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    1. entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across

    2. Basically, Smith could no more organise a cosmic booze-up in an entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across the vast glens of Whisky sodden Scotland

    3. They could both recite them, they often did,

    4. She could have watched Homer recite his tales if she had the ship to get there

    5. They all rose as one, took each other’s hand, and began to recite a prayer

    6. He had to focus at least well enough to recite what he knew from memory

    7. Naria took out her sword and holding it before her began to recite the Death Order

    8. He thought they should write out a pamphlet for everyone they interviewed to read so they wouldn’t have to recite it so many times

    9. He went on to recite bits and pieces of the story he’d told her the first night

    10. When the Post Office was turned off at night it would sit there on the window and recite

    11. “During your trip to Stratos, the Mistress invited a poet to recite

    12. She proceeded to recite the vilest phrases she remembered

    13. “Then recite something for me

    14. “Exactly as I recite it, mind

    15. Sphinx coins at the poplar tree where I’d recite

    16. I heard you recite for

    17. This Iliad in which he took such pride, she wished she could hear Homer recite the poem in its entirety

    18. And though she longed to see Homer, to hear the progress on his poem, to recite her own work for him, she couldn’t go there, either

    19. He’d always settle when she’d recite another episode

    20. I used to recite it word for word as best I could remember: ‘There are so many people who mistreat the

    21. I’d be happy to recite:

    22. whenever they recite the different prayers "Form is not different from Emptiness

    23. To feel the full effect of the mantra, one needs to recite it over a longer period of time

    24. learned over one hundred of her favourites so he could recite them to her at odd times

    25. Kate proceeded to recite her sister’s number including the area code

    26. And while you are still contemplating, let me recite poem number two by Leo Marks, a SOE officer (Special Operations Executive) during the Second World War written as one-time code for SOE Agent Violet Szasbo, who would later die in a Nazi concentration camp

    27. How many of us are able to quickly recite statistics such as which Quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes or which Pitcher owns the best won/loss record or lowest earned run average however must give pause in naming the vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election? Bread and Circus‘ are coming full circle

    28. “You should be careful not to recite the obvious, Chief Inquisitor

    29. mantra inscribed on it and asked Shastriji to recite the mantra 21 times

    30. Mohammad asked what words to recite and Gabriel provided them

    31. He then proceeded to recite the very same poem in its entirety from memory

    32. He was seized with a sudden desire to visit her, perhaps to recite to her the words of the poem

    33. Carefully pulled on my pajamas, and tried to recite my favorite poem as I lay in bed

    34. Even though she could easily recite the chemical

    35. The members of the Lodge recite call and response prayers while

    36. Thank goodness there are still individual teachers who have their children recite the Pledge in school! As mentioned earlier (Chapter 1, The U

    37. We have a nursery rhyme that little kids recite, 'Jack and Jill went up the hill

    38. Barrad lacked the real life experience of commanding an army group but he had studied every major battle and could recite the manual of war backwards

    39. Chantal loved that poem, and would make me recite it until she could do it as well

    40. ‘Look,’ I told the man behind the counter when he tried to recite some tired excuse of

    41. With the exception of the Lord’s prayer, Joshua did not give us formal prayers to recite or follow

    42. of Peace’ and enjoined them to recite a prayer Then he disappeared by

    43. could readily recite the three exciting advantages of

    44. would especially recite this advantage whenever they

    45. The High Heels would especially recite this

    46. " He cleared his throat and began to recite: " Heroes win laurels—"

    47. He seemed to recite from a spin doctor’s

    48. Then raised the arms and began to recite it with the monotonous tone of a litany

    49. What you are telling me are only recipes that anybody could learn in any book and which can be recited as the parrots recite, without knowing what they are talking about

    50. recite the book's mantra--make every word tell--and still refer to their tattered grade school copy when in need of a hint on how to

    1. "They saw the code for that virus as a missile striking at the speed of light," Herndon recited their propaganda

    2. By now Jorma could have recited it as well as Ava

    3. ” Jorma had heard this story before, Kulai recited it as well as anyone

    4. ” They had stopped for a brief lunch and before they went back to the gardening, Belle walked her through the house and recited to her the stories of her own and George's ancestors, pointing out how they honored them and venerated their sagacity and far-sightedness

