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    1. They cost more than a natural quilt, but can be kept clean outdoors

    2. Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc

    3. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    4. He doesn't know why he gets clean water

    5. It’s been picked really clean, but I think there’s some green ones still

    6. And it blew every bad thing clean out of the body

    7. We cannot survive a moment without clean AIR, drinking WATER and EARTH to grow food for us

    8. Topher watched the doctor rub his hands along the sides of his clean, white coat

    9. Pour into a clean dark glass container

    10. Neat, clean tatami mats line the floors

    11. I’ll never forget the time he decided to spray paint the kitchen walls … I’d left a basket of clean washing in there … fortunately there was a fairly substantial towel on the top of the basket which took the brunt of the paint but I could have killed him when I found out

    12. What trouble could Peter have been in? But he was half smiling, his head turned a little to one side, looking at me sideways, as though willing me gently to come clean, to myself as well as to him

    13. ’ He said, digging out a clean hanky from his pocket and wiping my eyes with it

    14. The bit I have seen so far looks lovely and clean – thank you

    15. ‘Though he has a nice line in producing a clean hanky when it is needed

    16. "I'll clean up," he said, "but I want to know what's happening

    17. She came apart clean

    18. The bucket, for instance, felt clean and dry, but bathed in the aromas of moulded plastic and disinfectant I could sense a mixture of bleach and the faint tang of stale urine

    19. He was a tall, lean man with only a clean goatee, a pencil mustache and a brush of brown hair, dressed in his trimly tailored commandant's uniform with shined boots and fez

    20. Before I ate I went down to the bathroom, washed and sluiced, and tried to rub my teeth clean with my fingers

    21. The sensation of fresh cotton against my clean skin after my shower was so simple and so beautiful

    22. I have some recollection of movement during these days, of hands lifting my body and bathing me, of the mattress floating away on a Mediterranean breeze to be replaced by something fresh and clean

    23. With the junks and Tipperary and all the Lancers hurtling faster than light towards the Mizar system, it almost seemed for a moment as if they’d made it, as if they’d got away clean, but Jordo had been flying his fighter backwards for at least ten seconds now, staring at the transit’s opening onto the Algol system as it receded

    24. The Doctor was in his mid forties I guessed, wearing an open neck shirt, jeans, grey at the temples, clean shaven, blue eyes, cold hands

    25. The simple fact that there was no tray, that I was rushed through my ablutions, that I was made to change out of my underground clothes into a new pair of jeans and a clean, white shirt, all of these became portents

    26. For quite a long time we've been learning nothing new, maybe because Alexander seems to have become too skeptical about anything: “There are no spirits; spiritualism is fraud” … “(Self)hypnosis is harmful to the human mind” … “There is no such thing as magic” … “There are no astral worlds” … “There is nothing beyond matter” … “Telepathy requires a perfectly clean subconscious, so it is unfeasible” and so on

    27. One would then run some thongga to clean up what the karga wouldn't eat, or, if you had a fence, lentosaur, a better tasting animal but slow and soft and vulnerable to predators on the open prairie

    28. Towel: If you are using a nice, clean towel, you will have good health and family happiness; if it is worn out and dirty, it means the opposite

    29. Yet how many evangelists’ stomachs look as though they have eaten plenty – whether clean or not? This is an issue that we need to note and understand

    30. "I'm sure you heard about our son, there's no way gossip like that stays clean on a ship like this

    31. It still had his major's duty-suit on and that was still relatively clean, not much dust settles in the vacuum of space

    32. For now having the skins and a chance to get clean water was enough

    33. clean at the same time as Cosmicblasto

    34. He continued to clean the bakery

    35. bakerfolk had stressed how important it was to maintain a clean

    36. How do you know who will survive? God preserves only those who are clean in heart

    37. She found a pimia vine, their leaves are pretty clean and soft enough to stick to it

    38. The cat, for all of its clean savagery is really dead cute,

    39. Daniel woke one morning and the mountain was covered in a blanket of snow, the air was cool, crisp and clean

    40. scoured clean by frost and ice, streak the walls of slowly

    41. with his clean hands splayed out,

    42. The wound is fairly clean, if ragged, the projectile went through the fleshy part of his outer arm just below the shoulder

