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    1. We are also not here to be preoccupied with indiscriminate or unregulated gratification of the senses, or to imitate the behaviour of others whose lives are so misdirected

    2. The natives of the world ahead of them live lives of ease and sloth, constantly intoxicated, constantly indulging in indiscriminate intercourse with strangers

    3. Over those four days of starvation and indiscriminate thuggery, through twelve solitary periods of long stupefaction, I discovered doubt and personal recrimination, emotions about which I had previously known nothing

    4. An indiscriminate mouth reveals everything to a

    5. Of course, indiscriminate action is not an effective way

    6. Indiscriminate love is a nonsense concept

    7. Not that those Crusaders didn"t need besting, with the history of their indiscriminate slaughter of Jews, Turks, and Byzantines on their way to the Holy Land

    8. Understanding the difference is historically important because the myth of indiscriminate carpet bombing took hold afterwards and we still read with much delight the sworn statements to this effect

    9. Then the British Cabinet actually approved indiscriminate bombing of Germany in May 1940, three months before Churchill approved retaliation for the bombing of East London during the Battle of Britain

    10. Indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas, including some reported chemical attacks, broke the rebels after only a month

    11. but not the least his spontaneous, indiscriminate and innate

    12. Thus, it is that Shri Maharaj, in a selfless, indiscriminate and

    13. He had thanked me for my information and urged me to put off the ambassador of England for the present, explaining that we did not want an indiscriminate number of ships plying our shores and would be very hostile to any that came unbidden

    14. Rachael Carson’s concern about DDT was simply its indiscriminate use as an herbicide by the U

    15. It stared him in the face and he felt his strength vanish as he imagined the blank dark mask of the reaper and his shimmering indiscriminate scythe

    16. You let fly into the side of your prey, bodies pop in place, you are indiscriminate in your aim, parts of skull fly into the air

    17. Popular wisdom had it that gays were indiscriminate in their lusts, while heterosexuals were more choosy

    18. for the indiscriminate mingling of auras is highly undesirable

    19. He just loves fornication and is pretty indiscriminate about who or what

    20. -Morally Indiscriminate Child Molester: This person is an

    21. Barbara was taking out her pistol when two British paratroopers jumped inside the room, spraying it with indiscriminate fire from their assault rifles and hitting a number of the 268

    22. During the Blitz, the indiscriminate bombing of Coventry caused the deaths of five hundred and fifty people and destroyed fifty thousand homes

    23. It must be said that Harris was not alone when it came to indiscriminate bombing

    24. The last V-2 landed only a few weeks before the German surrender and considering the hopelessness of their position, this was vengeful indiscriminate killing of people, and had no strategic value

    25. Immediately after the war the indiscriminate warfare against civilians was questioned and came under severe scrutiny

    26. Then there were continuous heavy and indiscriminate gun firings by the abductors on us

    27. Also, indiscriminate bombing of civilian population areas, as is so favored at this time by British Air Chief Marshall Harris of Bomber Command, is only going to prove that the German population is at least as resilient as the British population under bombardment

    28. In the next row, pickled vegetables and in the third something that looked like dogs’ innards floating in indiscriminate shite

    29. precludes indiscriminate use of DHEA supplementation

    30. Once solitary creatures, they began collecting into covens, for protection and to maintain some kind of order, to put limits on the indiscriminate killing that was calling too much attention their way

    31. indiscriminate slaughter that was to come to Dresden, Bremen and

    32. The victims are indiscriminate, designed to kill for the sake of killing until the end

    33. Anything that leave large casualty of civilians is a war crime indiscriminate bombing, white phosphorus as a weapon not means for light and torture are elements

    34. If an indiscriminate oblation or offering to all of the so-called gods and burning of barley grains and oil seeds could produce rain, why

    35. “I'm sure the sexually threatened populations of many repressive countries would appreciate a twenty-four seven machine that might occupy their prospective abusers indiscriminate libidos

    36. indiscriminate in the bacterias they kill

    37. Such conduct was, I suppose, what is called indiscriminate charity and therefore blameworthy, but its effect was great

    38. the last, but it was right up there with blind, indiscriminate

    39. the indiscriminate cutting down of rain forests

    40. This person would have to have everything going for him in an indiscriminate way

    41. Because of indiscriminate hunting at the beginning of the last century, their numbers fell to 500,000, but they have now recovered to a safe figure of 1

    42. And also poisoning the entire eating public by its indiscriminate use

    43. These particular attitudes may directly cause discriminate and indiscriminate human-to-human pain and suffering

    44. So the definition of process relating to evolution could be said to be structured, discriminate, limited and ordered rather than global, disorganised, arbitrary and indiscriminate

    45. However, this is not to suggest that the base instinctual sexual behaviour of either party need be encouraged as being ok, but that arbitrary indiscriminate sexual acts should necessarily be unreservedly considered before accepted as being ok and then acted upon

    46. Those who would administer wisely must, indeed, be wise; for one of the serious obstacles to the improve ment of our race is indiscriminate charity

    47. It is ever to be remembered that one of the chief obstacles which the philanthropist meets in his efforts to do real and permanent good in this world, is the practice of indiscriminate giving and the duty of the millionaire is to resolve to cease giving to objects that are not clearly proved to his satisfaction to be deserving

    48. Additions to the Scripture doctrine have resulted in its indiscriminate rejection the rabbinical, patristic, and mediaeval writers have each in turn promoted that state of thought, which is now ending in a general disbelief in diabolic power

    49. Is it not that we are propagating both abroad and at home a Christianity which is half paralyzed in its two chief forces of hope and fear through the perversions of an unbiblical theology? We fail in thoroughly presenting God's love to the nations,—a love strong enough to melt even Chinese arrogance, and to develop the belief of a real and personal God among Chinese Buddhists,—because we have encumbered, Christianity with a doctrine of hell, so unjust, so indiscriminate, so hardening in its frightful propositions, that men’s consciences refuse to receive it

    50. "During the breakfast, he attempted to reason with me on the folly of romantic sentiments; for this was the indiscriminate epithet he gave to every mode of

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    Synonyms for "indiscriminate"

    indiscriminate haphazard aimless confused indistinguishable unplanned purposeless promiscuous miscellaneous sweeping wholesale varied mixed variegated motley heterogeneous

    "indiscriminate" definitions

    failing to make or recognize distinctions

    not marked by fine distinctions