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Ensure in a sentence | ensure example sentences

  1. To ensure that milk is.
  2. We have to ensure that.
  3. The way to ensure that.
  4. This is to ensure that.
  5. To ensure the Hall was.

  6. You will need to ensure.
  7. In order to ensure that.
  8. He needed to ensure that.
  9. This will ensure that the.
  10. What better way to ensure.
  11. I’m going to ensure that.
  12. Ensure you leave plenty of.
  13. I shall ensure that is so.
  14. This would ensure that post.
  15. But ensure that they do not.

  16. This was to ensure that the.
  17. Ensure the seeds are removed.
  18. It's up the trapper to ensure.
  20. It will ensure that your main.
  21. But I did ensure a DIRECTIONAL.
  22. Great leaders ensure that they.
  23. This will help ensure that the.
  24. Ensure that only your thumb moves.
  25. Ensure that only the thumb moves.

  26. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC.
  27. Step2: Ensure all the pins of IC.
  28. Ensure that only the hip rotates.
  29. Ensure that you tuck your chin in.
  30. Ensure that the seat does not tip.
  31. Ensure that whatever you put out.
  32. This would ensure that the person.
  33. Ensure that the elbow is extended.
  34. Ensure that the support is stable.
  35. Ensure that the feet don`t invert.
  36. By warming up, it will ensure the.
  37. Ensure that the elbow remains bent.
  38. Care must be taken to ensure that.
  39. AMA works to ensure that each child.
  40. Ensure that you operate at a S of 0.
  41. Ensure that your elbow remains bent.
  42. Ensure that the knees remain flexed.
  43. Ensure that both feet point forward.
  44. Ensure that the ball is not knocked.
  45. Ensure that both feet point forwards.
  46. Ensure that you keep your elbow bent.
  47. In addition, ensure total implemen-.
  48. Ensure that their head remains erect.
  49. He would ensure her release, of course.
  50. Ensure that the foot remains vertical.
  51. Ensure that your elbow stays straight.
  52. Ensure that their knees remain flexed.
  53. Following this regimen should ensure.
  54. Our function was to ensure that Frik.
  55. Also, ensure that the aggressive cat.
  56. To ensure that your IMs are protected:.
  57. The golden rule is to ensure that you.
  58. The goal here is ensure they are happy.
  59. Ensure your website is as it should be.
  60. This is why you always want to ensure.
  61. Ensure that cupping of the hand occurs.
  62. Ensure that key personnel are involved.
  63. Ensure that your shoulder does not move.
  64. To ensure that they remain true to the.
  65. In this way, the group can ensure that.
  66. So take care to ensure that your ad is.
  67. This would ensure Pon stayed in Bangkok.
  68. Ensure that their back is kept straight.
  69. Ensure that the dinghy is fully inflated.
  70. Ensure that your knees bend when landing.
  71. Ensure that the shoulders are not raised.
  72. Ensure that the foam cup is not squashed.
  73. They are meant to ensure high standards.
  74. We will try our best to ensure that you.
  75. I had to ensure that no one was after me.
  76. Ensure that their arm remains horizontal.
  77. You have to ensure that there is perfect.
  78. Ensure objects are stable and appropriate.
  79. We need to ensure that we’re not being.
  80. A wise bet when you return should ensure.
  81. Ensure that your shoulders are not raised.
  82. This will ensure that should the tenancy.
  83. Ensure that the top knee is kept straight.
  84. Ensure that their knees flex when landing.
  85. Ensure thighs and feet are well supported.
  86. Ensure that both feet point straight ahead.
  87. There are federal regulations to ensure a.
  88. Ensure that their knee flexes when landing.
  89. By doing it this way you will ensure that.
  90. Use it to ensure that it works as expected.
  91. Ensure all screws are tightened before use.
  92. We need to act today, to ensure a tomorrow.
  93. Ensure patient is wearing suitable footwear.
  94. She is here to ensure you stay in alignment.
  95. By whatever method is necessary to ensure it.
  96. This will ensure that you have living flora.
  97. In order to try to ensure that the adverts.
  98. This will help to ensure that Google has a.
  99. Ensure that the thumb and wrist do not move.
  100. Ensure that the chair does not tip backwards.
  1. This means ensuring they have.
  2. After ensuring myself that the.
  3. This, along with ensuring that his.
  4. This could be secured by ensuring that.
  5. Jacob was ensuring that only the healthy.
  6. Ensuring the highest aesthetic and usability.
  7. Thankfully, breeders are ensuring its survival.
  8. By ensuring you have several willing potential.
  9. Cloud quickly glanced back, ensuring they had not.
  10. Therefore it is always engaged in ensuring one’s.
  11. Ensuring that no one was watching, she opened the door.
  12. Are there Inspectors ensuring that Johns wear rubbers?
