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Menacing in a sentence

He was menacing, mean,.
be even more than menacing.
Showing his menacing teeth.
His smile was menacing.
She had dark, menacing eyes.
She smiled, benignly menacing.
weapons with menacing points,.

She gave Shen a menacing glare.
He responded in a menacing tone.
Her voice is low and menacing.
His smile took on a menacing cast.
aggressive and menacing they grew.
Who was the he? Menacing obscurity.
Maxi said with a menacing laugh.
She contemplated the menacing array.
menacing, shoulders back, chest out.
His eyes remained open and menacing.
He wore a menacing look on his face.
Menacing thoughts occupied his mind.
With a menacing grin, he raised his.
She screamed on seeing his menacing.
But that too seemed menacing to Bilbo.
„They were menacing and I hated them.
menacing in the darkness, Cody said.
Groves, he said in a menacing tone.
You just stand there and look menacing.
a menacing Vernon about to pounce on me.
"Shut up!" he snarled in a menacing tone.
He menaced then smiled.
He menaced then smiled,.
No one menaced them on the march to the tent.
I’m talking to you, asshole! Mike menaced.
Now just give me the damn keys,’ Jodie menaced through gritted teeth.
That which had menaced, that which had reassured him,—all had vanished.
Our territory was invaded, I defended it; France was menaced, I offered my breast.
Harald and the pilot lay at her feet, trussed like chickens and menaced by the dog.
A shiver raced up Truman’s spine as the knife menaced scant inches from her flesh.
A beginning of mystery menaced "the established order of things," which was suspicious and underhand.
The peculiarity of prudery is to place all the more sentinels in proportion as the fortress is the less menaced.
He was menaced by a few passing cars; these howled their fury at him, but screamed past in pursuit of other prey.
"I'd wrench them off her fingers, if they ever menaced me," he answered brutally, when the door had closed after her.
‘I’d wrench them off her fingers, if they ever menaced me,’ he answered, brutally, when the door had closed after her.
A ridge of lighted heath, alive, glancing, devouring, would have been a meet emblem of my mind when I accused and menaced Mrs.
A tall and powerful Huron, who had husbanded his forces, pressed close upon his heels, and with an uplifted arm menaced a fatal blow.
Thus warned and menaced, the castellan forthwith brought out a book in which he used to enter the straw and barley he served out to the.
Without realizing it, she was menaced by the same trap of pity that had been the downfall of so many of Florentino Ariza’s defenseless victims.
At least it was of earthly matter; it was a crawling death, but it threatened only physical extinction, whereas these other horrors menaced mind and soul as well.
The men who were work-ing along the rows felt possessed by a strange fascina-tion, menaced by some invisible danger, and many succumbed to a terrible desire to weep.
With that I shut the window and returned to my place by the fire; having too small a stock of hypocrisy at my command to pretend any anxiety for the danger that menaced him.
‘With that I shut the window and returned to my place by the fire; having too small a stock of hypocrisy at my command to pretend any anxiety for the danger that menaced him.
Under existing circumstances the community is menaced by another equally great danger - the people are mentally and physically degenerating from lack of proper food and clothing.
The insurgents' whole attention had been directed, therefore, to the grand barricade, which was, evidently, the spot always menaced, and there the struggle would infallibly recommence.
Yet so crushing were the liabilities under its long-term leases (and to carry properties acquired by subsidiaries), that in 1932 bankruptcy was resorted to and the preferred stock was menaced with extinction.
At five o'clock in the evening, they were masters of the Bastille, of the Lingerie, of the BlancsManteaux; their scouts had reached the Place des Victoires, and menaced the Bank, the Petits-Peres barracks, and the PostOffice.
Aragorn said naught in answer, but he took the other's eye and held it, and for a moment they strove thus; but soon, though Aragorn did not stir nor move hand to weapon, the other quailed and gave back as if menaced with a blow.
By the side of the one where they were singing, there was one where they were howling; a third where they were begging; one could be seen in which they were gnashing their teeth; another load menaced the spectators, another blasphemed God; the last was as silent as the tomb.
