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Bulge in a sentence | bulge example sentences

  1. He patted the bulge in his.
  2. The Professors eyes bulge out.
  3. Every galaxy has a galactic bulge.
  4. Orderran bodies convulsed and bulge.
  5. It is built to bulge and create a.
  6. I notice the bulge next to Cherrie.
  7. Cherrie elbows the bulge next to her.
  8. When a bulge appears delivery is near.
  9. Wearing a swimsuit with a belly bulge.
  10. You can see the bulge in her belly.
  11. He stood beside her and pushed his bulge.
  12. A bulge of muscle is stopping the fabric.
  13. All of the girls stated they felt a bulge.
  14. Within the shadows I see a bulge in the bed.
  15. Bulge, Daniel was in full voice at the diner.
  16. Bulge, Battle of the 44, 45, 45, 45 map, 46.
  17. I look up beyond his eyes and see the bulge.
  18. He'd stopped at Bulge to visit with Evan and.
  19. They’re calling it the Battle of the Bulge.
  20. I thought his eyes would bulge out of his head.
  21. There was the bulge of a gun under his jacket.
  22. You see, it seems to bulge when you tell a lie.
  23. Bulge loomed ahead so he stopped in to see Evan.
  24. He could just see the slight bulge of her mound.
  25. Chantelle noticed his budding crotch bulge, too.
  26. The veins on Coombs’s forehead started to bulge.
  27. Just noticed this odd bulge above his butt crack.
  28. Her tummy hadn’t started to bulge yet but her.
  29. Blake knew on a good day he could bulge an extra.
  30. It is large enough to conceal the bulge of the gun.
  31. The girl thought the bulge in my pants was a weapon.
  32. He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also.
  33. I hate to be crude, but I have a painful bulge in my.
  34. On his left thigh, the wool of his pant-leg started to bulge.
  35. I didn’t like briefs because I didn’t like the ugly bulge.
  36. Nicky smiled proudly when she noticed the bulge in his trousers.
  37. I walked over to the bar, this bulge in my left pocket was huge.
  38. The results made his eyes and those of Ying bulge from surprise.
  39. A bagel-shaped bulge sat in the front pocket of his cargo pants.
  40. Those thighs forced his legs apart to reveal a substantial bulge.
  41. Her teeth were set firmly together and hatred made her eyes bulge.
  42. The galactic bulge is located in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.
  43. Cooper was wobbling slightly and I noticed a bulge in his front pocket.
  44. The more she moved, the more Isaac could feel his pants begin to bulge.
  45. John’s eyes looked as though they would bulge out of his eye sockets.
  46. This offensive was later to be known as; The Battle of the Bulge.
  47. She could see the judge rubbing the bulge in his crotch under the table.
  48. Unfortunately, at this point, I had an actual uncomfortable bulge in my.
  49. The other front pocket, unclear, but a slight bulge, which could be the.
  50. The bulge burst, and the heads of dozens of poisonous snakes twisted out.
  51. The sharpened point of the knife entered his clothing above the bulge of.
  52. I have an idea, go over there and ask her what that bulge in her pants is.
  53. From a bulge of window curtains a gramophone rears a battered brazen trunk.
  54. Muscular, and the bulge under his jacket made it clear that he was packing.
  55. I nod to the bulge in her coat pocket, the unmistakable contours of a weapon.
  56. He could see the stretcher, the grotesque bulge of feet under the white sheet.
  57. The slight bulge under the left arm of his tracksuit top proved to be a fully.
  58. She didn't know what it was exactly but she felt a bulge just below his waist.
  59. He wasn`t kidding as I stared at the large bulge at the front of his trousers.
  60. But I need… he lowered my hand to the bulge in his jeans, you here.
  61. What is the galactic bulge and where is it? He asked with this arms folded.
  62. Montana took a quick swig and grabbed at the bulge that was growing in his pants.
