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Jut in a sentence | jut example sentences

  1. The stubborn jut to Norah’s chin said she wasn’t buying it.
  2. He walked under a nearby business’ door jut and slid it out of his pocket.
  3. He could see Egg above them, standing on a jut of rock in his floppy straw hat.
  4. I can't make her leave because they'll still kill her, so she's jut going to.
  5. Worthy of a visit is its Historic Museum where acupuncture and jade apparel jut out.

  6. He rounded the jut of the rock and came upon a portion of the path that broadened somewhat.
  7. Darkness, thick and coagulated, leaked into the well lit foyer, a jut and jab here and there.
  8. We were crossing the Great Bend, the wide water off the jut of Anglaterra called the Hinge.
  9. He walked out from under the jut and down the street, where he intended on getting in his car and going home.
  10. At the far end of the trapped raiding party, Gaétan stood on a rocky jut above where the second tree had fallen.
  11. His hands, he realized, had picked up the feel of the breast implants that caused her breasts to jut out toward him taughtly.
  12. The cliffs came out in a convex sweep of several rods, with a sharp jut of rock thrust out from the midst of it, like a fish’s fin.
  13. Crouching in the deep, velvet-black shadows of the bushes, he scrutinized the great jut of rock which stood out in bold relief in the moonlight.
  14. The sharp jut of a wall accounted for the detachment of the wheel which was now getting considerable attention from half a dozen curious chauffeurs.
  15. Amonas hands went to his heart and stomach instinctively, as he was indeed looking like he was searching for the keystone to jut out from some awkward place.

  16. They moved to their places and tried to keep their eyes from it—from the hump on the comfort that would be the nose, and the steep cliff that would be the jut of the chin.
  17. A group of men had gathered to the porch where the lantern burned, and their faces were strong and muscled under the harsh white light, light that threw black shadows of their hats over their foreheads and eyes and made their chins seem to jut out.
  1. Jutting out from the north.
  2. A few hundred yards to the north, jutting.
  3. He sat down on a tongue of rock jutting out.
  4. I felt a hard slab jutting out of his jacket pocket.
  5. Then she touched an arm jutting out at another angle.
  6. He spotted a wooden shelf jutting out of the dirt to.
  7. Rhone used the crown of a smooth stone jutting out just.
  8. The thin lipped mouth had fangs jutting over the lower lip.
  9. He looked down and saw the jutting ledge of the floor below.
  10. Look! said Cloud, pointing to the electrical cable jutting out.
  11. I could see a slightly rusty piece of metal jutting out from the woods.
  12. Hilderich saw the jutting veins in the body that had belonged to Amonas.
  13. Her shoulder smacked against a sharp, jutting rock, and she went airborne.
  14. Colleen pointed to a flat rock jutting out over the edge of a small stream.
  15. Further off there was a big rock jutting out of the water ever so slightly.
  16. One glance at Mack’s jutting chin and doubled fists stopped that impulse.
  17. Her jutting stare focuses on him, as her suspicious head remains facing downward.
  18. Near the crest Conan slid into a tangle of jutting rocks, crowned by dense bushes.
  19. Tyrus sprawled on the floor at the Devil’s feet, his huge demon erection jutting.
  20. Another common trait of the elves was their ears, pointed and jutting toward the sky.
  21. She had a large bust and a jutting behind, and she made Caris think of a plump pigeon.
  22. On the smooth jutting beerpull laid Lydia hand, lightly, plumply, leave it to my hands.
  23. Abigail glanced from Hal to Robbie and back again, her chin jutting and her lips pouting.
  24. His ribs were jutting out, and he could see every knob of every joint and bone in his body.
  25. But Seaboy held him firmly until they had reached a jetty jutting out to reach a large island.
  26. He carefully pulled me through the water until we reached the rock ledge jutting out at eye level.
  27. It had dozens of branches jutting out of the top bending and twisting in every imaginable direction.
  28. Finally she stepped onto Odinseat, a perfectly flat and massive cliff jutting out from the mountain.
  29. Some six days later, we were approaching the peninsula jutting south from the island of the Beothuk.
  30. The only life ahead of Travis was huddled behind a small wall of sandbags jutting out from the rocks.
  31. I live in a three-bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood, perched on a hill jutting out over a canyon.
