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Face in a sentence | face example sentences

  1. I laughed in his face.
  2. His face was so fine.
  3. He spat into her face.
  4. The Wind in Our Face.
  5. A smile lit his face.

  6. He turned to face her.
  7. He tried to face the.
  8. He never saw his face.
  9. Red lights in his face.
  10. His face whipped to it.
  11. His face went all red.
  12. The look on his face.
  13. Saldon spat in his face.
  14. The Face In The Mirror.
  15. Pick had a face card up.

  16. Lyra turned to face him.
  17. A tear lands on her face.
  18. He turns to face his car.
  19. A smile came to my face.
  20. A frown crossed his face.
  21. Daithi had a strong face.
  22. His face began to turn.
  23. A face appeared at the.
  24. Sarah pulled a face of.
  25. She hid her face on my.

  26. His face steels up again.
  27. A smile came to her face.
  28. But the face was granite.
  29. Let me wipe your face.
  30. His face was hot and red.
  31. And the look on his face.
  32. Her face was ashen white.
  33. He turned back to face me.
  34. He punched me in the face.
  35. Robbie turned to face me.
  36. Her face was turning blue.
  37. His smile covered his face.
  38. Abelon saw her face redden.
  39. She had rolled to face me.
  40. We have to face the truth.
  41. I can see it on your face.
  42. A face looked back at him.
  43. Rogan sneered in his face.
  44. Her face burned with fury.
  45. He found none on her face.
  46. I noticed Ali's dad's face.
  47. He turns to face Mohammed.
  48. Katie makes a face at this.
  49. She ran around to face him.
  50. Warmth returned to her face.
  51. Pamela felt her face flush.
  52. But then her face saddened.
  53. She paused and made a face.
  54. Slapping his face and that.
  55. There is a face in a mirror.
  56. Her hair matted to her face.
  57. I couldn’t see this face.
  58. Her face was red with anger.
  59. Her face was as serene and.
  60. And they will seek my face;.
  61. With a smirk on his face, Lt.
  62. Hardly any face to speak of.
  63. His face is only a skull.
  64. His face a mask of surprise.
  65. I could read it in his face.
  66. His face was pallid, sunken.
  67. His face peered back at him.
  68. Teri felt her face flame red.
  69. Face up to the fact that if.
  70. She had this look on her face.
  71. He was reading her face again.
  72. His long thin face and jet-.
  73. A face appeared at the window.
  74. Putting a Face on the Source.
  75. Redness flooded his face as.
  76. Carol rolls over to face Dave.
  77. That’s not a happy face.
  78. He turned his face toward her.
  79. Clothier with a scarlet face.
  80. A reality he could not face.
  81. I could finally see his face.
  82. The only part of his face I.
  83. His face was spattered with.
  84. They couldn’t see his face.
  85. Wear face mask and mix slowly.
  86. And who can his presence face.
  87. It was a face from his past!.
  88. Her face grew distant suddenly.
  89. Carl turned to face his friend.
  90. Xonia’s face suddenly lit up.
  91. The courage to face the peace.
  92. Theoton had a warrior’s face.
  93. The face was familiar and he.
  94. Let's face it, older than God.
  95. She could feel her face flush.
  96. Alex punched him on the face.
  97. Then he would have to face it.
  99. The Elif's face was not human.
  100. Alex’s face lit up in a smile.
  1. I am facing the bed.
  2. I have to be facing.
  3. I am facing an abyss.
  4. The man is facing you.
  5. I lie down, facing him.
  6. Now it was facing them.
  7. He had been facing the.
  8. We sat facing each other.
  9. He sat facing me in his.
  10. We have to be facing.
  11. I was facing the monsters.
  12. One of them was facing him.
  13. I stood up too, facing her.
  14. He was a lone cat, facing.
  15. He was facing it, and its.
  16. Since the couch is facing.
  17. He rolled over, facing her.
  18. Nigel was sat facing Pamon.
  19. They sat facing each other.
  20. Cruzel stood facing the men.
  21. He stands frozen facing away.
  22. He was now facing his fears.
  23. I was on my side facing the.
  24. When facing a crossroad, the.
  25. Only by facing your fears 91.
  26. Facing the future alone, the.
  27. We sat facing each other.
  28. He stood facing a man with a.
  29. An Arrow stood, facing Psyche.
  30. With Roman facing the tougher.
  31. But facing their enemy head-on.
  32. She found herself facing Jerome.
  33. She was facing a serious issue.
  34. We were facing perhaps the most.
  35. Then facing worry becomes a game.
  36. Facing the holy Ka’aba :.
  37. Wolf, facing Parker, was talking.
  38. Hayley moved to stand facing Jean.
  39. This is an easy one! Stand facing.
  40. Ourselves (as in love) facing the.
  41. He turns so that he’s facing me.
  42. She sits with her back facing Cass.
  43. God helps by facing man with the.
  44. In that position , you are facing.