  63. When I came back up, I had this big bulge in my trunks, but nobody said anything.
  64. Leon offered a loose-lipped smile and passed a hand over the bulge of his stomach.
  65. Ariel waited, and then pointed at the silhouette of a bulge of canopy down the hill.
  66. He’s wearing a bulletproof vest, my mind registered a bulge around his upper body.
  67. When the animal is hanging these will bulge more clearly and should be easy to see.
  68. There is generally a bulge on one side of the groin and even swelling of the testis.
  69. He took my hand from around his neck, kissed it, and placed it on the obvious bulge.
  70. I’m not asking some strange woman in a sex toy store about a bulge in her pants.
  71. Each time Schnottweiper pulled on the fish’s jaw, its eyes seemed to bulge a little.
  72. They went out on patrol, flew over Cuba and Haiti and back by way of the bulge of Yucatan.
  73. Most patients will ask whether I can remove it or treat with medication to shrink the bulge.
  74. On the side of the map it reads: Galactic Bulge / Center Milky Way Galaxy 28,459 light-years.
  75. Of all the people, she knew that Martin would be the first to notice the bulge in her stomach.
  76. He zooms in on Andromeda and sees more solid lines leaving Andromeda’s Galactic Bulge center.
  77. Tidal wave: a surface bulge of water caused by the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon.
  78. Apart from a bulge in his belly from his feast earlier, the Human’s body looked like a warzone.
  79. The sun was behind the bulge as Sam neared from the northeast, casting a pall over the landscape.
  80. Near the middle of the platform, the skiff was half set in the ship's hull, making a slight bulge.
  81. I have something for you as well, said Clarity, feeling the slight bulge in her jeans pocket.
  82. Only his huge hands and the bulge, where his sword hung, suggested that he was a seasoned warrior.
  83. He was wearing spandex shorts and his cock bulge was put on display for all those interested to see.
  84. The shock of what was happening caused Madden's eyes to bulge and even Elm gave a gasp of surprise.
  85. Rapp leaned back in his chair and when he did, Cipriani fixated on the bulge in the side of his jacket.
  86. I know I’m lucky to have you, she said and moved her hand up to run over the bulge in his pants.
  87. But here I'll stay, though this stern strikes rocks; and they bulge through; and oysters come to join me.
  88. Treatment is usually by surgery although there is a truss to prevent the bulge becoming worse in the past.
  89. He looked down as the redhead removed her hand and saw a distinct bulge in the front of the spandex tights.
  90. She lay a moment longer, the still almost unnoticeable bulge in her middle barely obvious, now that he knew.
  91. Brink’s eyes bulge as he drops his glass and grabs his chest, both hands grasping to stop the spewing blood.
  92. Through tears of fury and pain, Kirk could see the Primagnon's eyes bulge as if they might pop form his head.
  93. The dimensional rift seemed to actually bulge the air around it, as if something was trying to push its way through.
  94. All you had to do was see the size of it, the pregnant bulge, to know what kind of suffering it was going to inflict.
  95. Her eyes had widened a bit, her mouth slightly agape as she stared down at the huge bulge behind his unbuttoned jeans.
  96. His distraction showed in the bulge on the front of his trousers and he had to turn quickly to the refrigerator to hide it.
  97. Manfred couldn’t help but admire his handsome body and the rather large bulge that Dammar’s loincloth could not disguise.
  98. He tilted his head back and Dal watched his neck pulse and bulge as he swallowed---she could not avert her eyes, she was possessed.
  99. At first Hal had balked at exposing his bulge, but after being mobbed for autographs after our first appearance he changed his mind.
  100. Each galaxy has two center components: a galactic bulge star the size of a billion stars and a gigantic black hole of a similar size.
