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Mug in a sentence | mug example sentences

  1. He holds up his mug.
  2. I handed him a mug.
  3. The mug was on the rug.
  4. The mug had no handle.
  5. I took the mug off her.

  6. He pushes the mug away.
  7. Mug punters then buy in.
  8. He put his mug down and.
  9. The bug had fun in the mug.
  10. I bail it out with my mug.
  11. He set his mug on the table.
  12. He just sips his mug again.
  13. What a mug! said Agnes.
  14. He offered her a steaming mug.
  15. Walter picked up his mug of.

  16. His mug and drink went flying.
  17. Unks bring him a mug of coffee.
  18. He ordered a mug of ale, then.
  19. Max Siegel’s mug stared back.
  20. Wiseman was a pretty decent mug.
  21. She holds her mug out front as.
  22. Wille gave me a mug of the stuff.
  23. I dropped the mug I was carrying.
  24. The mug being empty will fall at.
  25. A plastic mug was sitting atop it.

  26. Damien chuckled and drained the mug.
  27. She handed me a coffee mug and said.
  28. Brigit took a long sip from her mug.
  29. Tom pushed a mug of tea towards him.
  30. I poured red wine into a coffee mug.
  31. He then passes a steaming mug to me.
  32. Poured me a big mug of milky coffee.
  33. It took a long time to drain the mug.
  34. A mug, with just one toothbrush in it.
  35. I’ll just have a mug of beer please.
  36. Friedman finished the coffee in his mug.
  37. There's a mug on the wash-stand, Becky.
  38. Praise God!' he said, raising his mug.
  39. Smith put the coffee mug in front of her.
  40. He had this fake solemn look on his mug.
  41. Carolyn looked down absently at her mug.
  42. Reese laughed, toasting her with his mug.
  43. The judge stared at the mug shot intently.
  44. He made the coffee and handed her the mug.
  45. He glances at me with the mug to his lips.
  46. They sat and enjoyed a mug of Tesh together.
  47. Strain into a mug and add honey to taste.
  48. Jack froze with his mug still to his mouth.
  49. I made a tea and sat with my usual mug in.
  50. In the first mug, throw in the powdered tea.
  51. He drank hardily from his mug, slammed it.
  52. Coffee? He offered her his steaming mug.
  53. The fucking mug who was paying, that’s who.
  54. Jeannette had leaned down to refill his mug.
  55. They waited as a mug of tea was plonked down.
  56. There was the face of Covol with a mug smile.
  57. Troy hovered by the couch, a mug under my nose.
  58. Her hand trembled as she held her mug of barm.
  59. He filled a mug with cool water and downed it.
  60. It seemed to me that they thought I was a mug.
  61. When Tam returned he handed him a mug of coffee.
  62. What to look for when a mug tried to grift you.
  63. They did not hear the heavy glass mug hit the.
  64. She handed him the mug and he inhaled the steam.
  65. She pours a mug of coffee and sets it before me.
  66. The bartender came back with a mug of brew and.
  67. He sat at the counter, nursing the steaming mug.
  68. No good staring at the bottom of that mug, Sally.
  69. Osric came over to her holding out a mug of wine.
  70. Blazin' entered the car with concern on his mug.
  71. I explain how it came about and hand him his mug.
  72. Ammar, the Builder, raised his mug of ginger tea.
  73. Hadaen eyed her as he poured himself another mug.
  74. I POURED ROOT beer into my mug with a shaking hand.
  75. Sue picked up one mug and examined it with a grin.
  76. The cops came, and I picked him out of the mug book.
  77. While this was going on, Sue had sat down the mug.
  78. Ill have another mug o that ale, Clord said.
  79. Leesa rested the mug on the wooden arm of her chair.
  80. Twelve different ways to clock a mug with one punch.
  81. Tegan? She said and he poured me a mug of wine.
  82. Roll-ups and clichés over stolen coffee mug moments.
  83. She put the coffee mug down and went inside her room.
  84. Marcus stood in the doorway, a mug in his left hand.
  85. Then Steve laid a book of mug shots in front of Emily.
  86. Dad headed home with that same smile glued to his mug.
  87. With a sigh, I turn and wash up the mug I am holding.
  88. Eugene shrugs and turns his attention back to his mug.
  89. Jean to meet his wife and share a mug of mulled wine.
  90. Marcus caught the mug when it slipped out of her hand.
  91. Maybe she should have asked for a full mug after all.
  92. You’re a real trooper!’ she said handing me a mug.
