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    1. She wasn’t going to narrate the whole thing, she didn’t want to sound silly

    2. He was worried, but Victoria made him narrate every detail of their appearance and behavior, then assured him the animals were herbivores and would be more likely to run than charge


    4. "Hear the similitude which I am about to narrate to you relative to fasting

    5. While some accounts appear to describe scenes as selected, others narrate the experience as including details that they had long forgotten

    6. An incident, which I will narrate, has even made my faith deeper in Sun God and ancient Indian traditions

    7. momentarily to regroup its thoughts, it began to narrate its story for the Doctors in full

    8. Neither many hours, nor even many days, would suffice to narrate the results of prayer, by ancient and

    9. Making him feel at ease with her empathic gaze, she proceeded to narrate her tale of predicament and its aftermath

    10. 1 Having summarized the teachings of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, we are permitted to narrate certain later ideas which became attached to the concept of the kingdom and to engage in a prophetic forecast of the kingdom as it may evolve in the age to come

    11. We can narrate the burial of the Son of Man and put in this record the events associated with his resurrection, but we cannot supply much information of an authentic nature about what really transpired during this epoch of about thirty-six hours, from three o'clock Friday afternoon to three o'clock Sunday morning

    12. He started to narrate his tale of woe, telling the assembly that someone had stolen his missing shoe while he was sleeping on a park bench and that he needed some money for a new pair, if only someone would be so kind to help

    13. Three recovering alcoholics would narrate their history and problems due to alcohol consumption

    14. An announcer begins to narrate the race

    15. The last Abisali never showed his face and had used typed words on the screen to narrate the plan

    16. You may need not just to narrate on various issues, but

    17. They all wanted to narrate the whole things that happened in one and half years in my absence in a single night

    18. use images, or pictures of your product in action? Who will narrate the video? Do you

    19. While preparing the coffee and picturing their togetherness on the train, she recalled her weird experience in the coupe, and as if the milk on the burner too shared her urge to narrate the episode to her lover, it boiled itself in double quick time

    20. “Here is that fact beyond fiction,” he began to narrate with a parental pride that didn’t escape my attention

    21. ” I asked him to narrate any interesting

    22. Maharaj Ji used to narrate an anecdote in this reference

    23. On Doomsday God will inspire the earth to narrate what has happened on its surface, and what humanity has done, whether it was good or evil

    24. He was unsure whether she would believe him but he decided he would nevertheless narrate the events that had transpired

    25. This voice will be used to narrate your article when it"s converted into a

    26. Thus gloomy were her thoughts while Major Cookham continued to narrate, and it didn't enter his head that she mightn't be enjoying herself as much as he was

    27. Rehearse: To recite; to repeat the words of a passage or composition; to narrate or recount events or transactions

    28. If I should come to you and narrate a supposed circumstance which fit together no better than this narrative fits the notion commonly taught from it, you would mock the story as a fictitious imagination, and you would be treating it right

    29. These towns-We narrate to you some of their tales

    30. Everything We narrate to you of the history of the messengers is to strengthen your heart therewith

    31. We narrate to you the most accurate history, by revealing to you this Quran

    32. Of parricides and other murderers he had tortures still more terrible to narrate

    33. Finally, as a last resort, I hauled out everything I could remember from my early schooldays, and I tried to narrate our adventures in Latin

    34. As he walked on he preconsidered the terms in which he would narrate the incident to the boys:

    35. "Great is truth," muttered the count, "fire cannot burn, nor water drown it! Thus the poor sailor lives in the recollection of those who narrate his history; his terrible story is recited in the chimney-corner, and a shudder is felt at the description of his transit through the air to be swallowed by the deep

