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Injunction in a sentence

the TRO and preliminary injunction.
No, he would’ve filed an injunction.
The injunction was subsequently suspen-.
And in spite of Priscilla's injunction to Mrs.
The phrase isn’t an injunction, it’s a description.
This injunction probably proved of eminent service to me.
Samantha was seeking an injunction to stop the foreclosure.

Suddenly recalling the Lord’s injunction, he put the stick.
They are ready O king according to your own strict injunction.
They are ready, O king, according to your own strict injunction.
After giving him this last injunction the man went into the house,.
The one who transgresses scriptural injunction and acts indis-.
in the Tech Center was overturning the injunction that NNS secured.
It is Krishn’s injunction that the very organs through which the.
Krishn again points to the same holy injunction when he lays it down.
Marc Edmund Jones’ injunction to keep things as simple as possible.
for me 11 months later when the injunction was lifted and every buyer.
termination of Grihasthashram (householder), following the injunction.
Paul's injunction to "pray for kings" is a very singular and remarkable one.
cially since she had followed her advice with an injunction to "trust no-one".
So you see, the mother’s injunction ‘Live a good life, and goodness will.
family obtained a court injunction that the bank could not use the property for.
Secondarily comes the injunction to eat only within the context of management of.
‘Then Master Linton has forgot the first injunction of his uncle,’ I observed:.
The injunction preventing SBS from televising the recording of the Sydney.
Jean Valjean's injunction, and the name of Madame Thenardier, had chilled her blood.
remain in public domain (the Internet is too vast to be covered by a court injunction).
The injunction demands participation in the act with complete subjugation of the senses.

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Synonyms for injunction

enjoining injunction