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    1. altar unto the LORD, and called upon the name of the

    2. A man by the name of Tobias Hobbes visited me today to question me here at the hotel

    3. name that defines Abraham relationship with God

    4. “His name was Geraldo Reyes

    5. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    6. “He’s a known name around here

    7. It was, uh, her user name

    8. Those people might have your last name

    9. She would forget his name as she slipped into her next role chasing Ava's fortune

    10. It is not currently for sale, although the Sheep in Wolf’s clothing project is underway and will be in several locations online under this, my brand name

    11. of His name and what He does

    12. 2Chl: 2:4: Behold, I build a house to the name of the LORD

    13. That was his name: Black

    14. Clunker,” Nancy said, putting the emphasis on his last name, which she knew he hated

    15. He name is All

    16. Bread Crumbs is a great name,” Johnny said to Ackers

    17. It's a tea actually, its name translates as 'rubber tea' but she preferred to think of it as coffee

    18. In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful

    19. However we have almost no jokes around our saints and the thousands of ‘Gods’ we have created for selfish ends like making money on their name

    20. Another name of God that is related to this is Sovereign

    21. And you’ll find that she is anything but her code name

    22. “When we’re on a mission, my name is Seventy-Seven,” she replied with a mild tone of annoyance

    23. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    24. He turns it on, states his name, the time and the names of those present in the room before turning to me

    25. The walls in the house are pretty thin, and I sometimes heard him pacing up and down in there in the middle of the night and I swear I heard him call out Liz’s name once

    26. ” Chev hates it when people use his real name, which is the point

    27. He'd been really low after the break up with what's her name

    28. The house we live in and hope to pass our old age in peace and happiness must remain in our name, if necessary with our partner

    29. For Morningday breakfast they stopped in the city called Amersahm, a place of a million or more that Ava had never even heard the name of before

    30. Before God created Man, before any animals had a name, Serpent flew above Eden amongst the birds and cherubim

    31. Serpent was shocked to receive such an ill-fitting name

    32. "But that cannot be my name!" he replied, showing Adam his impressive plumage

    33. Now, perhaps you should rethink this name you have called me

    34. It pained Serpent to hear the angel use that name

    35. "That is the name your mate has given me

    36. ‘Has my name been mentioned on the news?’

    37. "It's a beautiful name

    38. ’ Stephen explained ‘Paul was at school with the daughter … and with Joanna Sadler for that matter … though her name was different then, of course

    39. Make them sign not only on the original but on the copies as well and each should state his name, address and occupation when signing

    40. Specifically mentioning his name and the reason for eliminating him will avoid any future problems

    41. She had also given Nancy the spy name of Seventy-Seven, and the identity and sense of purpose that went along with it

    42. So, what’s his name?

    43. She had a name: Antiphone

    44. His keda by the name of BobbingTwo saw the harness coming out and strolled over toward it with his eyes dancing on their stalks

    45. ’ He said absently, completely missing my amazement that he not only knows the child’s name but also how old he is

    46. ‘What about that National Trust place you mentioned the other week?’ he countered, frowning as he tries to remember the name of the place

    47. no … not that red brick place … oh what’s the name of the place?’ he replied, irritation colouring his tone

    48. ‘The caller didn’t give a name but the gunsmith said it was a man – it appears the caller merely asked if this guy knew where he could get some

    49. On the reverse of each was a name

    50. One of them was named Ava, and that's not a really popular name

    1. Their clan's chieftain, a hoary monster named Vald, responded by drawing his ancestral blade

    2. Acwellan the Kinslayer, so named because of its use in Vald's war against the neighboring Blacktooth giants

    3. Tdehsi's body was born to a hired mother by a father named Leand, a body with a stormy and tragic life until Ava gained control of it

    4. Christopher’s best friend was a woman named Alice

    5. One of them was named Ava, and that's not a really popular name

    6. When they finally tramped down there, they found one of Taktor's men named Ilumvi, Estwig, and a large man who was probably half Elf, half Dwarf and a laboratory muscle pill

    7. Well, I did have Vic around for awhile because this station was named in her honor and she takes up so much less veron space, but she couldn't take it in here so I had to back her out again

    8. And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of

    9. And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler

    10. every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is

    11. from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,

    12. The driver, a woman named Sarah Watson, had been driving a long way, all day long

    13. Bahkmar could never say this, but Moamar looked a lot like the one named Kiethying except for the pin stripes and turban and maybe fifty years

    14. The female tech currently on duty was a blond named Linshere Paundrocop who was probably quite attractive if he could ever see more of her than her eyes and forehead