    36. In the event of your acceding to my request it is probably that I shall have to narrate them to you

    37. If James Earl Jones had been chosen to narrate this briefing film, it would have been even more terrifying to watch

    38. I will first narrate the trading strategy, then I will offer a more concise summary at the end of this chapter

    39. I will not narrate the story of my life to you; you will hear it one of these days

    40. Before proceeding further, it will be to the purpose to narrate in some detail, a singular occurrence which took place at about the same epoch, in Montfermeil, and which is not lacking in coincidence with certain conjectures of the indictment

    41. letter never mentions him but to narrate the fraudulent

    42. I need not narrate in detail the further struggles I had, and arguments I used, to get matters regarding the legacy settled as I wished

    43. He was amazed that Stepan should narrate the story of his crimes as if they had been things of long ago, and committed not by him but by some different man

    1. listening to stories narrated by the village elders as

    2. He had almost finished his fish while she talked, she had eaten little of hers while she narrated

    3. Kaha often didn’t use the sound from what she filmed anyway, she just filmed people walking around talking to each other, put music to it, and narrated the script

    4. I narrated it all

    5. Narrated by a witty, opinionated dog named Chiclet, this terrific book is fil ed

    6. ” Brendan narrated for the kid’s benefit

    7. Keshavrao reached home and narrated the happening

    8. As they ate, Elam narrated what he had seen

    9. By the meager light of oil lamp -in his room at the temple- the priest finished writing what Elam had narrated day by day

    10. We now have a clearer idea about what could have happened, what he had actually narrated and about one more thing: the reason for the days

    11. Today, with some knowledge and a computer connected to the Internet, anyone can check what is narrated in these lines and also make new contributions to a better understanding

    12. and all the honorable men of the people, and I led them to the valley of Kidron, and I narrated to them all that had been said to me

    13. We rode the moving staircase at O’Hare together leaving, and he had humiliated me the day before by retelling this story in front of my girlfriend at the Frank Lloyd Wright home during the UC trolley tour narrated by Wally Blum

    14. The scribe’s childhood memory was a powerful one, that much is true, and would have gained them some time; the memories and stories of a mind-dweller are always strong in warding off mental attack, but only while they are being remembered or narrated, and for a while afterwards

    15. There is also a sequel to this tragedy, narrated by Sophocles in “Oedipus

    16. figuration’ of Jesus, as narrated in the new Testament (of the Christian

    17. “You released Set and his brethren,” Jacobi narrated

    18. But when a later writer narrated these events, subsequent to the enlargement of the Jewish concept of the nature of God, he did not dare attribute evil to Yahweh; therefore he said: `And Satan stood up against Israel and provoked David to number Israel

    19. Listen!' And she narrated all that she had dreamed and thought to see

    20. Jesus narrated three or four parables from the Hebrew scriptures, calling attention to the fact that this method of teaching was not wholly new

    21. Her expression, as he narrated victories or defeats, did not mirror the wild rage or fiendish exultation that alternated on the faces of the other Tecuhltli

    22. The events already narrated and leading up to this hour of the Master's impending crucifixion are sufficient to indicate that his death at about this time was a purely natural and man-managed affair

    23. She had narrated the event, exactly as she had told it to Mel and Alice and to the police, and had answered questions about it

    24. While sipping a hot chocolate-coffee mixture from ancient, fragile cups and saucers, amid elegant furniture and scores of silver and gold picture frames containing yellowing and fading photographs almost a century old, a young male secretary narrated from a hand-written book, the story of the gold

    25. HADITH: The sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as narrated

    26. ” (Narrated by Yahya b

    27. • “Abu Hurairah (may ALLAH be pleased with him) narrated that

    28. " (Narrated by Abu

    29. • Narrated by Ibn Abbas, Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The Black

    30. • Narrated by Fatima bint Qays Muhammad (PBUH) said, "I have

    31. • Narrated by Ubadah ibn as-Samit Muhammad (PBUH) said, “I have



    34. • Ali narrated that Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Even if only a day

