65. Without urgent and immediate action, the.
66. But our immediate problem was a lot closer.
67. But Magua meditated no immediate violence.
68. And then they get to the immediate present.
69. Promising an immediate benefit is a good.
70. But my immediate concern is with Sebastian.
71. There was an immediate silence in the room.
72. However, there is a more immediate problem.
73. Perhaps because it made no immediate sense.
74. Now he had no immediate chance for defense.
75. Danger was near—not immediate, but close.
76. It will be disbanded with immediate effect.
77. She saw much terror in her immediate future.
78. The body was designed for immediate action.
79. Menhin concentrated on the immediate problem.
80. The immediate context of the passage (see v.
81. That left my immediate boss, Johnnie Babcock.
82. I do not see anything in the immediate area.
83. The response over his earpiece was immediate.
84. Her immediate impulse was to walk straight.
85. She had often heard that immediate emancipa-.
86. I was anxious for immediate escape or refuge.
87. As always, immediate must be taken in context.
88. My immediate job is to trace the Wilkinsons.
89. She shuddered at the immediate, blunt response.
90. Yet what he said carried immediate conviction.
91. But we are now faced with an immediate problem.
92. The matter will need immediate investigation.
93. Are you in immediate need of some food?’’.
94. Once I do, the effect is immediate and peculiar.
95. He called again and the response was immediate.
96. Best used as a dust for immediate contact kill.
97. The returns are not only certain but immediate.
98. However things not in our immediate orbit are.
99. Carrie was surprised by the immediate reaction.
100. Alex Cross and members of his immediate family.

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