  13. After ensuring that everything was set in its place we.
  14. I turned the wheel ensuring that the arrow pointed to the.
  15. We cannot guarantee the latter without ensuring the former.
  16. After ensuring that the coast was clear, I scaled the tree.
  17. After ensuring that the door was locked and that there were.
  18. I spoke in a low voice, ensuring that none of my neighbours.
  19. This can be quite useful in ensuring the loyalty of customers.
  20. Gabriel had always been gentle, ensuring that I was never hurt.
  21. This stage is a critical part of ensuring the success of your Life.
  22. Really: exercise, eating strategically, and ensuring that your body.
  23. Over the ensuring years, he’d been back at different times of year.
  24. The firm should be sensitive to ensuring that the buyer is supported.
  25. Hence, nations, in fulfilling their responsibility of ensuring that.
  26. As it goes about it job of ensuring your safety, your emotional brain.
  27. Drinks flowed, the huge meal ensuring they did not consume too much ale.
  28. Really: exercise, eating strategically, and ensuring that your body has.
  29. Spray the top of leaves as wel as underneath, ensuring that the entire.
  30. This means ensuring an agreement between all the stakeholders as to the.
  31. The Significance of Probiotics for Ensuring the Health of Your Chickens.
  32. Thus, ensuring his rival could not meet Meenu, he felt a sense of triumph.
  33. But Gabriel sat in stony silence, ensuring the words never passed my lips.
  34. Shoop threw a bundle of cash at the barman, ensuring that they’d be kept.
  35. After you complete your article, ensuring that you optimize it with relevant.
  36. Wisely, his tormentor had measured the chain and cut it to length, ensuring.
  37. Ensuring Nole was in agreement, the point was still not enough of a deterrent.
  38. A slow and steady approach is all needed in this process for ensuring long-.
  39. The Tea Board has taken the responsibility of ensuring that only 100% genuine.
  40. You will take care of the responsibility of ensuring the equipment gets there.
  41. Holding the bottle in the left hand, to remove the cork, ensuring there is no.
  42. We can try to destroy them, thereby ensuring that they destroy us, he said.
  43. Bearing this strategy in mind, you should be ensuring that you submit at least.
  44. Ensuring correct handling of zero results is what we're going to focus on here.
  45. You also want to weave keywords into the content itself, again ensuring that it.
  46. Ensuring their love was eternal and now look at him, he was becoming monsterous.
  47. Leave the structure sealed for 18 hours ensuring that little or no smoke escapes.
  48. The return should be as such that you are getting good odds before ensuring.
  49. The main goal was ensuring that he found something that would hold his attention.
  50. Pour into a bread pan ensuring the ingredients are spread evenly and cook at 400.
  51. More than a thousand small warships escorted the mother ship, ensuring its safety.
  52. The stone holds him to that vow, ensuring that he spoke the truth when he swore it.
  53. Here are some areas to consider ensuring you have a socially responsible business:.
  54. The Losira agent deactivated his belt and touched the Klingon, ensuring he was dead.
  55. Responsibility should be explicitly allocated within the bank for ensuring that the.
  56. By doing that, you are ensuring that you can buy the perfect pair according to size.
  57. And the computer system was hacked, ensuring the doors opened when the power blew.
  58. Stopping at the ridge, Hanor checked the rhythms of his heart, ensuring he had made.
  59. Enhancing a child’s self-esteem is the first step to ensuring his or her right to.
  60. A guarantee from a lending institution ensuring that the liabilities of a debtor will.
  61. The lime was added to neutralize stomach acid ensuring full absorption of the cocaine.
  62. He gingerly walked down the passage way, ensuring he made as little sound as possible.
  63. Max stood up and followed at a safe distance, ensuring that they had left the building.
  64. Back at the coal face Barry O'Brien was ensuring that Giant kept sailing in a straight.
  65. By doing that, you are ensuring that you can be in top shape for the rest of your life.
  66. This allows expressing the deviations in fractions thereby ensuring their comparability.
  67. Ensuring that his swords were securely fastened at his waist, Tetloan took off after her.
  68. Article 14 aims at ensuring that publicity is given to the provisions of the Convention.
  69. The Darangi had most likely set a trap, ensuring he would at least no longer be a threat.
  70. Fold the flaps over, folding counterclockwise and ensuring that the edges are well sealed.
  71. Every teapot is made and painted by hand ensuring that no two teapots are exactly the same.
  72. Ensuring that no censure of Watanabe was implied, Colonel Sakaba promoted him to sergeant.
