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Medallion in a sentence | medallion example sentences

  1. Medallion was silent for a moment.
  2. Medallion reclined on the sofa in the den.
  3. Medallion said as they returned to the car.
  4. Now he knew what it meant to be a Medallion.
  5. Tiny faces up there in the plaster medallion.

  6. He kissed his Saint Christophe’s medallion.
  7. There was a raised medallion cast in concrete.
  8. Medallion turned out to be a model rehab patient.
  9. Medallion was already out the door and on his way.
  10. John grabbed the medallion hanging around his neck.
  11. I took out my medallion and put her under hypnosis.
  12. Rhone took the two-faced medallion in his left hand.
  13. Medallion looked out the window at the fallow fields.
  14. Medallion ordered shrimp, but only picked at the edges.
  15. Medallion walked to the counter and requested three cups.

  16. The big long gold chain with a money symbol medallion the.
  17. Corey, look! This is a medallion with the letter ‘C’.
  18. Medallion, you and your program need to go hide under a rock.
  19. His palm rested on the medallion which clasped my robe together.
  20. Roman could see the medallion around Max’s neck reflecting the.
  21. And did you see what that commander did with my medallion? Just.
  22. It was a medallion of some sort, its face having been cut in half.
  23. She unwound it and examined the gold medallion that dangled from it.
  24. Each with two illustrations in colours and coloured medallion on cover.
  25. Halon pulled at the gossamer thread inside his jacket and exposed the medallion.

