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    1. Jorma leaned on his elbow and looked over Venna's curls toward the dock, looking at the boats and listening to the charraspas buzzing in the noontime hangleaves

    2. He poured some and leaned back, but soon noticed the sound of distant thunder

    3. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail

    4. Do you do this every year?” Sarah leaned forward

    5. " He leaned over and let down the ladder for her

    6. and leaned on his work chair

    7. He is leaned against a few pillows, staring straight ahead, and she is lying across his chest, looking up at him, watching him carefully

    8. The old man uncrossed his legs and leaned forward across the coffee table

    9. The Marchese leaned back and puffed on his cigar

    10. Travis collapsed onto the ground in tears and his mother leaned down to comfort him

    1. I lean to pick it up, but Dad puts a hand on my shoulder

    2. It—what used to be James—snapped at her fingers but was pinned by the wreckage and couldn't lean in to bite her

    3. Place the bottle in an area that they are seen, lean the bottle against something so that the roaches will have a way to climb in

    4. I lean against the cupboards, half my brain trying to catch up

    5. ’ I heard myself suggest, as I lean forward and run my hand slowly up his thigh towards his crotch

    6. I say garage, it was more a sort of lean to

    7. They had to shield their faces from the sand kicked up, then they had to lean into the wind

    8. was slender and lean, but Johnny knew just by watching the supple way that she

    9. He wore black from head to toe, was tanned and lean under a shock of black,

    10. The priest offered a shoulder to lean on and

    1. Ruthie coughs and chokes, leaning over to vomit onto the floor

    2. Micah’s dad would sit Indian-style in his room, leaning in close to the TV

    3. Instead she stood at the bit of rail on the port side of the companionway, leaning on the cabin roof

    4. “I don’t like to wait,” Scar said, leaning over the shoulder of the nervous computer operator who everyone in the United Order just referred to as The Operator

    5. Leaning heavily on the arm of the chair, I stand … whoooo, the room’s spinning a bit

    6. Baker directs John to one of the armchairs, unbuttons his jacket to reveal a gold tie chain, and sits in the other one, leaning forward in John’s direction

    7. “You would think so”, said the Marchese leaning forward a little, “but not

    8. He stood there leaning against the workshop door, just

    9. price asked of me by the man leaning against our old garage door

    10. ’ He said, leaning against the lift wall

    1. Betty leans against the counter

    2. Leans against the car, looking worried

    3. ’ I said as he leans over to kiss my cheek

    4. John leans forward suddenly, his hands over his face

    5. Dave leans over toward John when he sees him sit up, offers John the bottle

    6. Dave leans over the side of the boat staring at the listless sea

    7. He leans in close to Ahmed who is obviously warming up to the idea

    8. He leans in close to John

    9. She leans in close to him

    10. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms

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    Synonyms for "lean"

    inclination lean leaning list tilt angle slant tip be given incline run tend thin skimpy sparse deficient inadequate spare jejune barren unfruitful skinny lanky scrawny gaunt bony emaciated svelte bend cant slope rely depend trust confide rest repose

    "lean" definitions

    the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical

    to incline or bend from a vertical position

    cause to lean or incline

    have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined

    rely on for support

    cause to lean to the side

    lacking excess flesh

    lacking in mineral content or combustible material

    containing little excess

    not profitable or prosperous