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Niche in a sentence

1. And so I found my niche.
2. Okay, so that’s my niche.
3. You niche of a beach, you.
4. He places all into their niche.
5. The 5 Checks For a Great Niche.
6. Search for forums in your niche.
7. There may be a niche market in.

8. And there you have it – your niche.
9. But you can do this in every niche!.
10. Have passion for your niche and the.
11. Are there call centers in this niche?
12. Remember, each niche stands on its own.
13. It is a great place to find your niche.
14. First, I have to get ideas for my niche.
15. So, now you have a niche to write about.
16. In marketing we call raving fans a niche.
17. Golf is what he loved…it was his niche.
18. Niche markets are where the best money is.
19. Niche markets are sometimes specialized.
20. This was where the profitable niche now.
21. In choosing a niche or subject to write.
22. Exposure to Alternative and Niche Sectors.
23. If you get into one niche over the other.
24. You may still be searching for your niche.
25. Gliding into the niche, he peered through.
26. Could you create a product in this niche?
27. This is a great example of a targeted niche.
28. Do you already have knowledge of this niche?
29. Are there pay per lead offers in this niche?
30. The better you are at what your niche is the.
31. Let’s say your niche is to do with gardening.
32. Step 1 Know all your niche keywords and phrases.
33. This is the current niche I've identified and.
34. As you can see, niche research is a ton of work.
35. The more specialized or niche your skills, the.
36. Without a niche that is socially recognized or.
37. The idea of the business is to tap a niche market.
38. Many persons will say that the best niche is the.
39. Thus, niche or mini sites can be created this way.
40. Owning something unique is another type of niche.
41. Are there webinars or teleseminars in the niche?
42. Are there many searches in Google in this niche?
43. As in the example of McDonald's, there's a niche.
44. Of course it helps if you know the Niche you are.
45. Maybe the instant gratification yielded by niche.
46. If your niche was on golf then you would type in:.
47. The other, the niche marketers would vouch for the.
48. This makes you ideal to teach in that special niche.
49. She entered and put the torch in a niche in the wall.
50. So if your niche was Italian cooking then you would.
51. The niche was not narrow enough to keep the corpse out.
52. Will it be easy to build your authority in the niche?
53. What’s related to your niche that’s in the media?
54. Companies that occupy a niche have a distinct advantage.
55. Use videos on your site which is related to your niche.
56. Your niche Site Concept should have solid potential (i.
57. How to Stand Out in Your Niche (no it’s not the USP).
58. The covering sheet lay at the foot of the burial niche.
59. Build a list of people who are interested in that niche.
60. Your affiliates will typically be in the same niche as you.
61. Forums or news groups (specific or related to that niche).
62. Will it be easy to stand out from the crowd in this niche?
63. Is this niche related to Health, Wealth, or Relationships?
64. Decide on a Niche Things to consider when choosing a niche:.
65. Use this resource to search for directories within a niche.
66. However, finding the next Microsoft is not my trading niche.
67. Try to find a few others that also fit your niche and then.
68. We created a website for the niche you will be marketing in.
69. At first glance, this seems a very expensive niche to get in.
70. I want everyone over there in that niche where I can see.
71. Hedy discovered a niche under her rock and crawled into it.
72. A linden-tree showed its crest above the niche, and the wall.
73. Walk on till you come to a niche in a terrace where stands a.
74. Lawyers are an excellent example of the importance of a niche.
75. While merged businesses may have their own niche markets, they.
76. The priest's grey nimbus in a niche where he dressed discreetly.
77. In the niche of a tree at the opposite end of the dell from the.
78. The niche was professionally built out, including a trim detail.
79. See what I mean? Trying to sharpen the focus of your niche too.
80. Now suddenly he seemed to be finding his niche in Moch’s boat.
81. The most difficult task Ive had to do has been to create a niche.
82. Now that we have our niche selected and the keywords that we are.
83. Wordtracker to find the best key words and phrases for your niche.
84. Find out if a niche is hot or not by looking at Google hot trends.
85. A niche is an area, subject or topic you build your product around.
86. Whatever it is, that niche question, that’s what you need to ask.
87. Once you’ve selected the niche market that you want to build an.
88. PLR material that relates to your niche or you can even outsource.
89. This question of whether an marketer should go for niche marketing.
90. You should aim to focus on niche markets within your portfolio by.
91. I could've said, OK, my niche will be men named Pete who are over.
92. By this time, however, you should pretty much own this little niche.
93. And whatever your niche is, your customers are looking for something.
94. The next step in finding a good niche is to evaluate the competition.
95. Use the Pinterest search feature to find boards based on your niche.
96. Before we dwell into the issue, we need to comprehend what is niche.
97. Now, in the porch and seated on a stone bench set in the niche of a.
98. That’s a good way to test something in the internet marketing niche.
99. How fast do vendors pay out in the niche and do they pay out at all?
100. And there behind the wall, in the niche, lurked the ancient Pelishti.

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1. Several series of hand-holds were niched in the ramp.
