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Nightfall in a sentence

This would be about nightfall.
It’ll hit us by nightfall.
At nightfall, the eating stopped.
At nightfall, two days from now.
The weather cleared at nightfall.
I waited patiently until nightfall.
We’ll be in Khafra before nightfall.

Hoping to reach Woodford by nightfall.
Blue dusk, nightfall, deep blue night.
When Ravan next awoke, it was nightfall.
We should have it cleaned up by nightfall.
After nightfall the storm grew in intensity.
Not long, Reacher thought, before nightfall.
By nightfall, we can make our final move.
By nightfall, I gave up and headed back home.
By nightfall, the battle in the sky was over.
By my calculations, hopefully by nightfall.
Aiden waited until nightfall of the day after.
By nightfall he had made his way to Colwyn Bay.
This is where he had to remain until nightfall.
By nightfall, they had ordered dinner and wine.
On the following day, at nightfall, he went back.
When nightfall came, steam was applied and the.
Exit, nightfall, and soon the heart-thud stopping.
It was nightfall somewhere around the thirtieth day.
Then Marius ceased to go out until after nightfall.
By nightfall all was ready and we put to sea again.
I’d advise you to rest at a tavern until nightfall.
It was after nightfall when they had entered the Mines.
We should near the Chief City of Arborea by nightfall.
By nightfall four other PCT hikers joined my encampment.
Are you wisshing for sshelter thiss nightfall? We have.
When the horse carriage reached Xun Yang, it was nightfall.
By nightfall the city had turned off our gas and electric.
It is said that he went away ere nightfall towards Isengard.
Just come to the king’ s tent with the answer by nightfall.
There was nothing else for them to do until wait for nightfall.
When he finally awakens he can see that nightfall will be soon.
By nightfall we reached the other village across from Capawake.
We will be on the road to the Mountains of Arkadia by nightfall.

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