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Restore in a sentence | restore example sentences

  1. And this will restore us.
  2. To restore the human DNA.
  3. His sight began to restore.
  4. I had to restore order.
  5. The book helps to restore.

  6. They can help restore any.
  7. To restore the balance, I.
  8. I can restore it for you.
  9. Can I restore him to you?
  10. Helps to restore the balance.
  11. And Robin shall restore amends.
  12. I can only restore the cosmic.
  13. And I want to try to restore it.
  14. Restore your health and balance.
  15. O heavenly powers, restore him!.

  16. Step one has to be to restore it.
  17. I would restore the stolen money.
  18. They work to restore normalcy to.
  19. God will restore His blessing in.
  20. You restore youth, happiness, and.
  21. Can it restore heat to a corpse?
  22. To restore IT (the I is for human.
  23. Now or never: I had to restore order.
  24. I do what I can to restore your life.
  25. Please help me to restore her health.

  26. We restore the nation to what it was.
  27. Solid food helped to restore my voice.
  28. Then we need to restore the utilities.
  29. That may restore both foot and brain!.
  31. It was expectedthat he would restore.
  32. He wanted to restore the Away Team to.
  33. A project to restore the State's power.
  34. You shall restore the youth of Tascela.
  35. Riot police had to restore law and order.
  36. He can instantly restore al of his lost.
  37. A story that would restore my perfection.
  38. He let me restore the Sopwith Camel—.
  39. If he can, he does the needful to restore.
  41. He wondered whether he should restore them.
  42. Perhaps a little water would restore her.
  43. The strong air would soon restore Jonathan.
  44. Maybe Jack went down to help restore peace.
  46. His touch seemed to restore her shaken sanity.
  47. We will restore it to its original condition.
  48. God will restore back His glory to the church.
  49. Hungrily the crowd tried to restore the rhythm.
  50. We can reveal your past lives and restore to.
  51. I pray it will restore some necessary optimism.
  52. He wants to safe, heal, deliver and to restore.
  53. We were going to restore wholeness and oneness.
  54. Remember the intent of Jesus was to restore a.
  55. Pastor ran around town trying to restore other.
  56. With Kandras' help he began to restore the Crew.
  57. Only those who ruined our earth can restore it.
  58. The Lord will protect you, and restore you to.
  59. Rescuing Kurds in Operation Restore Hope I and II.
  60. Restore that old car that you have dreamed about.
  61. I have sent River Mother to restore that Balance.
  62. As the imbalance is stronger, the restore of the.
  63. If it is not damaged, then you can restore it to.
  64. She rubbed her forearms to restore the circulation.
  65. This Power will restore al lost Hearts to a target.
  66. There was no way to restore the magic Well, it had.
  67. Why do you not restore his mind to him? Can you?'.
  68. Restore the tacit agreement between cosmology and.
  69. Restore with us the true power of God in this land.
  70. I offer you my blood to restore you, he said.
  71. Then it was on to the next restore and more thrills.
  72. National guard troops helped to restore power lines.
  73. Clapping his hands to restore order, he pleaded for.
  74. Your dad simply wants to help restore a little of.
  75. God is beginning to restore the ministry of evangelism.
  76. Let Him pour out Living Water to refresh and restore.
  77. AND THEN, I still have to restore all my information.
  78. I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.
  79. Al had sacrificed so much to restore the House of Life.
  80. He swore he would restore the family prestige and not.
  81. They plan to rid Egypt of Asiatic infidels and restore.
  82. The distance had helped restore my lost sense of emo-.
  83. It’s not interference to restore order, my Overlord.
  84. We attempt to restore the person in gentleness and love.
  85. Restore the power of the blessing, to turn millions of.
  86. If problems arise, restore harmony as quickly as you can.
  87. ALLAH would restore all things and what indication there.
