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    1. When Tig and the alien twisted around again, the blade of magnetically focused plasma had sliced a Squidy into a pair of thrashing hose and ribbon tangles that shot a mix of snowy atmo and alien blood out mortal wounds

    2. The ribbon of wet sheen running towards the horizon begged the driver of the Aston Martin to put his Cuban heeled boot through the floor, and he duly obliged

    3. ribbon bedecked amid the roar of red and white scarves and bobble hats,

    4. She wore her golden hair down, thick and flowing on her back, tied with a blue ribbon

    5. He untied the ribbon holding the brown paper closed around the box and pulled away the paper

    6. The 'mother,' it had to be presumed, because in her free hand she carried a little girl's boat hat, and a ribbon which appeared to be the missing tie of the little boy's ensemble, walked with her back as straight as a board

    7. When they emerged on the other side, greeted by towering purple and red sandstone cliffs, plunging over one was a shimmering blue ribbon of water, into a motionless pond below

    8. It also said something about: ONE RIBBON BECOMING THREE, IS WHERE MY CHEST WILL BE

    9. Heather pulled the gold ribbon off the box and tore into the purple paper

    10. on our faces by a silky ribbon that wrapped around the back of our heads

    1. The narrow black highway ribboned smoothly down hill under a canopy of trees

    2. the ribboned tree and instructed his little brother to dig under

    3. With every present we give, how many pasts have we destroyed and how many futures diseased? If it's embroidered with suicides, packaged in waste, and ribboned and bowed with war and want, then we are feasting at the table of the blood hunt, led there by the bloodprint trail of Pandora's wantonly torn open, unrecyclable empty containers – trash can to box store to trailer to warehouse to cargo hold to factory to boxcar to box-top mountains to mineshafts to miners' memorials, widows' hearts, and orphans' locked and boarded former family values houses

    4. Uthyr was slightly shorter than his son, thin, wiry, deep set green eyes, light brown hair, ribboned with grey; he was still handsome in his age of fortieth decade

    5. There was a long table set up near the house, and it was stacked with gifts, most of them large and boxy, all of them wrapped and ribboned in monochrome whites and silvers

    6. He called for a fête champêtre with a ribboned swing and a Negro page and a shepherd playing the pipes, but the thing languished

    7. For the lawyer was reading from his ribboned document, and his voice floated on the hot summer wind, like this:

    8. Along the shore in a never-broken line, the hand, the wooden stylus of this man, bent down in fever and raining perspiration, scribbled, ribboned, looped around over and up, across, in, out, stitched, whispered, stayed, then hurried on as if this traveling bacchanal must flourish to its end before the sun was put out by the sea

    9. Every object seemed to mingle together in a strange blur—the candles, the brocade, the velvet, the great candelabra, the pink satin cushion trimmed with lace, the chaplet of flowers, the ribboned cap, and something of a transparent, wax-like colour

    1. Glaring red flashes were angrily ribboning the sky

    1. Ribbons and medals and statuary waved and banked around him

    2. To watch your soul-brother take a beating for some off-hand remark or imagined slight, is to have your heart cut, slice by slice, into ribbons

    3. trailing the ribbons that floated once

    4. ‘There, that’s better, isn’t it?’ she said, tying the neck ribbons tidily

    5. baubles, ribbons and little niknaks on the tree, with 2 sets of

    6. The ribbons spiral down

    7. Pottery vases and dishes trailing ribbons and silken cord stood before effigies of tulips and lilies in pink, white and turquoise behind rows of ornate glassware balanced on the shelves

    8. stickers, ribbons or anything that supports the theme of the page

    9. The ribbons fell on his head

    10. Holly and red ribbons, fir boughs and cookies were to be found at every store counter and in every home's kitchen and mantlepiece

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    Synonyms for "ribbon"

    ribbon typewriter ribbon decoration laurel wreath medal medallion palm thread band bar stripe

    "ribbon" definitions

    any long object resembling a thin line

    an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

    a long strip of inked material for making characters on paper with a typewriter

    notion consisting of a narrow strip of fine material used for trimming