    35. • Abu Saeed Al-Khudri narrated that Muhammad (PBUH) said, "He

    36. ” (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi with a

    37. Buraida narrated on the authority of his father

    38. • It was narrated that Haani’ the freed slave of ‘Uthmaan ibn

    39. • Narrated by Abu Hurraira, Muhammad (PBUH) said, "All of the

    40. • Narrated by Abu Hurraira, Muhammad (PBUH) said, "There is

    41. • Narrated by Abu-Hurraira, Muhammad (PBUH) said, The Angel

    42. • Narrated by Abu Hurraira, Muhammad (PBUH) said, "There are

    43. • Narrated by Jareer that on a moonlit night Muhammad (PBUH)

    44. • Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri narrated that Muhammad (PBUH) said,

    45. • Narrated by Anas, Muhammad (PBUH) said, "All creatures are

    46. Cynthia narrated her entire story

    47. I narrated my whole life's story to Mike, beginning with my

    48. Tarana then narrated the whole Karunesh-Vaidehi story, how Gomz brought her back, how she nearly killed her, then escaped with Ansh, how they murdered an old slayer and got hold of an ancient book containing all supernatural secrets

    49. I narrated my entire story in front of Pradeep, from the beginning to the ending

    50. Then Sunena narrated her tale after thinking a while

    1. not the person who narrates long stories

    2. Those scenes served to remind Roger of green-yellow lizards in Kano, Africa, which he describes in his Odyssey to Opportunity when he narrates his trip to South Africa

    3. If its history relates an initial English colonization, it also narrates conflicts between English, French and Spaniards

    4. that narrates the adventurous return of Ulysses to Ithaca (see A

    5. which he narrates how the boy has gone to search for his father after Athena

    6. • Saeed Khudri narrates that Muhammad (PBUH) said, "The Mahdi

    7. The holy prophet passed a serious warning through many of his sayings about this great matter, that is owing to its danger, he warned those people of the severe hell fire on the day of judgment saying: ((Anyone who narrates falsely sayings of me which actually I never said, he will occupy his seat in the Hell fire)) [agreed on it

    8. In this view, the Odyssey is no longer an odyssey as many see it but it is an initiation or an alchemical journey, which narrates the voyage of men and women from a condition of mortality to one of immortality

    9. In my book The Ulysseans, I hypothesized that the Iliad narrates the intense battle that sperm undertake when they try to enter into the ovum

    10. One narrates the voyage of Telemachus who is looking for news about his father or, in other words, is looking for the father and the laws that he represents, beyond the maternal laws; the second narrates the transformational voyage that Ulysses undertakes with the help of Zeus, Athena and Hermes as he wanders around the Mediterranean; the third part narrates the preparation and the execution of the massacre of the Suitors, which is what Ulysses wants but which is what, above all, Zeus and Athena want to happen

    11. ” He narrates what he sees: a portcullis, defensive walls called ramparts, granite mansions, a steeple above rooftops

    12. "In sooth, that greatly resembles what Rubaudiere narrates

    1. He was kept busy narrating and phone camming

    2. While reading it, he had heard the man’s voice so clearly in his head, he thought he could easily have been standing beside him or behind him narrating it to him

    3. The book is structured in a way that how this transformation happened in his life, narrating the incidents in some places along with the words of wisdom spoken and written by Gandhi

    4. I began narrating him, saving neither verbs nor adjectives, on the primitive years of my infancy, flowing of the home-loving life in the city with my father in the head, where an army of caregivers commanded by the affable hand of my mother was craving to condense our most insignificant desires

    5. In his later teachings he sought to correct many erroneous Urantia views of life by narrating numerous parables which he presented in the course of his public ministry

    6. By having naked women narrating and taking the parts of the men, men will watch

    7. Joey did not understand the words the computer was narrating, neither could he under the writing on the subtitles, so Lezura had to translate so he could understand