  1. What Is a Bulging Disc?
  2. His eyes were bulging out.
  3. Its lid gave a bulging pop.
  4. It's little black eyes bulging.
  5. See how it’s bulging already.
  6. His eyes were bulging with fear.
  7. These places are bulging at the.
  8. He slowly closed his bulging eyes.
  9. Actually, he said cheeks bulging.
  10. So bulging disc pain is something that.
  11. He turned back to Evie with bulging eyes.
  12. She was a buxom girl with a bulging wet-.
  13. Mary’s eyes widened to the point of bulging.
  14. Victoria’s bulging eyes fixed on the Pastor.
  15. He was bulging out of his red-blue gym shorts.
  16. The bulging mail box could not hold any more.
  17. A skeletal letter bulging with fading memories.
  18. His veins were bulging, and each sinew was taut.
  19. His face turned ashen and his eyes were bulging.
  20. A green light was flickering in his bulging eyes.
  21. Armoires were bulging with clothes and all askew.
  22. With the exception of my bulging eyes, which all.
  23. She froze on the spot, her eyes bulging with fear.
  24. His biceps were bulging from the sides of the shirt.
  25. It has little plastic dots bulging out of the holes.
  26. I was cold, huddled with my back against the bulging.
  27. Sstani came out and her bulging tummy now pulsed with.
  28. With bulging eyes and swirling vision, he struggled on.
  29. Pilate could see the great muscles bulging from under.
  30. He had a round head with puffy cheeks and bulging eyes.
  31. The man’s bulging, dead eyes stared at him accusingly.
  32. In the instant he saw the end of the cable, its bulging.
  33. Huge teeth in a gaping mouth yawned below fierce bulging.
  34. There was only silhouette of rocks, bulging in the grounds.
  35. This will eliminate thinning of the skin and bulging veins.
  36. It was a gentle bulging of the cloth covering their supplies.
  37. He swallowed hard and stared into Jed’s swollen, bulging.
  38. We stare at him with bulging eyes as he makes the long crawl.
  39. All Bob’s bulging eyes could do was watch in horror as the.
  40. The man had bulging eyes, and I could’ve almost sworn that.
  41. Shut up, he whispered, his eyes bulging out of his face.
  42. He had a bulging round belly, and pants held up by suspenders.
  43. Then he saw Scotty Shaw, muscles bulging as he held the gates.
  44. He was starting to have a thin beard and his eyes were bulging.
  45. His tie was straining to contain the bulging veins in his neck.
  46. Nostradamus stiffened, his eyes bulging out, gasping to breathe.
  47. Johnson’s campaign war wagon coffers were bulging with support.
  48. Then she looked up at his sexy eyes and down at his bulging crotch.
  49. His face: he has bulging eyes, flat nose, and a mouth without lips.
  50. A Scottish prisoner approached, carrying a spoon and a bulging sock.
  51. All of them wore khaki coveralls and carried each a bulging kit bag.
  52. As he rose to his knees, he saw two perfect tits bulging from a tee.
  53. The beast was tall, eight feet or more, and heavy with bulging muscles.
  54. Then she slashed down hard at the bulging mound of Kathleen’s stomach.
  55. In rare cases a herniated or bulging disc can also cause problems with.
  56. Cowley's red lugs and bulging apple in the door of the sheriff's office.
  57. The head was well proportioned and had widely set, slightly bulging eyes.
  58. Tell us something, Justin shouted, the veins bulging out in his neck.
  59. His bulging pockets hindered his ability to run, and he did his best to.
  60. His lips swept back in a look of horror, and his bulging eyes popped open.
  61. He looked with vague hope up and down the quay, a big apple bulging in his.
  62. Bulging at the rear in the Tardanian fashion, her lack of hair was striking.
  63. Phlegmy coughs shook the air of the bookshop, bulging out the dingy curtains.
  64. I’ve been keeping clippings,’ she said reaching for a bulging scrapbook.
  65. His eyes stared at them, one bulging and blue, the other brown and shriveled.
  66. Fin fought for breath, his eyes growing round and wide, bulging from his head.
  67. Two goons with crossed arms and bulging biceps stood just inside the entrance.
  68. Finally he collapsed onto the floor and died, terror bulging his rolling eyes.
  69. Do you know what you’re doing? he asked, the veins bulging on his neck.
  70. Byron the bailiff stood in her way and she saw the gun bulging in his holster.
  71. The bulging stomach seemed a brutal thing for this poor waif of a girl to bear.
  72. They had large vampire teeth sticking out of their mouth, and bulging red eyes.
  73. Minho looked up, saw Thomas, who knew his eyes must be bulging out of his head.
  74. And these solid steel bars were buckling, bending, bulging out of their sockets.