  32. He veiled his every expression as he looked at LeCynic, his chin, cheeks and nose jutting into the air.
  33. Westwood had the front bucket set a couple of feet off the ground, with the bottom edge jutting forward.
  34. Although the cold rocky ground is jutting into my bruised flesh, the rest instantly begins to relax me.
  35. It must have been a great gust of wind that had sent them hurtling into the rocks jutting out of the sea.
  36. The operation was vast, stretching from the remains of the mountain and jutting over the ridges around it.
  37. She made Merthin think of a pigeon, but an aggressive one, because of her jutting chin and assertive manner.
  38. I had somehow managed to recover my cell, lodged in between two jutting rocks, obliterated, but still workable.
  39. Titus was surprised to see the sparkling point of a silver sabre unexpectedly jutting from the beast’s belly.
  40. Rob saw figures on the ground, writhing or still, with arrows jutting from armored bodies or unprotected faces.
  41. There was a little bay about five minutes' paddle down the lake round a corner made by the jutting out of reeds.
  42. Like the rest of the city it contained four stories, or tiers of chambers, with towers jutting up from the roof.
  43. Instantly there was a rending crash and the jutting ledge gave way, precipitating the pirate back into the court.
  44. Because her skin stung, she stood there for a moment, the approaching bank barely visible between the jutting rocks.
  45. This had a shingly shore under hanging banks and was walled at the eastern end by a little jutting cape of hard rock.
  46. Rob was glad to see there were few feathered darts and arrows jutting from the duckbill’s green-streaked orange hide.
  47. Up they went, and lying on their bellies among the boulders, saw a painted mast jutting up beyond the trees to the west.
  48. The Cimmerian had not drawn his long knife, but his left hand grasped the scabbard, jutting the hilt suggestively forward.
  49. His eyes were brown, though difficult to detect beneath the shadow of his brow, which was a cliff jutting out of his skull.
  50. I could see its grossly long folded arms, pouchy with membranous wings, jutting up above the heads of those standing nearby.
  51. Sliding down the shaft he lay still, the spear jutting above him its full length, like a horrible stalk growing out of his back.
  52. He was not far from the crest when, edging around the shoulder of a jutting crag, he heard the clink of shod hoofs ahead of him.
  53. Once she had impaled the bottom of the hole with the sharp, jutting weapons, she grabbed armfuls of dead leaves and hid the trap.
  54. Mount Meru loomed in the distance behind her with the spires of Lord Indra’s stronghold jutting into an increasingly cloudy sky.
  55. I wanted to piss, so I turned aside and walked further up the hill, saw a clump of flowers by a jutting rock and decided to water them.
  56. Then the Brythunian's fluttering hand closed on something in the dark—a jeweled dagger-hilt jutting from Thalis's gem-crusted girdle.
  57. It was but the ghost of a city on which they looked when they cleared a jutting jungle-clad point and swung in toward the in-curving shore.
  58. Aiden Willis is sitting alone at a middle table, always that cap turned backward, the strawlike hair jutting out, those beady, meandering eyes.
  59. Twenty minutes later, they were all out of the woods and on the Hollow Highway; a ridiculously bumpy road with few blades of grass jutting out.
  60. He tried to find a handhold in the rocks, a fissure, a jutting piece of granite or lime, but all he could grasp was the thin, cold rush of air.
  61. He stood at the edge of the screen, from time to time jutting out his head and exchanging a laugh with two friends in the corner of the balcony.
  62. What his axe missed, his weapon covered body somehow hit, slicing any creature that came near with one of the many weapons jutting from his body.
  63. They had three hours to spend there and did not want the unusual trailer, with the airplane’s tail jutting up at the rear, to attract attention.
  64. The monotony was broken only by a jutting tangle of stone ruins, some miles out on the desert, reputedly the remnants of an ancient Stygian temple.
  65. Teller turned away and looked out over the small bay where labourers were putting the finishing touches to a needle thin jetty jutting out from the shore.
  66. To the right, it seemed to end at a slight jutting headland; after a moment’s reflection, she concluded that the cove must be on the other side of that.
