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Pay in a sentence

1. To pay for a $1.
2. I can't pay you $.
3. The pay is not al-.
4. I had to pay my life.
5. You can pay me back.
6. He would pay a price.
7. Pay no heed to others.

8. She will have to pay.
9. The pay ranges from $.
10. The guy could not pay.
11. A price she would pay.
12. He will pay for that.
13. All ready to pay more.
14. I pay my own bills.
15. I want to pay for gas.
16. I pay for the beauty.
17. I would make them pay.
18. There are men who pay.
19. You pay for the shoes.
20. There are bills to pay.
21. I came back to pay my.
22. They pay a heavy price.
23. I’ll go pay for this.
24. The pay off is great!.
25. I'll pay for any damage.
26. They will pay you what.
27. Pay for half of the date.
28. Price is what you pay.
29. It's enough to pay the.
30. Indians and to pay taxes.
31. I wasn’t going to pay.
32. We pay the rest of the.
33. The price you have to pay.
34. It often shows pay rises.
35. Someone was going to pay.
36. You will have to pay him.
37. You get what you pay for.
38. Because he had to pay.
39. They pay half the salary.
40. Will you pay the price?
1. And I'm paying for it.
2. That is, paying back U.
3. Will you be paying in.
4. By paying more than the.
5. Who was paying the rent?
6. Monica was paying for it.
8. So he was paying attention.
9. A horse should be paying.
10. The gamble was paying off.
11. So you are paying the price.
12. By paying attention to the.
13. I’m paying her a visit.
15. He was paying attention too.
16. Yeah, and we're paying them.
17. I was barely paying attention.
18. They’re paying for the call.
19. I knew what I was paying for.
20. Without paying mind to what.
21. They are not paying attention.
22. I insisted on paying the check.
23. You stop paying attention to.
24. While paying the price of the.
25. If you were paying the market.
26. So paying higher wages to the.
27. Paying the bills and expenses i.
28. Paying cash for a modest house.
29. This is determined by paying 2.
30. A customer was paying her bill.
31. Thank you for paying Blackstone.
32. After paying the cabbie, Jimmy.
33. However, instead of paying a $6.
34. Neither one is paying any bills.
35. Ma wasn’t paying any attention.
36. After all, wife is paying for it.
37. He’s also paying for the hotel.
38. I nodded without paying attention.
39. We checked in, paying cash, as Mr.
40. He hadn’t been paying attention.
1. We had paid $ 175.
2. And I paid for it.
3. She paid it no mind.
4. And I paid the price.
5. I have not been paid.
6. They paid me to kill.
7. But as I paid close.
8. He had paid for the.
9. She came in and paid.
10. I paid you to attend.
11. The state paid us $2.
12. Bills had to be paid.
13. Not so with paid media.
14. He also paid no more.
15. I paid for the month.
16. He paid a rare visit.
17. He wanted to get paid.
18. I paid the waiter and.
19. They paid for the air.
20. Her bluff had paid off.
21. She paid a heavy price.
22. We never paid any mind.
23. It was a low paid job.
24. The hard work paid off.
25. She paid the bills on.
26. Jesus paid our debt in.
27. We paid for that ship.
28. But he paid little heed.
29. No one paid any atten-.
30. Aiden paid for the cab.
31. You get paid very nicely.
32. They had paid the price.
33. He paid the cabbie and.
34. And you will be paid $10.
35. The man paid for the coat.
36. It never paid to be last.
37. She thinks she has paid.
38. I paid for my own dinner.
39. I do, what I am paid to.
40. I paid the price for that.
1. He pays her no heed.
2. If a trader pays $3.
3. My new bank pays a.
4. She pays him no heed.
5. She pays ten an hour.
7. They tell me it pays.
8. It pays to be careful.
9. It pays only a single.
10. He pays me no attention.
11. He pays her no attention.
12. The public pays for this.
13. But who pays a high price.
14. He who doesn’t, pays it.
15. He usually pays for eve-.
16. Dad usually pays the bills.
17. You know, he pays me a lot.
18. Vince pays us chicken feed.
19. Each pays according to his.
20. One TNI pays for a few busts.
21. If Stock A pays a dividend of 1.
22. It pays to always be prepared.
23. Crime pays for the elite that.
24. With those pays, Josh said.
25. Yes, but who pays for all this?
26. If they buy, the merchant pays.
27. The ETF pays a small dividend, 1.
28. Crime pays so there has to be a.
29. The investor pays the sales load.
30. You see some one pays me a visit.
31. It pays to keep one’s ears open.
32. You done it; now you pays for it.
33. That is the guarantor pays when.
34. Who pays the piper calls the tune.
35. A natural typically pays out at 1.
36. Her grandfather Mike pays her bail.
37. The land which pays it produces it.
38. The employee pays $30,000 in taxes.
39. The weary footman pays no attention.
40. He pays 36 second per dollar and 40.

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