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Natural in a sentence

To see it as a natural.
But it is natural to.
This is a natural law.
It is a natural cycle.
He had a natural flair.
It had not been natural.
This was not a natural.

It is sown a natural.
One of the best natural.
There was a natural gas.
Love is our natural state.
It was a natural process.
She was a natural artist.
It is quite natural and.
This curse is not natural.
It felt natural and right.
It was natural, after all.
It is a natural acid trip.
If not for the natural C.
He was a natural comedian.
Because it is a Natural law.
Atheism is a natural state.
I'm sure it's only natural.
One learns what is natural.
But the natural birth can.
Tao follows what is natural.
The natural route is about.
Doing this would natural y.
It always looked so natural.
The same as a natural cloud.
They have to appear natural.
It is a natural consequence.
Only the natural laws differ.
She just had to be a natural.
It is the only natural state.
You are Gods natural Son.
This is because our natural.
Worrying is natural, but to.
This is my natural residence.
We are not natural fighters.

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