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Decoration in a sentence | decoration example sentences

  1. It is decoration run mad.
  2. I love the openness and the decoration.
  3. The sole decoration of the four rooms on.
  4. Dust top with powdered sugar for decoration.
  5. The decoration had a diameter of about 30 feet.

  6. Immediately Owen could see that the decoration on.
  7. The bedspread had a decoration of ocean plant and.
  8. He seemed genuinely disturbed by my office decoration.
  9. If he had worn a decoration, Marius would have said:.
  10. The influence of ceramic decoration spread still further.
  11. Here are some of the more popular decoration techniques.
  12. In London she had earned a diploma in Interior Decoration.
  13. But she is there for more than decoration and admiration.
  14. Sue said happily, You have our cake decoration! Bev.
  15. There are no flowers and all the altars are bare of decoration.

  16. Sue quickly looked at the decoration on top of the cake again.
  17. It was as they saw very much in need of decoration and furnishings.
  18. The George Cross – the second highest decoration the UK can give.
  19. This year, the unorthodox Yuletide decoration will be allowed to remain.
  20. Maggie! Her usual black garments stood out on the girly decoration.
  21. Much has been spent upon ornament, decoration, and architectural effect.
  22. In my mind, whoever did that should receive Israel’s highest decoration.
  23. The central corridor was bare, with no decoration or adornments on the walls.
  24. But, as for the arts of decoration, once more, there is not so much to be said.
  25. Interior Decoration and Pampered Chef are just a few more party sales that you.