  45. The competitor іѕ facing forward.
  46. Place the Witch facing the Magician.
  47. We know what the problems facing us.
  48. I saw that Asia was awake facing me.
  49. And duty could be facing either way.
  50. The cliff was facing the rising sun.
  51. The competitor is now facing forward.
  52. The man had been facing the curtains.
  53. She stood facing the wall as before.
  54. I stand facing the Hancock building.
  55. The Kiss Retold – Facing the Past.
  56. This resembles Downward Facing Dog.
  57. One of the greatest problems facing.
  58. She wasn't sure about facing Shelagh.
  59. We are all afraid of facing ourselves.
  60. Silently they stood facing each other.
  61. I got up and kneeled too, facing him.
  62. It was as though she was facing her.
  63. They are facing a tough investigation.
  64. Now he was facing a man who claimed.
  65. They stood silent, facing one another.
  66. Johnny was facing away from the bar.
  67. Despite all the years he was facing.
  68. The armchair was facing away from her.
  69. They just stand there facing the game.
  70. Marcel turned so that he was facing him.
  71. Stand facing the same direction as the.
  72. Every window facing the blast blew out.
  73. Dave is laying on his side facing Carol.
  74. Facing his parents and sister in this.
  75. The tables facing Halifax harbour are.
  76. It had landed with the Symbol facing up.
  77. That love was about facing thousand of.
  78. I sat on the edge of the bed facing her.
  79. The door facing the sea was opened and.
  80. But at least we’re facing it together.
  81. Facing the sea, they towered over villas.
  82. Being realistic requires facing the truth.
  83. He sat back down on the couch, facing me.
  84. When I got on this I was facing the ship.
  85. Explain to them what we’re facing here.
  86. They stood in silence, facing one another.
  87. He ignored the risks the firm was facing.
  88. Now we were facing the betrothal of Joses.
  89. I heard he was facing a third reprimand.
  90. Whatever giant you're facing is a Big Mac.
  91. Why media, all corporations are facing it.
  92. Facing Joe, he said, ‘I’ve given the.
  93. She had the window seat facing the engine.
  94. She stood facing Cherry, just a few feet.
  95. She leans back shading you facing outward.
  96. Here was the problem facing this merchant.
  97. He was rolled to his side facing the wall.
  98. Andersen shifted on the sofa, facing Haven.
  99. Facing God, she could not help but complain.
  100. He stayed facing away from it and tried to.
  1. He faced the two men.
  2. If you have faced a.
  3. I stood and faced her.
  4. He stood and faced Dar.
  5. I would be faced with.
  6. He stood up and faced.
  7. I then faced each other.
  8. You'll be faced with a.
  9. I knelt and faced Justin.
  10. Glen stood and faced her.
  11. But he faced out to sea.
  12. He stood up and faced me.
  13. Then she faced the truth.
  14. I stood up and faced him.
  15. She turned and faced him.
  16. He turned and faced her.
  17. He stopped and faced her.
  18. Ben turned and faced Hilo.
  19. That has not faced death.
  20. Again we are faced with.
  21. She stopped and faced him.
  22. He faced her for a second.
  23. Tanya faced him once more.
  24. Tony stood and faced Alex.
  25. Now they faced going in!.
  26. He had faced off an army.
  27. Astrid stood and faced him.
  28. She whirled and faced him.
  29. She stood and faced the Elf.
  30. I faced toward my own door.
  31. Tarak turned and faced him.
  32. I turned and faced my mother.
  33. Similarly I faced a weekly.
  34. Once more he faced a dilemma.
  35. So I returned and faced him.
  36. She faced him without anger.
  37. I turned and faced the crowd.
  38. Every fear we faced together.
  39. George Bush was faced wíth.
  40. When faced with such situa-.
  41. He turned and faced San Luis.
  42. Yet when you’re faced with.
  43. Gowron stood and faced Garcia.
  44. Piers stood up and faced him.
  45. He faced the fact reluctantly.
  46. The chair faced away from me.
  47. I faced the South with dread.
  49. And we faced it with defiance.
  50. He turned around and faced her.
  51. He stood tall and faced Freda.
  52. This is the dilemma faced by.
  53. He climbed out and faced Carla.
  54. He straightened and faced Katie.
  55. He turned around and faced Zoe.
  56. Jack calmly faced the angry man.
  57. It was time she faced the heat.
  58. Then you faced a life in a dome.
  59. Mark walked over and faced Emily.
  60. Minho nodded and faced the crowd.
  61. He turned and faced him squarely.
  62. Lazar nodded but was white faced.
  63. Then I turned and faced the door.
  64. She shook her head, ashen faced.
  65. She sat on his lap and faced him.
  66. Faced by them, it perplexed her.
  67. Aiden turned and faced the women.
  68. Collins faced a Mexican standoff.
  69. Those companies faced with both.
  70. They faced each other motionless.