  67. At last, as far as they could judge, they had reached the middle of the stream again and had driven their boats back some distance above the jutting rocks.
  68. In the second before it went airborne, Silas and Mitch caught the rope on a jutting formation in the rock face, twisting it around once, twice, tying it off.
  69. She wore her hair in a couple of ponytails jutting out behind each ear, and well-developed breasts bobbed unharnessed behind the partially unbuttoned blouse.
  70. She also saw the source of the strange jingling sounds; the old man was wearing a jester’s hat, wisps of grizzled white hair jutting out from underneath it.
  71. She wondered if India resented pale hair and eyelashes and a jutting chin that meant a stubborn disposition, without very much her taking Stuart away from her.
  72. Aram Baksh came forward, walking softly, a portly man, with a black beard that swept his breast, a jutting hook-nose, and small black eyes which were never still.
  73. After pawing through socks, underwear and pantyhose, he stepped to the small walk-in closet and pulled the string to a single light bulb jutting from the ceiling.
  74. The mountains rose and fell across the horizon, jutting up to the heavens beyond the few wispy clouds of the day and dropping into beautiful valleys between peaks.
  75. One a white-haired German arch-type with a jaw so jutting it assaulted the nerves of the sensitive soul I was beneath the surface of my stony, unsmiling exterior.
  76. She actually moved closer and faced the crowd with him, her chin jutting out defiantly as if demanding that Miss Simone split her increasing anger between the two of them.
  77. Hours later they came over a rise and Duncan saw it off in the distance, a huge mountain mesa jutting up out of the earth with a walled city strategically placed on the top.
  78. What the fuck is going on what’s happening? He was trying to stand up but had caught his tunic on a nail jutting out from the side of the trench which now held him back.
  79. Fourteen women ran straight at them as if they were chasing thieves, arms pumping, chests thrust forward, chins jutting, some of them laughing but most looking deadly serious.
  80. There were no mountains that I could see in the area, so I withdrew into the woods for some distance until I found an outcrop of boulders incongruously jutting out of the ground.
  81. There was no table in the place but jutting out from the other partition was a hinged flap about three feet long by twenty inches wide, which could be folded down when not in use.
  82. His right side, he believed, was nearer to the Patriarch; he mustered all the strength that he could and focused it on his elbow, suddenly jutting it towards the Patriarch’s groin.
  83. The highest of these cliffs, the Königsstuhl, jutting out into the sea forms a plateau where a few trees that have weathered the winter storms of many years stand in little groups.
  84. The Knob was like Robber’s Roost, a hidden cabin tucked into a knob jutting out of the mountain in a valley between a swamp and a deadfall where trees had blown down from high winds.
  85. A shell remained: a vacant derelict with cindered walls, empty sockets that had been windows, and a collapsed roof jutting its charcoaled timbers skyward like rigored fingers of the dead.
  86. Jeeter’s lips were drawn around teeth jutting in curious misalignment, and as the massive piece clanked upward he edged further backward, unconsciously reaching out to tug Durstan along.
  87. With heroic effort, she turned onto her back and let her injured hand flop out of the way, and there, just inside the bedroom’s open door, were popsicle-stick legs jutting from a nightgown.
  88. It gave me the complete shivers and shakes that I ran from the burnt remains as fast as possible, tripping several times over charred pieces of wood and pieces of metal jutting out in my path.
  89. The first time he himself had stepped through that beacon of light, he vividly remembered how he had been instantly transferred into a huge, deep cavern with walls of solid metal jutting out of the bedrock.
  90. As they slid silently past the city whose great black bastions rose on the jutting prongs of land which locked the harbor, torches gleamed and smoldered luridly, and to their ears came the low thunder of drums.
  91. He was a shriveled little object, slight, bony, crooked and hideous, with a monstrous head and round eyes, a bald skull, a flat nose, a mouth from ear to ear, and a little jutting paunch that looked like a sack.
  92. The hardest hearts carved straight into the stone, manifestos littered the sheer faces of monoliths jutting up from the sand, temples to the end times weathered into the caves that snake underneath the landscape.