    15. Later in the week, Bahkmar was able to share a voyage with an astrophysicist/soldier friend named Enrico Hasheem who's mission was to attach the navigation motors to the asteroid

    16. 1 updates in his houris for him and dialing in a few named settings that he could call up

    17. The woman named Elond, his native approximation of a wife, was still asleep

    18. ‘His uncle … James was named for him

    19. ‘For one thing, it’s only Errdians or those whose mothers were Errdian who suffer migraines and secondly, you are very like the uncle for whom you are named

    20. Now, there is this story in the New Testament about a man who comes into Jerusalem named Jesus

    21. In chapter 5, there is this Roman named Jairus

    22. In a city named Magdala, Cassius enslaved 30,000 people

    23. I spoke with his mother at length and she told me that it is only little Rissa (named for your Joris and a darling child) who gives him a reason to keep going

    24. To the end she followed with interest the career of High Guild member JayJay Lilwin whose daughter is named after her

    25. It is already named when

    26. three times named and still an abstraction

    27. speak that which cannot be named

    28. ‘Drens was telling me that he named it after a woman he knew on Earth who belonged to that sign of the zodiac

    29. I would have it that the many named one should take my spirit from here,

    30. Therefore, many Yoga asanas are named after mammals, birds, sea creatures, insects, and reptiles

    31. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 18, and you can see why this posture is named the BOW

    32. They were named Lmore and Nuran

    33. Now Attica has the busiest, most modern airport in Europe and named after Venizelos, the people's hero

    34. "I'd been waiting for decades for this guy called Knume and a monsterboob named Valla to split up

    35. Before his recent retirement James Cameron’s octopine good fortune reached its happy tentacles out to touch every aspect of his life, not the least part of which was his stunningly beautiful eldest daughter, the delightfully named Cyberia

    36. Would you believe it, Pantelis built this chapel and named it after my patron saint

    37. He named and saved that conversation, loaded a blank one

    38. pages, reside in the shared folder, and are named as _Layout

    39. He wanted no thanks for these services, professing only that old Ted should enjoy his moment in the limelight, safe in the knowledge that, like himself and his plums, old Ted would have a new flower named after him

    40. If Ish named it, he would feel more connected to the project

    41. The very next day Burberry read about a famous film star and his wife in one of her favourite glossy magazines, a couple who had been happily married for over forty years and even had a barbecue sauce named after them

    42. Some believe it is named after the crazy colours you see when the dying sun strikes

    43. 'Through the prayers I have named you in the pact with Athena so to withdraw would leave you in a mindless state and recovery is er, unknown

    44. “I have another question,” she added with a smile, “Lord Tarak said that you named your sword; is this true? And is this because you think it is alive or something?”

    45. "I thought it was called 61 Cygni Ae," Kelvin said, "I don't think someone who did what he did should have the planet named after him

    46. In another case, a 42 year-old patient named Carol

    47. There are a couple of town squares – Piazza Tasso is the main one, named after a local poet

    48. One of the workers for the scientists at City Central was named Myra and considered a trusted and loyal aide; ‘brighter than most females’ was their term

    49. She named her Naria, which means ‘truth’ in the Scather language

    50. “We have no one in the crew named Tung,” Kelvin said

    1. Sarah and her husband, Travis, still go by the names “Jesse” and “Lucinda” but they refuse to speak with me after I took care of the remains of their child

    2. They had no names

    3. He decided that this would be his gift to them—he would grant them names and stories of his own making:

    4. He turns it on, states his name, the time and the names of those present in the room before turning to me

    5. There were names and dates of observations and astronomers credentials, but the gist of it was, an extermination asteroid was on the way

    6. He realises that there is one underlying homogeneous essence, a living truth, behind these names and forms of living beings

    7. It is no surprise that most of the health related problems of women have been given names that start with MAN

    8. "They said your names?"

    9. Do not call these things by their names

    10. Not the holiday souvenirs, girlfriend's names, football teams and other rubbish

    11. At least now I had a couple of names if this thing ever did become legal

    12. Jubei ---> I have two names one is Jubei and the other

    13. Having considered the men to serve whose names

    14. Too often they are men whose names may appear on the church bulletin and

    15. Persa keeps mentioning names of old schoolmates whom, as she says, she meets on the road by chance and they become best friends at once

    16. It is interesting to note that while two books of the Old Testament bear the names of women (Ruth and Esther), and deal with their lives as God worked

    17. Bahkmar rattled off the names of everyone he knew, practically every technician had access and could get anywhere he had gone if they wanted to