  73. Help me, she asked her life-partner, the link between them ensuring the privacy of her need.
  74. Deep in thought, Jack considered the wisdom of the Commander-in-Chief in ensuring that any.
  75. The key to successful start in gardening is ensuring the planting activity at the apt time.
  76. I reached out and put a finger beneath his chin, gently ensuring that he remained facing me.
  77. By combining these food groups, you are ensuring that your body is receiving the necessary.
  78. I wish to implore you to consider ensuring that poems preserver the attribute of simplicity.
  79. By doing that, you are ensuring that you are not missing out in mentioning important details.
  80. Marco Polo knew the man had lost his wife to his neighbor who, after ensuring that he would be.
  81. Once she locates the flower, she removes the whole plant, ensuring that its return is prohibited.
  82. We laid low, ensuring that everyone believed the story and that no one questioned too intensely.
  83. Centuries of conditioning have gone towards ensuring that the sheep respond to the master's whistle.
  84. Maybe, they would have contributed to the country’s economy besides ensuring their own well-being.
  85. Following a strict quarantine protocol will go a long way to ensuring your success within this hobby.
  86. The holodeck creates all consumables with real matter, ensuring they’re eatable,.
  87. Contemplate everyone participating in a new social covenant and ensuring that hunger, homelessness,.
  1. Its short legs ensured that it could.
  2. If the seller has also ensured that the.
  3. It's not going to happen, I ensured.
  4. It was a gesture that ensured him her safety.
  5. Axel had ensured that they were the best shots.
  6. He had ensured that Dafne was sent to the convent.
  7. This ensured that it would dry with perfect pleats.
  8. The brimfire that would have ensured they were dead.
  9. But he was still a prisoner, his status ensured that.
  10. Peter ensured that the fake Ark was deposited in the.
  11. But Godwyn had ensured that his count would be wrong.
  12. The maturity of her judgment ensured peace in the family.
  13. The delta wings ensured a steady pitch even without power.
  14. Th is was an essential provision that ensured gaining of.
  15. George Strait have ensured an element of elegance in coun-.
  16. Although the Communist Party of China has ensured that its.
  17. Weight alone ensured that he could not carry anything else.
  18. He ensured that each group had one rifleman and an officer.
  19. But before calling Comrade I ensured that my mother wasn’t.
  20. Mirrors hanging from the ceiling ensured a good view for all.
  21. It was this team that ensured a constant engagement on Twitter.
  22. In surrendering herself thus, she ensured his surrender forever.
  23. Thick bands of foliage ensured nobody could fall over the sides.
  24. Special seal-strips between the patches ensured airtight mating.
  25. However, her strong hands ensured me that I wasn’t going to fall.
  26. In any case, fate has ensured that you will lose your bet tomorrow.
  27. In this case the stability within the society was ensured by regimen-.
  28. It should be ensured that there is no undue delay in arriving at such a.
  29. Since this alimentary source is ensured sufficiently, man should not hunt.
  30. If it should go ill with the prisoner, I have ensured access to him, once.
  31. We at the Central Ministry ensured the cooperation of all who were needed.
  32. Seeing the sphinx and pyramids in their prime would have certainly ensured.
  33. My first thought was that my guide had ensured the survival of Maba culture;.
  34. They enjoyed it, and it ensured they were fit for battle whenever called upon.
  35. By giving Henry his loyalty he ensured his own survival and mine in one stroke.
  36. By stranding us here, he has strategically ensured we must accept his truth.
  37. Banks are advised that before opening any new account it should be ensured that.
  38. That same low altitude also ensured enhanced accuracy for their 1000-pound bombs.
  39. Their separating distance ensured no quantum divergences: the time line was safe.
  40. Doc ensured me this is the final formula, and I believe he was telling me the truth.
  41. He was already out the other end; the suit had ensured the smoothest possible transition.
  42. Jesus then ensured that what she did that day would be preached on throughout the whole.
  43. But the slow speed ensured that I wouldn’t fall into any more powder pits along the way.
  44. Pressing them into the tear of the sofa, I ensured that nothing was seen by the casual eye.
  45. In order to prolong their meeting, the group ensured that Rebecca and Syd were never alone.
  46. Monty ensured they were well integrated by assigning members of his group to talk with them.
  47. It was the existence of this building that ensured that the rule of the elders was absolute.