1. Most niches tend to have.
2. Niches in the cargo were.
3. There are tons of niches.
4. So even if you can’t find niches with.
5. This is the equivalent of finding niches.
6. If any of the niches you've chosen do not.
7. If you don't have any niches that fit that.
8. Do this with any niches you want to promote.
9. Many of these niches were ancient sepulchres.
10. Point is, these niches are virtually wide open.
11. Go with one of these sub niches of sports drinks.
12. These inaccessible steps are solid in their niches.
13. Some niches respond to different words better than others.
14. Go through the list of 10 niches that you've chosen earlier.
15. Make a list of the most appropriate niches for your product.
16. You can do some research and consider these following niches:.
17. Before you know it, you will have a hand full of niches that are.
18. Now, there are some online niches that have more thirsty horses than.
19. Each of these niches should earn you a minimum of $100 each month for.
20. They started searching the walls for secret niches, but there were none.
21. Normal rules do not apply in niches and as such there are opportunities.
22. To research 30 niches for you, a guru would charge you close to $100,000.
23. Although in narrow niches there are fewer customers, they are easier to.
24. Remember, Health, Wealth, and Love are the only evergreen niches.
25. If Foboko started a series of contests targeting specific author niches.
26. If you don’t have an e-mail list, other product owners in related niches.
27. One at a time, type in the niches that you think your product will help out.
28. There were niches with statues in them, some with lettering from bygone days.
29. Some niches have a crazy amount of competition, but that doesn't mean you should be.
30. With thousands of competitors out there, covering all possible niches, this step is.
31. She shivered at the sight of those tense black shadows in their niches along the walls.
32. The real opportunities lie in the niches, in topic keywords that have more specificity.
33. But once you have three niches established, there's one more TIER, above all the other ones.
34. The walls show a side window and several niches, which features suggested a Christian church.
35. Kaitlyn helped her to 'tidy up' the little niches and corners dedicated to this or that forebear.
36. Literally almost any of the niches, and there are many more than I’ve listed here, will be perfect.
37. Both types of investors can carve profitable niches into the slippery slope of the investment mountain.
38. Torches were thrown by men, who had lain in concealment for days in carved out niches on the pass sides.
39. It is a collective of very specialized market niches, each one of which has the capacity to sway the whole.
40. In the third column, you will enter locations (for small niches, try big cities; you can try smaller cities.
41. Then they developed a ranking of each of the different healthcare niches, based on this underlying research.
42. A great product to help the newcomer or even not-so-newcomer to get to grips with the subject of niches is:-.
43. If we hover over eBooks for example – you will see various other niches within that particular category.
44. Niches in the cargo were sought where the shields could be wedged for more support than now-weary arms could manage.
45. They analyzed the growth rates, profitability, the number of businesses, and reimbursement risk for each of these niches.
46. There were niches in the walls of the shrines, which had once contained cult objects, or the mummified remains of past Inkas.
47. I’ll list these 3 evergreen markets below, and under them, an off-the-top-of-my-head selection of niches within that market.
48. There are many people out there who give instruction on building a list of people interested in specific niches using Facebook.
49. She stepped up to one of the niches that were piled up in rows of ten in length by four tall, forming a mosaic, very peculiar.
50. This is a gold mine of quality pre-written content that is organized by niches that you can use as content, rebrand and put you as creator.
51. There were no beef cattle on this planet, no grass, no horses, but there were species that filled each of those niches in this environment.
52. And then it moved on to her head and slenderest niches in the skull and set up a singing, as love songs and good books had done once on a time.
53. This is one of a handful of niches in the markets where professionals are earning high incomes without the benefit of a single good how-to book.
54. This time, Nancy let both Miriams and Yosef help her put the body inside the tomb, laying it in one of the small niches dug in the walls of the cave.
55. The best practice I found was at multiple hedge funds that offered a list of coaches, specializing in different niches, that any trader can work with.
56. Also, hopefully you've used Keyword Elite to generate lots of keywords for you, and have found several potentially proftable niches to start promoting.
57. Often called ‘dumb,’ they are stigmatized throughout society and are forced into small niches in which they suffer throughout the entirety of time.
58. For example, when Lister and his team evaluated the healthcare industry, they started by looking at more than 100 healthcare segments, or what he calls niches.
59. Other companies have attacked niches in the market, notably ARM, originally intended for home computer use but since focussed at the embedded processor market.
60. By having many groups with diverse focuses and niches using the expertise and talent in their groups the quality of help being provided in Honduras is astounding.
61. He stumbled across another short stairway, this one held him and he got thru into a room where he felt two niches in the wall with a sleek machine and racks of cards.
62. Singleton made more than 130 acquisitions of small, high-margin manufacturing and technology businesses that operated in defensible niches managed by strong management.
63. She couldn’t help thinking that evil might lurk in its dark niches, that black stains of gore might be splattered on the walls, that she might never reemerge into daylight.
64. Wall niches boasted detailed bronze sculptures of animals and humans in violent conflict, and ostentatious, gilt-framed paintings of lakes, forests and mountains decorated the walls.
