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Small in a sentence

You have a small mind.
It was a small place.
It was a small thing.
It meant a small re-.
It, it seems to small.
It was small and neat.
Darklow is a small town.

The small islands of St.
A group of very small.
A small act of defiance.
It was just a small ramp.
He, too, was small –.
Some small thing it was.
There was a small group.
This was small fry stuff.
Another Small Story for U.
We've only got small, Mr.
She emitted a small laugh.
Liulfr gave a small smile.
After a small amount of.
Small insect on the moon.
There was a small table.
It was small and flaccid.
So he gave a small smile.
The heat and small space.
From time to time, small.
Where the Small Things Go.
There was a small kitch-.
A small price to pay for.
Soon they reached a small.
None are as small as Earth.
Bert was quite a small man.
A small header at the top.
I might take a small peep.
It’s too small in here.
Cut cold into small pieces.
Small groups, in, out fast.
The world is such a small.
A small beeping sound began.
He is brave for one so small.

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Synonyms for small

small belittled diminished little minor modest minuscule humble low lowly

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