  48. Christ’s victory over death and the grave that our salvation is ensured and guaranteed, if.
  49. As such, he had ensured they possessed every possible item a holiday of this type may require.
  50. People’s lives were protected by a privacy protocol that Gerrid himself ensured was in place.
  51. The music was gone, the vent plugged, the vase in a thousand pieces, the silence again ensured.
  52. We went ahead and aired the programme that night but ensured we edited out any personal attacks.
  53. Miss Steerforth may be a dragon but she ensured every one of us took repose as the hours went by.
  54. Years of being completely honest ensured her belief in me, which caused me to feel somewhat guilty.
  55. Trappers literally ate themselves to death when eating vegetation would have ensured their survival.
  56. Having secured the five prisoners in the police station cells for the night and ensured that Leading.
  57. Well that would have ensured that we had more coolies in our country than we have professionals today.
  58. Moving on to Say say say with Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson ensured that he ruled the audiences.
  59. Sure the guy was half Indian but his fair Italian heritage ensured that he would burn easily in the sun.
  60. It was a poor subsistence that she had ensured, but it would afford a shelter for the winter at any rate.
  61. This ensured that each copy of a manuscript was letter-for-letter an exact match of that of the original.
  62. Have you ensured there’s something in the relationship for them? An example of this would be a reporter.
  63. However, endless wars had ensured that no immortal lived to this day, who was older than a thousand years.
  64. We cordially wish him success, and trust that it will be ensured by the patronage of the citizens of Boston.
  65. What is more, they had ensured to make the subdued peoples of the conquered lands the servants of their God.
  66. As long as the trees ensured that no-one made it out of the Forest alive, their secret should have been safe.
  67. The presumptuous Drong paid for his outspokenness with a thrashing that ensured peace in the camp ever since.
  68. During the rebellion David was at his most vulnerable but the support of those around him ensured his kingship.
  69. Glancing down for only a few seconds, he ensured the phone was secure, then returned his attention to the road.
  70. Primarily, he ensured all males between the ages of thirteen and forty got their monthly dose of Letumdotrophin.
  71. If that was true, then he had just ensured that even greater pressure was put on him to join the Californian team.
  72. The constant influx of Darangi, and the diminished human population, ensured that the world would not run smoothly.
  73. Such veiling ensured that they would not be open to temptation nor would they arouse the instinctive desire of men.
  74. However, by doing this he ensured that the merchant’s spirit would never again allow him to enter the house of M.
  75. Their blind, mindless self-absorption and natural diffidence ensured that they prefer not to ask too many questions.
  76. Understandably, all this would have ensured that the systemic pulls and pressures came to bear upon the onamic growth.
  77. But he has ensured that his life’s work will be completed through the skilled team he has developed since inception.
  78. My new found friend had ensured I was safe and far from the other unsuspecting mortals, not trusting me to share a room.
  79. Flesh’ailer took special care of his axe and ensured it had the keenest ever blade before hanging it around his waist.
  80. Every extra dollar widened her smile and ensured she’d be able to continue paying for her hobby for a long time to come.
  81. I first saw, as a single event, how this design ensured that I had never been destitute even though I handled money poorly.
  82. Andrew, being a few years older than John, had ensured that his training at police college was gruelling, but John made it.
  83. A quick, tentative slash, followed by a deep and more determined slash to the bone, ensured her blood vessels were severed.
  84. The same vision that He gave to Abraham, God gave to Abraham’s descendants, Isaac and then Jacob, which ensured continuity.
  85. The cat ensured his good fortune when he hopped over to my husband using only his back legs, looking like a mutant kangaroo.
  86. Holmes's card sent in to the manager ensured instant attention, and he was not long in acquiring all the information he needed.
  87. While Roopa’s wanting remained unfulfilled for the day, Sandhya’s romanticism ensured Raja Rao’s fulfillment in that night.
  88. A lifetime of bulimic bouts ensured her figure still looked youthful – as long as it was fully clothed and seen from a distance.
  89. For many workers, the defined benefit plan, together with social security, ensured a sense of security for their future lifestyle.