  26. Kitchen decoration can transform the room and has the effect of consolidating the.
  27. But as architecture becomes a fine art, it is perforce one of the arts of decoration.
  28. For such a legendary story the walls and altar were bare without markings or decoration.
  29. The new decoration of the Premises contributed much to the magnificence of the spectacle.
  30. They were all covered with the same dull concrete, no decoration adorning the cold walls.
  31. The ultimate aquarium decoration that is actually a living animal! Corals are not for the.
  32. Yet it is also the spring that often eludes us when it comes to inspiration for decoration.
  33. Years ago, it was easy to demonstrate the absurdity of any theory of polychrome decoration.
  34. There’s nothing more depressing than a frou frou drink that has no decoration to it.
  35. TIP! In some areas, pretty olive trees are turning into the landscaping decoration of choice.
  36. But they just sat there like immovable objects, parts of the decoration; rigid and stone-like.
  37. The painted decoration of these terracottas is that of the bounding friezes in vase-pictures.
  38. The pediment field from its architectonic conditions was never suited to decoration in relief.
  39. This Easter craft activity produces an interesting piece of art that can be used for decoration.
  40. There can be rules about visitors, decoration, borrowing clothes, eating food or anything else.
  41. Another no-no is adding swimming pools or water decoration within the design scheme of a small.
  42. A silver snail adorned the center pole above a long grey pennon, but that was the only decoration.
  43. Simon’s car, resplendent in all its decoration, is parked in the drive – they’ve taken Anna’s.
  44. She, on the other hand, made sure the ribbons looked good, as though they really were for decoration.
  45. For a moment Simon didn’t understand what it was and then he saw the silver decoration on the knife handle.
  46. There was only one mirror on the floor, and it was a piece of polished bronze with a handle and lavish decoration.
  47. Small bowls with decorative colored stones, some water and a tea light will also make a very nice table decoration.
  48. There was a chain, too, merely wrapped in newspaper and something else in newspaper, that looked like a decoration.
  49. There was a chain, too, merely wrapped in newspaper and something else in newspaper, that looked like a decoration….
  50. It was a carbon copy of his own bridge on the Elysian, very basic, minimal instrumentation and no decoration whatsoever.
  51. Throughout the house there are advertisements and objects bearing the Coca-Cola logo; these make up most of the decoration.
  52. The Attorney for the Crown had him warned that the authorities would prosecute him for "illegal" wearing of this decoration.
  53. Kids love making this Easter tree that is simple to make but the end result is an attractive and appealing Easter decoration.
  54. He had also fixed the mitre on Dapple's head, the oddest transformation and decoration that ever ass in the world underwent.
  55. And here it is so simple: where there was one decoration there will be two: where there was one million there will be two, etc.
  56. And why do you cry out? Simply because you're not getting married, and you won't have to wear a certain decoration on your head.
  57. It does not discriminate between ranks and is the highest and most distinguished military decoration awarded to any service man.
  58. Among them are some masterly pieces of decoration, the most important being the superb candelabra made for the Duc de Montpensier.
  59. The restaurant’s inside décor was a mixture of traditional Italian decoration combined with the feel of a five star restaurant.
  60. I do not imagine that a Frenchman would admit that architecture and the arts of decoration had ever languished in his own society.
  61. Well, the man said that Njal cut off the head of King Lambi's burnt body and tied it to the saddle on his horse, like a decoration.
  62. I have it on good authority you are recommended for, and in all probability will receive, a high decoration for your deeds at Loc Ninh.
  63. This shop had as decoration an old engraving of a fashion-plate stuck against a windowpane and the wax bust of a woman with yellow hair.
  64. Inside the mosque, the decoration is sparse but rich, with tall columns and arches of unsurpassed elegance and a large cupola with stalactites.
  65. The doctor looked round the room with a squeamish air once more and threw off his coat, displaying to all eyes the grand decoration at his neck.
  66. After several more flights of stairs the decoration of the corridors became more lavish, golden door handles and fine jewels decorated the walls.
  67. The Timeless Club was an interesting mix of both ultramodern architecture and old decoration and furnishing covering a few millenniums of history.
  68. If this is the case with you, then my hope is that some of the ideas mentioned below will help bring some serious decoration inspiration your way.
  69. He was forced to acknowledge with consternation that this apparent door was simply the wooden decoration of a building against which it was placed.
  70. So soon as this was discovered and so soon as the art of sculpture found itself able to supply the want, a new period in pedimental decoration began.
  71. The audience was the largest we have had, quite filling the church, and the floral decoration of the pulpit and its surroundings added to the effect.
  72. A large crucifix fastened to the wall completed the decoration of this refectory, whose only door, as we think we have mentioned, opened on the garden.
  73. This will be more readily admitted, perhaps, in the case of the arts of expression than in the case of arts of decoration and let us define these terms.
  74. Philemon pointed out its splendid peristyle in the Doric fashion and the ornate decoration on its columns’ capitals, carved with many leaves and fronds.
  75. However, to the totalist mind such a decoration poses a greater threat to the COMMUNITY than a rusted car up on four cement blocks with rats living in it.
  76. The things in the guest room were alien to him, as were the things in most of the house, and they tended to be fragile things, for decoration not handling.
  77. Frequent patches of dirt and specks of blood tangoed with the whitewashed walls, offering the only bit of decoration that existed in the horribly pale room.
  78. The feather-wearing, long-haired, red man carried a long staff with deer-hide and Indian-bead decoration and he seemed to take it with him wherever he went.
  79. The inference seems certain that the pedimental decoration, if present at all, was either of wood or of terracotta, or was merely painted on a smooth surface.
  80. Sitting down at one of the tables, Closse started sipping his liquor with delight while looking at the decoration of the main hall and at the people around him.
  81. Nuke spent part of the next morning making a decoration out of things we had found on the beach, including a piece of wormwood, a tiny starfish, and a black feather.
  82. The way to produce good interior decoration, good furniture, good jewelry, beautiful stuffs, has only been seen by here and there one, and his lead no one will follow.
  83. During the last few weeks ever since he had been engaged on the decoration of the drawing-room, Owen had been so absorbed in his work that he had no time for other things.
  84. And he began, at first rather diffidently, but more and more carried away by the subject as he went on, to draw her attention to the various details of the decoration of his.
  85. Hansen made a new series of drawings from the monument, and upon them based a restoration which differs somewhat from that of Stuart, especially in the decoration of the roof.
  86. He did not put any life into them even when he told me of a sharp affair in which he had been, in the Caucasus, for which his sword had got the decoration of the Riband of St.
  87. She slung a phaser rifle to her back, attached two phasers to her belt, a belt that was more decoration than functional, and took the remaining two phaser rifles in either hand.
  88. Such was the vehemence with which he made the threat that the president of the republic canceled his trip at the last moment and sent the decoration with a personal representative.
  89. Resulting from his many campaigns, both on the Eastern front and in the West, Wittmann was awarded Nazi Germany’s coveted decoration, the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.
  90. The similarity of the geometrical pattern columns to the sculptures of the Mykenae period is striking; hitherto such Egyptian decoration was only known in colour, and not in relief.
  91. As the last touch to her mermaid's garb, Pearl took some eel-grass, and imitated, as best she could, on her own bosom, the decoration with which she was so familiar on her mother's.
  92. Around each layer arrange a decoration of fresh or candied fruits of bright colors, glacéed nuts, candied rose petals or violets, bits of angelica, or any other effective decoration.
  93. Baskets are not only decorative touches, they also blend well with almost any décor and in most cases are quite willing to suit dual purposes as both decoration and much needed storage.
  94. She took it as a joke, which is what she did with everything she did not care to discuss, and she said that God had not put that diligent oriole’s beak on her face just for decoration.
  95. There were no statues or plants for decoration; the liquid lights swirled in plain waveglass urns as if to show visitors that nothing but the strictest and gravest business should proceed here.
  96. Suppose that a man has built a fine house and adorned it with the most beautiful decoration, do we accept that he may turn away from it departing or leave it empty after he has prepared it perfectly?
  97. Despite this surface decoration, though, there was an overpowering filth and stench, with rank, mephitic vapours rising from the inhabitant’s detritus and from the swamps by which Kumassi is surrounded.
  98. The first room his guests entered was a well-fitted billiard-room, with pictures of English race-horses, in black frames on the walls, an essential decoration, as we all know, for a bachelor's billiard-room.
  99. In the howling universe of passion and contention that seemed to encompass this grim old officer conspicuous in his grey coat and red decoration, there was but one quite steady figure, and that was a woman's.
  100. When she reached the empty house she had gone through all the rooms, accompanied by her faithful old butler, Alexey Yegorytch, and by Fomushka, a man who had seen much of life and was a specialist in decoration.

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