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Fool in a sentence

I am a fool too.
I was a fool to.
Do not be a fool.
You are a fool, M.
Then he is a fool.
I was such a fool.
What a fool I was.

I feel like a fool.
I felt like a fool.
I feel such a fool.
The man was a fool.
I have been a fool.
Then you are a fool.
What a fool she was.
Fool! I yell at Jim.
Don't be a fool Mr.
I am a fool perhaps.
Damn fool that I am.
Because she was a fool.
She really was a fool.
I've been such a fool.
This one will fool you.
I've been an old fool.
He was a fool to stay.
Don’t try to fool me.
He was a stupid fool!.
What a fool, he thought.
I was a fool both times.
He thought, I am a fool.
It made him look a fool.
I was a fool, Elizabeth.
What a fool thing to say.
The Destiny Of The Fool.
Oh, Vanka! He's a fool.
She felt she was a fool.
Dear me, you are a fool.
You were never the fool.
Yes, and a fool as well.
Cousin Harry was no fool.
I’m not such a fool.
But it's all her fooling.
Fooling only the sad clown.
He’s not fooling me anymore.
Perhaps he was fooling himself.
She isn’t fooling us, though.
A plan that involved fooling us.
Cambridge is only fooling himself.
Awe, no fooling? That's pretty sad.
So it was you that was fooling them?
She suspected she was fooling herself.
Let's stop fooling, she said quietly.
But I think we should quit fooling around.
She was only fooling herself, for her act.
Someone’s fooling around with the Skimmer.
She’s only fooling herself, he told himself.
I'm not fooling around with this jelly analogy.
His tone is light, but he’s not fooling me.
Chang said, We’re fooling ourselves, surely.
You will have to learn the art of fooling people.
He was fooling around with some of the girls there.
But we can’t count on fooling Sigma for very long.
Used to fooling the uninitiated without half trying.
I hope you will stop fooling the population of America.
You don’t catch me fooling around with no strange dog.
I wasn’t fooling myself about what these men were after.
But who am I fooling? If he can see in the dark while his.
Hoping his illness was not fooling him into doing it, but.
Zem was probably worried that the devices for fooling the.
Trentkamp and the KGB had been brilliant at fooling everyone.
The bullish case could also be called Fooling Three Soldiers.
No fooling you is there? Lyra just kept staring at him.
He can't be fooling with maps and strike briefs and debriefs.
Now they are fooling with this thing - now meddling with that.
Who did Charlie think he was fooling? There was more writing:.
I tried to keep my voice even, but there was no fooling Jacobi.
I don’t want you fooling yourself into believing in forever.
I was fooling myself that this was important or even instructive.
And I wouldn't be committing a crime by fooling the police?
I’m not fooling around, whatever next? Now it’s a ruddy car.
Youre not fooling me! What is this whole business about? Okay, so.
But I am not fooled.
And we all got fooled.
He fooled me like a boy.
But Nell was not fooled.
You could have fooled me.
For once he had me fooled.
Me: Would have fooled me.
I wasnt fooled for a minute.
The doctor would be fooled.
He wasn't fooled and bolted.
Merthin was not fooled, but.
The morning sun had fooled me.
Denver had not fooled Rancor.
You have already been fooled.
Even a doctor will be fooled.
Mona said she was not fooled.
We have been duped and fooled.
DO NOT be fooled by the title.
I don't think Ares was fooled.
Boy, you sure had me fooled.
They cannot be fooled as easily.
You could have fooled me, I said.
But they sure fooled the general.
His robes fooled everyone around.
I don’t think that I fooled him.
He fooled both Kyle and I, too.
Don’t be fooled by the versions.
Anti-Christ and were fooled by him.
The plotter pagans were fooled and.
Don't be fooled by their bait, or.
We weren’t? Could’ve fooled me.
Ares: The Three are not easily fooled.
You know, you don’t have me fooled.
Zoe was not fooled by the innocent look.
Up to that point, they had fooled the.
The Security Guard wasn't fooled, though.
Don’t be fooled, the witch warned.
But she wasn’t fooled by his soft tones.
Don’t be fooled because she was pretty.
But I wasn't fooled by the sounds I heard.
Of the Ship of Fools.
Fools! Eyes can see us.
We were fools to come.
What fools we have been.
The fools laughed at him.
Was he speaking to fools?
That’s what fools a man.
What fools we mortals be!.
Was purchased only by fools.
These fools can’t stop us.
You are all fools and blind.
Flapdoodle to feed fools on.
One or two fools hold no.
He watched the dancing fools.
The damned fools ate it up!.
Weapons are the tools of fools.
What fools all you gorgons are.
The damned fools! Jamie thought.
Slept through it all, the fools.
Look, you fools! said Mark.
I don’t care what fools say.
In this sense, they are all fools.
We are not fools in our trade.
Ye are all mad and stupid fools.
It’s only we who are such fools.
Yes they were played like fools!.
The fools paid no attention to him.
Fools, damn fools! he cried.
That is so, because you are fools.
Can’t keep them down, the fools.
Those who fools others will be.
The fools did not understand a word.
Perfection is for misguided fools.
C’mon, David, outwit these fools.
Lord, what fools these mortals be!.
A place operated by fools, for the.
What fools do they take us for?
There are bigger fools in this world.
These fools with rampant mouths and.
The poor fools don't know any better.

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