    18. Bahkmar started with the same list, got only five names in

    19. Wrapped as I was in the cotton wool of solitary confinement, unable as I was to express any of my thoughts in concrete form or to engage in conjecture with another rational human being, nonetheless I spent hours imagining faces and clothes and names to accompany the hollow tapping sounds in the night

    20. I spent hours trying to recall the faces and names of the taken, wondering which of the select band might be behind those other doors

    21. To me they were just names, but Menachem had spent two years reporting on events in England prior to being taken hostage and he visited many of the cities and towns in this part of the country during that time

    22. ’ She said slowly, the Earth names for days proving elusive

    23. "I've heard their names come up," Fyasin asked

    24. Those are the names that He has associated Himself with

    25. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven

    26. watching the unknown names disappear to their car boots and West End bars,

    27. “Did you ask it about their names, you know Catwhiskers and

    28. Those that wait on the Lord are those that do greater works than even the biggest names in Christendom

    29. Several times he yelled out in his delirium, calling on the names of those who were long dead

    30. Some forty paintings were shown on the first list, along with a good dozen sculptures … she recognised some of the names of the artists … how had he got hold of a Rembrandt? Could it be original? The second list was longer, more varied and definitely more curious – intaglio tables from the Italian peninsula rubbed shoulders with tribal masks from the African continent and animal skins from places as far afield as Asia

    31. He tried to shape the names of things,

    32. These are the days when the names of things

    33. “The Alderfolk names the babyfolk

    34. seen them you would have read the names of Poopsie, Lardyme

    35. Those that are found in the book of Life are resurrected unto glory, and those that don’t have their names written there are cast into the lake of fire

    36. There is something about that Bride – not of us individually – that so represents God, that He has actually exalted it to a place of stature, and a name above other names, that He calls it part of Himself

    37. She read the list and was surprised at some of the names

    38. neither covers nor names

    39. then leaked to the papers, all names and

    40. He began to scream at her and call her vile names

    41. I will call them; what are their names?

    42. As he called out their names, each Rider stepped before his or her Dragon

    43. All anyone in the city seemed able to do was to mock his nose and call him rude names

    44. Yarin told a very short version of Luray's tale, not naming names, but Desa recounted how she'd heard the long version

    45. ’ She told me, going on, as mothers do, to explain their names and ages without any further prompting

    46. 'As I say, some time ago Pantelis got wind of what was going on and over a period of time he collected his evidence: names, numbers, times, photographs, dates, recordings; a comprehensive list of villains, including prominent public figures, involved one way or another in the smuggling and acquisition of priceless cultural objects

    47. He saw a way of saving the village and was about to do a deal with the government which meant names would emerge in the near future

    48. Try and use their names during different times in the conversation so

    49. She did see a young man, who seemed oddly familiar, watching her at the Friday night rave in the student union, but then boys always watched her and she was hopeless with names and faces

    50. Her father went berserk when he was informed that Tiffany was helping the police with their enquiries and was quite ready to give her a good thrashing and to call her all sorts of nasty names

    1. idea, and He marvelled at the universe that crept into view with the naming of this

    2. Silence was the first form, the first shape upon which Smith could hang an idea, and He marvelled at the universe that crept into view with the naming of this first idea

    3. then the naming begins:

    4. Yarin told a very short version of Luray's tale, not naming names, but Desa recounted how she'd heard the long version

    5. The boy was called Alan, being as close to Eileen as Ken could get in the memorial naming of his son, and Ken perspired a great deal over the next few years bringing him up single-handedly

    6. others by naming their status

    7. She had insisted on naming the child after her husband whether it were a girl or boy, so: Jameson

    8. ’ Mganga replied, naming one of the household names for this commodity

    9. Elenir turned once more to Deni and added, “That's kinda what I meant when I said, the Lascorii have an interesting way of naming their ships

    10. Iredell became one of the first justices to be appointed to the nation’s highest court, and North Carolina honored him by naming a

    11. It’s hard not to put your own stamp on something you’re naming, whether we’re talking about kids or cats

    12. After my creative fling with Eli, I left the naming to others

    13. It was a sign of their innocence, naming him the way a child would

    14. How many of us are able to quickly recite statistics such as which Quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes or which Pitcher owns the best won/loss record or lowest earned run average however must give pause in naming the vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election? Bread and Circus‘ are coming full circle

    15. No matter how much I appreciate and value that literary prize, it does not compare with the honor that it represents and the gratitude that stirs up in me the homage that Ponferrada rendered me, at the request of the governing Council of Fuentesnuevas, for naming a street after me in the neighborhood of that locality where I grew up and was reared in my youth

