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Nominate in a sentence

I shall nominate.
I nominate Simon Withers.
I shall nominate that fat friar.
We should nominate a leader for the group.
I nominate Tim Erkin to be our foreman, any.
I nominate Prince Yazadril of The High People.
I nominate Everette for leader of the Unified Clan.

She went on: The earl might nominate another candidate.
I nominate this shank to replace me as Keeper of the Runners.
Why ask that? If the earl wishes, he will nominate me; and if my.
She objected strongly when I wanted to nominate Nathan as one of the candidates.
She protested, But I was just going to nominate the masquerade ball in Eyes Wide Shut.
Earl Roland has the right to nominate a candidate, but he has not yet recovered consciousness.
However, if you think you might refuse, he needs to know as soon as possible, so that he can nominate.
And the reason he was elected, the simple and obvious reason, was because Ernie wouldn't let us nominate him.
The vote for Peter's replacement on the council was about to begin and Simon knew that Ishan would nominate him.
The party will nominate Brendan and he’s been a great VP, but he will get absolutely clobbered in the polls.
Party leaders from throughout the country held national conventions to nominate a presidential and vice presidential candidate.
Do not be disappointed if men do not nominate you for office within a month after you begin to practice what you read in this book.
Her cover up was so good – in this case, an acceptable one – President Bill Clinton wished to nominate her to the Supreme Court.
He would like to nominate John Connally for vice president, but the lifelong Democrat switched political parties only five months ago.
Then to Sarah Bunker's delight she was to nominate as many of her students as she pleased to fill the roles of an indefinite company of fairies.
I therefore nominate Empress Emeroth of Verzaclon as First Commander of the military forces of The Great Alliance of The Nations United For Justice.
Let every patron be required to send the name of the clergyman whom he wishes to nominate to a vacant living, to the churchwardens, one month before he presents the name to the bishop.
Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.
Some of the students thought it would be really funny to nominate Richard Rowinski for the student counsel job because they knew he would never be there and that would get him in trouble because Mr.
Can we identify the difference between the two situations? Maybe in terms of moral inequivalence, although I for one am certainly not qualified to nominate a terrorist act as less or more ‘evil’ than murder.
James told a DA public meeting in Hartenbos, outside Mossel Bay in Western Cape, at the weekend that he was certain the ANC in parliament would take the full 10 days it was allowed to nominate its members to the ad hoc committee.
BLOOM: My subjects! We hereby nominate our faithful charger Copula Felix hereditary Grand Vizier and announce that we have this day repudiated our former spouse and have bestowed our royal hand upon the princess Selene, the splendour of night.
He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.
The earl is nominating Saul Whitehead.
Rules of Order, to come up with a resolution nominating.
He said: Saul did ask me what you might want in return for nominating him.
Today what was nominating the headlines was Greece’s second bailout request.
Instead he was going all the way and nominating Burger to be the new chief justice.
The Nominating Committee nominated the following special committees, who were appointed:.
Earl Roland had not the least suspicion of how he had been nudged into nominating the most.
A week later, May 21, Nixon announced he was nominating Burger to the Supreme Court—but not to the Fortas vacancy.
The Nominating Committee reported the following list of officers for the ensuing year, and they were unanimously elected.
All I can say is that as the sacrist here I strongly counsel your lordship against nominating Murdo as prior of Kingsbridge.
With a carefully restrained tone, she answered, Thank you very much for the consideration of nominating me for such a position, she replied to Olivia, and to Mrs.
In the real world, perhaps 99 percent of the time, membership of the board of directors is actually determined by those who control the nominating process, not by stockholders voting proxies.
I served as the public relations director of the Tompkins County Conference and Tourist Council and as chairman of the sign ordinance committee and legislative action committee and acting chairman of the nominating committee.
Nominated Bank of that Credit.
I nominated him and was the Rhetor.
Dating Factory nominated at the IDate awards:.
How would you feel about being nominated?
Full of optimism, he thus nominated a team of.
Der had been nominated as debating team leader.
Breckenridge nominated himself as the icebreaker.
We were nominated for a Children’s BAFTA last year.
Sierra had been nominated for a media award, but hadn’t won.
As soon as Noraini was nominated to be the chief organiser of the.
Nominated Bank: The Bank with which credit is available is termed as.
In a low voice, he said: Earl Roland has nominated Friar Murdo as prior.
It would also be nominated for an Oscar for the best scoring of a musical.
The turkey was once nominated to be the official bird of the United States.
This book is nominated for all those that have had a hard life in this world.
The greatest crime is that I wasn’t nominated for that acting performance.
The crisis of the hostages ironically enabled Carter to be again nominated a.
The critics were unanimous in their praise and he was nominated for an Oscar.
Executor :An individual or institution nominated in a will and appointed by a.
He knew that Roland would reject Murdo’s application to be nominated as prior.
Being nominated as Head Boy at the end of standard nine, when I had just turned.
Chiesa, Guiggianello and Nocilia in the province Lecce have been nominated for the.
Bush nominated Judge Clarence Thomas to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court.
Almond, who had died at twenty-one, was nominated for a posthumous medal for bravery.
Each week, pupils are nominated for a place on the praise board (pupils aren’t told.
Ask students to either respond in a nominated style (see below) or roll the ‘Style of.
The Nominating Committee nominated the following special committees, who were appointed:.
She had nominated him to extend to her the final dignity that every living thing deserves.
By the time she was nominated as the vice-presidential candidate, her reputation for good.
Now that a sportsman has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha, a good precedent has been set.
He is the first active sportsperson and cricketer to have been nominated to the Rajya Sabha.
He was nominated several times but the Nobel Committee did not give him the Nobel Peace Prize.
In 1978 I was nominated to the CAP program 78/2 (bilingual) by Henry and the Queen’s Printer.
She scanned all of the couples representing their grades and those nominated for king and queen.
And I herewith state that if she runs in 2012 and is nominated, I will undoubtedly vote for her.
Even though he was nominated a number of times for Nobel Peace prize, he was never selected for it.
I am not telling you this story to be nominated for sainthood! It’s just smart business practice.
It was very close with just 1 vote difference but Ben has not been nominated to look after the money.
Bobby Kennedy expected to run for President in 1968 from the day his brother Jack was nominated in 1959.
What I therefore propose is that, if you agree to be so nominated, we should divide the estate between us.

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