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Incline in a sentence

on foot along the incline.
of tower with the incline.
slowly climbed the incline.
I walked up the incline,.
A gradual incline steered.
rode up the incline at a walk.
there was a steep wooded incline.

ahead, at the apex of a steep incline.
dust of many dotted the steep incline.
Increase the incline to 5% and acclimate.
The steep incline seemed to end in the sky.
Moshe led the way up the first steep incline.
The roof should be at a 45 degree incline,.
The path they followed soon became an incline.
five mile distance to the only passable incline.
After a one mile down a steep incline in 4 inch.
the incline sent a stab of lust through his loins.
myself up onto the ledge at the top of the incline.
incline towards the middle reaches of the mountain.
At the top of the incline that hemmed the road in.
Street incline that would take them to Church Hill.
sharp incline and had to be pulled forcibly up the.
over a steep incline and dangled his legs in the air.
He started out at an easy pace up the rocky incline.
incline the closer to the mountain they got, and they.
Amdusias: Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline.
most of the incline, the dark emergency stairwell was.
slight incline towards the edge of the trees, shivering.
We finish our bicep routine with a set of Seated Incline.
Ash kicked and grabbed as she slid down the steep incline.
Ingrid and LP walked up a slight incline, cameras in hand.
Gravity is the inclining of material spinning.
Just arrived? she said, inclining her head.
The natural inclining is in the form of the sphere.
directs the object to follow an inclining line of 21.
inclining to evil, 23 have rejected the inestimable rights.
ground gradually inclining as they walked between houses of.
"What are your orders, gracious Fairy?" he asked, inclining his.
He lowered his head closer to her, inclining his ear toward her lips.
any way, but for a nose inclining to the Roman, eyes large, black, and.
Yours, all yours, she moaned, inclining her head to offer more of herself.
Once you start to have an inclining, find activities you can participate in to see.
I think you should rather say, It shows itself by inclining the soul to abhor its sin.
I wish you a safe journey, Aazuria said, inclining her head slightly in gratitude.
If I did simply follow my inclining I would do now, at this moment, what is to be done.
Madam, he said, inclining his head toward her, you have my sincere condolences.
Good morning, Miss Steepleton, he responded formally, inclining slightly his head.
the risk/return line would change in proportion to the change in the market - inclining.
Tess saw her three chamber-mates in a row against the wall, pensively inclining their heads.
She moved forward and slipped her arms around his waist, inclining her head upwards to kiss him.
Why then, when considering that if it is mass that produces an inclining force of contraction as Newton.
consideration that if it is mass that produces an inclining force of contraction as Newton says then…when.
Pressing on the ignition button, I glance at a grinning Zachary, my ears inclining to the sound of the engine.
Waves appeared, then a shining energy beam burst forth from his hand in a straight line, inclining only slightly.
RAX had an ugly earnings report and was coming into key support at its inclining 200 day moving average as well as price support.
I was inclined to.
He inclined his head.
She inclined her head.
inclined for it either.
Cupid inclined his head.
Taher inclined his head.
’ He inclined his head.
If one were so inclined.
inclined to give it to her.
She was inclined to agree.
inclined to wonder what is.
Then Matthew inclined his.
I am not that way inclined.
was inclined to believe him.
She inclined her head to him.
Vincy was inclined to take.
The old man inclined his head.
inclined to advance ——.
And I inclined towards her-.
The body will be inclined to.
on which way the hill inclined.
not inclined to agree with him.
Success is sure, if so inclined.
others will be more inclined to.
But the call inclined Danny to.
Guy inclined his head graciously.
She inclines her head.
the slightest of inclines.
He inclines his head, dark eyes starry.
Steep inclines on the sides of the road.
After a long moment she inclines her head.
that study of sacred works inclines one to it.
Kiall is silent a moment then inclines his head.
Our working theory inclines to the second possibility.
grace, touches, softens, inclines, and causes the wills of spiritually.
You would need to measure terrains and take notes of the inclines and slopes.
The mountain and terrain: steep inclines, loose rocks and boggy, marshy ground.
est of inclines could also have caused serious problems to a 47 year old man car-.
were, therefore, no significant gradients, since even the slightest of inclines could.
typical to gain large returns with little risk, and so the capital markets line inclines.
"Handsome, certainly," replied Albert, "but not to my taste, which I confess, inclines to.
A fitting end to the eye-opening journey, and with more steps and inclines than Mont Saint-Michel.
That is, the far man whose spirit inclines to this world stands against the right whatever it was obvious.
The difficulties come from the terrain's rough surface and its inclines and the fact that we have to move quickly.
The general trend was always upward, though he ascended and descended the gentle inclines with monotonous regularity.
You won’t have to climb any cliffs, Elmore continued, We can lead you along watercourses at very gentle inclines.
The legs that once propelled him across the steep inclines of Venezuelan mountain valleys and the jungles near Lake Maracaibo wobbled 62.
Yet how we appreciate and revere others differs from one spirit to the next, according to what one likes and to what their spirit inclines.
Suppose that a man sees a fruitful cactus tree and he feels that he has an appetite for one of its fruits and his spirit inclines towards it.
Then he inclines it slowly in acceptance and respect, and I see the tension in Jo’s body ease a little when he acknowledges her as a valued loss.
Charity: The sacrificing love of Christ that a Christian has toward God; a Christ like disposition of heart that inclines one Christian to think favorably on another.
According to this perception or this content, the spirit asks the thought to search for the reasons in order to rationalize for it what it believes in and inclines to.
So, none can avail himself of or learn from this demonstration which God sent to us save that whose spirit inclines to follow the straight path and he wills to be upright.
And the other principle, which inclines us to recollection of our troubles and to lamentation, and can never have enough of them, we may call irrational, useless, and cowardly?.
· Either when the pure faithful heart inclines to people of suspicion and distance from God, and thereby the status of one to whom the faithful spirit was attached and to whom it inclined will become imprinted in its mirror.

Synonyms for incline

incline ramp side slope dispose pitch lean run tend