  75. Butros, who stood motionless with one hand on his laptop and his eyes bulging out.
  76. The nurse, eyes bulging in pain nodded to a doorway that was bolted on the outside.
  77. He had bulging muscles and a slim, lean torso devoid of any kind of stretch marks.
  78. The fire in the building was rampant, with billowing smoke bulging from the windows.
  79. Bergdahl pulled his head back and narrowed his eyes, which had in fact been bulging.
  80. The boat-driver was a hopelessly scrawny man with a thin mustache and bulging eyes.
  81. His huge muscles were constantly bulging, as though the hero had no control over it.
  82. He had jowls hanging from his face and a large stomach bulging against his body suit.
  83. I’m pretty sure her pockets were filled with ginger cookies—they were bulging.
  84. They had bulging shoulders and muscles, towering heights and intimidating appearances.
  85. With bulging eyes and a face the colour of beetroot, he marched to the head office to.
  86. Bulging with overconfidence, they load up their accounts and way overmargin themselves.
  87. It has bulging eyes like ET, giving the whole head an idiotic, cartoon-like expression.
  88. The moonshining woman with bulging eyes was carefully removing her coat from under them.
  89. He looked at me a moment, then gave the bulging pocket of his waterproof a sounding slap.
  90. If the attire didn’t give it away, his wild, bulging eyes and nervous smile would have.
  91. The veins in his hands bulging, he gripped the handrail in the corner of the compartment.
  92. And not only was his arms crossed, every single vein in his forehead was red and bulging.
  93. Weeping, she gently closed his bulging eyes, but left his mouth open, open to the living.
  94. He was behind his desk, his blue shirt stretched across his chest and his bulging biceps.
  95. It all happened so fast, he was bulging his eyes like a psycho and blinking like a madman.
  96. But now the man was pointing down at her dress, and his eyes were bulging in their sockets.
  97. He was a mean-looking fat man with red hair, bulging muscles, and a tooth missing in front.
  98. With dieting, you can lose fat and become thin, but a bulging belly will not be flattened.
  99. His bulging forehead had lumps scattered across it like a collection of knobs on a pumpkin.
  100. They shook hands, and without further ado, Clive exited the building with his bulging valise.
  1. Her eyes even bulged out.
  2. His eyes bulged in horror.
  3. The veins in her neck bulged.
  4. Muscles bulged through his tight.
  5. Its throat bulged, swelling as a.
  6. Three koogly eyes bulged menacingly.
  7. The frog’s eyes bulged in surprise.
  8. Soon, Elowen’s table bulged with food.
  9. His muscles bulged through the body suit.
  10. Her stomach bulged out under the stress.
  11. I put one hand on the bulged up pocket to.
  12. His eyes bulged when he recognized the girl.
  13. The bar bulged, bent, then broke with a loud.
  14. The muscles of her arms were tense and bulged.
  15. His wife’s eyes widened and bulged on stalks.
  16. Long and lean muscles bulged under his clothes.
  17. His eyes bulged from wanting to hear more, more.
  18. Madra’s milky eyes bulged in their red-rimmed.
  19. Beneath his expensive suit, his fat biceps bulged.
  20. Drew's face bulged purple as he kicked his legs up.
  21. The doorman’s Hulkian muscles bulged through his.
  22. His huge arms bulged as he leaned into the furniture.
  23. She felt bloated, her stomach bulged as never before.
  24. The Scarecrow was thinking again, and his head bulged.
  25. Patrick looked shocked and his adam's apple bulged as.
  26. But a spasm jerked through him, and his eyes bulged wide.
  27. Felixs face went red and his eyes bulged out of his skull.
  28. Eilidh stifled a smile as Liam’s eyes bulged in surprise.
  29. Bo struggled for his life; his eyes bulged as he fought to.
  30. Olin's eyes bulged in their sockets at the horrifying thought.
  31. He strained until the veins in his forehead bulged, but the.
  32. They were soft, and they bulged and floundered on every bump.
  33. King Njal's eyes bulged from his grimacing, pain-twisted face.
  34. Its eyes bulged in one direction; its smile twisted in another.
  35. Anyway, I stayed low but cropped my ears and bulged out my eyes.
  36. An ugly welt bulged across his cheek where the glove had struck.
  37. The faces of hunters and fishers bulged at the brows, the shaved.
  38. The map of Ireland turned red as Monaghan's eyes bulged with fury.
  39. Molinari flashed his badge to a young patrolman, whose eyes bulged.
  40. Turning around to face her, his eyes bulged, his face burned tomato red.
  41. Ceder’s eye bulged in fear as she ducked down from the diving predator.
