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List in a sentence

1. It is not a list.
2. It was a list of.
3. It was a long list.
4. On such a wide list.
5. She gave him a list.
6. Let us make a list.
7. Red List in this book.

8. I made a mental list.
9. That was on the list.
10. And the list goes on.
11. He held out the list.
12. Not on my contact list.
13. A list will pop up.
14. Thinks in a long list.
15. Here is our to-do list.
16. It was a list of names.
17. It’s not a good list.
18. The list went on and on.
19. The list goes on and on.
20. He made a mental list.
21. That was my list anyway.
22. I follow the list down.
23. He had me write a list.
24. The money is in the list.
25. He reached for his list.
26. Check them off your list.
27. And top of the list is:.
28. The list of Jacob's sons.
29. This list goes on and on.
30. Here is the list of the.
31. It was not a grocery list.
32. The long list goes along.
33. Keeping a list of these.
34. She pushed the list aside.
36. He is on the guest list.
37. Here's a list i composed.
38. The Money Is In The List!.
39. The list could go on and.
40. Here is a list of things.
1. Check out the listing below.
2. What is a foreign listing?
3. Look at this auction listing.
4. This type of listing costs $19.
5. There is no listing for Earth.
6. I run this same listing 1 0 5.
7. She started by listing out demands.
8. He found the listing for libraries.
9. The major listing of brain misfires.
10. We were listing to starboard, and.
11. Writer‘s Market listing for that.
12. For a complete listing of cats on the.
13. These efforts will hasten the listing.
14. This is an extra in their listing.
15. Below is a listing of some of these new.
16. Listing all activities for the main task.
17. Then the listing updates their location.
18. The master build file shown in Listing 20.
19. Your auction listing did its job perfectly.
20. What is this listing? Here is the entire ad.
21. Bester Homes, a failed listing at that time.
22. The aforementioned was only a partial listing.
23. Here is a listing of other ebook directories:.
24. Buy It Now price to your Auction-style listing.
25. Always! The listing below illustrates this well.
26. Putnam Baby Doll, they will find my listing.
27. He spent the next hour listing out his options.
28. A USA listing would be more expensive and more.
29. In this case, the listing gives specific details.
30. A listing here does not constitute an endorsement.
31. Prevent the Listing of Your WordPress Directories.
32. Appendix i: Duties of the Short Sale Listing Agent.
34. Its bonds were removed from listing in October 1934.
35. See their listing at the back of this directory for.
36. And you’re the listing broker for his house?
37. The bids didn’t pile up in response to this listing.
38. He went on, listing names that meant nothing to Elowen.
39. The code to compute the DFT is shown in Code Listing 9-1.
40. How to Prevent a Directory Listing of Your Website with.
1. I have listed a few.
2. The IUCN has listed the.
3. I have listed them below.
4. A few are listed below:.
5. The IUCN has listed this.
6. Hugh Elsing was not listed.
7. He listed himself as single.
8. You have Faye Anne listed.
9. Vacation is what she listed.
10. Likewise listed at Appendix 2.
11. The town was actually listed.
12. The sources listed are where.
13. Robyn listed some items of food.
14. The IUCN has listed the DS as.
15. The IUCN has listed the Brown.
16. Basically it listed those who.
17. The IUCN as listed the HEDL as.
18. None of this was listed in our.
19. The IUCN has listed the SBB as.
20. I’m sorry, he is not listed.
21. They have some items listed in.
22. He said it was not listed with.
23. A few of these are listed below.
24. More pests are listed on website.
25. The IUCN has listed the CGML as.
26. Some examples are listed below:.
27. They were listed in importance:.
28. Options also are listed on the VXZ.
29. His condition was listed as grave.
30. These miracles are listed below:.
31. The IUCN has listed the Drill as.
32. All of the words listed associate.
33. Listeth: To choose; to will; listed.
34. His computer romps were listed as.
35. The estimated wait time listed on.
36. Delmons aren’t listed, I say.
37. We believe this species was listed.
38. Listed on the PADD was her standard.
39. The IUCN has listed the RTL as Near.
40. Note that friends were not listed as.
1. They sell you lists of.
2. There are many lists on.
3. Top 10 lists are engaging.
4. How to Use Twitter Lists.
5. The lists in the MindMap.
6. The Lure of Top 100 Lists.
7. A record lists the doctor.
8. I stopped making lists of.
9. I have seen the lists, and.
10. This database lists all the.
11. Bug trackers and task lists:.
12. This is an aggregation of lists.
13. Knew no more about the lists?
14. The lists of creators are legion.
15. No other plan, no other lists.
16. Table 13-3 lists these addresses.
17. I started to read down the lists.
18. The kids have all presented lists.
19. Show me the javelin lists, please.
20. The lists went on and on for pages.
21. Nick always mocked my endless lists.
22. It lists the unreimbursed expenses.
23. Drawings, schematics, pages of lists.
24. The lists were there to put off sleep.
25. If you made two lists, one a list of.
26. For example, Row 1 lists the emotions.
27. Putting Twitter Lists into Perspective.
28. Now you will have created seven lists:.
29. He will tick off the lists of food and.
30. Here are some of the lists of benefits:.
31. Receiving Tuples and Lists in Functions.
32. This is an excellent way to build lists.
33. Neither can she listen to lists of names.
34. As always, it is FREE to join these lists.
35. Longer casualty lists tomorrow! Tomorrow.
36. Now, you’ve got the copy and the lists.
37. I looked at top movers on top lists today.
38. However, not all lists are created equally.
39. The lists below show the defenses of some.
40. I gave them lists of everyone, I said.

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