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Recession in a sentence

1. The Recession We Had to Have.
2. During the Great Recession, 8.
3. It was this bloody recession.
4. Thoughts on the 2008 Recession.
5. The 2008 recession was a doozy.
6. The recession had ended the mall.
7. The next problem is the recession.

8. Before the Global Recession Hits.
9. This signified as the recession hit.
10. Most of it was built after the Recession.
11. The Great Recession with a loss of.
12. This is what I found in that 87-92 recession.
13. Careers, real estate, and the Great Recession.
14. The economic recession in the United States is.
15. During the 2008 recession, GT lost $452 million.
16. Forty-nine countries were in a recession in 2009.
17. Obama's Wars, the Great Recession, and Healthcare.
18. I knew that 1970 was a recession year in aluminum.
19. At the time there was a recession on and work was.
20. The 2007-09 Recession and Health Insurance Coverage.
21. In fact, that’s what caused the recession of 2008.
22. The period known as RECESSION took place in 2 stages.
23. That means net income was flat during that recession.
24. Another example could be that of recession in the economy.
25. Q: I can always observe the observer, in endless recession.
26. It has been a difficult recession for most business owners.
27. It is when recession hits that the complaints become strident.
28. We are not in an economic recession, but in a global remission.
29. A lot of people are hurting in what has become a global recession.
30. But, the economy might slow or fall into a recession in the future.
31. It was the nineteen thirties, a time of great recession he added.
32. Recession or no recession, you are in business and earning good money.
33. Recession in the March 2009 issue of the New York State Dental Journal.
34. Due to the slow recession of pain, Adros judged his body to be winning.
35. At the start of the 2008 recession, derivatives were blamed as the cause.
36. It must have been a battle to get those extra people, recession and all.
37. To deal with the recession, Obama called for a large financial stimulus.
38. If the economy goes into a recession, the results could be poorer still.
39. So, Infosys’ business will not be affected much during recession periods.
40. In this recession, there are incredible deals on automobiles as an example.
41. This recession was either a shot across the bow or it may have hit the boat.
42. During a recession, the middle-class is focused on protecting what they have.
43. Even with disastrous wars and a recession, Obama could have lost the election.
44. I couldn't blame personal problems, I wasn't allowed to mention the recession.
45. Recession is an industry in decline, the highs are lows at the end of the day.
46. In some economies there will be inflation and recession at the same time and.
47. That is until the global recession hit all markets, from emerging to developed.
48. It finally burst in 2000 and the economy slid back into a recession until 2003.
49. The economy was falling apart - we were having the recession we had to have.
50. Next were the banks, always lovely people to do business with during a recession.
51. Just look at this revenue trajectory, even through the great recession (fig 16).
52. Cash-flow, however, remained very high, even during the recession that began in.
53. The UK was in deep recession, though no one would think so at this lavish event.
54. To the poor, a recession is full of misery with more misery to come in the future.
55. The recession of 91-92 was followed by one of the longest bull markets in history.
56. It was the beginning of the slide of our economy and the recession we had to have.
57. When economy is heading towards a recession, it needs all the insulation necessary.
58. To the rich, a recession is full of opportunity and even more wealth in the future.
59. They assume that when the recession is over that the income will be sufficient to.
60. Of course the recession had just added to this horrific catalogue of animal cruelty.
61. And also, this is how you will do well even in the throws of this current recession.
62. The economy too has been in recession for a while and spending definitely is down!.
63. The following sections take a closer look at industries that are recession resistant.
64. During the recession period of 2008 and early 2009, PNCL’s stock traded around $13.
65. During the recession, the earnings of Berkshire’s operating companies were reduced.
66. The corporation was hit by economic recession, oil prices fell, and they had to cut.
67. A major difference between the 1980s recessions and the current recession is inflation.
68. Never mind that the country was in a recession and the airlines had gone through huge.
69. As mentioned before, all three metals have suffered poorly during the global recession.
70. By the time a recession hit in the early 1990’s, however, competition had altered the.
71. Even worse, the economy went into recession in the 1920s and into nosedive in the 1930s.
72. Evidently, the great recession that has been affecting the world since December 2007 is.
73. Then in the business recession and bear market of 1938 the shares fell to a new low of 36.
75. Then guilt rushed in; he should be thankful to have a job in this day and age of recession.
76. To this day, it is the highest the United States has experienced since the 1980 recession.
77. While a talented manager can take the helm in a recession and slowly guide a company into.
78. As the recession worsened in late 2008 and early 2009, Northwest was hurt by slowing sales.
79. Inequality caused both the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Recession of 2007-12.
80. Rather than choose the recession year of 2001 as typical, we opt for 1996 to 2000 because it.
81. Intuitively, low-yielding currencies like the yen can serve as useful recession hedges for U.
82. This recession is equal to the one that followed 9/11, shortly after I began writing this book.
83. As the recession continues (yeah, it’s not over yet!), we continue to hear about cost cutting.
84. In 2009, after the United States entered a recession, hotel properties were sold at low prices.
85. Clinton's deregulation led directly to the Great Recession and financial scandals of the 2000s.
86. Now in 2013, some countries cannot pay for the interest on their debt and are facing recession.
87. Structural reforms are distinctly dependant on growth (not recession) that can create new jobs.
88. Since the recession began, The Chief Of Police had seen his fair share of extreme violent cases.
89. As my paunch grew, it became the source of nearly as much angst as the recession of my hairline.
90. Sandy had lost it all in the Great Recession, Brentwood house, trophy wife, big job running money.
91. Despite the economic recession in the early 1990s, the volume of retail sales was unusually high.
92. Even more important is that the low of the stock market hit during the recession is not revisited.
93. Greece came into the spotlight and got a bailout, and then fear of a double-dip recession started.
94. When the European debt crisis and double-dip recession surfaced, the stock came down to around $4.
95. Ok, Smith said, so the recession is hitting the hit men too but you could let us help you.
96. During a recession, employers of the poor tend to reduce their hours or eliminate the job completely.
97. Read articles written about the business during the recession as well as historical conference calls.
98. The market is typically up drastically from the recession market trough through the unemployment high.
99. That being said, Brazil was not able to avoid the global recession that made its way around the world.
100. The experiences of the 1937–1938 recession offer strong corroboration of the foregoing analysis.

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