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Only in a sentence | only example sentences

  1. He is an only child.
  2. He was only ten or.
  3. It was only in the.
  4. I was an only child.
  5. It was only a block.

  6. I only hope that he.
  7. The only way to beat.
  8. And I only hoped Ish.
  9. It was only after my.
  10. Max only hung his head.
  11. I think it only made.
  12. It is only in places.
  13. I could only hope he.
  14. He lived only for hate.
  15. I shot at you only to.

  16. Only the bottom it is.
  17. Chloe said it only to.
  18. Only one I've heard of.
  19. Course she's only a dog.
  20. For only with a mystery.
  21. I could only blush and.
  22. Still, there is only a.
  23. Only two things stop it.
  24. He was aware that only.
  25. The only thing I could.

  26. His eyes only saw black.
  27. Only then the Civil War.
  28. I only learnt the story.
  29. I’m not his only client.
  30. And it was not only Marx.
  31. Only we must believe in.
  32. It is only true because.
  33. I'm only trying to help.
  34. So that only peace will.
  35. We've only got small, Mr.
  36. He is only an individual.
  37. There were only two beds.
  38. A way which only adds on.
  39. He only said he doesn't.
  40. I was only jesting, Nessa.
  41. Our covenant is the only.
  42. Only silence met his spiel.
  43. Only trouble is, when an.
  44. We stayed there only two.
  45. And we only need thousands.
  46. We only had one problem.
  47. He knew that it was only.
  48. He paced only a short way.
  49. The only drawback to her.
  50. Not only their spirit of.
  51. I could only smile at that.
  52. The only bad thing about.
  53. If only they could see us.
  54. It appears that only boys.
  55. They wanted only the power.
  56. Yes, it is only a politic.
  57. We only heard this morning.
  58. He had told me only years.
  59. It can only bring to.
  60. Not only that, but invest.
  61. Only you can know for sure.
  62. Use only on effected areas.
  63. Was he the only one?
  64. I only heard her that once.
  65. It is only as we yield to.
  66. So, I was not the only one.
  67. And the only true marginal.
  68. He’d only given him the.
  69. He only required two things.
  70. Only you can answer that.
  71. You think only you are the.
  72. Vasiledes is her only child.
  73. In fact, that’s the only.
  74. The only time that he left.
  75. And now, there is only one.
  76. It would only scare him off.
  77. It only took half that time.
  78. She is the only the tourist.
  79. It is only a matter of time.
  80. Only later she realized why.
  81. I could only hear the waves.
  82. She sleeps only toward the.
  83. That might be her only hope.
  84. Clarissa was an only child.
  85. The only thing you need to.
  86. But that wasn’t his only.
  87. The winner not only got to.
  88. And not only the Greeks and.
  89. There were only a couple of.
  90. Only the Angels are immortal.
  91. Excepted are only the major.
  92. Quadrant #1 — Only You Know.
  93. The only part of his face I.
  94. Is that the only reason?
  95. Stenarch only has four votes.
  96. But you could only see Bobby.
  97. The only effect would be to.
  98. The only condition is to be.
  99. The only time that he showed.
  100. We’d try it, only to hear.

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