  93. McLean set his half-empty mug on the bar and wove his.
  94. The space filling the mug is falling the same as the.
  95. Henri returned the smile and offered his guest a mug.
  96. Cam choked on the last of the coffee in his travel mug.
  97. The Orc near the horses turned his unkempt mug toward.
  98. I was just a mug in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  99. Smith finished the coffee and put the mug in the sink.
  100. Katie gladly took a mug of water and drank with gusto.
  1. The Hanging Man suggests a mugging.
  2. But the obese fellow thought that I was attempting a mugging.
  3. This wasn’t a routine mugging by any means---it was attempted murder.
  4. This is why I say that the 401(k) is the gun used in the mugging of America.
  5. York’s biggest daily newspapers waiting for a mugging to happen and here.
  6. Memorizing or mugging is not a good alternative to having a proper grasp of the subject.
  7. He had expected a shooting or a mugging, but the man in question had been struck by lightning.
  8. During the mugging as you put it, he said, you were stabbed with a knife or a thin sharp instrument.
  9. Cole seemed happy to see me because as soon as I came in he gave me a wide smile but I responded by mean mugging him.
  10. His father had hanged himself when Smith was sixteen, his mother had died in a car crash and his Gran had developed pneumonia after breaking her hip in a mugging.
  11. The policeman who’d been here when she arrived had implied that it was more attempted murder than a mugging … seemed to think that she’d been deliberately left on the railway line.
  12. And if there were to be answers--not about who had shot her, for that was a mugging gone wrong, I believed, but about what losing her might mean--then this other life, this second self, seemed to hold them.
  13. Now, only minor misdemeanours such as street mugging, burglary, rape and murder are untouched by the new broom that sweeps through the British Police force and we can all feel a lot safer in our beds that Pc Plod is out there nicking all the evil motorists before they slaughter us in our own homes.
  14. We had long since tired of marvelling at the lack of a mugging we had received, and as for following the olde bloody worlde historic, bastard town map, frankly Mark remarked, he wouldn’t wipe his arse on it (although he had come pretty close to it, finding no public toilets in over two and a half hours).
  1. You’ve been mugged.
  2. He was mugged last night.
  3. He mugged a bus boys duds off a rack.
  4. I got mugged on the way over here?
  5. Unfortunately, he died after being mugged.
  6. Your chances of being mugged in London are.
  7. He had been mugged and beaten twice on his way.
  8. I only got mugged once, in front of Hyde Park H.
  9. I was sort of mugged on Earth, and my Link was stolen.
  10. The very cute Hoshi hugged herself and mugged for the camera.
  11. Lance learned he mugged the Corleone's, he moved off the map.
  12. The second chicken lay as if mugged in the oily street-gutter.
  13. He told her about that day by the Minster when his Gran was mugged.
  14. It’s probably a coincidence, but a few hours later I was mugged.
  15. Christmas and didn't want to give it up if I got mugged on the streets.
  16. A couple of guys mugged him last week, and he spent several days under.
  17. I was going to but when I came out of the shop with the money I was mugged.
  18. They overturned cars, set stores afire, mugged and beat any who crossed their path.
  19. He would have us believe that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.
  20. Just this week a blind 85 year-old was mugged and punched to death by two teenage black males.
  21. It’s possible that he was just mugged and killed by some thief who knows nothing about LOTTO.
  22. He then proceeded to that location and mugged the delivery agent, thus avoiding paying for them.
  23. I have been mugged twice while wearing this watch, and neither time did they ever ask for my watch.
  24. Because you were ill for so long after you were mugged, your side of the story has never been told.
  25. Also, I got mugged the second day, which is why I’m wearing the same sweater in almost every picture on aromeofonesown.
  26. He had the recording and played it for me, I’m at the Northwest High parking lot, and it appears that a man is being mugged.