  93. Another eternity passed, another endless series of tripping over ridges in the floor, slamming her head into low jutting outcrops, scraping her elbows and knees and temples on every manner of rock she could imagine.
  94. I arrived at The Red Parrot after three shows in three nights, concluding with two hours of howling and screaming over The Attractions and The TKO Horns at Pier 84, a venue jutting out into the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan.
  95. When Simon looked back, he could see that the strange, tall figures were falling down the sheer cliff-face, tumbling from one jutting rock to another, their limbs twisted into impossible shapes, hands and feet flying in all directions.
  96. But as she was staring at the rumpled sheets on Ben’s bed, with the airplane pattern, and remembering him asking for new sheets—plain sheets—about a year ago, she notice a wadded plastic bag jutting out from underneath the bed frame.
  97. Up ahead, Nightfall came to a break in the slope where a horizontal rift divided the rocky face, with the lower section jutting outward as a narrow ledge that angled a distance upward before reversing to climb back in the opposite direction.
  98. The vein crawled up a similar ramp on the other wall up which the acolytes had disappeared, and up it they went with taut nerves, not knowing what might be waiting for them among the jutting spurs of rock that fanged the lip of the precipice.
  99. Then comes Final Jeopardy and Alex has huge bat wings and tusks jutting out of his dripping maw and the audience is a choir of demons and the word jeopardy starts to echo in my head with such ferocity that I can barely make out the question.
  100. The schooner paused not, but rushing across the harbour, pitched herself on that accumulation of sand and gravel washed by many tides and many storms into the southeast corner of the pier jutting under the East Cliff, known locally as Tate Hill Pier.