    43. that never heal for want of clean water

    44. Uncle Pani's apartment was all white, very clean and probably prepared especially for the family

    45. ‘There’s a clean bandage in there as well

    46. The mortar is picked clean of moss,

    47. Suddenly struck by a thought, I go through my clothes, trying to find something to wear … there’s a skirt and top I haven’t worn yet … I hold them up against myself, rising on to my toes in an attempt to see what they look like in the small mirror on the wall … at least they are clean

    48. He’s arrayed in clean hosen and tunic

    49. scouring the bones clean,

    50. The family made its usual peremptory visit to the world of personal hygiene, got dressed in whatever reasonably clean clothes came to hand and set out on the number seventy-eight bus that would, with a couple of changes, take them to the black heart of the city

    1. They both cleaned up at a public bath, had a passable meal, took as much fuel as there was, and he charged off into Dawnsleep while she huddled in both quilts in the chilly cabin

    2. cleaned even though it relied entirely on solid fuel

    3. They have cooked, cleaned, sewed, served and been ready for

    4. While he changed the DVD, she cleaned up and got them two more beers

    5. She had no idea why they were suddenly starting to be useful, but with a fresh packet of fags laying open on the kitchen table, with the kitchen cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the cooker and with a head that was hosting a motorway maintenance crew, she didn't feel inclined to argue

    6. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals and performed a range of other wifely duties while her husband, under the guise of bringing euphonic enlightenment to the masses, rescued black bin liners full of old clothes, books and partially complete jigsaw sets from the doorways of London’s charitable retail outlets

    7. My father cleaned the puke off his shoes and we bolted for home

    8. After the doctor cut the cord and cleaned and medicated his eyes, Daniel wrapped the baby in a large towel and then in a blanket

    9. 'Crunchy black shiny bits? What crunchy black shiny bits?' He cleaned his empty plate in some sand, 'Crunchy black shiny bits

    10. Arrangements were made, the bed sitting room was cleaned and a week later Annie moved her bin liners and her rucksack into her new home

    11. Then, while Lucy, working on auto-pilot, cleaned the kitchen up again, her mother moved the torso, the head, the hoodie and two black bin liners full of soiled cleaning materials to an as yet unfilled area in the new patio base and proceeded to bury Alan’s mortal remains under lumps of hardcore and a layer of gravel

    12. old soldier who’d cleaned her shoes outside the church all those

    13. She scooped it up, cleaned it as best as she could under the circumstances, and wrapped it in a piece of cloth cut from the coat she was wearing; (to Tarak’s dismay), then she placed it close to her heart

    14. cleaned every last inch of the kitchen

    15. cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the

    16. During the week Cyberia cleaned the house, cooked meals

    17. The housekeeping crew that had arrived before them had thoroughly cleaned and dusted the room

    18. Looking in the mirror he brushed his hair back, cleaned his teeth, and checked out his reflection

    19. Besides that place needs to be cleaned up

    20. the covers, cleaned his head wound and used butterfly Band-Aids on the open tear

    21. He had skinned and cleaned it as best he could and cooked it on a large flat rock he placed in the fire

    22. The three men cleaned their plates rapidly, focussing on their food

    23. ” He eyed the print for awhile, she cleaned the ink off her thumb

    24. They were all well cleaned and nicely battered, toasted to perfection and served inverted, hottest on the bottom, so they could commence powering thru them as soon as the basket was set in front of them

    25. cleaned the wound as best he could

    26. She cleaned the wound thoroughly and applied a

    27. God knows when he last cleaned the bugger

    28. “In a temporary cubbie in the pyramid that I never cleaned out when I went north,” Ava answered

    29. Even Billy is aware of the odour; stage sweat, the remains of half cleaned Leichner, disinfectant, grime, sleep and sheer bloody terror

