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Miserable in a sentence

I was miserable.
It was miserable.
She was miserable.
But it was miserable.
Turn, O miserable,.
Holly felt miserable.
She was miserable.

Boy, I felt miserable.
They look miserable,.
He felt very miserable.
It was a miserable job.
What a miserable master.
I felt alone, miserable.
as his own was miserable.
She looked so miserable.
them miserable once more.
" " Killer was miserable.
made both of us miserable.
They looked so miserable.
The Coyotes are miserable.
For he was very miserable.
life complex and miserable.
Rosemary looked miserable.
It was so miserable there.
Sore, miserable, alive.
It all sounds so miserable.
What a miserable destiny!.

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Synonyms for miserable

measly miserable paltry wretched abject low scummy scurvy hapless misfortunate pathetic piteous pitiable pitiful poor suffering deplorable execrable woeful

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