  1. A fireplace jutted out from the.
  2. His jaw jutted toward the ceiling.
  3. He jutted his chin when he said that.
  4. A knife-hilt jutted from one boot-top.
  5. Here and there, rebar jutted from concrete.
  6. His brow jutted out over deep set black eyes.
  7. The enormous cavern was filled; ledges jutted out.
  8. It jutted into the garden, collecting afternoon sun.
  9. Zoe put her fists on her hips and jutted out her chin.
  10. Long shelves filled with cans jutted out of the wall.
  11. It was hard to tell as they jutted out from the other.
  12. A lean angular cupola jutted out of the center of the front.
  13. It wasn’t huge but it jutted up far enough to be dangerous.
  14. I walked on down to the pier that jutted out a short distance.
  15. Donna jutted her chin and stolidly stared into his dancing eyes.
  16. Rocks jutted up from the ground in shapes that looked like ruins.
  17. Molloy jutted his chin out to the Clan members hovering behind us.
  18. His lean chin jutted out, his scarred face was evil beyond belief.
  19. Up ahead, the canopy thinned, and huge rocks jutted from the ground.
  20. It was 1,950 meters long, 63 meters deep, and jutted 6 meters above.
  21. I hated to be laughed at and my bottom lip jutted out in a large pout.
  22. I was surrounded by rocks and trees that jutted out from the icy snow.
  23. He pointed to the northwest corner of the wal s, where a tower jutted.
  24. The sharp spear jutted at his face commanded much of Nem’s attention.
  25. The aide stands with his shoulders thrown back, chin jutted defiantly.
  26. A great piece of the broken span jutted out from the middle of the river.
  27. Understand what? I jutted my chin out and refused to be intimidated.
  28. His head jutted forward on slumped shoulders as he peered through the haze.
  29. His revolver’s grip jutted from its holster like a hand eager for a shake.
  30. He tossed his head high, jutted out his chin, and directed a hard gaze at Simon.
  31. I stumbled at last onto a narrow ledge that jutted out over a great empty space.
  32. His jaw jutted forward and sharp canines stood prominently with the other teeth.
  33. Shattered walls still jutted up in places, but not one of the towers still stood.
  34. He jutted out his elbow, and ignored me as if I was nothing more than some pesky fly.
  35. Out of blind habit she pulled out the free newspaper that jutted from the grey mailbox.
  36. Flashing light day-boards were located on shore or on pilings that jutted into the river.
  37. Ash’s chin jutted out in that stubborn, I-can-take-anything-you-throw-at-me way she had.
  38. Billie busied herself filling the kettle from an ancient faucet that jutted from the wall.
  39. Large irregular teeth jutted out at odd angles, nostrils flared, and pointed ears twitched.
  40. Her medium sized breasts jutted from her chest, rising to two hard points of aroused nipple.
  41. Even though he was recumbent, Bosco sat up a little higher and jutted his chin out with pride.
  42. From amid the branches there jutted out the grey gables and high roof-tree of a very old mansion.
  43. Here and there the corner of a building jutted up slightly, a forlorn shadow of what had once been.
  44. I have said that his Alpine-stock had been left leaning against a rock which jutted on to the path.
  45. All glass and rock, it jutted here and folded there, and wasted a lot of space in its daring design.
  46. Two wooden signs on a single wooden post jutted from the ground, and sitting upon it was a blue bird.
  47. Cherry jutted her bottom lip out in a pout, but stood and responded, Okay, let me go get that then.
  48. Charred timber beams jutted from the massive hunks of stone which were still falling over one another.
  49. The angular bones of his narrow eye sockets jutted out above a beard that hid the lower part of his face.
  50. They were jutted out of the embers with sticks and under loud amusement unpacked by fast, careful fingers.
  51. His cheekbones jutted out and his eyes were sunken, as if he were the one who had endured captivity, not Aesa.
  52. The island was mostly gray limestone over tan dolomite and jutted out of the ocean as much as two hundred feet.
  53. Merriwether was a tall, stout woman and so tightly corseted that her bust jutted forward like the prow of a ship.
  54. She didn’t run off in tears, but her chin jutted and she strode purposefully as she disappeared down the stairs.
  55. They jutted precariously over the broken ledge while giant hunks of broken, jumbled stairs led to the crooked doorway.
  56. His eyes dilated and his hands caught convulsively at the length of bright steel which jutted suddenly from his breast.
  57. His hips and shoulders jutted from his body, his stomach alone was soft, and it only slightly bulged from his hard ribs.
  58. Amy jutted out her chin as her smiled faded, and in a most serious voice said, You’re not good enough to wash my feet.
  59. Olivia, half fainting, saw the ape heaving, thrashing and writhing, gripping, man-like, the hilt that jutted from its body.
  60. His foothold was none too secure, and the only available leverage was a narrow piece of masonry that jutted from the side.
  61. There was also fruit, because my brother Nikos had climbed halfway up the cliff to pluck pears from a tree that jutted out.
  62. She was very stooped, and walked with two canes, but her large head still jutted forward assertively on her bony shoulders.
  63. Behind Zeus, mountains of pink granite jutted up from the forest below, exceeding in height the level of the gods’ platform.
  64. Here and there buckling towers reeled drunkenly against the morning sky, and broken pillars jutted up among the decaying walls.
  65. Otherwise—she shook her head haughtily and jutted her strong chin—I will resist you as stoutly as my husband would have.
  66. The first pressed a button on the top of the pack over its shoulder, and antigravity orbs jutted off the sides attacked to stalks.
  67. His broad shoulders were hunched forward and his chin jutted out as stream down his forehead and cheeks but he did not wipe it off.
  68. His ribcage had taken much of the force and had clearly caved in, broken bones jutted out through his singed and blood-soaked overalls.
  69. Leaning my elbows on the beacon housing, which jutted from the stern of the platform, I got set to scour that whole stretch of sky and sea.
  70. Philo’s skull was throbbing and enormous veins jutted from his head which seemed ready to burst apart, his scalp beginning to turn red hot.
  71. He stood facing her, his hand on the long hilt that jutted forward from beneath the scarlet cloak which flowed carelessly from his mailed shoulders.
  72. His face was adorned by a beard grown out of necessity, not choice, and his thin long hair was unkempt; a few wild strands jutted in strange directions.
  73. Her face was scrunched and tense with concentration, her body arched and trembled to his touch, her firm breasts jutted and begged to be caressed and sucked.
  74. The sections were the dome was missing had even larger trees, and there was a small ville tree that jutted out the top like an alien parasite bursting through its host.
  75. In the center of all the organizing was captain Knark and his lieutenant Unu; a medium built, Lalu Orderran male with short spiky hair that jutted out in all directions.