    30. You should see some of the toilets I’ve cleaned in the

    31. ‘This room has been completely cleaned by the look of it

    32. While they cleaned and tidied up, White Feathers and his father chatted

    33. They ate, talked, played and read aloud, cooked, cleaned, washed and mended, paced, hummed, sang and told stories always with the twins in someone's arms, lap, or perched on a hip

    34. As overcome as she had been by Tdeshi’s hormones lately, she would invite him to her room for sex where he would fuck her lights out and she would wake up for Afternoonday with all her notes and data cleaned out

    35. “After he cleaned himself up and

    36. Kaitlyn mothered her, read to her, fetched and cleaned her, dressed and bathed her until at last Yolanda was inured to the constant motion of shipboard life

    37. His eyes blurred with tears as he cleaned up the mess he’d made

    38. He had already cleaned the entire mansion without a single word of complaint, and was waiting for more orders from Julia

    39. After she had cleaned herself up she sat down on the floor next to the bed

    40. Max put the stain rag in paint thinner and cleaned up his station

    41. So I cleaned up the house as best I could and started watching a basketball game and got ready for Saad to come over

    42. Jim agreed to stay behind to see to it that the mess was cleaned up

    43. No doubt the baby had been cleaned and stuffed with a passionberry jelly, while the remainder of the egg was stuffed with a rinko-nut mix

    44. Using a special tool, that had been cleaned and stuffed, left in the remaining eggwhite and steam baked til it's all falling apart for the pickings

    45. The aeroplane had been cleaned and the catering service was sliding the last of the food carts into the galleys when Sue entered the aeroplane

    46. He would be a scav if he cleaned that area out, maybe even a scrounge for selling the paper

    47. The rooms were cleaned out

    48. Parts had been removed and cleaned and were arranged in orderly piles, along with some carefully hand-drawn prints

    49. The citizens of Shattered Rock had cleaned house in order to blockade the roads, creating solid walls of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous house furniture

    50. The old man said nothing as she cleaned the wound, closed it with the Dermabond glue and wrapped a bandage around his head

    1. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    2. It is fun clearing up the sitting room of the annexe … I know Stephen said to leave it until we know for definite that Liz is coming, but I had nothing much to do this afternoon and sometimes a good cleaning session is therapeutic

    3. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    4. Russ shakes his head, glances over at Abdullah, who is cleaning his ear with the barrel of his pistol

    5. ’ I said wearily to Molly as we resume our cleaning of the kitchen cupboards once I have reported on Stephen’s call

    6. Worst part was cleaning out the crew

    7. ‘Oh, it was only a case of unscrewing the U bend and cleaning it out, Nick, those things get really clogged up with gunk sometimes

    8. The cleaning has been my salvation to some extent

    9. After terminating the call and feeling irrationally pleased with herself that she knew how to, she pottered around the house, cleaning and tidying … it was satisfying

    10. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    11. was responsible for cleaning the shop side

    12. And from inside I caught the smell of cleaning fluids, lunch and the sound of gentle, delicate music

    13. And once you have established the habit of doing Yoga postures first thing in the morning it should become as much a part of your routine as having your morning bath or cleaning your teeth

    14. After days of cleaning up after me, my mother went to the nurse's station and screamed

    15. During cleaning it became clear that at some time in the distant past part of the church had been a temple dedicated to Pallas Athena and although it was not unusual for the locals to mix their beliefs, the church authorities were rather embarrassed and the work came to a standstill until it could be determined who would provide funds for the work to continue

    16. When Kate returned with the bag, Elizabeth was holding a screaming baby boy as the doctor was cleaning out his eyes

    17. Then, while Lucy, working on auto-pilot, cleaned the kitchen up again, her mother moved the torso, the head, the hoodie and two black bin liners full of soiled cleaning materials to an as yet unfilled area in the new patio base and proceeded to bury Alan’s mortal remains under lumps of hardcore and a layer of gravel

    18. in a bit of office cleaning?”

    19. I think the example I used was cleaning the loo

    20. But, you had to admire the way she took the reins firmly in her hands, working through the house, cleaning, repairing and clearing out the junk – just as well really, her mother was a poor thing and couldn’t manage at all

    21. The cleaning takes all morning, partly because I keep stopping to drink some water … I’m feeling bloody minded and refuse to take painkillers for the headache I am convinced had its origins in that bottle of wine

    22. After cleaning up he towel dried

    23. ’ I started, hearing him coming along the hall from the bathroom where he has been cleaning up

    24. This news, tragic for others, makes the price to be paid for the shirt in the white plastic dry cleaning bag by the door seem trivial

    25. Fired by her rediscovered domesticity, she dug around in the cupboard and found cleaning materials, spending several satisfying hours cleaning the sitting room and putting it straight, and then attacking the bedrooms one at a time

    26. Pausing in her work of cleaning the men’s bathroom, she closed her eyes and tried to access the house … nothing

    27. She fills the kettle as he scrubs the grass stains off his hands at the sink and chats on about the cleaning she has been doing

    28. A real rich man would also use fine furs during, but the cleaning staff and the wear were beyond his cash flow, and she understood that

    29. be cleaning his pants out instead of shoveling applesauce into his mouth

    30. Cleaning things up

    31. When he was tall enough to see over the counter in the hardware store he was given new chores: counting and recording stock on shelves once a week, restocking, cleaning the shopfront windows and the countertops

    32. “I told her the outhouse was needing maintenance and cleaning

    33. It was while she was cleaning her teeth in the bathroom, her mind busy with mentally sorting out what they could take and what they would have to leave behind, that she had heard the doors to the sitting room clatter

    34. cleaning up the needle-infested house and then getting it in livable order

    35. cleaning crew and that took up a lot of their time

    36. them out of the students’ hands and cleaning them off the floor

    37. He nodded approvingly as he passed a woman giving some serious cleaning to a floor

    38. fixed it up, supposedly cleaning the mud vein out

    39. it was over a little thing like I missed a crumb when cleaning the floor; sometimes

    40. In order to keep us fed and clothed, Mum had taken cleaning jobs and, occasionally, something better paid turned up, but I know it was hard for her keeping things going

    41. Looks as though you’re going to have the day to myself tomorrow – maybe you could catch up on the cleaning and deal with the washing; don’t know how you stand the excitement

    42. The whole border could do with a serious dig over … maybe when you’ve finished the cleaning

    43. ‘Have you put the washing machine on? Give it five minutes to fill then you can have your showers – any chance you two could see to the cleaning of the bathroom when you have finished?’

    44. industrial cleaning agent the district had recently purchased

    45. “I found some love letters from his girlfriend when I was cleaning out his

    46. He was cleaning the hooves of a recently stabled mare ridden into town by an annual visitor at the opening of the summer season

    47. “You doing more than just cleaning for Chatterling or what?” I said with a

    48. “This Woman, I promised my hand in Marriage if she would give me all the planets she owned! Now she’s an underpaid grunt who spends the rest of her life cleaning up the eternally toxic clusters of Klept-058!” Olorhleng said proudly

    49. he rubbed on his head and hair, with the motion of a cat cleaning its face with its

    50. When they’d finished refilling each stall with fresh straw, they moved on to cleaning up her milking facility, so it would be ready to start operations the next week

    1. STUDENT 3 sits on steps leading up to the second floor, cleans his toenails with a large knife

    2. He takes off his specs and carefully cleans the lenses on his dressing gown

    3. Alexis turned and pointed to the blackening sky in the west, breathless he screamed, 'Did you hear that boss? Did you hear the snorting of her holy horses? She washes the flecks of sweat from their mouths as they champ the bit and cleans the clotted foam

    4. Then she wets toilet tissue and cleans up the cut, which is no more than half a centimetre in length but it hurts like hell

    5. but cleans the well that, naturally, there is in us (so

    6. Cleans off the dead, dirty skin cells

    7. As said before Coke cleans blood very well which certainly was needed

    8. My father cleans the skin around my wound with something cold

    9. pany cleans and restores areas in homes,

    10. Ethanol is like a cleaning solvent; it goes in and cleans contaminants from both the storage tanks, gas tankers and your gas tank

