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    1. A little-used mop stands in a bucket of dirty water in the center of the floor as if it were long ago forgotten there

    2. Someone has leaned a mop up against the side of the statue to dry

    3. "You waste food that way," Elond told her and tried to mop some up with a towel

    4. Any suggestions?’ she thinks for a moment while I mop up all the crumbs of cake on my plate with my cake fork – that was some cake!

    5. ‘Where’s the car, Anna?’ he asked as I try to mop up my face a little – difficult with an armful of bouquet

    6. There’s a mop and a bucket and stuff

    7. Venna was lost in her mop of rowdy copper curls in his arms

    8. ass up and down that hallway and use your head for a mop

    9. Instead of leaving or trying to hide, Roman turned and got his mop and

    10. than a mop stick

    11. In the window stood the silhouette of a man leaning against his mop

    12. I returned with a mop

    13. pile of makeshift weapons, grabbing the mop handle and the hammer

    14. I tossed the mop

    15. A mop of shaggy hair

    16. Miss Pringle was duty supervisor, with a mop and a broom in each hand she swept all before her including the dust, cobwebs and infant children gambling round their elders

    17. and had threatened to chop my mop while I was sleep

    18. prefer the electric cleaner and the mop

    19. Soon one of the nurses would come and mop her brow, providing a comforting arm

    20. After this we would be able to walk over the German positions and just mop up the prisoners as there would be hardly any resistance we who had fought on Gallipoli had heard all this before and had suffered the casualties for it

    21. mop of fur, but he was breathing

    22. Tall, thin, barely enough room to keep a mop and bucket in

    23. She strode triumphantly out with mop in one hand and broom in the other

    24. “I could mop and you could sweep

    25. He could hear the sound of Stelze�s ears slapping against her head, like a wet mop hitting the floor

    26. The only thing I could do with my mop of long blonde hair was to tie it up out of my face and off my neck

    27. My article was a success and Rodger, a podgy man with a mop of grey hair and stress lines that encased his face, sent me on more and more assignments, almost always partnering me up with Kiki

    28. She approached and asked one with a thick mop of curly hair if he knew of anyone who could help an undocumented person cross

    29. One of the protesters must have put up a struggle, because another marine arrived soon after with bucket and mop in hand to clean a pool of blood off the deck

    30. And it was returned by another big-eyed curly mop that framed the face of a boy of about his size

    31. Now Homulkar seemed to be introducing his eldest son, “Nimrud” the “curly mop” that had held Nisaba’s rapt attention

    32. “A promise is a comfort to a fool,” Tim said, dipping her mop in the bucket

    33. The driver took off his cap, uncovering a mop of grey hair, and pulled out a

    34. I told him that we would shortly cross the Maule and mop up any rear guard left to annoy us

    35. must be a mop up crew for the bloodbath that was to follow

    36. of antioxidants — they mop up free radicals

    37. He slowly worked his mop towards the far end of the ward where a girl lay almost motionless and noticed a couple of uniformed officers engaged in conversation with the ward sister around her

    38. Slopping his mop in the bucket of bleach and

    39. The mental picture of a slim, fresh faced boy with a mop of red hair peeking over the pulpit made her laugh

    40. Felton stood in the doorway, holding his chin, watching as somebody tried to mop up the blood

    41. “My comrades and I should join you after about ten seconds, to either help out or mop up

    42. for cleaners to mop the floor with chlorine

    43. He left and went straight to the storage room to return the mop he held

    44. "If you hadn't swung your big mop all over the place…"

    45. "Mop, huh?" Sheila tossed the hair that cascaded below her shoulder blades

    46. did laundry, Tim and I fished, Cameron hunted, and Sam had to dust, mop, and broom

    47. I did leave that Arby's; I dropped the mop and took off

    48. After the show I met Scarlet and Marv backstage, which on this night was the corner of the diner’s stock room, elaborately decorated with mop bucket half filled with dirty water and… you guessed it… a mop