  88. Restore the power of the Spirit, which we once walked in.
  89. Israel believed God would restore (resurrect) the nation.
  90. They will be used to help restore herds lost to disasters.
  91. Hug therapy, if successful in these cases helps restore a.
  92. Came to believe that our winkie could restore us to sanity.
  93. Came to believe that Steve Case could restore us to sanity.
  94. To restore the house of David is to restore the King David.
  95. A being to restore the balance of the Earthsoul, to bring.
  96. Restore to Him therefore a spirit sound as you received it.
  97. Basics of soil restoration is to restore the natural balance.
  98. Let’s hope a few weeks normality will restore her spirits.
  99. Just try to restore a balance to history east of the Vistula.
  100. The doctors have done their best to restore my son in law's.
  1. Restoring the Church of, 128.
  2. Restoring the Tabernacle of David.
  3. This is not a restoring of physical.
  4. A first step in restoring discipline.
  5. God is restoring identity to His bride.
  6. What’s the update for restoring.
  7. There was no restoring their functions.
  8. It tasted refreshing and life restoring.
  9. But reaches to God restoring man’s hope.
  11. This is not a restoring of physical sight but a.
  12. This process is referred to as restoring the files.
  13. To aid in searching for, seizing, and restoring them.
  14. Only love filled Lucy after the deep, restoring sleep.
  15. Thank you for restoring me, Fionn, he said evenly.
  16. It would cost them less than restoring the present one.
  17. But she was on the journey of restoring belief in herself.
  20. He is restoring us to this place of uniqueness in His image.
  21. Watermelon: Restoring of the soul; refreshened; fruitfulness.
  22. James has begun to enjoy working toward restoring the Church.
  24. Total healing requires restoring harmony to all of our bodies.
  26. He's got a respectable business going restoring old machinery.
  27. I followed my calling and conscience of restoring honor to my.
  28. God is restoring this ministry of evangelism because it has been.
  29. Restoring one’s reality starts from restoring one’s own spirit.
  30. Restoring the balance, also called centering, requires being.
  31. He had a business going, restoring abandoned machinery and factories.
  32. Restoring those architectural monuments revived not only historical.
  33. We will assist you in restoring the order of Assoria master Zevin.
  34. However, keep in mind restoring blemished wood can devalue the piece.
  36. How can he not see that the resurrection or restoring of Israel as a.
  37. God is restoring and bringing into position both the Church and Israel.
  38. It was not about restoring honor, for he had died with plenty of that.
  39. God is interested in healing the broken hearted, and restoring people.
  40. We have to live with less and be happy baking bread, restoring a house.
  41. He saw but one means of restoring lucidity and clearness to his judgment.
  43. I hope many of you wil at least try restoring some photos to see how easy it is.
  44. In these two verses, we see a phrase about restoring the tabernacle of David.
  45. Restoring or resurrection of a nation (living Jews) from captivity (Hosea 13:14).
  46. The model at the foot of the bed bleeds away and is a long time restoring itself.
  47. But restoring herself to beauty would scarcely improve her chances with Andrastus.
  48. Restoring or resurrection of a nation (living Jews) from captivity [Hosea 13:14].
  49. God is restoring truth, love, and power to His bride and this is cause to rejoice.
  50. Paul was not speaking of restoring a nation, or a resurrection that had passed, or.
  51. Raphael tapestries, effect of light and air in restoring the colors of, xxxvii, 214.
  52. You are to disregard the message from Intel Wing restoring command to Mister Cross.
  53. After the completion of this task, you should gear up for restoring those spots or.
  54. Biddy held one of my hands to her lips, and Joe's restoring touch was on my shoulder.
  55. Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel? New American.