    16. A large crowd of people gathered to participate in the act inaugurating the naming of the street

    17. Naming was of little importance and would probably do them little justice as well

    18. Nick described two native boys who worked for Jaro, without naming them


    20. He explained that they took turns naming the children, so the oldest and youngest had Muisca names, while the middle one had a Taino name

    21. “I can’t see naming the child after my mother, she was such an unhappy person

    22. But I could see naming her after my sister Mathilde

    23. I was flattered, but reminded her of Grandfather’s warning about naming any child in our family Karl

    24. I thanked her for naming the child after Carlotta

    25. “When Yuliya shifted a significant portion of its assets into a joint venture with the Ukrainian company, they were required to file a report with the SEC naming the officers of the corporation

    26. The baby was with a wet nurse (Gatagewi’s wife, Suyeta) and had been officially named John in the naming ceremony two days after his birth

    27. 9 Accustom not your mouth to swearing; neither use yourself to the naming of the Holy One

    28. It proved to be a prophetic naming since over the years the Ani’ Yun’-wiya began moving north into the valley eventually reaching the headwaters of the river about twenty years before my visit

    29. to Mary as a birth, or naming day gift, by a close relative, and was an indication of the

    30. The new city leaders then negotiated a settlement with Carlos, allowing him to occupy their fortresses for two years, naming him their “Protector” and giving him a large sum of gold

    31. Shortly after the surrender, Ferrante rewarded Gonzalo by naming him viceroy of Calabria

    32. As the document will undergo changes, having a naming convention will only help us separate the document from one another, but not between its own versions

    33. In case of documents, it’s a normal practice for organizations to update the versioning and naming convention in Header/Footer of document and similarly the revision details in the document’s first few pages or in last page, with details on what is revised and when

    34. They have to follow the coding standards and naming conventions when they code

    35. volcano once stood, Derek had come close to naming this special

    36. Documents should be created, reviewed, approved and changes are controlled, communicated and available for use, versioning and naming conventions to be followed, archive the obsolete documents and track the customer given/third party documents separately

    37. Each of them should have unique identification, traceability with other CI, version, naming, etc and it should be part of CMDB and uniquely traceable

    38. But You gave me understanding and knowledge, and a pure heart and a right mind from You, that I should name them after Your own mind regarding the naming of them

    39. Q: But is there such a thing as perceiving without naming?

    40. “Anytime now, the kid will be having its naming ceremony,” she added

    41. In other words Twitter Lists give you the opportunity to further optimize your account for the search engines, so that you can use your target keywords or those that are relevant to your business when actually naming the list

    42. She was even thinking of naming her horse, since it looked as

    43. Bush’s naming of North Korea, Iraq and Iran as “an axis of evil

    44. can be called-forth by an act of naming, and it is always recognized and familiar

    45. But You gave me understanding and knowledge and a pure heart and a right mind from You that I should name them after Your own mind regarding the naming of them

    46. ing problem; rather, ambiguity arises in naming the problem that is happening

    47. He was always number two, in Potiphar’s house, in prison, and in Pharaoh’s court, there was always someone more important than him, a trend that continued even when it came to the naming of the tribes of Israel

    48. This happened with David who delayed the naming of his successor, a position he had promised to Solomon, son of Bathsheba

    49. “We all distinctly heard you named our leaders by Tithian, and you accepted and declared yourselves Those-Who-Lead-By-Suggestion! You acknowledged the title of Keys to The Just Alliance! We all agreed to it! From what Tithian said, it was almost pre-ordained by prophecy! The dreaming dragon’s assessment of you fully supports our choice! And though your wife was included in that naming, it’s obvious that she also looks to you for leadership! Unless you suddenly start sounding much less wise than you have, we would all follow you into hell and holocaust without reservation!

    50. His estate later donated larger sums, of such scale as to have justified naming the school after him

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    Synonyms for "name"

    name epithet gens figure public figure diagnose describe discover distinguish identify key key out list advert bring up cite mention refer be known as call know as appoint constitute nominate make reputation character credit repute appellation autograph designation denomination cognomen fame acclaim distinction eminence honour note praise renown devil imbecile idiot blackguard rat dog celebrity star hero headliner personage entitle address term baptise baptize tally denominate label designate dignify classify enumerate characterise characterize indicate

    "name" definitions

    a language unit by which a person or thing is known

    a person's reputation

    family based on male descent

    a well-known or notable person

    by the sanction or authority of

    a defamatory or abusive word or phrase

    assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to

    give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property

    charge with a function; charge to be

    create and charge with a task or function

    mention and identify by name

    make reference to

    identify as in botany or biology, for example

    give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of

    determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis