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Movement in a sentence

A movement to his left.
It was his last movement.
Are the C sharp movement.
Thus, the movement to 25.
A movement caught his eye.
A movement along the hall.
So his self is in movement.

Movement was reduced to a.
It was then a new movement.
It’s all in the movement.
With a quick movement she.
With that movement, I not.
Activist Movement in the US.
The movement of your body.
Every movement was like Zen.
A shadow and a movement on.
Still there was no movement.
There was movement in there.
With a movement, he turned.
There was no movement at all.
In essence; Time is movement.
He had heard movement behind.
He studied her every movement.
He felt a movement behind him.
His car is there, no movement.
Here all is life and movement.
More movement filled the house.
The boys explode into movement.
This is the secret of movement.
Movement will give you energy.
A nearby movement startled him.
Negative for a movement, sir.
His eyes followed the movement.
I wasn't part of that movement.
He sensed movement to his side.
Then I felt movement around me.
Use a gentle circle movement.
A movement caught William's eye.
Time is the movement of thought.
Was it movement? Couldn’t be.

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