    5. He bowed his head and recited his own

    6. Harris recited his statement of earlier

    7. Of course you can't say you've been classically trained if you haven't recited the whole two hundred fifteen patterns and maybe even had to cycle each in fifths

    8. Though now his heart wasn’t in it, so numbly, he recited quotes from Adros

    9. She’d never heard its like, and Father had recited all the best poets

    10. “I’ve heard this poem recited elsewhere

    11. Brooding in expression, he took a deep breath, then recited:

    12. Of all the heroes in the poem that Homer had recited to

    13. He recited it at

    14. As Nerissa fumbled to unroll the sheet of parchment, Homer recited rapidly:

    15. When he pointed at us, Father recited all our names

    16. If you’ll read back that verse I recited last night, I’d like to hear how those changes you suggested sound

    17. recited the Shield of Heracles

    18. Lunarey recited them in her mind, trying to calm herself, yet they only infuriated her further

    19. “Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold,” the Elf recited her actions as she performed them

    20. heard The Iliad recited, too

    21. ” She cleared her throat and recited, “It's not a Naud verse; they don't actually compose verse themselves

    22. The words of a mantra when recited in certain tones help align our consciousness and can shift the energy pattern within a person and its surroundings

    23. He revealed that anyone who recited it, regardless of his faith, could reap the many benefits which included raising one’s level of compassion, wisdom and longevity

    24. Also, when the mantra is recited many times, it would permeate the world and aid others as well

    25. The subject was doubtful with Carl however, who only ever saw the importance of faith based on ancient eyewitness accounts recited to second and third-hand witnesses

    26. Only when she recited a code would this virus become active, and its effect swift

    27. She recited the words on the letter verbatim

    28. As he recited from the Legends, Brock raised his eyes to the moon and adopted the Teller's flat monotone

    29. Jack calmly pulled on Molly’s ring finger, giving it an extra twist as he recited, “This little piggy had none …”

    30. “‘Let not the marriage of true minds admit impediments,’” he recited as the stiff fabric of the dress’s bodice came away from my body

    31. I sent your telegram,” Howard-Smythe recited, as we walked back toward the train

    32. Colling asked where he might write to Elizabeth, and Quarles recited a Philadelphia address that Colling wrote on the outside of the envelope

    33. Many were the epics and sagas recited at great length about these mythological gods and goddesses and their many heroic quests as if they were a cut above the best of once-live heroes

    34. The king had closed his eyes while Gawavolf recited in a calm voice the Legend of the Children of the Light

    35. Ea designed and made a dominant strategy and made His counter spell, sovereign and holy that He recited and made it subsist in the deep, spilling sleep on Apsu

    36. [122] They can be recited at the beginning or end of a meditation session – or read and reflected upon at any time

    37. He then recited the long poem in Nahual

    38. Not surprisingly, Nezahualcoyotl’s voice broke a few times as he recited the poem

    39. He recited her rights, while Darette, who had found her tongue again, cursed at Sierra

    40. understanding in the law of the Lord, and the things that he had done before, and the things now recited, are reported in the book of

    41. Stands a child with her father/Watching the East, /The evening sky,‖ which I had recited at Brearley

    42. She recited the telephone codes for him, then hung up the receiver to check off another one of her clients

    43. His friend Héctor had not only read Roger’s poem, but had also recited it to a group of people who were very moved at his reading

    44. The students then learned by heart what was in their notebooks and recited what they learned

    45. 33 These things are written in the book of the stories of the kings of Judah and every one of the acts that Josias did and his glory and his understanding in the law of the Lord and the things that he had done before and the things now recited are reported in the book of the kings of Israel and Judea

    46. Speaking together, they recited Osbald’s Oath

    47. 1 But concerning baptism so baptize you: having first recited all these precepts baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit in running water;

    48. made some more empty promises over her and recited the 23rd Psalm

    49. Still on his knees he recited the poem that had become an

    50. This particular patient sang and recited lyrics which he says he created through the inspiration of God

    1. The boy recites his poem emanated from the depths of her

    2. she recites the things that impressed her today

    3. When I mentioned the mantra, he anxiously replied, “That’s the mantra my wife recites daily!” The synchronicity did not just end there

    4. ” He listens to my mother on the phone and recites her words, beginning the incantation