  42. She stared at him with wide eyes that bulged out of gaunt, hollow sockets.
  43. Fizzicist eyes bulged at the large helping yet he insisted on another scoop.
  44. His eye stalks should have bulged with muscle with all the exercise they got.
  45. Ash saw that in the way his muscles bulged beneath his dark gray dress-downs.
  46. His biceps bulged under his sweatshirt and pressed against her back and knees.
  47. Ears popped, eyes bulged, Shorty Hunt wrote home breathlessly that night.
  48. The onion- like eyes of the sheriff bulged, almost popping out of their sockets.
  49. Leland’s face turned a richer shade of purple, and a vein bulged on his neck.
  50. The veins in Coba's face bulged, his flesh shifted in hue from crimson to blue.
  51. Shiki's eyes suddenly bulged out, and I saw a look of terror flash across his face.
  52. Cliff's eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he watched the chains fall to the bed.
  53. Her face grew as red as the fiery house and a tiny vein bulged out of her forehead.
  54. His face was extremely elongated, and his forehead bulged to an alarming proportion.
  55. Her belly, almost certainly normally flat, bulged now with the life growing inside it.
  56. The veins on his forehead bulged as he groaned, straining to keep the crystal pressed.
  57. Eyes bulged, witnessing a swarm of little flies appear out of nowhere above the banana.
  58. Wickland’s eyes bulged from the news that they may finally have something concrete on Mr.
  59. Tattoos bulged and jumped on his chest as he screamed his weird manifesto into a megaphone.
  60. The veins under his white skin bulged like blue worms and he no longer looked as beautiful.
  61. He scrambled over the sixteen-inch pipes and gingerly approached the bulged expansion joint.
  62. The door puckered and bulged, as though under the weight of some great force on the other side.
  63. When he finally turned around and faced her, her eyes bulged at the sight of his enormous prick.
  64. Raleigh’s eyes almost bulged out of his head, but I gave him my best let-me-handle-this expression.
  65. Hidden below the layer of hair his muscles bulged and rippled with the slightest twitch of a finger.
  66. The pulse point on his neck bulged and my overloaded senses reeled, racing gleefully in currents of red.
  67. A massive walk-in fridge bulged with provisions, and two chest freezers were crammed with meat and fish.
  68. Foam was flowing from her mouth while her eyes had bulged out and were about to pop out of their sockets.
  69. John Henry Menton took off his hat, bulged out the dinge and smoothed the nap with care on his coatsleeve.
  70. Pork scurried from the room as her voice roughened and Scarlett was left alone with bulged with saddle muscles.
  71. He detested the large soft creases of his clothes and the way they buttoned and bulged between the buttonings.
  72. Pressure bulged in Lindsey’s chest as she flipped through the sprawl of papers and files littering her table.
  73. They … can control me … I don’t— His eyes bulged, a hand went to his throat as if he were choking.
  74. For a patroller he was of average height, but his shoulders were massive and his chest bulged beneath his uniform.
  75. The outside edges of the man’s thighs bulged out with a hiss of steam just below the hemline in his denim shorts.
  76. As we passed, I noticed that the fences bulged out oddly: They seemed to grow wider and flatten out toward the top.
  77. The girls eyes bulged as they clocked the size of it, they were in for a wild night if they played their cards right.
  78. Two testicles bulged as his left hand squeezed the base of the beast‘s cod-sac—a spotted balloon about to be popped.
  79. Their eyes bulged with astonishment as their brains desperately tried to comprehend the meaning of the unexpected event.
  80. His hips and shoulders jutted from his body, his stomach alone was soft, and it only slightly bulged from his hard ribs.
  81. The thick cords of his neck bulged with the concentrated fear of the last few seconds, possibly the final seconds of his life.
  82. Uybvahk eyes bulged more than normal, but he shot back,I accept with gratitude the fawning accolade of this northern barbarian.
  83. Her eyes bulged, possibly at his audacity, before she replied, You of all people should know we have a growing vampire problem.
  84. The boys could not believe their eyes, which bulged out of their sockets at the sight of the seemingly malevolent and glowing objects.
  85. The pillar bulged, filled with a surging power driving up from a depth with which the lake of fire could not contend, and never could.
  86. Stripped of its robes, Ishbel’s blue-veined blubber bulged like a soft elastic bag of fat that bounced, sagged, flowed and quivered.