  76. The pool structure jutted out over the shoreline and was open to the skies, but even on sunny days, the bathers often shivered in the winds blowing in off Liverpool Bay.
  77. Finally, he walked to one wing tip, the wing that jutted into the air while the other wing rested on the grass He reached up for the wing tip above his head and shook it, hard.
  78. The plant consisted of an old, but sturdily built, dock that jutted deep into a wide well-protected estuary, with a building described to her as a fish washhouse built along its center.
  79. What made it unusable, however, was the maze of jagged rocks that jutted above and below the surface of the water at the mouth of the bay, where it narrowed between the two rocky promontories.
  80. Conceived as an emergency vacuum suit for passengers who didn’t own their own spacesuits, it resembled once pressurized a big egg from which jutted out two short tubular legs and two gloved arms.
  81. The red tip of the Graelic jutted from his back where he had strapped it in exchange for a dagger and a plain worn double-edged broadsword both of which he had acquired from one of the slain soldiers.
  82. The man in front was of medium height, with close-cropped brown hair and cheekbones that would have been prominent even if he’d been well fed, but now jutted out painfully sharp, as if they might soon cut the skin.
  83. Conan scanned the shoreline closely, and finally swung the long sweep and headed inshore at a point where a neck of land jutted into the water, and fir trees grew in a curiously symmetrical ring about a gray, strangely shaped rock.
  84. Her lower jaw was dramatically thrust outward, and when her teeth grew in, yellow-grey in color, they crowded one another and jutted and jagged more like the mineralized protrusions that grew from the floor and ceiling of a cavern.
  85. She knew that any further movement would run the risk of leaving a crimson trail of blood which would have them homing in on her in seconds, but then she was in no state to move anywhere with the feathered bolt still jutted from her chest.
  86. We made our way to where the forest came down to the shore, and he jumped off Medraut’s horse and went and sat down on a small boulder which jutted from the edge of the forest; he sat with his sword held between his parted legs, looking at nothing.
  87. Torbin, in spite of his tritanium-alloy body, felt the increasing repulsion force as he got nearer the ‘slow-down’ field generator – an egg-timer shaped device from which jutted hundreds of rounded off silver cones and a network of cables and plastic pipes.
  88. Sometimes they made islands or great mountains enclosing lakes of deep turquoise-blue, or liquid amber, or chrysoprase-green; sometimes dark headlands jutted into strange, lost seas; sometimes slender strips of wonderful lands joined other wonderful lands together.
  89. It led away from the palace, through masses of exotic-scented shrubbery where great pale blossoms spread their shimmering petals, through verdant, tangled bushes that showered blooms at the touch, until he came at last to a great mass of rock that jutted like a titan's castle out from the cliffs at a point closest to the palace, which, however, was almost hidden from view by vine-interlaced trees.
  1. Dierdra juts her chin out with confidence.
  2. From the top of her sack juts a sheaf of withered greens.
  3. Everyone juts realized Marina wasn’t here, and started to panic.
  4. Halfway between Nice and Cannes, Cap d’Antibes juts into the sea.
  5. Small wet brown lime stone indentations and juts dotted the ground.
  6. If he as much as juts his chin in your direction, he’ll be immobilized.
  7. Is that the coast just south of where the long narrow peninsula juts northward?
  8. For the record – the State of Qatar is a sovereign Arab state, on a tiny peninsula that juts out.
  9. Now it’s a valley that juts into the brutal terrain of Arabia, almost directly toward Schiaparelli.
  10. Beatrice swallows but then juts out her chin like she does when she’s about to complain to a store clerk.
  11. A strip of land juts out into the marsh, and rising from it is a giant white wheel with dozens of red passenger cars dangling from it at regular intervals.
  12. With the thought fresh in his mind, Kurt gestured Bernice forward and began to lead the way toward the lake, taking extra care to direct them around the juts and dips in the path.
  13. On those cosmic environs juts out the modern city, Sydney, as a symphony of architectural designs and natural beauty, admired, caressed and exalted by more than four million souls of two hundred different nationalities that inhabit it and millions of tourists from all over the world that annually visit it.
  14. In the distance Coolum Headland juts into the brine,.

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