  56. Testament be the restoring of the nation of Israel, which was totality destroyed in A.
  57. The resurrection is a restoring to life the body, the person, but with a changed body.
  58. God came in the right time to do the restoring for the nation of Israel that was fallen.
  59. Israel cannot be restored as a nation without restoring the shadow, including restoring.
  60. Without negotiations there is always failure at the end in all peace restoring attempts.
  61. Before you place the item in any of your rooms, you have to consider restoring it first.
  62. Following the crash, he often returned in hopes of restoring the communications systems.
  63. By contrast his brother Ralph was obsessed with restoring the family to its former glory.
  64. Some point to restoring of the nation of Israel as a nation as being a resurrection, but.
  65. Mister President, I believe that restoring order in the country is our top priority now.
  66. Testament speaks of restoring or resurrecting a nation to life as a nation that would die.
  67. Old Testament speaks of restoring or resurrecting a nation to life as a nation that would.
  68. Never doubt, River Mother, that I am not your loyal ally in restoring the ways of feeling.
  69. In the reaction towards restoring his self-esteem, he went into the Willow Tree for a drink.
  70. Redeemer: One charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs.
  71. Alan seemed to have a business restoring and servicing machinery that was modestly successful.
  72. Both sides were motionless, resting, restoring their strength with the brief lull in the battle.
  73. But also I was in open rebellion now, restoring life where he would have committed desecrations.
  74. We've recovered so few helmets and have been even less successful at restoring them to operation.
  75. In the process they had succeeded in restoring the water supply to The farms in the Imperial Valley.
  76. Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel? New American Standard Version.
  77. His reason for restoring the fortythousand francs, of his own accord, was that he no longer wanted it.
  78. Gerald Ford’s most difficult task since replacing Richard Nixon is restoring dignity to the presidency.
  79. Doc, Paul, we are a small group of people who have been given the task of restoring order to our world.
  80. It works by the acupuncturist restoring the normal flow of the Qi by stimulating certain points on the body.
  81. The closeness of another human being was magical, restoring my faith and my strength and my belief in myself.
  82. Israel cannot be restored as a nation without restoring the shadow, including restoring animal sacrifice, etc.
  83. Thomas has been dealing with them quite adequately, taking them out for services and restoring them to our.
  84. Hardin had argued against restoring the building to its 21st Century configuration, but popular demand won out.
  85. He saw the potential for graciousness in unlikely-looking items and was a master at restoring old wooden furniture.
  86. She thanked Him for restoring her to her beloved mountains,—in her happiness she could hardly find words to pray.
  87. It is during aerobic (oxygen) exercise that the body delivers intense amounts of restoring oxygen to all the cells.
  88. Figures are largely used by landscape painters in this way, and are of great use in restoring balance in a picture.
  89. Another kind of maintenance has to do with backing up a file and then redefining it and restoring it from the backup.
  90. Erskine, which made the same condition the sole foundation for restoring amicable intercourse between the two nations.
  91. Merv had done a great job restoring their home to something that almost resembled what they had before disaster struck.
  92. How can a restoring of Old Testament Israel be gotten out of "the abomination of desolation" that destroyed Jerusalem?
  93. They had reclaimed it from disrepair and despair alike, spending much time and money renovating and restoring the interior.
  94. We all felt a glad sense of relief when we saw the Professor calmly restoring the strings of putty to the edges of the door.
  95. It involves healing, rebuilding and restoring the colon or the big intestine to its normal size and shape and correct function.
  96. Restoring the Government For the People To restore a democratic government FOR the people I envision several requirements.
  97. The resurrection means the restoring of the person, not just something that is in the person and will leave the person at death.
  98. They have Christ saying they were when they were not; that God planned on restoring the kingdom to Israel but it was not restored.
  99. Who'd have thought the coolly logical Llewellyn would have the knack of restoring his good temper? Perhaps he'd keep him after all.
  100. Frank was chatting happily - nervously - to Jack about old buildings that the Restoration Committee were in the process of restoring.
