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Paltry in a sentence

The Sharpe ratio was a paltry.
these were often paltry amounts.
Average yields sat at a paltry 0.
Jay's wife made a paltry $100,000.
Goenka for a paltry investment of 4.
A paltry sum for a knight’s life.

I have a horror of a paltry wedding.
I’ll pit him against that paltry.
And now he looked paltry and insignificant.
themselves are paltry fellows of no account.
unimpressed by the paltry increase in net income.
on that paltry number of soldiers trapped out in our.
36 per pound in April 1977 (it bottomed at a paltry $0.
and mortalities had reduced them to this paltry dynastic.
To enjoy,—what a sad aim, and what a paltry ambition! The.
another in a paltry 21 million years – the Earth was making.
refuge by the large tree, it was paltry cover, but it would do.
A few paltry muffins or cakes are displayed… or a few sandwiches.
that this work was but a paltry shallow expedient that went but a little.
no doubt, out of character; possibly too you may look on it as the paltry.
We know that no operating income can exist without a sale, so the paltry 2.
6 billion worth of goods—a paltry sum for a country of 60 million people.
I'll pit him against that paltry creature, unless it bestir itself briskly.
Then a few paltry details are unearthed, pooh-poohed, ignored and re-buried.
was almost nowhere in the world it didn’t exist – if even in paltry numbers.
Investing in the biggest six-month losers from All Stocks generated a paltry 3.
The books he received for review were almost more welcome than the paltry cheque.
The already paltry forensic team his police department had was also under threat.

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Synonyms for paltry

measly miserable paltry negligible trifling