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Twilight in a sentence

Twilight, and time to go in.
It was twilight, and raining.
Janet came home in the twilight.
The dawn twilight grew stronger.
The room was dark with twilight.
It was twilight and rather dark.

This April twilight on the river.
We will call it our Twilight Time.
The warriors marched until twilight.
Petersburg are a prolonged twilight.
When twilight came we stopped again.
The sun was gone and it was twilight.
There was half an hour until twilight.
Just at twilight, I reached the bridge.
Now it was twilight, and he was worried.
Embalm'd with love in this twilight song.
But no day came, only a dead brown twilight.
A mockingbird in the twilight of infamy.
This isn’t some Twilight Zone episode.
Then the twilight obscurity closed in again.
It was twilight and difficult to see inside.
The red sun soon set and twilight descended.
We stared at the twilight horizon of Florence.
Now a gray twilight was in the Hall of Audience.
It was twilight when we left in Adrian’s limo.
It is a twilight chasing of the ignus fatuus.
The early twilight was already descending on St.
Towards the twilight of his career he spent one.
TUESDAY afternoon came, and waned to the twilight.
Vietnamese overseas literature is in its twilight.
He grins, and his teeth are white in the twilight.
It was past twilight the first stars were showing.
She liked what she read, a novel called Twilight.
Twilight was gathering over the district town of N.
The two girls of the twilight recurred to his mind.
Twilight sleep idea: queen Victoria was given that.
The last gleams of twilight were melting into night.
She would ask questions from daybreak until twilight.

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