    49. There was a disaster to mop up

    50. Sunday was clear and cool, no rain in sight, so after a quick mop along the corridors and a wipe of the bathrooms, I pushed Sean through Sloane Square, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, across Rotten Row where we spent a few minutes admiring the horse riders, and then let him propel himself among the skeletal trees of Hyde Park

    1. The pitcher stepped off the mound, mopped the sweat from his forehead with his hat and climbed back up onto the mound to get the sign from the catcher

    2. down at midday, mopped his brow with a red, paisley handkerchief, and reached into

    3. The detective wouldn’t have much to do until the SWAT Team mopped things up

    4. Under the broad limbs of an oak, in a deep hollow that provided both shade and yet was open to the breeze that continually blew in from the sea, the old man lay down at midday, mopped his brow with a red, paisley handkerchief, and reached into his bag for the hard, round goats cheese and the hunk of heavy bread that he had picked up this morning when leaving his hut at first light

    5. She busied herself the rest of the day by wiping down the counters, and then mopped the kitchen floor

    6. She dusted the tables and shelves, and dust mopped the rest of the floors

    7. lay on the kitchen table all day while Karen cooked and mopped

    8. He mopped the floor and thought of

    9. above the water once again, he mopped his brow and

    10. He took his hanky out and mopped his brow before carrying on

    11. ” He mopped his brow with his hanky and said

    12. ” He removed his cap and mopped his forehead with his hanky before he continued

    13. ” He shivered a bit and coughed and I watched as the blood ran down his chin I mopped it off as he continued

    14. Captain Berryman took out his hanky and mopped his brow before he continued saying

    15. She dropped the hoe and mopped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand

    16. The little round-faced Swedish maid mopped the big tears with her

    17. Marcos sat and waited patiently while the man mopped up the last of the sauce

    18. Brendan took out his handkerchief and mopped his brow, expecting to see it smeared with blood, but apparently, it was just a lot of sweat stinging his eyes

    19. He mopped his brow ridge and curled his tail up close for comforting reassurance

    20. they be mopped up by the janitor cells of the brain? Would the condition progress, for instance, like Alzheimer’s Disease? Would the effect spread out over a larger portion of their mental life? Might a “wait and see” approach be acceptable, like what was done with lab animals, in order to observe the “natural history” of the curse as it unfolded?

    21. I then mopped up the puddle I had caused on the bathroom floor and ran into a darkened bedroom across the hall

    22. I just mopped in thar

    23. When Captain Gilley mopped up the

    24. It was still a few minutes to closing when they left, so I mopped out, straightened the paintings, checked no one had been left behind in the toilets, and closed everything up for the night

    25. He let out a sigh and mopped his forehead

    26. The surgeon was having his brow mopped, and there were about three hours to go when a buzzer sounded

    27. I went through to the wash room and got a flannel, wetting it with cold water under the tap, then I mopped his sweaty brow

    28. Mathew turned up seconds later and quickly mopped up the blood with a couple

    29. Balthus mopped his brow with a trembling hand and glanced at Conan

    30. The hallway, she noticed, was swept but dirty, obviously not even mopped, much less waxed

    31. Kirke moved forward and mopped his brow with a handkerchief

    32. All he knew was how to kill," he muttered as Travis carefully mopped blood from a torn lip

    33. The squadron of light destroyers watched as the picket mopped up the remains of the drones and turned their attention to whatever would follow

    34. Rachel had mopped up most of Isaac’s tears with her handkerchief

    35. Carla’s face lit up with relief, genuine enough, under the circumstances and mopped her tears with a tissue she pulled from her sleeve

    36. ‘Phew!’ the driver mopped his brow

    37. Nevsky mopped his brow, and then, similarly, sat back in his leather armchair with a resigned air

    38. She mopped his brow gently

    39. The nun mopped in a far corner of the room while Francis and Krishna went into their meditation experience

    40. “How d’we make it stop?” said Seacho, almost crying himself as he mopped her head up with half his shirt