    11. Carbon is a byproduct from running fossil fuels that builds up in your engine, (not as bad as it once did) so to get things back to normal, this service goes through and cleans the throttle plate, idle air control valve, intake manifold, backs of the valves, tops of the pistons, O2 sensor and the front of the catalytic converter

    12. Hillary, the cute one, comes over with water and menus then cleans the table

    13. "You're not the one who cleans the bathrooms

    14. The house is big and the architect is a bit old but the place still cleans

    15. Justice is served for the victims when a judge rules against the criminal and awards the plaintiffs with remuneration, and the guilty party cleans up the mess it made

    16. "Who cleans the trailer?"

    17. “He cleans his ears out with it,” I said, jumping in to save my friend from anymore embarrassment

    18. Jamil moves forward and cleans his blood with his own handkerchief and showed that to Frank

    19. Boric acid eyewash may help relieve the discomfort associated with pink eye, as it cleans and soothes the infected eye

    20. You may use warm soap wash-cloth and this furniture cleans quite easily

    21. the air cleans away the smell and dirt

    22. We give up our authority for His authority, our way for His way, and then in that process, He cleans our inner parts up, and that's what makes us holy and acceptable

    23. cleans out her voice mail inbox so you always have to call her 5 million times to get

    24. Such link cleans the spirit’s surface and returns it pure and clean with no defect in it

    25. For example, the camel carries our belongings, the horses and the mules draw, the bulls plow, the sheep supply you with wool and milk, the hens produce eggs, the hyena cleans the wild from carrions so as to keep the environment disinfected and of fresh air, the dog guards, the cat rids the house from insects, the bees make honey and help in pollinating the flowers… and so on

    26. By such entering into God’s, that is by such communication with Him, the Godly light cleans the surface of the spirit and makes it cured of its defects and diseases, thus it returns pure and immaculate, having put on garment of perfection and virtue and become collored with a stain from Al’lah than which none has better; and thus it becomes happy and blissful

    27. It’s disturbing, but he of the inappropriate King-Arthur-esque come-ons cleans up nicely

    28. maintains cleanliness and order in the house: cleans, washes, sweeps, etc

    29. Who maintains, cleans and reforms all these drains and underground passages of these polar waters?

    30. It puts an end to its bad tendencies; it cleans it of any low inclinations and mean yearnings which may have been attached to it in the past

    31. Gin has also created several private label products, including one that cleans leather

    32. Miss Avery cleans off Becky’s fruit covered face

    33. (He cleans, and clears up, looking at him

    34. My grand mother sobbed at this point but quickly cleans her eyes, drew me closer to her side and said to me, “We have consulted and appeased all shrines and deities in our land, and we have their assurances that nothing untoward would happen to you

    35. He squats at my feet, removes my shoe, cleans my foot, and then takes my shoe to the bathroom to rinse it under the sink

    36. A fly lands on the screen and merrily cleans its teeth

    37. Cleans, flushes and recycles fluid automatically

    38. The reef cleans itself, replenishes itself, feeds itself, and thus is the circle-of-life

    39. Another fish that cleans

    40. earth material which cleans the water, or polishes the water

    41. usually cleans up the mess, it doesn't mean that only females

    42. your father cleans up the stain and your mother stitches the torn sofa, they’ll fall in

    43. Since chloride of potassium ( potassium chloride,KC1) helps to cleans out the blood

    44. these slums can be cleaned up simply by community support and as the rest of the city cleans up