    5. “One, when trying to cover those times, recites: ‘Then

    6. A man recites a certain form of words with firm

    7. communicates its oscillations to the man who recites the mantra and also to

    8. Because it protects the one who recites it, it is called

    9. rized speeches of Li Hongzhi, that he just recites

    10. If we visit him or if we call him on the phone, he just recites

    11. The notice recites the legal description of the property being

    12. goddess, all his life he recites only the name of that goddess

    13. By that feeling and tasting, many impressions of the Godly perfection which it has witnessed will be imprinted on its surface, so, when it recites its Provider’s orders, it will view the good they contain, and when it recites His forbidden things, it will see the evil resulting from committing them

    14. For example, the king never charges a layman to read a bulletin in his name before his subjects, nay he charges his secretary or his prime minister, because the one who recites in the name of the king should have characters and qualifications that make him worthy of receiving the orders from his king then reciting them to his subjects

    15. The Imam and those with him all recite silently while during the sunset, evening and the dawn prayers, only the Imam recites loudly in the first two bows and others only listen with perfect attention to his recitation as understood from the clear evidence of the Holy Qur’an

    16. For example, a king will never charge a layman to read a bulletin in his name before his subjects – rather he will charge this task to his secretary or prime minister, because one who recites in the name of a king should have qualifications and a character that make him worthy of receiving orders directly from his king, and then reciting them to his subjects

    17. For every age there is an Envoy, a Prophet, or a perfect guide or leader (imam), who recites the Qur’an and provides its true interpretation and realities

    18. With hazy eyes, Pamela slowly recites what the

    19. Then when he recites to you God's Orders you bow obeying and submitting to the Great God and prostrate asking for God's Help to obey God

    20. To the group of people that are of the opinion that God creates things when a magician recites certain incantations and special words, we say the following:

    21. · If he recites the verses about paradise, he finds paradise and looks at Allah's bounties in it

    22. Let us join in their happiness as Kerala recites, and Akenji receives, the pledge of loyalty

    23. God has blessed the believers, as He raised up among them a messenger from among themselves, who recites to them His revelations, and purifies them, and teaches them the Scripture and wisdom; although before that they were in evident error

    24. person to whom he recites it, or to his own baseness, or to the diff erence

    25. And a narrative it remains both in the speeches which the poet recites from time to time and in the intermediate passages?

    26. His heartbeat is drumming so loudly that he can’t hear, he can’t think straight, but he prepares just in case, he’s had it planned out just in case, and he recites it to himself now

    27. And then with all Solemnity, as if he were standing in a Church, he recites:

    28. The mullah recites the prayer, rubs his beard

    29. ”’ Now, would you believe it, excellency, every morning he recites this speech to us from beginning to end, exactly as he spoke it before the magistrate

    30. And since the pupil knows what he is being taught, and easily recites in any order desired what he is asked to recite by the teacher, the teacher thinks that he is really teaching something, and the pupil's progress is great, and the teacher, paying no attention to what forms the real difficulty of teaching, that is, to teaching something new, most comfortably stumps about in one spot

    31. An exciting and interesting story of the time of the Great Plague of 1665; it recites the many adventures through which the hero passed in London, and later in Dorsetshire, where a number of sensational encounters with smugglers and pirates are described

    32. L'Abbadie recites the purport as well as date of it

    33. It recites a British Order in Council of the 26th of October last, providing for the supply of the British West Indies and other colonial possessions, by a trade under special licenses; and is accompanied by a circular instruction to the Colonial Governors, which confines licensed importations from ports of the United States, to the ports of the Eastern States exclusively

    1. My pulse quickened at the sound of his boot-steps, and with every one of these heightened moments I found myself reciting verses from long forgotten texts

    2. directing them to the universe, but simply reciting positive

    3. was reciting some cheesy-ass poem he’d written about her—with the kissing and

    4. Bruce started reciting an anthem learnt in school as he relieved himself

    5. sky, probably reciting names of stars and constellations in that restless brain of his

    6. They were only reciting ready-prepared

    7. Theoton bid goodnight to his friends, reciting the ancient proverb with a chuckle:

    8. she’d heard reciting in the courtyard after Lady Phyllis feasted with her friends

    9. She dreamed of reciting this to Homer, watching his haughty lips creep up with reluctant

    10. The interview also touched on the subject of reciting mantras

    11. To date, I have no regrets reciting the mantra and would encourage others to open up to this avenue of healing

    12. Somehow, reciting the mantra has helped raise my level of awareness about life and its meaning

    13. Carl was reciting the stories of Jesus, and when he got to the part when Jesus was about to heal some men that were stricken with leprosy, Adem exclaimed, “Jesus will save them!”