trap that menaces every rambler in the forest of.
A few feet below it a stuffed Polar bear menaces the hotel guests.
Then The Man turned to Menachem and spoke menaces softly as he caught his breath.
menaces conceived in the continuity of a fearful reaction to otherwise inviting propositions.
Ted understands the difference between a consideration and a question delivered with menaces.
' The retreating party in their haste, however, did not stop for that, or heed his menaces any more than last year's clouds.
So, in adherence to some kind of perverse morality, these little menaces were never deployed as a long-range offensive weapon.
Standing three feet away in the middle of the road he seemed larger than any of his family members, distant brown menaces in a field.
Multitudes hear these menaces without a pang, and 'take sittings’ to listen to them, if eloquently set forth by a tragical preacher.
The old tyrant, maddened by one of his sudden accesses of suspicion, mingled spluttering appeals to their fidelity with imprecations and horrible menaces.
Yeah Yeah Yeah it has turns into a terror factory and perhaps we have become an epitome of war and hatred but like I said we didn’t call for these menaces to the society.
Distracted between the coaxings and menaces of Sotillo and his Staff, the miserable commander of the steamer kept her moving with as much prudence as they would let him exercise.
Lastly, he has his own fauna, which he observes attentively in the corners; the lady-bird, the death's-head plant-louse, the daddy-long-legs, "the devil," a black insect, which menaces by twisting about its tail armed with two horns.
Their Breton mother, true to form in all of her formidable petiteness and feistiness, swore to protect her tall and broad-shouldered Redguard husband from any and all menaces with everything in her – promising to rip them apart with her bare hands, even.
Ben hesitantly admitted that it might not all be apples because we were assigned to sleep in something named Possum Tent, but he did assure us that Australia’s possums were adorable and not the angry, giant-teethed, hissing menaces that we had in Texas.
Bold and rapid as was the progress of the scout, it was exceeded by that of a light and vigorous form which, bounding past him, leaped, with incredible activity and daring, into the very center of the Hurons, where it stood, whirling a tomahawk, and flourishing a glittering knife, with fearful menaces, in front of Cora.
Sire, I have come as rapidly to Paris as possible, to inform your majesty that I have discovered, in the exercise of my duties, not a commonplace and insignificant plot, such as is every day got up in the lower ranks of the people and in the army, but an actual conspiracy— a storm which menaces no less than your majesty's throne.
Shall we continue to raise our eyes to heaven? is the luminous point which we distinguish there one of those which vanish? The ideal is frightful to behold, thus lost in the depths, small, isolated, imperceptible, brilliant, but surrounded by those great, black menaces, monstrously heaped around it; yet no more in danger than a star in the maw of the clouds.
Camilla was not long in recovering from her fainting fit and on coming to herself she said, Why do you not go, Leonela, to call hither that friend, the falsest to his friend the sun ever shone upon or night concealed? Away, run, haste, speed! lest the fire of my wrath burn itself out with delay, and the righteous vengeance that I hope for melt away in menaces and maledictions.
menace of the C.
About the menace.
You are a menace.
But menace it was.
added to the menace.
a menace to the world.
menace within the cave.
exuding a sense of menace.
menace, a Boksburg bomber.
the menace was more remote.
Are a menace, a threat to.
This camp is a menace to health.
I forgot about the menace outside.
There was real menace in his voice.
teens as a menace, but that's not all.
They were a menace to society really.
quietly, but with ill-disguised menace.
And I was nothing to him but a menace.
They did not heed that crawling menace.
menace in that one, cold, hard syllable.
each of which seemed charged with menace.
He waved his bat in the air with menace.
Then he turned to face the canine menace.
own counsel against the menace of the East.
see us safely by the menace in the channel.
He’s a menace, Admiral Nechayev said.
I hope, we’ll have more fun, than menace.

Synonyms for menacing

baleful forbidding menacing ominous sinister threatening