  71. He rose from the bed and faced me.
  72. The young man faced forward again.
  73. He was muscular and square faced.
  74. These things have to be faced.
  75. Sweyn turned and faced the Galaef.
  76. The 210 faced Tracker and Huntress.
  77. He stopped there, and faced round.
  78. Faced with that look, he was lost.
  79. He rolled over and faced the wall.
  80. Customary when faced with a real.
  81. The duty, if it is faced, is yours.
  82. Trembling, he stood up and faced me.
  83. I faced some strong stress when I.
  84. Kady stopped and faced the doorway.
  85. I turned around and faced the cops.
  86. Curling his lip, he faced the man.
  87. Nothing, he replied red faced.
  88. She faced Marry for help, but she.
  89. He turned and faced the councilmen.
  90. Seth stood and faced Alex terrified.
  91. Xander smirked and faced the board.
  92. Margaret stood and faced the window.
  93. The girl faced another problem also.
  94. Grim faced, he moved down the aisle.
  95. Only a few were faced in towards us.
  96. Then he faced me again, splinters.
  97. He could not have faced his mother.
  98. Mary faced Josephine with disbelief.
  99. He straightened and faced the Drong.
  100. The giant sized Inuksuk that faced.
  1. I saw faces in clouds.
  2. He turns and faces me.
  3. We clawed at our faces.
  4. The faces with no name.
  5. All faces turned to him.
  6. Faces screw up in pain.
  7. Such faces as one sees.
  9. Faces peered down at him.
  10. He saw on the faces of.
  11. Our faces in the papers.
  12. I never saw their faces.
  13. Such are the pale faces.
  14. Media faces it the most.
  15. They stood; faces of fear.
  16. Look at their faces, boy.
  17. The looks on their faces.
  18. There were so many faces.
  19. Faces stared down at her.
  20. Their faces meet in the.
  21. Only two faces gazed back.
  22. She turns and faces Jason.
  23. He read it in their faces.
  24. The same old faces sat on.
  25. Alex faces a cruel dilemma.
  26. Tears fell down their faces.
  27. Faces I no longer remember.
  28. Our faces were nose to nose.
  29. Faces from his school days.
  30. Their faces were very close.
  31. He steps around and faces me.
  32. The white faces of the men.
  33. Garret looked at their faces.
  34. Fear arrived on their faces.
  35. In looking in those faces I.
  36. Michael looked at their faces.
  37. He is able to make out faces.
  38. I read the signs on all faces.
  39. And they fell on their faces.
  40. I could see it in your faces.
  41. And the two faces disappeared.
  42. Their faces are inches apart.
  43. The Two Faces of Grangemouth.
  44. He couldn’t see their faces.
  45. The angry faces on the street.
  46. Whitey had studied their faces.
  47. He had seen their faces before.
  48. These men who have the faces.
  49. Their faces were inches apart.
  50. I remembered some of the faces.
  51. Happiness is seen on all faces.
  52. The changing faces that I loved.
  53. The only faces were the blank.
  54. She could only see their faces.
  55. Jason Chavez turns and faces me.
  56. It was in our faces, from the.
  57. The wind was on our faces and.
  58. The RBI faces a lot of inter-.
  59. They have blood on their faces.
  60. Horror fastened on their faces.
  61. Known and loved faces appeared.
  62. On the sea cliff faces, there.
  63. We crossed the street to Faces.
  64. Hiding our faces we pick up the.
  65. Some of the faces were familiar.
  66. Our faces are gripped in terror.
  67. She glanced at the waiting faces.
  68. There are two of him; two faces.
  69. You could see it in their faces.
  70. Make a study of names and faces.
  71. Damash studied the men’s faces.
  72. And then a tide of faces swayed.
  73. Faces appeared lit by the strobe.
  74. You should have seen their faces.
  75. The two men’s faces were blank.
  76. He hangs up and faces the others.
  77. Faces on that Day will be shamed.
  78. Faces on that Day will be joyful.
  79. He nods and faces the panel again.
  80. This put smiles on all our faces.
  81. Grinning faces looked back at her.
  82. Their faces answered his question.
  83. The Levis came to him, faces grim.
  84. Captain Farid looked at our faces.
  85. And felt the sun on our faces.
  86. Pamela watched their faces closely.
  87. Shall fear the glory of our faces.
  88. The voices and faces are the same.
  89. Travis regarded the faces intently.
  90. The fixed faces are the dull ones.
  91. Dozens of familiar, smiling faces.
  92. They stared in each other's faces.
  93. To put smiles on children's faces.
  94. She saw their faces through tears.
  95. Faces on that Day will be radiant.
  96. Their faces are twisted with rage.
  97. The contempt on the faces of her.
  98. Their faces looked red with anger.
  99. Perfect witnesses are their faces.
  100. Masks firmly adhere to their faces.

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