    41. The barkeep mopped up the remnants of a spilled drink,

    42. It was not long before the kitchen looked clean, neat, and tidy and the floors glistening having just been mopped, ready for the whole process to start again the next day

    43. Andrew grinned, and mopped at his forehead with his sleeve

    44. She took out her handkerchief and mopped her forehead with it, and then a

    45. The goblin mopped his forehead and sat on a small chair, from which a lantern hung

    46. Later that evening, after the remains of the priest were mopped off the floor and wiped off the walls, the dancers started the show

    47. Fritzing mopped his forehead, and mopped and mopped again

    48. ” Herb mopped his balding head as there was no air conditioning in the office

    49. replied as he mopped his now chilly brow

    50. “Metals?” Jeff asked as he mopped up a bit of gravy with his biscuit

    1. Boric acid can be added to water for mopping, spraying around walls, etc

    2. ’ I said taking the cloth and mopping myself up

    3. Covered in green blood, the warriors emerged from the trees announcing their victory with shouts of “Uwah!” At Lord Tarak’s direction they left the mopping up to the Light Brigade and headed out towards the Ohmu Inn

    4. mopping and returned to his corner, unmoving, like the guard at the tomb of the

    5. That means vacuuming, mopping,

    6. sleeping in her own bed and Roman would be mopping hallways in the midnight

    7. We’ll be mopping up the others in the next few minutes

    8. She complains in „The Feminine Mystique" that it would be difficult for a woman mopping the kitchen floor to have an orgasm while mopping

    9. “This is great,” Dawn said, mopping up the egg yolk with a piece of toast

    10. He was mopping his face, wiping sweat, dirt and oil from it

    11. Brett sat there gratefully mopping sweat off his face and waiting for it all to end

    12. torrent of rain, mopping the matted spikes of hair his from his

    13. Once our forces joined, there was only left some mopping up except for Chiloe Island

    14. I noticed Gonzalo was getting increasingly agitated over the next few days, but assumed he was anxious to finish mopping up the Frances and get back home

    15. An oversized ape of a man was busy mopping up the floor in the long term care ward at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; he was receiving plenty of stares from bemused patients who joked between themselves about whether to mention he had missed a bit

    16. sweeping and mopping up the floors, but was excused

    17. and not mopping floors and waiting on jackasses and

    18. mopping floors job was forced to stay on my wish list

    19. “Hot,” he said, mopping his brow

    20. Get out of here! What are you doing mopping that floor in an Arby's?" And as intense as

    21. 'But what thing is it that can cry like a woman and laugh like a devil, and shines like witch-fire as it glides through the trees?' gasped Balthus, mopping the sweat from his pale face

    22. "What is it? What does she want?" muttered Komadze, casually mopping his brow with a handkerchief

    23. he said quickly, mopping his brow with a silk handkerchief

    24. "The church is on fire and the priest is dead," he cried, hurriedly mopping his bleeding face with a cloth

    25. little mopping up, and the Hordes are on the run

    26. bit of mopping up, I understand

    27. Reinforcements arrived in time to finish mopping up the remaining drones and tow the

    28. who was mopping the floor kept eyeing me

    29. She continued to work him with her hand, mopping up as his tumescence subsided

    30. When they breached the Elbe defences, the Allies experienced minimal opposition; it was to all intents and purposes no more than a mopping up operation

    31. The Reality is that your life is the time you spend stuck in traffic , is the time you spend mopping up the drink you have just knocked over, is the unplanned and unscheduled conversation with a stranger in the supermarket

    32. old wax by mopping, mix a solution of 3 pans water to 1

    33. The solicitor was mopping his brow, in spite of the air conditioning

    34. know why but for some reason this screw decided to give me a job mopping a landing and

    35. When I finished mopping the floor, I glanced towards Gabriel

    36. Rather it be a painting, a computer, a toy or medical procedure, from fixing a house to mopping a floor, from organic farming to quilts, we are creators