  27. I mean, I'm from New York and I've been mugged a couple of times--who hasn't? But I've never had someone hate me because of my work.
  28. Edmund Burke, the father of modern conservatism, never had to be mugged by reality, for from his earliest age, he knew what reality is.
  29. I was still scared by what had happened when I had been mugged but I didn’t want to ruin their night out so I pretended I was fine and took a taxi home.
  30. This was the only time that he had purposefully left it home to avoid being mugged … The wallet, with all his credit cards and identification, and less than one hundred U.
  31. How could she do that to him? He checked his watch, it was about one in the morning, so he just kept walking and eventually found himself in a busier area of Southside without getting mugged.
  32. How is he? The barman could tell by the blank expression on Gary’s face that he didn’t know what he was talking about, Don’t you know? He was mugged last night after he left here.
  33. Or if she hadn’t been mugged or raped or whatever else people did with respectable middle-aged women whom they discovered sitting cold and alone in their Audis long after all honest people had gone to sleep.
  34. Casino city is about being mugged,.
  1. What a load of stupid mugs.
  2. They both carried coffee mugs.
  3. She indicated the pitcher and mugs.
  4. The Marzano mugs, flashing in the.
  5. Willie helped hand the mugs around.
  6. Zem and Bev went to pick up their mugs.
  7. There was no odd matching coffee mugs.
  8. That rapture with the Old taunty mugs.
  9. Once more the mugs clanged, hands waved.
  10. He pointed to the two mugs on the table.
  11. Bev’s mugs by the handles also with ease.
  12. I watch her, filling two mugs with espresso.
  13. One table was piled high with mugs for mead.
  14. No magazines or stray mugs on the end tables.
  15. They bellowed his name and emptied their mugs.
  16. Sue and I then turned to pick up our mugs too.
  17. Barbara reappeared with steaming mugs of coffee.
  18. Bev at this point had her mugs in the maketake.
  19. They ate off wooden platters and drank from mugs.
  20. Karl came in with mugs of coffee and handed her one.
  21. Then she busied herself with mugs and tea and sugar.
  22. Mimi hands the mugs to me and steps closer to Zachary.
  23. Johansen came into the living room with two mugs of.
  24. Raw meat, china mugs, and silk stockings blaze in it.
  25. The wineskin was passed round and the mugs recharged.
  26. She opened the cabinet where she kept the coffee mugs.
  27. I told him as we carry our mugs into the sitting room.
  28. A metal table, three metal stools and three metal mugs.
  29. Desperate to regain favour, he held out one of the mugs.
  30. He placed a pitcher of ale with three mugs on the counter.
  31. Because coffee appeared in the mugs Sue had placed there.
  32. Feeling about ten years old, I spoon coffee into the mugs.
  33. Sue placed a couple mugs near the end of the coffee table.
  34. Gary placed the two mugs of steamy hot cappuccino next to.
  35. The small kitchen, with the mugs and the bottles of water.
  36. After the laughter, Bev took her mugs of coco out of the.
  37. She poured the amber liquid into two mugs and offered me one.
  38. They walked up to the bar; it was lined with empty mugs and.
  39. It’s cosy sitting at the kitchen table with our mugs of tea.
  40. Poopsie was busy in the Tavern; she was putting away the mugs.
  41. She came towards Lord Tarak smiling, with a tray of large mugs.
  42. They yelled greetings and raised their empty mugs in a salute.
  43. Shirts, mouse pads, mugs, hats, and other things that you can.
  44. Two tin mugs of coffee arrived by a deputy about an hour later.
  45. A few minutes later, Sturgiss returned with a tray and two mugs.
  46. In that case 2 mugs of ale please, and whatever Cosmicblasto.
  47. Much later, Bram’s mother bustled in with a tray of mugs of hot.
  48. I’m listening, Smith poured the water into the coffee mugs.
  49. They gulped the rest of their beers and set down their mugs roughly.
  50. They were washed and in the middle of good deep mugs of beer when Mr.
  51. Most mugs would’ve sat back and retired, but Wiseman scoffed at that.
  52. The mugs of both money bags and the old lady have been in most of them.
  53. What happened? I pass him one of the mugs, and stare at his chest.