  90. Doyle’s skilful use of verbal technique ensured that Adam remained completely calm as he began to reminisce about the early days.
  91. Meanwhile, Manian’s envious nature ensured that he wouldn’t stomach the idea of Gautam being in the 'Who’s who' of New Delhi.
  92. There was minimal interference from the leadership which ensured quick decision-making, so crucial in a frenetic election campaign.
  93. That ensured the American, SFC Vashro, who narrowly escaped a court-martial over the affair, would never make it to master sergeant.
  94. Holmes's card sent in to the manager ensured instant attention, and he was not long in acquiring all the information which he needed.
  95. You could easily have bought and held on and hoped when in fact a well-placed stop would have ensured any losses were pretty minimal.
  96. Its past excesses however ensured that the ISF troopers that tried to surrender got no mercy from their vengeful Terran compatriots.
  97. So, the severity of his injuries ensured that he remained in hospital for two months, suffering intense pains and unbearable anguish.
  98. These briefings ensured continuity in the production process and they occurred in numerous small huddles throughout the large building.
  99. By that time, trial by media would have ensured that public sympathy would be with the women and we’d almost certainly be found guilty.
  100. By arranging these excursions as the guards were changing, Soffen ensured that when she returned alone the guards would be none the wiser.
  1. This ensures a sound casting.
  2. This ensures a guaranteed catch.
  3. This ensures both sides are covered.
  4. And importantly it also ensures that.
  5. He is the one who ensures that people.
  6. This ensures that those who are on the.
  7. It ensures his army’s ranks are filled.
  8. Ensures that no particles fal in the wine.
  9. So be it, if that ensures her eventual fall.
  10. In this way it ensures stability and security.
  11. This ensures that the pages of your site are.
  12. If I’m going somewhere, this ensures I’m not.
  13. This ensures that flow is kept fully turbulent in.
  14. The landlord ensures that at the beginning of the.
  15. Their disgusting, perverted way of life ensures it.
  16. This ensures that you reach the destination safely.
  17. This ensures that wherever she goes, trouble will find her.
  18. Otherwise, the chef ensures that he meets with the guests.
  19. Simple eh? Using this method ensures that you are paid up-.
  20. This type of testing generally ensures that the site looks.
  21. The STEER Model ensures that on-the-job coaching is formally.
  22. Reading from the screen also ensures that you don't have eye.
  23. It ensures that your word and sentence structures are clear and.
  24. This ensures that you are not eating any unnecessary fats in the.
  25. In case tea is ordered, Waiter ensures that he brings the following:.
  26. This ensures direct learning by what one’s own actions are creating.
  27. The risk manager ensures that the bank trader trades with discipline.
  28. In case coffee is ordered, waiter ensures that he brings the fol owing:.
  29. Following this lifestyle ensures a more relaxed yet more energized body.
  30. Adhering to this principle ensures minimization of the overfitting risk.
  31. This is much easier than counting calories or fat grams and it ensures.
  32. This ensures that you and the principal investigator are on the same page.
  33. It may be cruel, but it’s effective and ensures a morally clean society.
  34. Reaching failure in this window ensures that the adaptations you force the.
  35. Waiter ensures that hot dishes are served hot and cold dishes are served cold.
  36. This ensures a reward-to-risk ratio of at least 3:1, or risking $1 to make $3.
  37. The management of formation of these conical fronts for each casting ensures a.
  38. This ensures that the entire strategy is sensitive only to changes in kurtosis.
  39. Ensures that the right thumb is on the green of the bottle and supported by the.
  40. Banks can finance against hallmarked gold jewellery which ensures the quality of.
  41. Wine waiter ensures that the wine menu is clean, approaches guests table with a.
  42. Succession ensures longevity and continuance; it is what keeps our society stable.
  43. Headwaiter/waiter ensures that a child menu is automaticaly presented and dessert.
  44. Chapter 21 which, when taken with other medications, ensures that the patient will.
  45. The risk manager ensures that the bank traders do not risk too much on their trades.
  46. Headwaiter/waiter ensures that menus are in the right language, stands on the right.
  47. Sommelier/wine waiter ensures that wine ordered by the glass is poured at the table.
  48. This practice ensures they’ll never do much better or much worse than the S&P 500.
  49. There is no reason to think it's the same predator, Zoologist Mark Prince ensures.
  50. A well-designed web site not only attracts users but it also ensures that the users.
  51. Waiter verifies again each item ordered and ensures without asking that correct food.
  52. Waiter verifies each item ordered and ensures that correct beverage item is served to.
  53. Waiter ensures that within 5 minutes of guests seating, the latter are presented with.
  54. This ensures that everyone who receives the advertisements has actually requested them.
