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Ribbon in a sentence

Andrew ribbon over his shoulder.
The ribbon wilts in response to.
Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon.
Stick a small flower in the ribbon.
Examples: Century Ribbon Mills, Inc.
Remove your hair ribbon and dress.
In fact we won the ribbon for the best.

It was a small box wrapped with a ribbon.
She'd rather starve than have a ribbon she.
We had come on a small black ribbon of pathway.
He tied the ribbon to their enclosure tightly.
We call this move a ribbon because it's as if.
I smiled as I twisted the ribbon in my fingers.
Use the two ribbon strands to loosely tie the.
A shallow ribbon of water flowed at the bottom.
Thatcher recognized the ribbon and cried over it.
Hurrah there, Dix! Forward to the ribbon counter.
Monty tied the ribbon that secured their enclosure.
She tied it with a broader pink ribbon than usual.
Ribband: A cord; twisted thread; a ribbon on clothing.
He could see the road as a narrow ribbon that clung.
Hanging on each branch were different shades of ribbon.
Add a silk or satin bow made from the same ribbon to.
The ribbon around Toto's neck had also lost its green.
He pulled out a white small box tied with a red ribbon.
And here the stirrups and ribbon to run the back wheel.
She gathered her hair in a ribbon and pouted seductively.
William requested that you wear that ribbon in your hair.
What’s that say? Mark pointed to the ribbon writing.
She had it pinned to her right side by a pretty blue ribbon.
I saw this little ‘t’ on the ribbon, so I named him Tee.
She rolled it up and tied it with its black ribbon and said.
She looked at the baby with the blue ribbon in John’s arms.
In the same pocket, I found the small gear on its red ribbon.
Her long, blond hair was tied back with a little blue ribbon.
Just when I had things all wrapped in a tidy little ribbon, Mr.
Veronique untied the ribbon in her hair and loosened her dress.
She held out a dusty little packet tied with faded blue ribbon.
They wrapped each pendant, adding a waterfall of curling ribbon.
I took the end of the ribbon and pulled it carefully but quickly.
Glaring red flashes were angrily ribboning the sky.
The narrow black highway ribboned smoothly down hill under a canopy of trees.
For the lawyer was reading from his ribboned document, and his voice floated on the hot summer wind, like this:.
He called for a fête champêtre with a ribboned swing and a Negro page and a shepherd playing the pipes, but the thing languished.
Uthyr was slightly shorter than his son, thin, wiry, deep set green eyes, light brown hair, ribboned with grey; he was still handsome in his age of fortieth decade.
There was a long table set up near the house, and it was stacked with gifts, most of them large and boxy, all of them wrapped and ribboned in monochrome whites and silvers.
Every object seemed to mingle together in a strange blur—the candles, the brocade, the velvet, the great candelabra, the pink satin cushion trimmed with lace, the chaplet of flowers, the ribboned cap, and something of a transparent, wax-like colour.
Along the shore in a never-broken line, the hand, the wooden stylus of this man, bent down in fever and raining perspiration, scribbled, ribboned, looped around over and up, across, in, out, stitched, whispered, stayed, then hurried on as if this traveling bacchanal must flourish to its end before the sun was put out by the sea.
With every present we give, how many pasts have we destroyed and how many futures diseased? If it's embroidered with suicides, packaged in waste, and ribboned and bowed with war and want, then we are feasting at the table of the blood hunt, led there by the bloodprint trail of Pandora's wantonly torn open, unrecyclable empty containers – trash can to box store to trailer to warehouse to cargo hold to factory to boxcar to box-top mountains to mineshafts to miners' memorials, widows' hearts, and orphans' locked and boarded former family values houses.
The Ribbons, Not Resting At.
The ribbons fell on his head.
Ribbons of gold, cutting as.
Tied up in the Ribbons of.
The Ribbons of Hathor tightened.
With faded ribbons, brave and gay.
Christ his face was torn to ribbons.
The ribbons vanished, then reappeared.
Setne had done with the Ribbons of Hathor.
We got cut to ribbons, stomped in the dirt.
No, my hair had ribbons of copper in it.
The Ribbons of Hathor tied his wrists together.
The proud little girl, with red ribbons adorning.
I commanded the ribbons to release just his mouth.
The Seven Ribbons of Hathor, Walt whispered.
The ribbons around his staff and the ties around.
The birds had ribbons hanging from their scaly legs.
Eden also noticed the ribbons and raised an eyebrow.
Zia understood the Ribbons of Hathor better than I did.
He was slowly unpinning the badges and stained ribbons.
I’ll cut you to ribbons with your own straight razor.
Its a large box decorated with pink and purple ribbons.
H won three ribbons that day, including grand champion.
Emma made sure to always be the one to wrap the ribbons.
Things seem so cheap, nice ribbons only sixpence a yard.
They were both dressed in white muslin with pink ribbons.
To serve, place sweet potato ribbons on a plate and top.
I have a nice job in the ribbons and sundries counter at.
An attractive Memory Chart with colored ribbons (which I.
Resulting strips or ribbons should be long and thin, with.
Hickathrift picked up his staff and toyed with the ribbons.
He looked from me to the ribbons dancing in the wishing tree.
Ribbons and medals and statuary waved and banked around him.
Then he caught sight of the Highland bonnet with its ribbons.
It was a scissoring of wings that sliced his musings to ribbons.
Ariel was an eleven year old girl, with shiny ribbons in her hair.
The men roller theirs eyes at the mention of ribbons on the road.
When the ribbons were ready, she placed them inside a shopping bag.
Only his mail saved him from being ripped to ribbons in an instant.
Self-defense! Setne tried to spread his hands, but the ribbons.

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