    45. The truth CLEANSES you of evil: it cleans you out

    46. When they peak inside, they see the maintenance man, way in the distance! They see him cleaning around the mineral bath with a plugged in radio nearby, playing reggae music! Missy and the triplets become frightened! They try to keep quiet so the maintenance man would not see or notice them! They start to back up! As they back up, they suddenly spot Dana inside the mineral bath place! They spot her way in the distance, standing several feet behind the maintenance man! They see Dana quietly standing behind the maintenance man as he cleans around the mineral bath! They see Dana angrily staring at the maintenance man! The maintenance man does not see or notice Dana! He does not know that she is standing there, several feet behind him, angrily watching him! His radio is playing a few feet away from Dana! Therefore, he does not hear Dana or know that she is standing there angrily staring at him! As the maintenance man continues to clean around the mineral bath, Dana suddenly picks up a big rag that is on the floor! She takes the rag and grabs the big radio with it! She picks up the loud radio and starts to run straight towards the maintenance man with the radio in her hands! She angrily shoves the radio hard into the maintenance man and pushes him right into the mineral bath as he begins to shout! Dana continues to hold on to the radio as she catches her balance! The maintenance man makes a big splash as he goes down under the water! Then an angry Dana holds the radio high up in the air and throws the plugged in radio right into the water right on top of the man! The radio hits the water and starts to spark up and smoke heavily! The maintenance man begins to scream and yell in pain! He is being electrocuted! Missy and the triplets watch frighteningly from the gate entrance! The radio continues to spark up in the water as the maintenance man's body jerks and shakes! He continues to yell and scream as blood comes from out of his eyes, nose and mouth! Then his screaming stops! His body then becomes still and lifeless! He is dead! His body lays in the water as the heavy electric sparks continue to come from the radio! Missy and the triplets watch horrified from the gate entrance as Dana angrily stands over the edge of the mineral bath, glaring at the maintenance man's dead body! Missy and the triplets see the maintenance man's body floating! They see his eyes wide open! A frightened Missy starts to scream! Dana quickly turns her head around and sees Missy and the triplets standing frighteningly at the gate entrance, looking on! Dana angrily rushes towards them! Missy and the triplets frighteningly turn around and run out of the place! Dana angrily chases after all of them! She catches up to her sisters outside and angrily grabs them all! She jerks and pulls on her sisters as she shouts, "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING OUT OF THE CAB?" Missy and the triplets are all scared as they frighteningly stare at Dana! They cannot believe what she had just done! They do not know what to do or say! Dana looks back towards the mineral bath place! Then she takes each of her sisters by the hand and quickly walks away with them! They start to go through the tropical weeds, grass, bushes and trees again!

    47. 1 John 1:7: "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleans us from all sin

    48. You must have a clean conscious in the heart not to want any flesh and blood killed and that you fight only evil spirits otherwise you could be responsible for sin and crime against TRUE GOD and creation, if your heart is not clean you must look into scripture and pray that TRUE GOD CLEANS IT and forgives you for negative thinking

    49. “You know, there is this organic watermelon smelling spray that cleans my stove top

    50. He cleans the guest rooms

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    Synonyms for "clean"

    clean clean and jerk cleanse pick scavenge make clean clean house houseclean strip neat unobjectionable uncontaminating sporting sportsmanlike sporty blank white fair clean-living fresh clear light unclouded uninfected plum plumb fairly pure sweet refined distilled unadulterated purified not dirty stainless unpolluted unstained uncontaminated immaculate decontaminated safe tidy orderly regular legible plain systematic distinct innocent chaste wholesome virtuous undefiled unsullied upright moral shapely smooth slender graceful flowing trim adroit deft dexterous adept total complete entire decisive conclusive perfect whole unimpaired wash scrub brush sweep wipe launder

    "clean" definitions

    a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

    make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from

    remove unwanted substances from, such as feathers or pits

    clean and tidy up the house

    clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing

    be cleanable

    deprive wholly of money in a gambling game, robbery, etc.

    remove all contents or possession from, or empty completely

    remove while making clean

    remove unwanted substances from

    remove shells or husks from

    free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits

    free of restrictions or qualifications

    (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims

    free from impurities

    (of a record) having no marks of discredit or offense

    ritually clean or pure

    not spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination

    (of behavior or especially language) free from objectionable elements; fit for all observers

    free from sepsis or infection

    morally pure

    (of a manuscript) having few alterations or corrections

    (of a surface) not written or printed on

    exhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play

    without difficulties or problems

    thorough and without qualification

    not carrying concealed weapons

    free from clumsiness; precisely or deftly executed

    free of drugs

    completely; used as intensifiers

    in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating