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Promiscuous in a sentence | promiscuous example sentences

  1. Are you saying she was promiscuous?
  2. That she is promiscuous and has innumerable affairs.
  3. She had become promiscuous and was sleeping with a.
  4. All the others were as promiscuous as he was himself.
  5. Social dancing with girls led to promiscuous sexuality.
  6. He hoped the promiscuous Fallen kept his hands to himself.
  7. Katie-Anne was popular, but she wasn’t known for being promiscuous.
  8. I think you engage in this promiscuous behavior as a form of self medicating your.
  9. They loved him and they had no health risk, as they tended not to be very promiscuous.
  10. Have you always been promiscuous? Did you like to peep at the boys in the shower?
  11. As to his relations with women, they appeared to have been promiscuous but superficial.
  12. While I found him a little aggressive in the sense that he was promiscuous I allowed this safe.
  13. He made it his life’s mission to save me from my mother’s promiscuous blood as he would say.
  14. While touring, Kostiya and I were pretty promiscuous, but in town we’d have only a few others.
  15. If a network is in promiscuous mode, that is, unprotected, anyone within range can use the network.
  16. The out ones become promiscuous, prostitutes, porn addicts, child molesters, rapists, serial killers.
  17. Promiscuous mode means that the interfaces receive all of the packets transmitted on the connected segments.
  18. A network analyzer typically works by switching the NIC in the computer on which it runs into promiscuous mode.
  19. I found out that he’s very promiscuous and has no intention of settling down or quiting all his other lovers.
  20. She was a little surprised at how promiscuous some looked in short skirts above the knee and low-cropped blouses.
  21. NOTE If a computer is in promiscuous mode, it could mean the network or that computer has been accessed illegally.
  22. Sabina crossed into Mexico while Inacio slept, batting her eyes and pacifying the guards with her promiscuous clothes.
  23. For one he thinks I'm a promiscuous tramp, and for another there is no way he feels anything remotely similar towards me.
  24. Any morality that they learned at their mother's knee (don't fight, don't say bad words, don't have promiscuous sex, etc.
  25. Another note is if they are cutting class or school and going to house parties during the day or engaging in promiscuous manners.
  26. Public affection and nudity were at least as common as in the Zhlindu basin, and if anything these people were even more promiscuous.
  27. While psychopaths are notably sexually promiscuous, their inability to love or to show any but the most superficial kindness to others.
  28. Even to our day, books are published either to attack him for a promiscuous life or to defend him with a counterclaim of absence of proof.
  29. Configuring specific nodes to operate in promiscuous mode is possible, however, in which case they receive every packet transmitted over the network.
  30. Scott was not taken ùp to Mother's', and when Meg descended, after they had strolled away together, she found traces of a promiscuous lunch which filled her with horror.
  31. A bridge has two or more network interfaces (complete with their own MAC addresses) with their ports connected to different cable segments and operating in promiscuous mode.
  32. Perhaps, were it not for your daughter and her promiscuous ways, D’ata would also be safely at home! Monsieur Cezanne rose from his chair to confront Julianne’s father.
  33. They are (otherwise) free to choose single or (promiscuous) lifestyles or employ precautionary measures against pregnancy…although conservative theologians would properly disagree.
  34. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex.
  35. He drives an old car and lives in a dump of a one-bedroom flat, plus he’s promiscuous and seems to be held in the past with his heart closed for love and new relationships,’ Nicky said firmly.
  36. When the NIC is switched into promiscuous mode, however, it accepts all of the packets arriving over the network, regardless of their addresses, and passes them to the network analyzer software for processing.
  37. One also has to ask in the greater societal context, are two gay people in a monogamous relationship a worse threat to society than sexually promiscuous heterosexuals? The principled conservative would say of course not.
  38. It is the norms in our clan that wives, who endured the allure of the flesh, withstood all temptations from innumerable promiscuous cunning men and eventually go into marriages, as virgins requires that their husbands should celebrate them.
  39. Would he still feel the same about her after? Would he be ashamed to be with her again? Did he feel quite the same even now? There had been a part of his mind that held on to the notion that Desa wasn’t as promiscuous as other native women.
  40. Nancy secretly swore to herself: apart from this being nothing better than child abuse of the worst kind, she would be forced to pick up as well all the girls that had made love with Heracles, who was turning out involuntarily to be quite a promiscuous boy.
  41. The authors surely would not have written that the Son of God had befriended the tax collector and the ‘possessed’ and promiscuous women, but instead, have them condemned, whilst having Jesus accompanying and fraternizing with the upper class, priests and aristocrats.
  42. I have studied everything about Kirk I could ever get my hands on, from text to actual media files and old ship logs, and I think I can safely say James T Kirk never experienced any social angst over sending men to their deaths or about having a promiscuous life style.
  43. And does not the latter--I mean the rebellious principle--furnish a great variety of materials for imitation? Whereas the wise and calm temperament, being always nearly equable, is not easy to imitate or to appreciate when imitated, especially at a public festival when a promiscuous crowd is assembled in a theatre.
  44. While all of that is happening, children are engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior at younger ages, street gang memberships are increasing, violent crimes are rising, suicides are becoming more common, and hopelessness is blanketing communities all across America—with the church sitting right in the midst of it all.
  45. You feared being ridiculed and shunned for exposing your nakedness, you feared offending everyone by desiring females other than your wife, you feared that your sexual performance might be judged to be poor, you feared that promiscuous sex with promiscuous females would lead to sexual diseases and unplanned pregnancies and bastard children and the loss of your wife’s love and the breaking of your marriage, as well as shame, dishonor, humiliation and loss of respect from everyone involved.
  46. He was reckless, selfish, promiscuous, emotional,.

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