  87. As Zeke zealously dug the hole in the chosen spot, Adam’s eyes bulged almost completely out of their sockets in expectant trepidation.
  88. Many smiled at that humorous piece, but all eyes bulged when they read the brass plaque now sitting along the forward edge of the desk.
  89. In the blink of an eye, fine white fur erupted from her skin, her shoulders bulged, her arms stretched, and her wings sprouted once more.
  90. It had been shorn away at the elbow, and the ax, unchecked in its descent, had gashed deeply into his side, so that his entrails bulged out.
  91. He had a hanging face, dark wine-coloured, with fair eyebrows and moustache: his eyes bulged forward slightly and the whites of them were dirty.
  92. Her Eyes bulged as she approach’d her Dye-Away Moment; her Thighs quiver’d; her Mouth slobber’d and she cried out, O Mother of God!.
  93. The plaza at the foot of the building bulged with humanity, women one-handing food from vendors while packs of jacketless young men checked them out.
  94. Their upper lips burned and cracked, ballooning so dramatically that they obstructed their nostrils, while their lower lips bulged against their chins.
  95. The hanging Fae’s eyes bulged and fear radiated from the other male beside me, but Sheah remained relaxed as if she had expected nothing less to happen.
  96. Around his stomach, which bulged through his body suit, was a wide leather belt with a holster and phasor on the right and a holster and phasor on the left.
  97. Nearly clean-shaven, he wore a pair of coveralls–that looked like they’d been sewn by Omar the tentmaker–over a white T-shirt that bulged at the biceps.
  98. My left eye bulged, half my hair was gone and my mouth tilted to one side as if it had been pulled down so when I tried to smile it looked more like a grimace.
  99. Gerd’s eyes bulged as he watched the intruder kneel down next to him, at the same time hearing the TV voice announce how the Brazilian real was under pressure again.
  100. His lifeless eyes, filled with overwhelming fear, bulged as if they were about to explode from his head, and his mouth gaped wide as if to scream but produced no sound.
  1. The pulsations from the bulges.
  2. And hides a few bulges, no doubt.
  3. Aaron, half-expecting to see bulges emerging on his forehead.
  4. I watch in fascination as I see the bulges on Belmont’s and.
  5. I have never seen bulges on Bernard’s forehead, but maybe he.
  6. The satin jacket was thin, and showed no bulges or heavy weights.
  7. His hands are over-sized and his sweatshirt bulges at his biceps.
  8. Von Rumpel tugs his collar against the bulges in his throat, tries to swallow.
  9. That explains why you still have the items, said Marna, gesturing to the bulges under their cloaks.
  10. The comparative activity of the market on bulges and breaks is a guide to the technical condition of the market.
  11. There were pillows of fat here, resilient bulges of it there, with several round chandeliers of fat under his chin.
  12. In most cases these lines join up to form a complete shape, some sort of irregular oval with bulges here and there.
  13. As Joey snuck a peak at what she was doing Heliri twisted above the upper most bulges of the stick and two wings popped out.
  14. He has a vague impression of shapes, of coastal bulges and inlets, but the place names on the road signs might as well be written in ancient Greek.
  15. He was an undifferentiated triangle of flesh, with breasts the size of soft basketballs, and other unexplained lumps and bulges the size of king-size pillows.
  16. Observing the seafloor, I saw that it swelled at certain points from low bulges that were encrusted with limestone deposits and arranged with a symmetry that betrayed the hand of man.
  17. He was a funny little man with a bald head, and not just going bald or horseshoe covered, this guy was glossy bald with slight bulges along the sides of his scalp that made him Cloud.
  18. Slight bulges in the torso of Kooroo’s spacesuit showed the presence of a pair of breasts, something Tina had seen previously on the anatomical charts inside the alien ship’s infirmary.
  19. Among that growing throng, none gave the trio a second glance, even with their hoods raised to hide their blackened faces, or appeared to notice the large bulges carried under the cloaks of two of them.
  20. But we are always judging, ‘that’s not well- that’s not right!’ Our luck is like water in a dragnet: you pull at it and it bulges, but when you’ve drawn it out it’s empty! That’s how it is.
  21. But we are always judging, ‘that’s not well—that’s not right!’ Our luck is like water in a dragnet: you pull at it and it bulges, but when you’ve drawn it out it’s empty! That’s how it is.

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