    37. mopping it on his forehead

    38. "Now you're mocking me," cried Audrey, violently mopping up the milk with her handkerchief

    39. Oh, she didn't want to die blushing; and she would, she would, she knew she would, if she went drifting along, and made no attempt to leave off mopping and mowing, and didn't get busy paying back something, at least, of the debt she owed for her creation, preservation, and all the blessings of her life

    40. "To whom shall you give the order?" repeated Fritzing, pausing in his study to stare at her, the bill in one hand and his pocket-handkerchief, with which he was mopping his forehead, in the other

    41. Thus thought Fritzing, mopping his forehead

    42. They glanced at Gwen, but she was looking down at her plate, concentrating on mopping up her egg yolk

    43. He returned to his mopping of wheelchair deposits

    44. guy who did the mopping told me that he felt glad I returned

    45. Rod nodded, looked to where the busboys were resetting the table after the Cuban cleaners had spent the end of the night mopping and soaking and drying

    46. I carefully traced the path on which I dragged his body, mopping up any blood I spotted

    47. If I had missed mopping a single particle of him, the crew unwittingly cleared it away

    48. I was forever mopping the floor, collecting her vomit, telling her not to worry

    49. He spent it vacuuming and mopping and cleaning the tub

    50. I soaked it with the cold water from my bottle and started mopping her face with it

    1. Gratefully, she grabs them and mops up her face, blowing her nose with determination

    2. the brushes and mops

    3. She mops the floor and hurls the broken glass and kitchen roll into the pedal bin by the back door

    4. “Surely the house staff can wield mops with better effect than they had with the furniture

    5. She homeschools her four oldest, freelances in graphic design and virtual assisting, acts as the Coordinator of her local MOPS group, teaches preschoolers at church, and has blogged her heart out for the past five years at Suburban Stereotype

    6. Read your MOPs

    7. The ASA, PIA, DMSB, MOPS, DTI, Trading Standards, DPA, SFA, MPS, FSA, Inland Revenue etc

    8. There was a column of young boys marching two by two with cooking utensils on they’re heads for helmets and mops and brooms over they’re shoulders for guns with Matthew

    9. "If seven maids with seven mops

    10. The adjacent janitor’s compartment had a huge sink, nearly the size of a bath tub really, plus drying racks for mops and shelves full of cleaning supplies

    11. was a file there that seemed oddly out of place among the rags, mops and

    12. True to her word, Claudette went off the ship at once with Françoise Vinier and Henri Bruage, returning one hour later with two kegs of vinegar, extra buckets, mops and brushes

    13. Keep pails, mops, fishing tackles, docking lines and other items stowed in their appropriate place, not scattered around on the docking station

    14. The Russians go into the closet, and they hear the handles of mops being kicked drunkenly and a crate of dictionaries go thudding down the stairs, and then someone rattles the knob

    15. The kind of space that got ignored, especially by maids with mops

    16. The chocolate-coloured faces of servants with mops of black hair peeped at you from above; the click of billiard balls came to your ears, and ascending the steps, you would perhaps see in the first sala, very stiff upon a straight-backed chair, in a good light, Don Pepe moving his long moustaches as he spelt his way, at arm's length,

    17. Well, sir, when you and your Mis'ess—so to name what she lawful is—when you two drove away, as I say, Retty and Marian put on their bonnets and went out; and as there is not much doing now, being New Year's Eve, and folks mops and brooms from what's inside 'em, nobody took much notice

    18. Dogs wet mops in their kennels

    19. Another, beside him, was lying flat on the bottom of the wagon; all that was visible was two hands, as they clung to the rails of the wagon, and his knees uplifted limp as mops, as they swayed about in various directions

    20. That was in the era of bangs and frizzes and heads of hair that resembled ill-used dish mops

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    mop swab swob mow pout mop up wipe up clean wash wipe polish pat rag

    "mop" definitions

    cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors

    to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop

    make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip