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Suspicion in a sentence

1. Of that he had no suspicion.
2. Marge eyed him with suspicion.
3. He eyed Smith with suspicion.
4. His suspicion started to grow.
5. Her suspicion about Max had.
6. He showed no sign of suspicion.
7. Then indeed suspicion of death.

8. Of course he roused suspicion.
9. His eyes narrowed in suspicion.
10. Cam eyed the bag with suspicion.
11. Suspicion was the daily climate.
12. The old suspicion grew in my mind.
13. Arrest the Chinaman on suspicion.
14. She had had no suspicion of this.
15. As such, she was open to suspicion.
16. How? The suspicion was now rampant.
17. My suspicion was confirmed by the.
18. He confided a suspicion to Tahlmute.
19. Perhaps that would create suspicion.
20. Beck was full of suspicion and doubt.
21. Now he regarded David with suspicion.
22. That would raise a bit of suspicion.
23. No suspicion had fallen on her or Sam.
24. One hardly likes to throw suspicion.
25. Shizuka was now the focus of suspicion.
26. Mitchell crossed his arms in suspicion.
27. He wondered if he was under suspicion.
28. Savannah’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.
29. The officer regarded him with suspicion.
30. That was a way to allay that suspicion.
31. Kinar looked at the girl with suspicion.
32. For this guard, rank negated suspicion.
33. My circuits are churning with suspicion.
34. His searing stare confirm her suspicion.
35. To confirm my suspicion, I phoned Mrs.
36. Sam was regarding her with open suspicion.
37. The trick was not to cast any suspicion.
38. Everyone is under suspicion, he said.
39. Mere suspicion typically will not suffice.
40. Alexandra will be the one under suspicion.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

1. I wanted to explode and attack him yet I suspicioned that he had other arcane methods to subdue me.
2. Marcus told her to hurry as he spotted the high water mark and suspicioned that they would be underwater when the tide came in.
3. Was Cecy up there laughing at him out of sharp bird eyes, shuffling her feathers, singing at him? He suspicioned the cigar store Indian.
4. Was Cecy up there laughing at him out of sharp bird eyes, shuffling her feathers, singing at him? He suspicioned the cigar-store Indian.
5. He knew a few spells he could perform without the regular components but suspicioned if he tried without the proper protection, he’d be fried.
1. He acts on his suspicions.
2. I had a few suspicions.
3. Her suspicions had been right.
4. No suspicions have been raised.
5. Valleys suspicions to be true.
6. Then, my suspicions came to pass.
7. She is smiling at my suspicions.
8. All my suspicions were confirmed.
9. Her suspicions seemed to be true.
10. My mild suspicions proved correct.
11. Oh, my worst suspicions confirmed.
12. You have confirmed our suspicions.
13. The report confirmed my suspicions.
14. He had suspicions but no knowledge.
15. Here her suspicions were confirmed.
16. Well, that was it for my suspicions.
17. The growing suspicions troubled him.
18. This merely confirmed my suspicions.
19. Thus, suspicions are easily aroused.
20. I nodded as I confirmed my suspicions.
21. I had some suspicions about these two.
22. There were suspicions, Kalon said.
23. The tone seemed to quiet her suspicions.
24. His suspicions were confirmed soon after.
25. His suspicions suddenly blared red alert.
26. My suspicions that something was up were.
27. After he left I confronted my suspicions.
28. She had nothing definite, only suspicions.
29. Suspicions are nothing else than wrinkles.
30. People kept their suspicions to themselves.
31. The phone call aroused Thomas’ suspicions.
32. Judge Ellis confirmed all of his suspicions.
33. He made notes as she outlined her suspicions.
34. My suspicions were soon to be proven correct.
35. That location shouldnt raise his suspicions.
36. This guilty air confirmed all his suspicions.
37. Sphere’s suspicions, which was no easy task.
38. Bev said, As far as raising suspicions goes.
39. Yaf confirmed his worst suspicions when Shap.
40. I bet you have had some suspicions too, huh?

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