  26. Adam held the medallion above his head and levitated several feet off the floor.
  27. That medallion that Pharan gave me, I thought that was all that I would need.
  28. He brought his palm to rest on the medallion which clasped Desiree's robe together.
  29. The Captain lifts a gold medallion adorned with a blue and white ribbon chest high.
  30. Medallion when they watched their youngest son receive his Master of Science degree.
  31. Napoleon presented a gold medallion to Josephine with these words inscribed on it.
  32. Medallion (who was providing the food and service) to endeavor to improve either one.
  33. Laister, bring me that scroll I have in the bookshelf under the yellow Rose medallion.
  34. He removed a black circular medallion with a glowing golden star situated in its center.
  35. It’s a medallion whose symbol is recognized by very few people anywhere in the world.
  36. I think I know how we can use this! he began as he offered the medallion to Youssaf.
  37. Her worth greatly increases as the Captain lowers the heroic medallion around Cass’ neck.
  38. He swallows and runs a hand over his baldric, fingering the sun medallion resting against his chest.
  39. Princess Talia, we award you The Medallion of Service for Bravery, for Sacrifice, and for Brilliance.
  40. It had been the custom that on every visit to Brideshead I painted a medallion on the 'Thank God for that.
  41. Pointing to the chain and medallion hanging around her father’s neck, she asked, What’s that?
  42. As she stuffed the rope and medallion, along with the delicate book, back into the bag a noise startled her.
  43. As the car came closer, he looked out for the orange medallion painted on the bonnet and doors of the vehicle.
  44. Medallion told Joseph of the years before the war, and the day he met his bride-to-be, and their first house.
  45. Rincewind could be absolutely certain about that, because all she was wearing was a medallion around her neck.
  46. There were plenty of checkered sport coats and wide-collared shirts opened to the medallion, if not the navel.
  47. I watched with great pride as Nuke placed a large gold medallion suspended on a wide red ribbon around his neck.
  48. A medallion hung from a necklace, a swirling blue and pink liquid display which was almost as hypnotic as her eyes.
  49. There is technology imbedded in the clothing, in the medallion, and, oh my, there is technology inside your brain.
  50. By showing her Kassikan medallion she was able to get a copy of her career certificate and that included a thumbprint.
  51. He agreed and I took out Pierre Franco's star medallion and he drew in his breath and I knew we were on the right path.
  52. Medallion were convinced the Muslim conspiracy to conquer the Earth had their small local church squarely in its sights.
  53. They also included his rabbity front teeth and his Star of David medallion and his turtleneck; Dad never wore turtlenecks.
  54. I removed a black circular medallion with a glowing golden star situated in it's center, thankful that she didn't recognize it.
  55. With a light heart, Katarina resumed twirling the medallion and skipped her way back to the hidden door from where she’d emerged.
  56. It is The Medallion of Service of The Just Alliance, the first such to be commissioned, and it bears the words: ‘For bravery and sacrifice.
  57. I have been given a similar assignment, but by His Highness, the Vizier himself! Moshe could see a medallion as it was flashed in Youssaf’s face.
  58. Franco, I gave him all the letters that Phillipe and I had written to each other and after he finished reading them, he took out his medallion and put me under hypnosis.
  59. I’m no sort of wizard, really, I’m simply well equipped! My Flight spell is contained in my belt, and I have a Translation medallion for Smingan and Trade Common.
  60. Young girls in scarves of white satin, stockings of red cotton and heavy brocade jackets staggered under heirloom medallion chains of heavy gold, links of pearl, lace and beads.
  61. The first consists of a trophy and a medallion that the Association of International Poets granted me on August 17th of 2003 at their annual reunion during which one of my poems was read.
  62. A rounded black medallion with a glowing golden star in its center adorned the top of the tree, the very ornament which had been used in the King’s Vampire ceremony inside his Paris castle.
  63. After Silaran was presented with his medallion, he reared joyously and did a pirouette on one rear hoof before sweeping a graceful bow onto one front knee with the tip of his horn touching the turf.
  64. Donald Sterling was caught saying anti-black comments to his half-black girlfriend and Jay Z was wearing an anti-white medallion while sitting next to his bleached-her-skin-to-look-more-white wife.
  65. The marble medallion in the wall, in the antique style, representing a veiled woman seated with her hands clasped loosely over her knees, commemorates that unfortunate young gentleman who sailed out with Nostromo on that fatal night, sir.
  66. He knew that P’yongyang would undoubtedly be highly impressed with this venture!…and especially with China being cast as the villain once again!…He might even be declared a ‘hero of the State and be given the Hero’s medallion!.
  67. While carrying Marius' "duds" precipitately to his chamber, at his grandfather's command, Nicolette had, inadvertently, let fall, probably, on the attic staircase, which was dark, that medallion of black shagreen which contained the paper penned by the colonel.
  68. To put that in perspective, the Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund, widely considered to be the best of the best, has averaged an annual return just under 40 percent since its inception; traders and funds that can make 25 percent a year are rock stars in this industry.
  69. The same liberal patron of art also lends his unique piece of a walking lion, in silver, made in 1865 for a racing prize, and a plaster-proof of the little medallion of Milo of Crotona attacked by a Lion, executed by Barye in 1819 for the Prix de Rome competition at the École des Beaux-Arts.
  70. The Germans said the British had deliberately allowed American passengers to sail into a war zone; the British said it showed how inhuman the Germans were, especially when a special medallion surfaced in Germany celebrating the sinking and showing passengers buying their tickets from a figure of Death.
  71. Some of her other awards include: University of Pennsylvania Glee Club, 1973; Handel Medallion, Peace Prize of the United Nations and Congressional Gold Medal, all in 1977; Honors from the Kennedy Center, 1978; George Peabody Award, 1981; Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award of New York, 1984; National Medal of Arts, 1986; Grammy Award, 1991.
  72. You are presented with The Medallion of Service for Bravery, Sacrifice, and Brilliance, for your actions in the battle, for participating in training that involved far more suffering than any warrior endured in the real fighting of the war, for your part in the infiltration of Zarkog’s senior officers, and for your contributions to creating the solutions that won us the war on it’s final day.
  73. Hu Lyang wanted to achieve the maximum number of deaths possible! - the TV news coverage would be great!…P’yongyang would be proud of him!…he visualised the Hero medallion being placed around his neck by the President, at a prestigious ceremony organised in his honour!!…then he and Jenni could slip out of South Africa and enjoy the retired life!…the only thing that stood between him and his goal, was the Hamilton family…but not for long!.

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