  1. We restored her to life.
  2. It has quite restored me.
  3. You have restored to me.
  4. Restored our earth to joy.
  5. Now hope had been restored.
  6. He will be restored to you.
  7. All of nature was restored.
  9. We restored water and food.
  10. She knelt down and restored.
  11. And harmony was soon restored.
  12. Her flesh was whole, restored.
  13. The poor bumpkin was restored.
  14. All will be taken and restored.
  15. We need power to be restored.
  16. Dawn restored me to common sense.
  17. Holy Spirit - all can be restored.
  18. Think of me when you are restored.
  19. Reputations needed to be restored.
  20. Will animal sacrifices be restored?
  21. This gesture restored the piety and.
  22. DESTROYED Jerusalem, not restored it.
  23. He restored the glowworm to his bag.
  24. Nehemiah restored the tent of David:.
  25. Cosette's serenity was fully restored.
  26. On Monday, the status quo was restored.
  27. The blond woman’s smile was restored.
  28. Adam before his sin on a restored earth.
  29. The target wil be restored to ful Hearts.
  30. The Earth had been restored to a garden.
  31. It was very well restored with all the.
  32. Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife.
  33. If he were never restored to life, his.
  35. He restored the chief cup bearer to his.
  36. We spent the night in the restored house.
  37. He restored the worship of the old gods.
  39. Israel was not delivered or restored in A.
  40. And this conviction restored his strength.
  41. He is simply restored for a second chance.
  42. It was an old model beautifully restored.
  43. The nation of Israel can never be restored.
  44. Israel, the Old Testament kingdom restored.
  45. It must be found and they may be restored.
  46. Therefore his faith restored and he laughed.
  47. The Law is dead and will never be restored.
  48. She wants the natural order to be restored.
  49. The image in which I created them, restored.
  51. Every last bit of it was restored, plus some.
  53. Abraham, and restored Sarah, his wife, to him.
  54. You have restored Ma’at! Apophis has been.
  55. He would be glad when she was restored to him.
  56. Balance has been restored and her life simply.
  58. This is exactly why the Church must be restored.
  59. Which surely he restored to their owner?
  60. Suddenly all hope of her escaping was restored.
  61. Rely and wait upon Me and all will be restored.
  62. The old mill's grinding stone had been restored.
  63. A short time later he arose, completely restored.
  64. Then she went to her rest, and peace was restored.
  65. When order was restored, the lecturer proceeded:.
  66. Inside, a semblance of order had been restored.
  67. He said to his brothers, My money is restored!.
  68. The jesting tone of the chief restored my courage.
  69. I hoped it went well and that peace was restored.
  71. Curling streets of colorful, restored town houses.
  72. Some relationships, Sam, should never be restored.
  73. My sight restored, I saw that the culprit was Lope.
  74. The earthly throne of David has not been restored.
  76. Habiru, Tuthmose III was a hero-king, who restored.
  77. Not one dead person was restored to life and given.
  78. Destroying the Vangel means nature will be restored.
  79. France until 1813, was restored to thethrone on the.
  80. Have you heard when the power will be restored?
  81. Normal weight was restored and a great change took.
  82. Competent surgeons had restored his hearing and some.
  83. Although the Well was restored, the final ritual had.
  84. He restored the sheet to its place, and we came away.
  85. His confidence restored by the power of his God, he.
  86. How could life be restored to those that are alive?
  87. Is that Israel being restored in 1948, or the first.
  88. It was like the ruins of Susa, restored and perfected.
  89. He went for the arm-chairs and restored them to their.
  90. The following morning he’d found his sanity restored.
  91. With constitutional duality restored, progress would.
  92. Once breathing has been restored, it must be maintained.
  93. The night and sleep have liken'd them and restored them.
  95. Soon, most of his Crew were restored to consciousness.
  96. God, now they had repented and was being restored as a.
  97. When quiet had been restored and the audience resumed.
  99. The conversation continued as calm was restored to the.
  100. All names will soon be restored to their proper owners.
  1. I Am also the One that restores.
  2. The Healing which restores your hearts.
  3. That soothing gentle sound my soul restores.
  4. The resurrection restores the life death took.
  5. Sedative, anti-spasmodic and restores the nerves.
  6. The resurrection restores the life death took away.
  7. An effective coach draws the coachee back and restores a.
  8. He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul;.
  9. Michael, the mighty protector and ask that he restores your.
  10. This Power instantly restores al of this character's lost Hearts.
  11. The resurrection restores the life of the person that death took away.
