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    1. Tabasco sauce started the trend towards hotter and hotter sauces

    2. No doubt there were hushed meetings where the trend of its position was noticed even now and debates over who would be first to publish

    3. In the previous seven days since they left Shempala, she'd consumed twenty one cups, nothing like the way she had been in Yoonbarla, but the trend was upward

    4. The downward trend has stopped completely and, in some areas, there is a definite upward turn

    5. marketing companies to over-sell a unique holiday for commercial purposes; that this trend for

    6. This is sound advice given by leading relationship experts to men starting the trend of online

    7. What counts is the general trend and not some

    8. prolongation of the trend has not justification

    9. the trend is negative

    10. Why the trend of slavering still continues among

    1. Love? Yes? No? If love, what and how so? This question is posed to every next generation: the teens and twenties who seek to trend and be trended by the world according to the twisting winds of their desires and attractions

    2. communication lacks intimacy of effort to communicate – even mindlessly reciting a cliché mouth to ear is more embracing than auto-retweeting the trended quote of the day

    3. For example if they document vitals under miscellaneous notes instead of opening the nursing vitals documentation, the vitals are not discrete data which does not display in the proper place in the EMR, is no longer able to be trended since it isn’t with the rest of the vital data, and could possibly be missed altogether or waste another employee’s time redoing vitals since they do not see the vitals were taken recently

    4. The day we were canceled, I received hundreds of texts and emails, and The Mindy Project trended on Twitter

    5. The general trading public has the idea that the Turtles traded breakouts of 20-day highs, but, in reality, much of their success was due to systematic approaches that were designed to capture every trend in markets that trended well at the time

    6. • Look for stocks that have moved +/- 5 percent on day one, trended down, and closed near the bottom intraday

    7. 00 resistance level on July 17, the day when EDU was first in play, SPY opened on July 18 at that level and trended upward through the morning before flattening out and consolidating between 137

    8. Here’s what happened: FirstRand not only traded higher above that important resistance level, but it trended nicely for the rest of the day

    9. The day we were canceled, I received hundreds of texts and emails, and The Mindy Project trended on Twitter

    10. It might be moving slowly or quickly, and it may have a tight price range or a looser price range, but it was very obvious that the majority of stocks trended

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    Synonyms for "trend"

    style trend vogue drift movement course tendency curve cut sheer slew slue swerve veer direction inclination bias tenor tend extend run stretch

    "trend" definitions

    a general direction in which something tends to move

    general line of orientation

    a general tendency to change (as of opinion)

    the popular taste at a given time

    turn sharply; change direction abruptly