  55. Sommelier/wine waiter ensures that the wine ordered is legibly printed with al details.
  56. Waiter ensures that guests do not need anything else before retiring by saying: Would.
  57. We have two eclipses this month, which ensures that this is a month of dramatic change.
  58. This is easily done at the Post Office but it ensures your post is delivered to your new.
  59. The PLC/OIT system shall include interfaces with the Operator that ensures easy, safe, and.
  60. Know that this system ensures that you are eating really, really nutritious food at each meal.
  61. This new process ensures that your notes are not only thorough, but also done in record time.
  62. With higher metabolic rates, it ensures that you won’t feel fatigue and you would be sharp.
  63. Simply stated, this protection ensures participants will remain anonymous, have the right to.
  64. The distributor ensures they have adequate stock levels of the book, dependent on sales volume.
  65. Zeus is the keeper of the rules and ensures that we play within the boundaries of that structure.
  66. The file is frequently followed by an error correction code that ensures the validity of the file.
  67. The confirmation step ensures that your subscribers are interested in you and your product or service.
  68. This ensures that your keywords are actually typed in this specific order and that you don’t target.
  69. The add() method ensures that a new user can be added only if the client code knows the secret message.
  70. The prepare target creates the build output directory, which ensures that the lib directory is created.
  71. Current location ensures that discovery will only occur after the development of interstellar travel.
  72. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power.
  73. This fable ensures that she will grow up to see someone else in a position of power…definitely not her.
  74. The resolved will leaning upon the power of God ensures absolute safety against the machinations of evil.
  75. This can create a lot of tension in the home and also ensures that your child will not make close friends.
  76. This ensures that the physical connection is viable and that the NIC and hub port are functioning properly.
  77. This ensures that the configurable items are available for use and that’s the one, everybody should refer.
  78. It is gravity, however, which ensures that when you fall off something, you will almost certainly hit the ground.
  79. This is because, it ensures that you are constantly providing your body with the necessary nutrients for your locks.
  80. In the confusion that survivalist reptile brain stem ensures that Bex slips her sachet of powder into Leona’s bag.
  81. This ensures that any root-problems of traumatized and sexually abused children are never openly faced or discussed.
  82. Placing the stop loss here ensures that if the market is beginning a new uptrend, the stop loss will not be triggered.
  83. Using a buy stop ensures that the trade will only be triggered if the market trades higher than the bullish candlestick.
  84. However, the highly leveraged nature of options ensures that losing at the stock options game is a short-lived experience.
  85. By using the lid, it ensures that heat would not go out of the pot and be focused on the food that you are trying to cook.
  86. This is because, they contain organic material, which ensures that your lawn would not be filled with synthetic substances.
  87. He ensures that scrum theory; principles are adhered and limit the interaction with others (outside team) with team as needed.
  88. The Contract Furniture Company's state of the art exclusive process ensures to resist scratching, fading, peeling, or chipping.
  89. It can also have beneficial effects on the growth of your hair, since it ensures that your hormones are in balanced proportions.
  90. Put-call parity is the formula that ensures that traders cannot make more money buying calls than they can buying puts and stock.
  91. With a sense of purpose, she ensures that Misty Nest remained a fulfilled home for her family and the students of her academy alike.
  92. But the fact is that woman’s veiling is the main foundation on which a strong society is based, and in fact ensures its longevity.
  93. Though, even if there were some resistance, then progressing with baby steps ensures that this resistance is weakened, and powerless.
  94. As the butterfly lands upon the rose, she picks up pollen and deposits it on the next rose, and as such ensures that species survival.
  95. This essential usage ensures that demand from the residential sector for natural gas will remain strong — a bullish sign for nat gas.
  96. Steel is usually alloyed with nickel to create stainless steel, which ensures that nickel will play an important role for years to come.
  97. This ensures that the planned normal level of production is maintained throughout the period of eliminating failures in the new presses.
  98. Through its emphasis and cultivation of all three centers, qigong ensures maximum resilience when it comes to handling stress effectively.
  99. The pad ensures that the data block falls on a cell boundary, and the trailer includes a block length field and a CRC value for the entire PDU.
  100. This will be at a lower point than where you are getting your drinking water from, therefore ensures your supply will remain clean/uncontaminated.

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