65. But in the dry seasons--that's sometimes months--they'll have long rest periods, they'll lie in little hidden niches, like those Japanese water flowers, all dry and compact and old and quiet.
66. Too big to fly under the proverbial radar screen or to move unnoticed into diminutive niches, Price realized that owning a large block of securities could give him a voice in company decisions.
67. Five corridors diverged like the rays of a star, and the walls, dug into niches, which were arranged one above the other in the shape of coffins, showed that they were at last in the catacombs.
68. This Labyrinth was more dimly lit than the Rest of the Caves and ’twas replete with blind Alleys and false Turnings, empty Niches, and thro’out, the Sound of Water dripping upon cold Stone.
69. These arcades opened on one side into the corridor where the count and Franz were, and on the other into a large square chamber, entirely surrounded by niches similar to those of which we have spoken.
70. All religion, all solid things, arts, governments--all that was or is apparent upon this globe or any globe, falls into niches and corners before the procession of souls along the grand roads of the universe.
71. But, in the dry seasons, that's sometimes months, they'll have long rest-periods, they'll lie in little hidden niches, under the drains, like those Japanese water flowers, all dry and compact and old and quiet.
72. Weyland may have some difficulty articulating his methodology for selecting stocks, but when probed about specific holdings, he has near-encyclopedic knowledge of biotech companies and the niches they operate in.
73. Once they narrowed down the list to 12 niches with above-average profitability, they looked for healthcare practitioners who could help them answer the questions in their scorecard and further narrow down the industries that they could invest in.
74. Moreover: its expression has become abstracted and specialized into different niches of aberration which mirrors the split-off, aberrant development of the human psyche within a segmented social structure that has no balanced or universal code on how to raise its children.
75. Concealed lights, mirrors, luxurious and understated furnishings, chrome standard lamps, statues in niches, Persian carpets glowing richly on polished parquetry, and a grand piano looking perfectly at home in the centre of the wall opposite long windows that would have gazed over parkland during the day.
76. In turn, because of their status as key companies representing the niches of growth, whether broad or narrow, in any given economic cycle, institutions have no choice but to own these stocks, and once they do they tend to be a staple of institutional portfolios through many market cycles, even when they aren’t bona fide leaders.
77. Just as I was ready to shout, No more! and turn upon my Heel and flee—no matter what the Consequences—we were usher’d into a Great Hall, hollow’d deep inside the Hill, with a central Banquetting Table illumin’d by a great Oil Lamp of curious Design, and surrounded by Statues of unclad Nymphs and Venuses and prancing Satyrs, which stood in shallow Niches ’round the Perimeter of the Room.
78. The famous German obsession with organization and logical mathematical strictness of rules, which had been lacking in the short-lived democratic Weimar Republic was reinstated so that everything was ‘ein richtig’ or correct… ‘right’, everything in its place where it ought to be; as it had been before with the Kaiser as their national mascot and everyone in their little niches of hierarchical Prussian society.
79. It is possible to say that each conglomerate of UU-VVU-copies (that are constantly involved, in “their niches”, into changing episodes of Lives of all possible “personalities” and don’t have the abilities and possibilities to distinguish at least one fragment that opens in their “lives” from a situation that really happens to one of living “personalities”), in principle, is not at all attached to any particular “personality”.
80. Although the hall porter saw someone’s carriage standing at the entrance, after scrutinizing the mother and son (who without asking to be announced had passed straight through the glass porch between the rows of statues in niches) and looking significantly at the lady’s old cloak, he asked whether they wanted the count or the princesses, and, hearing that they wished to see the count, said his excellency was worse today, and that his excellency was not receiving anyone.
81. Part of the terrace was paved, part planted with flower-beds and arabesques of dwarf box; taller box grew in a dense hedge, making a wide oval, cut into niches and interspersed with statuary, and, in the centre, dominating the, whole splendid space rose the fountain; such a fountain as one might expect to find in a piazza of southern Italy; such a fountain as was, indeed, found there a century ago by one of Sebasian's ancestors; found, purchased, imported, and re-erected in an alien but welcoming climate.
82. Just as any of our “personalities”, each Formo-copy “sees” in the outer reality of its “niche” only what it wants to see (to be more exact, that which can be perceived by the system of its fragmented self-perception and corresponds to the quality of the SFUURMM-Forms that structure it in this Direction of the Synthesis of Aspects of Qualities), and doesn’t “notice” (doesn’t knows at all and is not interested in) what “individually” happens in similar “fragmented niches” of Self-Consciousnesses of other UU-VVU-copies.
83. But remember this… what created all this, the engine which drove it, the dynamic which produced it all was the dynamic of our ever-increasing population, of too many people having too many babies… too many people fucking, the oldest sin of the Jewish Old Testament: the original sin of carnal knowledge, the sin of sexual self-gratification and self-indulgence: not for the purpose it is designed for, the survival and propagation of a species; but merely because as apes who have no tails and stood up on two legs: and started using tools… it allowed us to move out of the small ecological niches we had been living in so we could spread out over the entire Earth.

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