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Lean in a sentence

I lean in.
Lean on her.
I lean forward.
I lean into Noah.
To lean towards.
He was lean and.
I lean in closer.

out long and lean.
lean in to whisper.
Lean on him, hard.
Eat lean then you.
Here, lean on me.
Kangaroos? Too lean.
all those lean years.
Just more of a lean.
number of lean years.
Eat lean to be lean.
That anyone can lean.
Lean forward as you.
Lean returned to her.
In whom you could lean.
I lean back on the bed.
learn to lean upon God.
Buy and eat lean meats.
I lean against the wall.
• Lean cuts of steak.
She let her head lean.
amount of sideways lean.
her my heart to lean on.
Increase forwards lean.
She was leaning.
Leaning down, I.
Pang was leaning.
Not leaning for-.
Junya was leaning.
He was leaning up.
Leaning against the.
Leaning forward, he.
I focused, leaning in.
by his leaning and faith.
Sit leaning (slightly).
She was leaning over him.
Bonnie was leaning over.
Jacobi was leaning over me.
She was leaning over him,.
was leaning against her car.
car and leaning on the boot.
was leaning against the wall.
was leaning against was warm.
back leaning towards the door.
Leaning back in his chair, Dr.
Someone was leaning over him.
The ghost Setne was leaning.
figure leaning on the railing.
said, leaning into his embrace.
Chapter 31: Leaning With Fate.
Ashley said, leaning forward.
She stood, leaning on the truck.
Leaning to the side in sitting.
I leaned in.
I leaned out.
As he leaned.
He leaned at me.
He leaned down.
When I leaned.
As she leaned.
As I leaned my.
He leaned back.
He leaned over.
She leaned in.
I leaned into him.
Bev leaned over.
I leaned back out.
He leaned over her.
He leaned on the.
He leaned into her.
I leaned in closer.
He leaned up and.
She leaned in close.
Liam leaned into.
He leaned forward.
She leaned out to.
She leaned back up.
She leaned back.
She leaned on her.
He leaned forward.
She leans in.
He leans forward.
He leans in, his.
He leans closer.
Dante leans in to me.
Sandra leans in close.
He leans in to kiss me.
He leans over the pen.
He leans down moaning.
Billy leans forward too.
Leans in and kisses her.
The ship leans once more.
He leans in toward Aaron.
Ambrose leans over to you.
He leans in close to John.
She leans in close to him.
Aaron leans in close to me.
19° (Pisa leans at just 3.
He leans forward to turn.
up, and leans over the roof.
By the jamb of a door leans.
Luke leans in and kisses me.
She leans over a kisses me.
Whittinghill leans forward.
leans his head out the window.
He leans in Julia’s window.
He leans in close to my ear.
Daniel leans back in his seat.

Synonyms for lean

inclination lean leaning list tilt angle slant tip incline run tend thin skimpy