  54. I help Chris carry the mugs over to the sink where she starts to wash up.
  55. Then, she removed the plates and placed them next to the bowls and mugs.
  56. We were of course all wearing grins as Sue sat a couple mugs near us and.
  57. Gladys brought them coffee, with proper cups and saucers rather than mugs.
  58. They create really beautiful flowerpots, vases, pitchers, mugs and plates.
  59. She took the bowls and mugs out of the cabinet and put them on the counter.
  60. She slammed it on the table, spilling a few mugs and slopping up the cover.
  61. The kegman was here for the mugs, You mean ‘ol Northie’? he asked.
  62. A quick second trip and she brought two mugs and a metal pitcher of hot tea.
  63. Elijah handed the smokes out and Johnny poured the tea into our mugs saying.
  64. She filled two mugs of water, as Kena buckled his belt and put the sword in.
  65. What's The Pony to him, or mugs o' beer? Not but what my beer's good, Gandalf.
  66. While he was doing this, Emily entered the room with two mugs of fresh coffee.
  67. They chose not to act, but he was aware that their grips tightened on their mugs.
  68. His eyes lit up when I came back to the table with a bottle and two coffee mugs.
  69. I watch as he reaches for two mugs from the mug tree and spoons coffee into them.
  70. Wait… what the hell is going on, Wiseman? You working with these mugs?
  71. When they entered the living room, Elizabeth fetched a jar of tea and three mugs.
  72. A moment later the waiter reappeared, carrying a tray with two huge mugs of beer.
  73. Other premium tactics include promotional products and items; the pens, caps, mugs.
  74. Thermos, mugs, bottles of instant coffee, creamer, and sugar sat on a rolling tray.
  75. Marc entered Alex’s office with two large bottles of expensive beer, and two mugs.
  76. He returned with a tray of three mugs of brewed coffee, a bowl of sugar, and creamer.
  77. It only made sense to take note of the counsel of mugs that have seen and done things.
  78. Mugs were scooped in, and, with the stars twinkling brightly above the singing began.
  79. He spoons instant coffee into two chipped brown mugs and waits for the kettle to boil.
  80. They sit at the table comfortably, elbows resting on the table top, hands nursing mugs.
  81. After thanking his newfound acquaintance, Moshe led his men to where the mugs and bowls.
  82. Without saying another word, he picked up one of the mugs and carried it out of the room.
  83. They waited while the steward served coffee in huge plain ceramic mugs with the USAF logo.
  84. Mugs were filled with clear cold water that tasted faintly of the canvas it was stored in.
  85. Orcher returns with two steaming mugs of Bersivo Blend: his is black and mine is too white.
  86. I poured the boiling water into the mugs, hissing slightly when the steam burnt my fingers.
  87. You notice that the blonde one is much more prompt about refilling our ale mugs, after all.
  88. The two men followed Nick into his shed and sat at the table while he made them all mugs of tea.
  89. Why do we have to do it then? his mum asked settling the tray with coffee mugs on the table.
  90. Two mugs of warm Tesh were placed on a table by the fire, along with a basket of bread and cheese.
  91. I filled mugs with coffee, and Joe read the squint in my eyes for the unspoken question that it was.
  92. Or you might consider old bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs or other flea market collectibles.
  93. The patrons of the tavern cheered their approval and sloshed their mugs as they crashed them together.
  94. Dippa fills the kettle and puts it on to boil, washing two mugs in the big sink he prepares the coffee.
  95. As Suzy fills the kettle and prepares the mugs she tells Sharon of the conversation she had with Lewis.
  96. Mother then left the room, returning with food and two mugs of the maize brew that Coatl liked so much.
  97. This morning, when he had finished washing up the cups and mugs, Bert returned with them to the kitchen.
  98. When he put the mugs of tea on the table Drew noticed that Nick’s left hand was rigid, and claw-like.
  99. Evans gave instructions to someone over the phone, left the room then returned with two full coffee mugs.
  100. As Adam drove into Zeke’s yard, Zeke was already hobbling out of his house carrying two mugs of coffee.

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