    8. While narrating his story he told his relatives that he thought

    9. While narrating his story, Corey began to cry

    10. While Timmy was narrating his story to my mother, his tears

    11. It’s really disgusting!” Mother stopped after narrating the heart-breaking tale of Lalit

    12. He had been narrating non-stop and exclaiming thoroughly

    13. “Have him get his favorite reporters to the White House, and have someone start narrating what’s going on

    14. ‘Either he makes you mad by narrating how he’s being ignored in spite of his merit, or bores you to death by enlightening how the reservations are ruining the nation

    15. he loved narrating stories of courting his lady love to his children

    16. Bhishma , the grand sire, while narrating to Yudhistir about the dialogues of Karal named as

    17. I reluctantly started narrating to them how I had spent my last holiday, though not without using the English words wrongly at one point or the other

    18. ‘I had feared that having you as the narrator would, by sheer force of your voice, distract from the central action you will be narrating

    19. During the Turkish reign over the country, a certain pasha sat with a large group of notables who were gathered around listening attentively to him narrating the events of an incident that had taken place the previous day

    20. But yet I also wonder: why is Ulysses crying? And why does he start crying just when they start narrating his glorious actions?

    21. Eliza was hoping to keep the memory of her best friend alive, wearing the dress Millie picked out for herself and narrating a special presentation at the dance

    22. Auditory: Auditory people are prone to narrating an experience with language such as, “Hearing the sound of the waves crash, I turned my head to the side to

    23. Notwithstanding the singularly realistic style of these writings, their freedom from ordinary signs of exaltation, their strange quietness of tone in narrating events, which have furnished pabulum to the arts of nearly two thousand years, they adhere throughout to this representation of the life and speech of Jesus

    24. In saying this, I intended to imply that we must come to an understanding about the mimetic art,--whether the poets, in narrating their stories, are to be allowed by us to imitate, and if so, whether in whole or in part, and if the latter, in what parts; or should all imitation be prohibited?

    25. Claire kept repeating the words in her head as if she were narrating a story rather than experiencing the event in her actual life

    26. Berg evidently enjoyed narrating all this, and did not seem to suspect that others, too, might have their own interests

    27. ‘The Cossack, not knowing in what company he was, for Napoleon’s plain appearance had nothing about it that would reveal to an Oriental mind the presence of a monarch, talked with extreme familiarity of the incidents of the war,’ says Thiers, narrating this episode

    28. Never had the two ideas which governed the unhappy man whose sufferings we are narrating, engaged in so serious a struggle

    29. Gillenormand adored the Bourbons, and had a horror of 1789; he was forever narrating in what manner he had saved himself during the Terror, and how he had been obliged to display a vast deal of gayety and cleverness in order to escape having his head cut off

    30. At the moment when the drama which we are narrating is on the point of penetrating into the depths of one of the tragic clouds which envelop the beginning of Louis Philippe's reign, it was necessary that there should be no equivoque, and it became requisite that this book should offer some explanation with regard to this king

    31. Narrating the Self: Fictions of Japanese Modernity

    32. While narrating these things, every time Queequeg received the tomahawk from me, he flourished the hatchet-side of it over the sleeper's head

    33. Secondly: People ashore have indeed some indefinite idea that a whale is an enormous creature of enormous power; but I have ever found that when narrating to them some specific example of this two-fold enormousness, they have significantly complimented me upon my facetiousness; when, I declare upon my soul, I had no more idea of being facetious than Moses, when he wrote the history of the plagues of Egypt

    34. The story of this unfortunate girl is worth narrating

    35. As always happens in such cases, the chief governing thread of the conversation was not the engagement itself, but the part which those who were narrating the story of the affair took in it

    36. “The Cossack, not knowing in what company he was, for Napoleon’s plain appearance had nothing about it that would reveal to an Oriental mind the presence of a monarch, talked with extreme familiarity of the incidents of the war,” says Thiers, narrating this episode

    37. Before narrating the adventures of these distinguished persons, let us go back twenty years, and ask what became of Natasha and Bodlevski

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