  12. Read Hebrews 9:6-28 The Holy Spirit restores us to the joy of Salvation.
  13. The I( ) function restores the usual meanings to the arithmetic operators.
  14. The devil always remain the tempter and the impulses restores the same things.
  15. Performing test restores on a regular basis can prevent this sort of catastrophe.
  16. It restores the blue color of litmus-paper reddened by an acid, and it turns syrup of violets green.
  17. It has the air of a summer camp bunkhouse, yet it restores Reagan’s soul unlike any place else on earth.
  18. To love is like drinking the sweet pure water that gets absorbed by the body cells and restores life energy.
  19. The example shown in the following screenshot restores the snapshot, Base image, of the virtual machine, TestVM:.
  20. The simple act of scraping his fingernails through his shampoo covered hair restores a small aspect of his basic humanity.
  21. This Power restores up to 12 lost hearts to al of this character's minions, soldiers, monsters, and sidekick/pets that are.
  22. Is used the definition the Ocean of Immortality probably because the Spirit is like the Phoenix constantly restores in every Soul.
  23. Life-energy not only restores its own battery, it puts back into the earth more life-energy than it took… because it does not need it.
  24. Rise now, son of my creation, and stand forth as an example that I Am a God who restores and gives life where there was none before!.
  25. It is when there is a disruption in this Qi that problems and illness occurs; restoring the flow of the Qi restores harmony and dissolves the symptoms of illness.
  26. He chuckles at our flat expressions, then restores the hologram to its original state and walks us back to the front of the lab, where he pulls off the tendril gloves.
  27. When the properties from these medications enter your body, it restores normal brain function while preventing relapse and eliminating cravings for these addictive substances.
  28. Another meaning of the word forgiving which is the restorer who restores the spirit which is infected by a germ of disobedience to its former state of moral health and purity.
  29. Like the unknown principle of animal life, it frequently restores health and vigour to the constitution, in spite not only of the disease, but of the absurd prescriptions of the doctor.
  30. She returns the stone inside the model house and restores the wooden panels that make up its roof and twists the chimney back into place and puts the house into the pocket of her dress.
  31. Logs and success indicators are usually reliable methods of confirming that your backups are completing successfully, but they are no substitute for performing a regular series of test restores.
  32. It’s hard to say actually, the troubled youth continued, he is sort of a free spirit, collects old bar signs, movie posters and that sort of thing, restores them, or frames them, whatever….
  33. The Christian doctrine restores to man his original consciousness of self, not the animal self, but the godlike self, the spark of divinity, as the son of God, like unto the Father, but clothed in a human form.
  34. Jesus answered them Elijah indeed comes first and restores all things and will restore all things; But I tell you that Elijah has come already and they didn't recognise him but did to him whatever they wanted to.
  35. Communication with Al’lah and peace are through the one who became the greatest of realities’ suns, unmatched by all of the universe’s suns in his great illumination, which restores and refers to the Grandeur of God.
  36. Mark 9:12-13 Elijah truly does come first and restores all things; and how it is written of the Son of Man that He must suffer many things and be set to nothing but I say to you that Elijah has indeed come and they have done to him whatever they wanted as it was written about Him.
  37. On the other hand, erasing information about the path of a photon restores wavelike behavior, as confirmed in an experiment done at the University of California at Berkeley by Raymond Chiao — suggesting that a collapsed wave function can be restored by erasing (historical) information.
  38. Ildefonso, that she retrocedes the province to France, can a doubt exist that she parts with, and gives back to France, the entire colony? To preclude the possibility of such a doubt, she adds, that she restores it, not in a mutilated condition, but in that precise condition in which France had, and she herself possessed it.
  39. In short, what cause is more just, and consequently, what war is greater, than that which reestablishes social truth, restores her throne to liberty, restores the people to the people, restores sovereignty to man, replaces the purple on the head of France, restores equity and reason in their plenitude, suppresses every germ of antagonism by restoring each one to himself, annihilates the obstacle which royalty presents to the whole immense universal concord, and places the human race once more on a level with the right? These wars build up peace.

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