    14. Alex and Abigail were reciting the Talmud off by heart in between bonking furiously, loud thrashing bands covering up the noise of their loud thrashing, thus passed the week

    15. “It was the path you set me on as a child,” she responded evenly, reciting her words as if by rote

    16. A few years ago I started reciting this affirmation

    17. After the basics, such as obedience to Law, reciting scripture and fairly simple counting and sword-fighting skills, the best of each class of children were selected for progression: that was done according to the inclination, receptiveness, and skill they showed at the various tests and games carried out to separate those who were capable of serving the people and the Gods and those who simply could not

    18. Molo believed that asking him about his Pilgrimage was a bad idea; the dark-skinned man would erupt in a series of prayers and gestures, reciting long stories of tradition as well as many other minutiae that would only complicate his efforts at understanding whatever useful information and knowledge he could offer

    19. The Pilgrim had stood aghast when he saw it and in reverent tones started reciting from memory, his only source of knowledge:

    20. Her voice sounded so beautiful, as if she was reciting poetry

    21. He was reciting to the bookshelves the expeditionary history of the North Pole, as though standing before an audience

    22. Reciting amitabha is a mahayana practitioners practice, can the theravada followers there and

    23. (3) Reciting sutras (for example, Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom) – this includes reading, reflecting on, and memorizing from these texts


    25. Bezedil had finished reciting his first set of choices a few seconds before, and now he nodded his thanks with a smile as he turned back to Sheramiv and listed another thirty off the top of his head with no hesitation

    26. On and on the speaker droned reciting his long list of grievances as he

    27. reciting the lines that McClure is feeding him

    28. She was reciting the hymn of the Faraday to them

    29. Whenever reciting this advantage in public, the

    30. While she was reciting, the concoction was turning darker and darker, and watery and watery

    31. Severa began to read it by placing her index finger on the first word and, as she was reciting out aloud the incantation, slipped her finger for each line

    32. They have fewer inhibitions about expressing their feelings, singing, dancing and reciting poetry, and enjoy physically embracing and touching their friends in ways that would have them labelled as queer at home

    33. I never liked confined spaces, and much less, with Batam reciting out loud all the possible scenarios of the worst things that could happen to us in the following hours

    34. you consider reciting them, but then think better of it—why waste your time on these ungrateful lunatics when you could just take Tera home and treat her like the queen that she, in a sense, is

    35. ” He sounded like he was reciting from a textbook

    36. caution to neophytes, that if the reciting even of the Sacred Word in any

    37. They give joy, gladness, peace, because, by prayerful y reciting the Psalms, we feel ourselves under the overshadowing protection of God

    38. Her body concealed the view of the television, but Philip could hear the faint voices of soap opera actors reciting their lines as if by rote

    39. Peter never grew weary of reciting how "even the winds and the waves obey him

    40. He did not feel that the Father had forsaken him; he was merely reciting in his vanishing consciousness many Scriptures, among them this twenty-second Psalm, which begins with "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" And this happened to be one of the three passages which were spoken with sufficient clearness to be heard by those standing by

    41. reciting under his breath the rhyme our mothers taught us when we

    42. ”Was he reciting our childhood

    43. Kaibiak looked at the old admiral, his long-time friend, and began reciting a piece from something he had read as a boy

    44. In prison he could always be found with a bible in one hand and reciting psalms and passages wherever he went

    45. Once the blessings were given he lead them in reciting the Lord’s prayer, and walked around the room throwing holy water into the air

    46. But the cus-tom was imposed, the same as that of reciting the rosary before dinner, and it drew the attention of the neigh-bors, who soon spread the rumor that the Buendías did not sit down to the table like other mortals but had changed the act of eating into a kind of high mass

    47. As soon as Cynthia finished reciting her MANIFESTO she

    48. I suggest you read the bonus section on affirmations, and begin reciting several daily

    49. even reciting the reactionary poems in

    50. The settlers then either knelt or bowed their head as Nancy started reciting an old prayer in ancient Hebrew

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